My feet suddenly stopped moving. I stopped dead in my tracks. My head slowly moved up to look at the building in front of me. And my eyes caught sight of a familiar room window where I'd been before. I couldn't help but remember everything that's happened to me.

Normally, a person wouldn't want to see a hospital for fear of omens of getting a disease. It would've been the same thing for me, if this hospital didn't make me reminisce so much.

A lot of things have happened to me in this particular hospital. And no matter how hard I tried to forget, they always pop up in my mind again.

I sighed. Some things are just meant to remain with you forever.

I kept my gaze on the particular room. I remembered it well…it was the first time that I ever confessed to Tokiya that I loved him more than a friend. It was the night of my first kiss. The night my whole life changed.

Laugh all you want; I know a hospital isn't exactly the most romantic place to be when you want to confess your love for someone. But it was different for me. The important thing was that he loved me, too. And although it was a really weird place to sneak a kiss, it made me feel good. That night went down the charts in the romantic-ambiance-scale, but at least all the lights were off that time.

My eyes moved down from the building to the sidewalk right in front of it. This time it was a different memory, a different feeling. On this exact sidewalk, my whole life changed again. It was another unforgettable night. The night Tokiya walked out of my life. The night we both went our separate ways.

Funny how two completely contrasting events could take place in the same area.

My lips slowly curved into a smile. What was done, was done. It was over. But I knew that the feeling would always last. Because I wanted to keep everything that happened.

In memory of a friend.                                                                                                                                                                                      


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January 21, 2001

FuJinGrL 2001!!!

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*Tokiya grumbles and asks Tasuki to do it instead*

*Tasuki: Nani?!? Do your icicles want a date with my flames?!?*

*Tokiya begins to frown*

(Uh-oh, trouble in paradise...what will happen when the elements collide??? ToukAIRIN-SAN!!! I need your rescue-team experience!!!! We're all in a crucial state right now...so GET DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAINS AND RESCUE ME!!!!!)

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