Title: These Lips Are Yours

Summary: "I'll make it up to you - I swear, I'll do anything!" Sakura regretted her words the moment his mouth turned upwards into a devilish smile. "Anything?" he asks, slowly closing the space between them. "Then kiss me," he reached out and cupped her cheek. "-everyday, like a lover."

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Chapter 1: Chance Encounter


She cringed the moment her body made contact with the large artifact. Just the slightest feather of a touch did the trick, pushing the vase over into its own demise. Her head whipped around and her arms shot out with the sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe she would be able to save her broke ass this time. But sadly, she was too late. It rapidly went crashing down onto the ground in no time. It had only taken a split second for Sakura to realize she would be in deep shit for this.

"God dammit!" Sakura huffed out angrily into the cold air, allowing her furious eyes to take in the tiny millions of pieces that once made up a beautiful vase now scattered all around her feet. Had she not drank irresponsibly and listened to herself this morning that one drink would suffice - none of this would have happened. The music was just so energetic and people were pushing trays of alcohol into her face that Sakura just couldn't help herself! She knew she shouldn't have been persuaded so easily. That's one thing she would regret leaving this stupid house party. But really, Sakura was just glad that she didn't stick around other people while piss drunk because no doubt she would be waking up to some incredibly embarrassing photos on Facebook the next morning. Her plan had been to step out and bath in the midnight stars of the crisp winter air atop the balcony before heading home, but her departure may be a bit delayed now.

The crunching of glass caught her wandering thoughts. Sakura's eyes lazily glanced to the man who had walked up next to her and quickly looked him over. He's hot.

Shut up! You shouldn't have thoughts like those at a time like this!

Pink hair flew in her face as she tried shaking her head in hopes that her mind would clear up a bit. It didn't help, at all. All it did was make her more dizzy and she felt herself stumbling to the left.

The sound of more glass crunching rung in her ears as arms glided under her body, smoothly catching her from falling. Sakura's eyelids drifted half shut as she gazed up at the man who had caught her through dark mascara slogged lashes. the image of a handsome red head stared down at her, a deep frown spreading between his eyebrows. It was blurry but she caught sight of a beautiful pair of golden brown eyes.

"Pretty..." Sakura whispered, hands unconsciously moving to place themselves over his cheeks. She immediately was stopped midair by a firm grasp.

"Mind sobering up a bit?" he asked. There was a hint of annoyance in the way he spoke, but Sakura's hazy mind couldn't catch onto it.

Sakura sighed through her nose and aimlessly threw her arms around him. "Don't tell anyone..." she didn't know if it was the alcohol's doings, but she felt herself pushing up further against the man. Her lips barely grazed the shell of his ear and nails slightly dug into his shoulders as she was afraid he would suddenly let go of her. Hot air entered through his ear as she spoke. "I pushed an expensive looking vase onto the ground by accident. Do you think I'll get in trouble?"

Sakura struggled to keep herself upright as the mans hold on her slightly faltered. She heard a heavy sigh. Minutes passed before he replied, "How did you push it over?"

"I kinda just... rammed into it."

"You... what?"

Sakura giggled, "Yeah."

For some reason, his presence made her feel a whole lot less guilty. His breath wreaked of a similar alcohol she had a couple shots of and his whole attire doubled the appearance of the typical fraternity douche-bag. His presence was in a sense, comforting. It reminded her of the crazy party going on in the other sanctions of the house and it made her want to just forget about this whole ordeal and drag this hot guy with her back to the living room. Maybe they could end up playing a game of strip poker and she would get to see this hunk naked in all his glory.

Unknowingly to Sasori, the pink haired female in his grasp was having some livid fantasies about him. She was petite and cute, not the type of girl to come around to these types of fraternity parties. Not that he minded, really. He didn't care who he partied with. But the reason he had exited the party zone was to have a quick smoke outside and get his mind off things for a bit. Alcohol would definitely help with that, but getting drunk out of his mind wasn't for him. He had always been more reserved near others and the last thing he wanted was for people to see him let loose completely.

But what he hadn't planned on was running into this girl. The moment he walked through the balcony doors, hand in pocket ready to retrieve his cigarette pack, the shattering of glass caught him by surprise. But what caught his upmost attention was the pinkette stood right in the middle of it, her body hovering over the base stand as if she thought she had a chance at catching it. It was hilarious, but also annoying. Things got wrecked in the house all the time but there was a reason that specific vase had been kept in a corner on a balcony way at the back of the mansion. It was meant to be kept out of view but somehow this girl just so happened to stumble into the crevice of the balcony and knock it over.

He wasn't sure how to feel about it. But currently, the female in his grasp was starting to tick him off. He wasn't going to deny that she had a unique and attractive exterior, though he knew her jade eyes would have looked much nicer had they not been bloodshot and hazy. Her hair and pale skin tone somehow accentuated her features even further, and it mesmerized the redhead. Despite her whole disheveled appearance at the moment, if he had the chance at any other time he would definitely want to get to know this girl better.

but Sasori was a gentleman. he wouldn't do anything to her while she was in this state. He wasn't really feeling up to it today anyway. He just wanted a long drag of nicotine before he would have to walk back into the house and announce the party over. Not that people would listen, but it was better to inform those who really did want to leave so he wouldn't be left with the school board knocking on his door and blaming the lack of students in class on him.


When would she let go of him?


Her response was nothing but a mere 'shh' and within a couple seconds, light snores reached his ears. He looked down in bewilderment. Had she really just fallen asleep in his arms?

Surprised, yet slightly irritated, he continued to examine her face. Makeup was smudged in every direction and her mouth was left hanging open. His eyes shamelessly traveled down further and he noticed the clothes she wore were unlike what he usually saw women dressed in at these types of parties. Just a plain white t-shirt below a leather coat and blue ripped jeans. Probably a first year, he thought. Made sense, since he had never caught sight of this female until now. You would think someone with such a bold appearance would have caught his attention sooner, but not in these types of circumstances.

She seemed pretty innocent. Did she come here alone? How would she have gotten here without any guidance? Maybe she tagged along with some older kids who persuaded her to come.

Maybe she was here with a couple friends and she lost sight of them? Had she been wandering around any longer as drunk as she was, she definitely would of gotten into much more trouble. And for some reason, the thought of this treasure aimlessly throwing herself at any of the other males in the house bothered him.

All these thoughts swarmed his mind and Sasori wasn't sure why he was thinking all this. Was it really his business to know why she was here in the first place and what she would have done had he not shown up? Despite it being his share house, he never really cared who walked through those front doors. Well, that is until now.

She just intrigued him, is all. Females never caught his attention so easily, but she was just an odd one out. Her outrageous hair definitely helped with that. Does she know she has that sort of effect? Either way, she was able to catch his interest and that's a hard thing to achieve with Sasori. What he would do with this new fascination, he wasn't sure. Would he pursue her, or just brush it off as a measly infatuation?

One things for sure, he wasn't going to lose sight of her that easily. Not even a cancer stick would help clear his mind off of things this time.


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