Title: To Have Loved and Lost

Author: FuJinGrL

Anime Series: Recca no Honou

Rating: PG-15

Genre: Romance, angst

Disclaimer: Recca no Honou doesn't belong to me. Copyright goes to the honorable creators and all credit goes to them. No profit, all entertainment. Usual disclaimer.

Claimer: Takaneko-san; Kamiyuki Fuuri

Teaser: Second and final sequel to Winds of a Dark Water, Death of a Crimson Rose. Setting is after the anime series, not the manga. THIS IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FORM THE MANGA PLOT! Please bear that in mind!

               Mikagami Tokiya pursues his sister's will for him and flies across the seas to Beijing, China, leaving Fuuko, and all of their memories, behind. They both agree for it to be the best, but as time goes by Fuuko realizes what she's missing. Can Fuuko find Tokiya and reclaim their lost love? Or is everything too late now that he's gone?


Cheers erupted wildly and the whole stadium roared. Deafening sounds of applause echoed throughout the halls and light bulbs flashed uncontrollably. A handsome young man slowly climbed up the stage.

The moment he got to the center, he turned to face the crowd, his eyes scanning, his mind whirling. A sea of happy faces looked back at him. But he didn't seem to notice.

He wasn't there. He felt like he was somewhere else, watching this very scene unfold on somebody else's life. He was wandering somewhere, away from all the commotion, from all the noise, from everyone and everything else.

But he couldn't have cared less if he was dead or if he was just a spirit floating off. Because right now all he had set his mind on was to find that familiar face, that lovely face he'd been searching for since the beginning of all that was happening.

His eyes continued to sweep across the crowd, darting back and forth absently.

But he was snapped back to reality when a shining medal was handed to him. And as the Dean shook his hand, he quickly got off the stage, and the announcer once again declared, "Mikagami Tokiya, graduating summa cum laude!" All the girls screamed at the mention of his name again.

He slumped down on his seat, dropping the medal on the carpeted floor and burying his head into his hands, oblivious to all the uproar around him.

I don't need all this, he thought, as an image of a woman slowly began to form in his head.

There's no damn point if you're not even here…


People walking back and forth. Attendants running to get paperwork done. Prompts booming loudly from the speakers. Kids scurrying excitedly around the legs of their parents. Lovers kissing each other goodbye.

But there was no sign of short purple hair, or of typical denim shorts.

His light blue eyes narrowed in disappointment as he suppressed a sigh.

"Hel-lo! Earth to Tokiya? I've been babbling for like, hours now about your departure and you're not even listening!" A black-haired boy with an orange cap smirked at him, frowning.

"Recca-kun!" A beautiful, brown-haired young lady glared meaningfully at the capped boy, frowning slightly. "Don't be so insensitive," she demanded softly. Recca shrugged and kicked at the tiled floor with his sneaker.

The lady sighed and looked back cheerfully at Tokiya. "Sumimasen, Mikagami-sempai…Fuuko-chan couldn't come…" she trailed off as she saw a glint of depression on his eyes. A very small glint. Mikagami Tokiya wasn't really known for having emotions. But she knew that he was still human, and every human had a heart. She knew Tokiya well enough to know that he was just hiding everything he felt.

And she knew him well enough to know that he loved Fuuko more than he would ever admit.

"Daijoubu," she continued, wanting to cheer him up. "I'm sure she has a good excuse," she smiled.

But Tokiya kept staring blankly out the doors, oblivious to her speaking to him.

She sighed. "Ne, Mikagami-san, we should go now; we don't want you to be left behind by your flight," she said softly. "I'll be sure to give Fuuko-chan a lecture, okay?" she grinned. "I, Sakoshita Yanagi, will make sure of that!"

Mikagami turned to look at her expressionlessly for a second, then slung his backpack on his shoulder and started walking towards the ticket checks without a word.

Yanagi looked at Hanabishi Recca worriedly, and Recca just shrugged. He began following Mikagami, and so did everyone else in their small group of friends.

And just when he was about to reach the lobby to the plane, Mikagami suddenly stopped short and turned to look outside the windows again, still as impassive as ever.

And after a few minutes of silence, he felt someone tugging on the leg of his pants. Irritably, he looked down.

A small, spiky-haired boy with fangs was grinning up at him. "Ne, Mikagami-neesan, you shouldn't really worry about Fuuko-neechan anymore. I'm sure she's doing just fine. Don't worry; I'll tell her how much you missed her," he smiled.

"Sou da, Mikagami-neesan! You should just go ahead. When you come back, I'm sure Fuuko-neechan will be the first one to meet you!" Another child, a cute little girl, beamed.

"Ganko…Koganei…" Mikagami blinked down, clueless, at them both. He looked up at his other friends. A bulky, muscular man was grinning goofily at him. "Don't forget to write," the man gave him a thumbs-up sign.

"Domon—" he was cut off by a big, hearty slap on his back. "Remember that I'm not through with you yet!" Recca smirked challengingly at him. "Come back right away so we can finish our battle, ya hear?"

"Hanabishi…" he trailed off and his eyes caught sight of Yanagi, who was looking at him with a comforting smile on her face. He watched vaguely as she slowly walked towards him. Then she tiptoed and kissed him on the cheek.

He blinked, not knowing what to say. In the background, Hanabishi was fuming, although he was trying hard not to show it.

Yanagi smiled again. "Arigatou gozaimasu, sempai…for everything…please take care of yourself…"

Yanagi-san…he thought, and he looked around at his friends again, who had all gathered to see him off. Who had all sacrificed their time just so they could make sure he left safely.

And he realized how lucky he was to have them.

He gave a small nod. "Wakatta. Sayo nara, minna-san." And he turned around to leave.

Sayo nara…he thought wistfully, overwhelming sadness enveloping him.

Fuuko …