I have seen fields of marble pillars grow before my eyes to get where I am today. I stand before another yet again. Captain Montgomery's.

I walk up to the podium, looking at his body. The captain laying in the casket was a good man, he was just caught up to his eyes in things he shouldn't have been.

I look through a black sea of clothing for support, but when none looks back up I start my speech. "Hi, um, I am Detective Kate Beckett. Captain Montgomery was a great man. He was always a great person. Always. Once, he told me that we don't live for the dead, we speak for them. Speak for the dead because the wicked robbed their voice. The wicked robbed his voice, but we will forever speak for him" I stutter as I learn to use my voice and continue stronger, " along the way, he also told me, we find people to share our journey. Share life with." finishing my statement, I look over at Rick for reassurance. He looks back, but with a calm serious reverence, that I had never seen in him before. I then look back into the crowd, hoping for comfort, but come up empty.

A glint of light walks through the tombstone. I cant place the face with the light, so I presume that it was someone's watch.

I find my breath and words and look at Rick. He smiles and I wonder if he has become a sort of good luck charm. When I get into trouble he is always their. Or is it the other way around. I shy away from the thought and continue. " I, um,-" I start to speak but am cut off by the sound of metal hitting flesh. As I fall to the ground I belatedly realize that I have been shot. For knowledge, secrets, or both I have ought to learn.

I try to look at Espo Ryan Lanie Alexis Martha anyone I could've would've should've helped, but gravity took its toll. Right after the shot, Castle was on top of me, holding me like he was cradling Alexis.

Looking into his childish blue eyes etched with a fathers worry, I wonder what life would be like if I stayed. The boys would move on, but Rick. No. he would continue my mission. Our mission.

My ebbing conscience let me look at his face one last time as he murmurs, " I love you Kate. Stay with me. I love you Kate. I love you."

I wish I could speak move or do anything that would let him no that im staying with him, but the edges have blurred and patches of sight are disappearing. I picture his face and I embrace the growing darkness.

Everything starts. And ends. With a body in a casket.