Chapter 3-A shadowy silhouette

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Lucy's P.O.V.

The next day, I still felt like crap, but remembering what Natsu had said, I sucked it in, and lied about how I was feeling. I changed into a long sleeved turtle-neck, and three-quarter denim jeans (A/N I don't know if she even has any...non-skimpy outfits, and I purposely got her clothes wrong, because she is supposed to be sick). But upon arriving onto the boat, I quickly changed into a white bikini, with a pink flower decorating it.

I had seen Natsu when I first arrived, looking at sick as usual. Only, this time, he was draped over Lisanna. 'Whoa' I thought. When did that happen? Oh well, not that I cared.

I strode off in the opposite direction, not noticing the venomous look shot in my direction by Lisanna. I sat down wearily next to Cana, she looked weird, without a single drop of liquor in her system (A/N It's been ages since I watched this arc, so I may get some info wrong. I'm so sorry! Aries style) "Okay brats! It's time to start this year's S-Class trials!"

Timeskip. Just after the defeatation (is that a word?) of the 7 Kin of Purgatory and Master Hades.

My body was sore all over. It wasn't like I was in perfect condition in the first place, and being used as the human version of a voodoo doll, with your arm on fire, wasn't helping. At all.

And to make matters worse, we had to defeat Hades, with the Tenrou Tree mysteriously growing back after my body had been to hell and back.

I was walking back to camp now after hearing Cana's confession to Guildarts, where a makeshift hospital had been erected. Mirajane and the rest of the Tenrou gang were waiting there, and I was just taking a minute to breath in the peaceful and serene sight of the island bathed in the morning light.

I sighed. So much had happened since I joined Fairy Tail. Some of it had been bad: especially the Phantom Lord incident. But, the rest had been amazing; especially the parts spent with the rest of the guild. I turned the last corner, and I was greeted with the worst possible scene. The camp was a smouldering mess, and my injured guildmates were limping away, moving away in fear from a great, black beast that reminded me of a ... No. It couldn't be. Could it?

It was a dragon. And not just any dragon. It was my friend. Acnologia.

And on top of him, was a shadowy silhouette.

Silhouette's P.O.V.

I surveyed the mess around her with disinterest. I only had eyes for her.

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