Part One
Written by Colonel Karl L Schubaltz

Author's Note: Verboten is German for "Forbidden" and that is exactly the basis of the Karl x Thomas relationship. I sling a lot of German around here so if you don't like it, haltbare Scheiße!!!

The song is Final Fantasy X's Suteki da ne. For translations of the lyrics, go to

His green eyes danced in the flames of the red fireplace, his hand caressed the wine glass with grace and gentleness. Deep within those Spring-green hues, was the unforgettable look of angst. Something so close to him that he cherishes and loves in full... something he could never truly possess as his own. His arm draped over the fireplace, he stared intently into the fire. The other hand trembled with longing, the wine glass dropped onto the white carpet. The blonde Imperial colonel saw the red wine stain the carpet, but he half-heartedly tried to wipe the stain up. It was his turn to angst over what he possibly couldn't have... not by rejection or unrequited feelings... but by blood relations. It was his own younger brother in which he feels so strongly for.

The blonde trembled more, then slammed his fist in the floor. Gritting his teeth, he felt the feeling of agony consume his still-beating heart. Closing his eyes tightly, he let the air escape from his lips and exhale deeply. The jingling of a dog collar and toenails hitting tile was heard, the colonel looked up to see a Collie standing there, whining and licking his face. He reached his hand to pet the dog, the multicolored animal let him pet it. Finishing wiping up the wine before it coould stain anymore, he tossed the rag in the trash and neared the liquor cabinet again. Before he could open it, the phone rang, alerting him back to his own private hell. Picking it up with shaky, drunken hands, he spoke.

"Schubaltz residence." He was calm and composed, masking his inner torment rather well.

The voice was comfortingly familiar, the colonel breathed in softly and listened to the voice on the other end. "Yes, Thomas, I fed your dog."

After a certain conversation, the blonde colonel hung up the phone and slowly approached the bedroom, his green eyes barely open. Taking a handful of sleeping pills and lying down on the bed, the colonel stared intently at the wall. He heard that Fiona, the Zoidian and Van Flyheight had big plans in the future and Irvine and Moonbay were off doing their own things. Normally at this time, Thomas would be doing an insane amount of stuff before he came home to a clean house and freshly prepared food. But the house was cold and dark, and also in a mess... and the caretaker who was none other than his brother, was wasting his consciousness lying in bed in total lament. His hand slipped silently against the bed, his eyes closed softly as his voice carried with it: "Thomas.... I love...."

The door in the lobby opened, and a light turned on. The dark blonde lieutenant set his mobile AI unit and his Beek AI gun on the table and stretched. The abscense of food kind of got him worried, he neared the bathroom to find the Collie pacing the bedroom door.

"Karl? You in there?" Thomas opened the door to see his brother sleeping in bed, he frowned thinking Karl had exhausted himself again. Sitting down on the bed, he shook Karl awake, but he didn't "Karl?" It wasn't like Karl to sleep soundly, he's a very light sleeper, even since the war, he's never got a truly good night's sleep. Worried, the 22-year-old lieutenant spotted the empty bottle of sleeping pills and frowned, slapping the bottle to the ground. Thomas scooped Karl into his arms and rushed for the door, crying out into the night. "HELP!!!"

Concerned onlookers dialed for help, Thomas set his older brother on the sidewalk and shoved his fingers in Karl's mouth. He tried to get Karl to puke up the pills, hoping they didn't do any considerable amount of damage to his body. Karl heaved onto the sidewalk beside him, coughing and puking up the pills. There was a good number of them, half dissolved onto the floor, the colonel coughed and choked.

"Karl.... what the hell is wrong with you? You always refused chemical assistance when it came to sleeping..."

"I lost..." Karl spoke shamefully, looking away. "I just wanted to sleep."

"I don't want to lose you, Karl! You're all I got!"

Karl remained silent, he turned to look at the onlookers as they gathered around them both. They whispered to themselves "Did Colonel Schubaltz try to take his own life?"

"This isn't like him to do that!"

"Thomas... I want to go inside." Karl ordered his brother, looking drained and tired as all hell.

"We got to wait for the paramedics. I want to know why you tried to take your own life."

"I'll tell it to you inside."

Thomas then sighed sadly, escorting his brother inside and closing the door. Karl rubbed his temples and moaned, trying to get the headache to cease and die down. The younger brother fixed some sobering coffee and handed it to the colonel, then rubbed his shoulders. "Karl... bruder... tell me. Why are you so upset?"

Hesitant at first but finding an acceptable masking lie, Karl answered. "I just wanted to get away from it all."

"Why didn't you say anything? We could have gone on vacation together."

That made Karl's heart stop, he turned toward his brother to verify his ears. "T-together?"

"Ja." Thomas sat down beside Karl and slid his hands on his shoulders, smiling. "Karl, I care deeply for you. I vouched for Rudolph to give you a nice, long leave of duty because of the accumulated stress you've collected. I just want you to be happy AND healthy. I wouldn't think less of you if you wanted a vacation with me."

"T-thomas...." Karl's enraptured glance locked into Thomas's green eyes. "I-i'd love to go on vacation with you."

"Where do you want to go? I can book it for you."

"I'll let you decide." Karl stood up slowly and held his head to make to room stop spinning. Thomas helped him to stand, but his gaze into Karl's eyes was soft and loving.

"I'll just dump my GF duties on Raven." The dark blonde laughed light-heartedly and helped his elder brother to bed, he stroked Karl's light blonde hair. "Want me to get you a glass of water?"

"No..." Before Thomas could leave, Karl grabbed his hand and tried to pull him back. "Tommy... don't go back to work tonight. Just stay here with me."

"A-alright." Thomas blushed a tad, then sat on the bed. Karl rested his head on his lap and slowly went to close his eyes. "Karl, I have so much to tell you..."

"Talk. I'm listening."

Kaze ga Yose ta Kotoba ni
Oyoi da Kokoro
Kumo ga Hakobu Ashita ni
Hazu n da Koe

"I like spending time with you." His green eyes gazed longingly at the photos on the wall. "You're the only one I can talk to normally without being laughed at."

"Van is a good guy." Karl spoke softly, letting Thomas pet his hair like a cat, mentally purring softly. "He does love Fiona."

"...and Miss Fiona loves him." Thomas's voice was sad and low, almost above a whisper. His fingers slipped through the soft, silky tresses of Karl's golden hair. Thomas's green eyes stared helplessly at the wall, then closed to conceal a hidden truth. "Bruder, I don't want to burden you with troublesome stuff like that."

"No, Thomas. Speak.... talk to me about how you feel." Karl sat up, nose-to-nose with his younger blood brother.

"I feel so hurt." Thomas confessed, looking away from his brother's soft gaze. "How could she do this to me?"

"Why do you hold on to that unrequited love, mein kostbares kleines? Fiona is only using that to torture you."

"I...." Thomas turned to look at his brother, his own green eyes watering. "I just want her close to me, Karl. Is that so hard to ask?"

"But it's the wrong reasons!" Karl grabbed Thomas's shoulders and got him to look into his eyes. "And it's blinding you, Thomas. You're making a fool of yourself for the sake of a love that doesn't exist. You got to open your eyes and see that someone else loves you with every fabric of their being. Someone who's torn to see you thrown away and reused like this, needlessly and painfully... someone who wants to comfort you and to cradle you and at the same time love you and caress you for the wonderful and special person you truly are."



Tsuki ga Yureru Kagami ni
Furue ta Kokoro
Hoshi ga Nagare Kobore ta
Yawarakai Namida

Suteki da ne
Futari te wo tori Aruke ta nara
Iki tai yo
KIMI no machi Ie Ude no naka

"Bruder.... t-tell me... who are you refering to?"

"Honestly, little Tommy?"

"Yes! Tell me, please."

Hesitant, Karl tried to find the knowledge and the will to confess, but he bit his tongue... but only until he looked into Thomas's eager eyes.

"Me, Thomas..."

He could be knocked over by a feather, but the look in his eyes suggested to Karl an unforgettable relief of a great pressure. Before anything was said, Thomas thrown himself into Karl's arms, sparkling tears fell down his cheeks as he did so. The colonel slung his arms around Thomas as well, surprised at his younger brother's sudden reaction to his confession. But it was very pleasing, but before he could tell his brother of his happiness, Thomas's eager and anxious lips cupped over his. Karl's eyes were opened wide for a few seconds, feeling Thomas's tongue slide into his mouth like so, but soon closed slowly, his green eyes sparkling like soft emeralds glittering in a pale light. Kissing his eager little brother with desirous passion, Karl's hands dug into his uniform as he pulled Thomas's body closer to his.

"Little one..." Karl whispered, his lips close to Thomas's, his arms holding him close. "You are not offended with me being so in love with you? It does not bother you?"

"Karl... liebling bruder... I had loved you for a while, loved you like this. Before the incident at the munnitions dump... when Ryss psychologically controlled you... I was scared, Karl."

"Scared? You?"

"I was scared to hurt you, even though you were trying to kill me. I knew it wasn't you pilotting the Iron Kong Mk-II, I wanted to stop you but I didn't know how. I wasn't strong enough."

"Tommy, precious little Tommy... when I learned of all that I had done to you, I was more scared for you and was scared that you hated me for what I had done."

"No! Karl, I.... you're my brother and now you are my lover! I would never hate you. You've NEVER given me a reason to do so."

Sono mune
Karada azuke
Yoi ni magire

Kaze wa Tomani Kotoba wa
Yasashii Maboroshi
Kumo wa Yabure Ashita wa
Tooku no Koe


"Karl.... don't...." Thomas put his hand over Karl's lips to hush him. "Don't speak at all."

Obliging his brother's soft and comforting request, Karl kissed him, tasting his sweet lips. Thomas lied him down on the bed, pulling Karl down with him. They kissed again and again, their arms around each other in a tight embrace. Thomas curled his leg on Karl's body, Karl's fingers slid through the dark blonde, curly locks of Thomas's hair. Their moment of peace was interupted when there was a sharp, loud pounding on the door. Sparky barked and the lights of an ambulance flashed in the living room windows.

"Damn... the paramedics..."

"Someone called them?"

"I'm sorry, bruder."


"I thought you were dead."

"I'm sorry for worrying you like that."

"Don't do that again."

"I won't. I promise."

Tsuki ga Nijimu Kagami wo
Nagare ta Kokoro
Hoshi ga Yurete Kobore ta
Kaku se nai Namida

Suteki da ne
Futari te wo tori Aruke ta nara
Iki tai yo
KIMI no machi Ie Ude no naka

Thomas returned to the bedroom after sending the paramedics off, Karl rebuttoned his shirt and sighed sadly. The lieutenant wrapped his arms around his brother's waist and smiled sweetly. Karl wrapped his arms around Thomas and smiled just the same in return. "Come on, I'll fix you something to eat."

"No, I'm not hungry. I just want to spend the evening... with you... and just you... in your arms."

"My precious little Tommy...." Karl smiled more and lied down in bed, pulling Thomas into his embrace. The 22-year-old snuggled up, closing his eyes and moaning contently. Karl however, fearing the pills were not fully out of him, remained awake, hearing Thomas's light, rhythmic breathing.

Sono Kao
Sotto furete
Asa ni tokeru