Hey. You told me to write, so…here. I hope I don't have to ask what's up. You guys are probably running amok in Tokyo again like before, anyway.

So perhaps you're wondering why I did write, then. Well, I just wanted to thank you. For talking to me the night before you left. That changed a lot, and, I never thought I'd say this, but…I appreciate it. It must've been hard for you to set aside your feelings for Fuuko just for me…and I'll always remember that. Thanks.

Anyway I better stop before I get all damn sentimental. You get my point, anyway.

Fuuko and I will be staying here for a while…we'll be back in Tokyo on the second week of May. Hope you'll take care of yourselves 'til then.



By the way, Fuuko said she'd like to know what that new job of yours you mentioned to her is.

Domon smiled and folded the piece of paper back into its envelope. He was glad to have changed Tokiya's life in a good way…and it was nice of him to be writing letters now.

Well, the contents weren't really all that friendly, but it was a start.

And it was nice that Fuuko was happy now…she was finally with the one she truly loved…although it hurt him like hell. What he'd told Tokiya back then wasn't really all truth…he did still love Fuuko, even though he'd found out long ago that she had feelings for Tokiya. Domon didn't keep chasing Fuuko just for kicks; he truly did still love her. And it didn't matter to him that his love would be unrequited forever. He just wanted to love her, and protect her, while no one else was.

But now that she had Tokiya, the so-called perfect guy, he felt he no longer had to keep up his place in Fuuko's life. It was time to live again. It was time to live a new life.

It was time to let her go.

Domon put down the reread letter in his hand on the counter and looked up at his friends on one of the tables inside the coffee shop. Everyone was smiling, laughing, joking around…and his eyes immediately fell on the object of his affection.

Well, former affection.

Fuuko threw her head back and laughed hysterically at something Hanabishi said, pounding her fist on the table. He'd always seen Fuuko go wild and loud even in public places, but this time there was something in her eyes…a radiant happiness glowing evidently from her…showing her indescribable joy deep inside. Fuuko was really enjoying herself. In fact, since she came back with Tokiya last week, he'd always seen that glow in her. And despite the hurt within him, he was still glad for her.

His eyes shifted to the person sitting beside her. Tokiya was listening intently to what Fuuko was saying after recovering from her fit. And then a burst of laughter came from Recca and Yanagi across from them. Fuuko started laughing again, and Tokiya grinned.

Which was really rare whenever he was with the gang. Since the couple came back, he'd seen him laughing when he was alone with Fuuko, but whenever the others were there, the best he'd do was crack a small smile, no matter how funny something would be. Of course, that action of his was unusual already. But now he was grinning. Perhaps he was finally getting over his steel coldness…all it needed was a little more time. At least everyone was truly happy now.

Everyone except Domon.

Tokiya turned his eyes away from Fuuko for a moment and took a drink from his cup, but then his eyes landed on Domon and caught him staring at them. He put his cup down and said something to Fuuko, which made her stop laughing and turn to Domon as well. She smiled and stood up.

Domon straightened up behind the counter as he watched Fuuko walking towards him. Years ago he would've jumped at this opportunity and fed his ego by thinking that Fuuko was walking towards him for some obviously romantic reason, but things have changed. His friends have changed. And he was willing to change with them.

Fuuko leaned her elbows on the counter and smiled up at him. "Want to join us?"

Domon shook his head. "Nah, I've got work to do." He watched as Fuuko's eyes traveled down to his hand, where he was still holding the letter Tokiya had sent him months ago. And he quickly hid it.

Fuuko grinned. "C'mon. Take a break. I'm sure your boss wouldn't mind. It's not like the place is hoppin', you know." She gestured towards the other tables. Besides the table of their noisy group of friends, there were only two other occupied tables in the coffee shop. One table with a family in it, and another table in the far corner where two lovers were sitting stealthily and quietly, doing who-knows-what. Fuuko looked back at him. "So whaddya say?"

Domon glanced warily at the open backdoor beside the mug shelves, and saw that his boss was snoozing away in the back office. He sighed and started removing his apron. "Okay, fine. But just for a while, okay?"

Fuuko didn't reply and grabbed his hand, leading him around the counter and towards her table. The moment Domon reached the table, Recca immediately moved aside to let him sit. "Yo, man; glad you decided to take break," he said, as Fuuko returned to her seat beside Tokiya.

Domon shrugged. Tokiya turned to him. "You work here the whole day?"

"Just for the morning shift. It's a part-time job." Domon grinned. "Don't bother asking what my real job is, because I have no intention of telling anyone just yet."

Yanagi rolled her eyes and turned to Tokiya. "Don't mind him; he's been saying that for ages. You'd think he was working for the C.I.A."

"Say Domon, we were just talking about the wedding. We were thinking about making it double; you know what I mean?" Recca grinned. "On the first of June. Hime-san and Fuuko here would be June brides. And you're our best man," he jerked his head towards him.

Domon tried not to get so childish as to get jealous. "You mean, I get to be best man for Tokiya's wedding, and your wedding? How am I going to manage that?"

Recca shrugged. "It's a double-wedding anyway, so we'll all be in the same place at the same time! Pretty cool to me." He looked at Yanagi and she smiled. She looked at Fuuko.

"Besides, the earlier you two get married," she pointed at Tokiya, "The earlier you two get to show us all a Fuuko and Mikagami junior!" She giggled and Recca chuckled as well.

Domon watched as Tokiya went rigid and Fuuko began blushing so hard that firemen could've mistaken her face as a burning building. The couple exchanged nervous glances and all of a sudden Fuuko grabbed Yanagi's arm and hauled her out of her seat.

"Wha--?" Yanagi started to speak, but Fuuko cut her off. "We have to go to the little girls' room. You guys, uh, have a little guy-talk for a while, o-okay?" she stuttered, then disappeared with Yanagi through the door just behind the table they were in.

"Was there something we said?" Recca asked, and noticed that Tokiya suddenly seemed really interested in his coffee mug's design. He cocked his eyebrow at him. "Tokiya…?"

But the suspicion didn't have to linger long enough, because immediately they heard Yanagi's surprised voice boom through the bathroom doors.

"YOU'RE PREGNANT???????????"

Both Recca and Domon turned to Tokiya with their jaws dropping. "Fuuko's pregnant?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" they both exclaimed at the same time. Tokiya cleared his throat, but just then the two girls burst out of the bathroom, both of them flushed.

They both rushed to their seats, and Fuuko looked nervously at Recca and Domon. "Uh…did you guys…hear anything…?"

"Damn right we did!" Recca said, but Domon noticed that he was grinning from ear to ear. He grabbed Tokiya's hand and shook it enthusiastically, causing him to jerk up in surprise. "That is so cool! You guys finally made out! Care to teach me a few tricks?"

Yanagi blushed, and Tokiya, instead of getting irritated again, smirked. "Trust me, you don't need my help."

Fuuko turned to Domon. "Ne, Domon…daijoubu? You've been awfully quiet…I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner…"

Domon stood up from the table just in time to hear the sound of the door chimes ring. He turned around and saw the backdoor to the office swing close. "I have to go back to work." He started for the counter again, refusing to answer the question. Last week Fuuko had told him the true story about what happened between her and Tokiya that night in Beijing, and Domon was relieved to know that Tokiya hadn't done anything to her. But she never mentioned anything about having already done it with Tokiya during those days they stayed in Beijing alone together…and he certainly didn't know that Fuuko was pregnant now. With Tokiya's baby.

He knew there was nothing to be upset about; after all, the two were getting married and it didn't matter if they'd already done it or not. But he just didn't feel right. Domon would've taken it easier if Fuuko had just gone straight out and told him about it, instead of saying it now only because she was forced. He didn't like the idea that Fuuko kept it from him, and he didn't like the idea that Tokiya let his long-built self-control go and actually yield to his desires and do it. However way he looked at it, it just wasn't right.

Domon stopped when he felt Fuuko grab his arm. He turned to look at her.

"Domon…please…try to understand…" she pleaded, looking seriously at him for once. "I'm sorry I hadn't told you sooner…we just weren't ready to tell anyone, but now…" she trailed off, and Domon could see her eyes welling up. She quickly blinked them away. "Domon, I like you; a lot. You're my best friend and you're like this twin brother I never had. And I understand your feelings towards me, I really do, but…I love Mi-chan…and we're going to get married soon. So please understand…don't be upset about us…and please don't get mad at Mi-chan. And if you're worried about me and my pregnancy, please don't. Because Mi-chan will take care of me…and I'll take care of myself for you. So please Domon…"

He stared at her for a while, but it only made his heart sore. He set the pain aside and gave her a weak smile. "I wish you all the best in the world, Fuuko-chan. Good luck…and thanks for all the memories."

Fuuko's eyes softened and she smiled. "Arigatou…" She grinned. "I promise you I'll never let our child forget Uncle Domon."

He smiled and turned to walk away, but Fuuko called out, "Don't worry, Domon! I'm sure you'll find someone right for you real soon!"

Yeah right, like I could find another you in this lifetime, Domon smirked. He walked into the back office, expecting to see his boss up and at it and ready to scold him for taking an unnecessary break.

His boss was awake alright; but he wasn't scowling or ready to fire him or angry at all. He was smiling.

"Domon," Takaneko-san said, folding his hands together. "Help just came in. I've finally found someone around here for you. You don't have to be the sole worker anymore."

Domon raised his eyebrow. What the hell was he talking about?

Takaneko-san gestured towards the changing room and beamed. "Say hello to your new co-worker, Kamiyuki Fuuri."

And a beautiful, petite young lady stepped out of the changing room, wearing a green halter-top and cycling shorts under the coffee shop apron. Her long, purple hair was tied in a braid and her dark green eyes shone as she beamed up enthusiastically at him.

Domon gaped.

"Ne, Takaneko-san, I'm ready for my first day!" Fuuri skipped towards the boss's desk and her breasts bounced as well. The boss nodded, and she walked over to Domon.

Now that he was looking at her up-close, he noticed that she had a nose ring. "I'll only be working the morning shift, Ishijima-sempai! I just took up Mechanical Engineering and my real job is at the Togashi Auto Mechanics. Which pretty much means I don't know what the heck I'm supposed to do here. So will you be willing to teach me around here?"

Mechanical Engineering? Togashi Auto Mechanics? This girl had just named his own course and real job as well! Domon grinned evilly and leaned in on her. "I'd be willing to do more than just help you, sugar pup—"

He got cut off when Fuuri delivered a full-fledged and very Fuuko-like punch into his face.

"Hentai," she pouted, and bounced out the office door. Domon rubbed his swollen cheek, looking at the direction she disappeared to. Finally, the huge weight at the bottom of his heart seemed to be lifting itself away. He smiled.

He had a feeling that Fuuko's last words to him just came true.


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April 27, 2002 (Saturday)

FuJinGrL 2002!

Talk about big W-H-E-W. I have just finished that long Tokiya+Fuuko sequel!!! This is the longest fic I've ever made!!! Finally their romantic and problem-packed relationship has come to an end!!! And with a happy ending for everyone!!! YEYEY!!! FoR gang, it's time to PAR-TAY!!!!

Domon: C'mon, Fuuri-chan!!! DANCE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER DANCED BEFORE!!!

Hanabishi: Iko, hime-san!!! (drags her all the way)

Yanagi: Recca-kuuuunn!!!

Fuuko: Mi-chan! Mi-chan!!!!! Where did you goooo???? What are you doing running like that???

Tokiya: Damn it! FuJinGrL's just finished another fic!!! I'm getting outta here before she spots me and creates another damn story!!!

FuJinGrL: Oh, Mi-chaaaan!!! Come out come out wherever you are!!!!!

Well, anyway, I've decided to end the loooong story and won't be making any more sequels of this. And if you're wondering if Mi-chan and Fuuko's child is a boy or a girl…well…that's for me to know and for you to find out! I hope I didn't waste your time and I hope you enjoyed my third-person point of view thing. I kind of wanted to change my usual first-person point of view style, so here. Hopefully it's okay, but if it's not, then send me your comments! I'd be happy to hear them. And now it's time to give Mi-chan his long-awaited break for once! See you in my next fics! Ja!