Part Six: Ist zweite Natur frech

"What is that?"

"What kind of Zoid is that?"

"Looks pretty!"

The canopy opened and a figure jumped down from there, it was an Imperial officer in a black uniform instead of the usual blue to bluish-grey. His hair was black with blue Sephiroth-type bangs and in a ponytail, he had the most exotic indigo eyes. He was unearthly handsome with a somewhat square jaw, and he was muscular to boot. On his face was a pair of dusty Jimi Henderix shades and on his hands were two black leather gloves.

"Is that who I think it is?"

"The myth of the wolfen statue...! He's broken free!"

Raven walked up from behind the man and smirked, pointing to the hotel in which Karl and Thomas were staying in. "There, the infidels are there!"

"I know, my psionics could have told you that." The man walked up to the hotel desk and cleared his throat, some dust flew out of his mouth. "Excuse me."

"Yes?" The clerk asked, looking at the man with thoughtful blue eyes.

"I'm looking for Karl and Thomas Schubaltz."

"Room 555." She pointed to the elevator, admiring the handsome man that stood before her.

"Thanks." He got onto the elevator, with Raven in close proximity.

"So how are you going to punish them for being unfaithful?" Raven asked, curious.

"I'm not." The man adjusted his gloves again, closing his eyes. "I been away from Karl Schubaltz for well over 2 years now, he probably thinks I deserted him."

Raven blinked, then a frown found itself on his face. "What about the fact that Karl and Thomas are in the middle of a forbidden incestious fornication? Aren't you upset about that?"

"Karl and Thomas are two consenting adults, they are capable of handling the consequences of their actions on their own accord. Whatever the case may be, love is still love. In the case that Karl was his normal age and Thomas was under 15 years of age or a sheep, then I'd smack Karl into the next millenium... but this is not anything I hadn't seen before."

"...I-i see."

"Gods, Raven... you're making it sound like Karl and Thomas raped your Organoid or something." The man frowned bitterly at the assassin, his indigo eyes shined with disapproval. "And even when drunk, that seems un-Karl and un-Thomas-like."

"You approve of incest??" Raven shot a glare up at the man, the color seemed to drain from his face.

"Why not? I had a thing for my older brother before he was shipped to a planet called Spira." The man adjusted his shades and smirked. "Something like this is rather normal though, it pains me to see it outlawed by both the Republic and the Empire."

"But... brothers fucking brothers and brothers fucking sisters... that... that's just wro--"

"Well, it's a whole lot prettier than fathers raping their daughters and mothers fucking their sons, now is it!!?" The man snapped at Raven, his hands on his hips. "Come off it, at least you have more qualms about that than brother/brother and brother/sister!"

"Well, I..."

"So Karl is seeing his brother and not you... big fucking whoop. You're seeing Van right?"

"Yeah, but..."

"What's the problem!? You were happy and content with Van until you heard that Karl and Thomas were taking a vacation together! Cry a river, build a bridge and get over it! Thank your lucky stars that Van is more forgiving toward you than I am! I want to wring your furry little neck out for all the damages you gave the Black Mount before he went from being a König Wolf to a Berserk Fury!" The man got off the elevator, leaving Raven there with his mouth open agape.

Karl sat up from the bed, a cigarette between his fingers. Lighting it with a lighter, he took a nice, long drag of it and looked down at his sleeping brother. Thomas was curled up under the sheets, sleeping like a baby, Karl couldn't help but to smile upon that. He stroked Thomas's sandy-blonde hair, smoking the cigarette as he did. The moonlight was barely in the room, the place was still trashed from the fight. Coffee had pretty much stained the floor and the bathrobe that he was wearing during the confrontation. The clawmarks were beginning to scar over a bit, and there were nice strawberry-colored bruises where Raven slugged him.

"Thomas... Ich kann nicht helfen, aber Gefühl also glückliche um Sie... dennoch mich glauben, wie dieses eine gefährliche Meile ist, die wir zusammen gehen."
[German translation: I can't help but feel so happy around you... yet I feel like this is a dangerous mile we're walking together.]

"Dann Weg es mit anderem, das der gleichen Weise glaubt."
[German translation: then walk it with another who feels the same way]

Karl looked straight up as a figure phased through the door and appeared before the foot of the bed. His green eyes widened and sparkled like fine gemstones, the figure was a very welcoming sight for sore eyes. "Leon!"

"Guten tag, kitten." Leon smiled poetically, before taking off his Imperial uniform hat.

"You are alive! But... where were you?"

"If I told you, would you believe me?" Leon sat on the bed and looked at the elegant Imperial colonel.

"I'm all ears."

"Hiltz destroyed the Black Mount, but I couldn't let my old friend die so suddenly... me and the Black Mount have gone a very long way, remember? He's like a brother to me despite the fact he was a stolen Republican König Wolf zoid. So someone suggested that I evolve him to something bigger, better, stronger, faster... well, I spent 2½ years in a cement caccoon... evolving the Black Mount into something bigger, better, stronger and faster."

"That's a believable story coming from you." Karl smiled, taking a drag of his cigarette. "Sounds VERY Leon-like."

"Still piloting that wreck of an Iron Kong Mk-II?"

"He's not a wreck. He's gotten me places." Karl smirked playfully, flicking the ashes in an ashtray. "And he'll continue to do so."

"That's a typical Karl Schubaltz response." Leon grinned, pinching Karl's nose. "Times hadn't changed."

"Leon, there is something I do want to ask you though." Karl stroked Thomas's dark blonde curly hair and frowned. "The first part is a confession..."

"I know you're in love with Thomas..." Leon nodded understandably and patted Karl on the head. "And you don't have to ask for my approval. I think you two would make a wonderful couple."

"That's just it though, Leon... I want..."

"Don't tell me you want to make this into a threesome pairing." Leon blinked, then smirked very playfully and very Leon-like. "You are a horny little imp, Karl Lichen Schubaltz...."

"I know Thomas would approve because... well, you treat him like a kid brother and he likes that a lot... and he was sad to see you go... he thought you were wasted when the Black Mount went up in flames when it was struck by the Death Stinger's particle beam. I spent many nights trying to comfort him..."

"I'm the Exemplar, baby... never underestimate me." Leon grinned, then stole a kiss from Karl. "I have no issues of making this happy trio into a naughty threesome..."

"Happy trio and naughty threesome... those are Leon-esque quotes alright" Thomas's voice mumbled under the sheets, followed by a chuckle.

"Guten tag, Tommy-bear." Leon ruffled Thomas's curly hair and smirked, but was soon pulled down between the Schubaltz brothers by the brothers themselves. "Well, how the hell did I end up the filler in a Schubaltz sandwich??" He grinned very seductively as Karl and Thomas kissed him on the cheeks.