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Chapter 1: Sonya Golden Hand and Russia

It was a cold evening in St. Petersburg. And, walking down the streets, wrapped in layers of coats and scarves, was a man. A man of huge importance for Russia even though hardly a soul knew why.

This man was Russia. Yes, the actual country.

An important meeting had been held in the large, port town, making him have to travel from his home in Moscow. Of course, it wasn't too much of a bother. It gave him an excuse to check up on his people and land, which he doesn't always have the opportunity to do. Especially with a busy schedule and so much land to cover.

Russia, going by the alias of Ivan, strolled down the streets, slowly heading towards the hotel where he was staying on this trip.

As to be expected with such an important figure, only the best hotel was chosen. The rooms were luxurious and certainly fit for a nation.

"Welcome back Mr. Braginsky." The doorman greeted as he opened the door for him.

Ivan walked in the hotel before turning around to face the doorman again. "Thank you." He smiled his innocent looking smile. "You are good doorman, da?"

The random question took the doorman off guard. Was that an undertone of creepy...?

"Have a good day!" Ivan waved the speechless man goodbye and walked further into the hotel, towards his room.

It was the unlocked door that first signified something was off. Slowly, Ivan opened the door to find the lights on and to hear the quiet sounds of rummaging inside.

"Oh, hello! I think I may be in the wrong room." A mystery women came out from behind a corner and smoothly started giving an explanation.

Ivan smiled through it all. "What were doing with my stuff then?" He asked the brunette woman. She was still holding one of his coats; probably looking through the pockets.

She gave a slight smirk as she hung the coat on the doorknob of the closet. "I thought it was nice." The mystery woman run her hands over her beautiful dress, smoothing it. "I'll be leaving now."

"Be careful leaving, da?" He told her.

She smiled in response and started walking past him, towards the exit. "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding." She commented and grabbed his wrist once she was beside him.

Before Ivan could respond, she elegantly strolled out and closed the door behind her.

He crossed the hotel room to come in front of the bed. Slowly, he took off the coat he was wearing and reached in the pockets, only to find his golden pocket watch missing.

One more thorough search and it was definitely gone.

He quietly laughed as he realized the woman was the one who took it. After all, it was still in the pocket when he reached the room.

Oh, well. He was Russia; he could get another watch.

A/N: I tried to be as accurate as possible in this. I know of a couple things that aren't exact to the story of Sonya. One being that apparently she went into stangers' hotel rooms in the morning as opposed to the evening setting portrayed here.