I feel like I need to explain something about this story: this will follow the events of canon, almost, as every chapter is an episode. Also, quite a lot of dialogue from the show will be used, sometimes with minor changes. The story will have several AU plot points, including the omission of Blaine as well as other changes that impact Hevans. While Kurt and Sam are the key characters in this story and my AU brain loves the idea of Kurtana best friendship as my readers probably know, I am trying to stick to canon a little bit. This will result in Mercedes being a bigger part in the story that she usually is in my writing. Obviously, Sam will not date her, Quinn, Santana or Brittany. I don't plan on having Kurt and Sam break up at all in this story. They will have their big fights like every couple does, but they're mostly solid. That being said: On with the show!

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One more thing! This story is in third person but mainly from Kurt's perspective with some deference and his thoughts will be written in italics.

Chapter 1- Duets

Kurt rolled his eyes as he heard the words "Puck's in juvie" and bit back a harsh laugh that did not express even the smallest modicum of sympathy for the boy. He agreed with Tina. It really was only a matter of time. He was definitely surprised that only Quinn expressed some kind of emotion regarding his wellbeing, or perhaps Kurt was confusing it with curiosity about Puck's latest act of criminality. Either way, Brittany's loud laugh told him that nobody else really cared. While that kind of sad, Puck still had not come to Kurt privately to atone for the hell he was put through at his behalf. It was not particularly imperative that he do so, but Kurt would have appreciated some kind of remorse from the boy. On many occasions, Kurt had come to the conclusion that Puck was not remorseful, only stopped the bullying to cease the wrath of the other Glee Club members. Kurt was an original member and he was well liked within the group. He was safe in there, just like he had planned.

Rachel muttered something to herself about "a twelfth member for Glee Club" and how she "dated a criminal" and "what would Barbra think of her now?" but Kurt honestly did not have the patience to care about Rachel's trivial issues.

The bullying was escalating and nobody was doing anything to stop it. It wasn't like he could handle it on his own. Physical violence was not an option, telling an adult was out of the equation. All he could do was fight back with words, the safety blanket which he know better than most how to manoeuvre.

When Mr. Schuester began to talk about a twelfth member, Kurt put more attention towards his nailbeds and how they needed emergency treatment. He mentally planned a manicure and skin treatment sleepover with Mercedes and Tina.

"Hello, I'm Sam. Sam I am. And I don't like green eggs and ham," a voice broke the silence in the choir room and Kurt's head snapped itself up.

Stood in front of him was the most beautiful human he had ever seen. Standing at about 6 feet and 1 inch, Sam Evans had literally taken Kurt's breath away in the space of one second. His eyes darted to Sam's hair, blonde and obviously originating from a bottle, and smirked to himself. Is Sam Evans on Team Gay? That hair seems to suggest so, but I really must cease searching for a stereotype. It is absurd for me to think that I will actually find another gay guy at this school, and more so one who is willing to brave the storm and come out.

He saw how Sam's jeans clung to his legs and sensed the strong legs that lay beneath them, equating that to him having athlete status. A gay jock? Seriously, Kurt? You're still hoping for a gay jock? Let this go immediately.

He noticed how Sam's jacket wrapped itself around some large biceps and Kurt had no doubt about the beauty of the rippling abs underneath his white shirt. Whilst he tried not to positively drool all over his Armani jeans, Santana spat a cruel comment about him having no game. FYI Santana, Sam Evans had managed to make me entertain about seventy sexual thoughts of both of us in my head just through walking into a room and saying one sentence. The boy has some serious game.

Kurt shrugged and went back to thinking about Sam in a lot of different positions.

Sam scanned the Glee Club for faces that he had seen around school. He noticed the guys on the football team and the Cheerios that he knew but he had not really recognised anybody else. Then his eyes fell on the boy that sat next to a black girl and an empty seat and he gasped slightly, unaware that he was still standing at the centre of the room, eyes trained on this magnificent boy.

His skin was pale, but not unhealthily so. It was delicate and there was no a blemish to be found. Sam longed to press his lips to it, to leave his mark upon the clear surface, which was undoubtedly extremely soft. When the boy looked up at him, possibly noticing his ogling, Sam was looking straight into a beautiful set of eyes, shimmering from the light in the room. Sam noticed how expressive they were but that they also contained pain and sadness. Sam felt a tug in his heart and wanted to change that. He didn't even know the boy's name and suddenly he was wanting to be the Prince Charming of his life. If his physical beauty matched his emotional truth, Sam was going to fall for him and nothing could stop him.

As he felt Mr. Schuester place a hand on his back, he took that as a polite cue to take a seat. Sam nodded and headed straight for the neglected seat next to the angel of the room.

Kurt's eyes widened slightly when he realised that Sam was a) staring at him and b) coming to sit in the empty seat next to him. Smiling brightly at the boy as he sat down, he tuned out Mr. Schuester and how he was probably droning on about it being Journey Week in Glee Club this week. Kurt could not bring himself to care for his eyes never left Sam's mesmerising green eyes. The depth of them amazed Kurt; he had never really expressed much interest in people's eyes, but Sam Evans had eyes to put everybody else's to shame.

"Hello, I'm Sam Evans, but you probably knew that," Sam spoke softly, stretching out his hand expectantly.

"K-Kurt Hummel. Welcome to the New Directions," he replied, struggling to vocalise his thoughts when his heart was hammering at such a rapid pace. He took Sam's hand and shook it briefly, noticing the callouses on his fingers. Guitar. Definitely guitar. Oh wow, a guitar player.

Sam, however, noticed how smooth Kurt's hands were. A correct use of good moisturiser must have been a factor and Sam never wanted to let go of Kurt, but common courtesy meant that he had to.

"Thanks," Sam whispered back. He was about to say more, but Mr. Schuester had pierced their conversational bubble with a stern glare as he rabbited on about the assignment for the week.

"I want you to pair up and come up with a duet and present it to the group. Now there is an even number and everybody had to compete..."

"Mr Schuester! Since there are only eleven of us as you failed to mention, I suggest that I sing an additional duet with the person that does not have a partner," Rachel rasped. Will thought about it and nodded reluctantly. At that gesture, everybody's eyes darted around the room to find a partner before they were forced to work with the insufferable Rachel Berry.

"…Since you all loved the Defying Gravity diva off…"

Kurt glared at the man for making him and everybody else think of that horrid day. Rolling his eyes, he continued to pay attention.

"…I'm making this a competition."

"What does the winner get?" Mike asked immediately. Everybody else nodded along.

"Dinner for two. On me. At Breadstix!"

The room went crazy for Breadstix, particularly Tina and Santana.

"What the hell is Breadstix?" Sam asked Kurt, mostly just for an excuse to talk to him. Still, he had absolutely no idea what Breadstix was.

"It's Lima's most popular restaurant. Ideally, I would avoid dining at the place considering the breadsticks there are made from some kind of stale ingredient, but it's the closest venue for a dinner out. Plus, they are legally forbidden to stop bringing you breadsticks," Kurt explained, smiling. He really wanted to do the Duet with Sam.


"So pair up now!" Mr Schuester enthused and the group began to move. Immediately, Mercedes vacated her seat. Kurt was a little offended that she didn't try to be his partner, but she may have sensed that Kurt wanted to sing with Sam and didn't want Sam to think that he wanted to be partners with Mercedes.

"Kurt, I was wondering, do you want to be my duet partner?"

Kurt was surprised at Sam's bluntness, but did not dislike it. "I would be honoured, Sam. I'll show you the best that New Directions has to offer.

"I don't doubt that," Sam replied, nodding. They were both so infatuated that neither of them saw Finn glaring daggers at them from across the room. His voice penetrated their safe bubble of partnership.

"Sam, I think that you should sing with Quinn for this assignment. You know, so that nobody gets the wrong idea about you and Kurt."

Kurt's eyes flickered with rage and sadness and bit his lip, but Sam shook his head fiercely.

"I have picked my partner, Finn, and I intend to honour that agreement. Quinn, I'm sure that you are great singer and lovely girl, but I have chosen to sing with Kurt, no disrespect to you."

Quinn shook her head, frowning at Finn.

"Finn, I know that I'm new here and all, and that maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but I think that was incredibly rude of you to say. I don't care what people might think about Kurt and I. It's just hearsay. As long as I know the truth, outside forces don't matter to me."

Kurt's eyes glistened with a newfound respect for Sam Evans and elation that somebody else finally noticed Finn's latent homophobia.

When Mr Schuester dismissed them, Rachel held Finn behind, lecturing him about what he had said to Sam. Finn whispered something that Kurt could not hear, because he was already out of the room, walking with Sam.

Sam stopped at his locker and Kurt smiled as he opened the door, revealing pictures of comic book characters and a few of his family.

"Thank you for having my back in there, Sam. Nobody ever really has before, so it means a lot considering you barely even know me."

Sam frowned. "It's no problem, I was defending me too." He winked and Kurt blushed slightly.

Kurt smirked. "Are you just going to ignore the label of chivalry I just bestowed upon you?"

"That depends."


"On whether you will accept my dinner invitation to discuss our competition-winning duet," Sam elaborated and Kurt smiled widely. Oh yeah. Sam Evans is a keeper. Wait, is this him asking me out? Oh God, this is happening so quickly and I don't mind the spontaneity for once in my life.

"I will accept."

"Then I'm totally the most chivalrous person in the land," Sam chuckled. "Shall we exchange numbers?"

Kurt nodded and they did. I love how forward he is. He definitely wastes no time at all.

That night, Kurt was preliminarily picking an outfit for his and Sam's dinner plans whilst mentally scrolling through his iTunes collection to find a suitable duet. The more romantic songs couldn't hurt. Maybe acting through the song might give us an avenue to explore an actual romance? It's just a thought.

A knock at his door startled him slightly. "Come in."

Finn appeared at his doorway. Kurt scowled. He really didn't want to talk to Finn at this present moment in time.

"You need to back out of the duet with Sam."

"And why should I do that?" If Finn wanted to play, Kurt would play and win.

"You can't do this to him!"

"Okay, that did not answer my question whatsoever. If you're going to ask me not to do something, at least give me a reason," Kurt volleyed. Finn never really could match his level of verbal sparring.

"Kurt, if he sings with you, you're painting a bull's eye on his back," Finn argued. Kurt shook his head.

"Once again your closeted homophobia seeps to the surface like the contents of a cracked cesspool," Kurt said, rather proud of that one. Oh the things I come up with on the fly…

"Don't give me that. Look, I know I shouldn't have used that word in your basement, but it's not like you were innocent. I really like you, Kurt. But the fact of the matter is, the way you were all over me last year? If I did that to a girl, she'd take out a restraining order."

Kurt stopped short for a moment. What? Is he calling me a stalker? Is that really what he thought of me having a confused little crush that I massively confused with some kind of twisted hero worship? Wow, that hurts a lot.

"Way to pretend you're okay with me being gay, Finn. But you need to learn that I have absolutely no interest in you anymore. I don't even like you as a person after that comment. Kindly vacate my space, homophobe."

"That's not fair, dude. I don't care that you're gay. I care that you don't understand that no means no."

Kurt was seething. "What the actual fuck?! You're calling me the non-physical equivalent of a fucking rapist? All I did was have a crush on you, Finn! It's not illegal you know. Sure, maybe my intentions weren't always innocent, but you never actually said the word 'no' to me. You just skipped that part and called me a fag, hoping I would get the message! How dare you come into my room and call me a rapist? Who the fuck do you think you are? Get out!"

Finn wasn't done. "If you sing with him, then you don't give a damn about any of us. If you sing with him, I guarantee that he will take so much crap within a week that he'll have to quit Glee Club. Your call, dude." Finn went to leave, but Kurt would not let him have the last word.

"Suddenly it's more about Glee Club than it is about me? Remember the time you chose football over Glee Club last year? Where was your concern then? And just a reminder: nobody else is even going to see these duets. How is anyone going to know that Sam sang with me? Remember, he asked me. I only accepted!"

"And accepted his dinner invitation," Finn continued.

"How do you know about that? That aside, again, he asked me. I said yes. If you want to harass somebody about this, I'm not that guy. I'm saying 'no', Finn. Do you understand that or do I have to insult your entire existence before taking out a restraining order?"

Finn sighed and shook his head. "How did you get Sam to ask you? What did you do? Did you bribe him or blackmail him?"

What a moron. "Have you ever thought that Sam might actually have an interest in me? That Sam might be gay? Instead of putting everything on me, why don't you get it past your thick skull and realise that it takes two people to make plans, Finn. I'm not the one instigating this! Sam is chasing me, Finn. And I'm going to let him. You know why? Because it feels fucking nice to have a guy be on my side for a change!"

With that, Finn growled and left the room, seeing Kurt's rage level increase to heights that he had rarely seen before, not even during or after the basement incident.

But Finn was not done yet. He liked Sam and wanted him to stay in Glee Club. He wouldn't have Kurt being the one to drive him out. He didn't think that Sam was as patient as he had been to Kurt last year. Sam definitely needed to be educated.

Finn knew that he would find Sam in the locker room. With just a towel wrapped around his waist, Sam frowned. "What's up, Finn?"

"You can't sing with him."

"Not this again. Look, I want to sing with Kurt, Finn. We've decided and that's that. You can't do anything about this. Last night, Kurt sent me 60 MP3 files of him singing and I was blown away. Kurt is amazing."

Sam remembered the covers Kurt had done and had called him straight away to tell him how amazing he was. Kurt had definitely appreciated that. Sam was so in there. #

"This isn't about how good Kurt is. This is about you. Being in Glee Club is like…walking down the double yellow lines of a highway. If you're even a little of course, you're going to get crushed."

"So being gay is off course to you?" Sam challenged. Finn eyed him.

"You don't understand, Sam. Kurt can be persistent with his advances. If you tell him no, he doesn't tend to listen," Finn whispered.

"You're a fucking dick, Finn. Kurt is definitely not that guy. You're delusional."

"In this world, singing with a guy is going to get you killed."

"I gave him my word. And in my world, that's that. I'm not pulling out. I want to sing with Kurt. Frankly, I don't see how the fuck this is your business. I can't talk about this."

Kurt was walking down the hall towards the bathroom to freshen up when he saw a solid mural of blue and red liquid dripping down Sam Evans' shirt and newly washed hair. He was surprised that the slushy didn't reveal the dye.

Sam stood there, shivering and confused.

"Sam! Oh my God!" Kurt turned back to the retreating jocks. "You're all going to be homeless by 24!"

"H-Hey, K-Kurt!" Sam's teeth smacked together uncontrollably.

"Come on, there's a designated slushy repair station in the girls' bathroom. They are used to the Glee Club inhabiting that space. Here, I'll get you cleaned up," Kurt spoke as he led Sam into the bathroom. Kurt pulled out the chair in front of the sink. "Hair is important, especially when it has been dyed, so I'll start with that."

Sam paled. "I don't dye my hair, Kurt."

Kurt hummed. "Okay. Whatever you say. I have three talents. My voice, my ability to spot trends in men's fashion and my ability to know when it comes from a bottle. No way is that natural; but it's just between us." Kurt winked and Sam laughed.

"Your skills aren't as good as you claim they are."

Kurt sighed, knowing that he had to talk to Sam about the duet. "Sam, do you think that maybe this duet isn't a good idea?"

"What did Finn say to you?"

"Wait, he talked to you too? Asshole!"

"Do you not want to do this duet?"

"Of course I do. I also know what it's like to be me at this school. It hasn't been easy Sam. People have been targeted simply for associating with me. It's a rough ride. I have no choice but to endure it. I like you and I don't want you to be tormented just for singing with me."

Sam looked both hurt and cared for at the same time. "Kurt, look. I don't care about anybody else. I don't have any other friends here. Finn claims to be my friend but, at the same time, he is patronising and narrow minded and I don't think we have anything in common."

"Do we?"

"Kurt, we have one very important thing in common," Sam sighed.

Kurt clicked on. "You…you're?"

"Gay? Very much so. I'll already be a target once I come out, which I'll get around to. I don't want to hide myself here. Plus, I wouldn't be a very good suitor of yours if I insisted on hiding you away in public now would I?"

Kurt was speechless. "Suitor?"

"In case you had not already clicked in, I'm massively captivated by you. I've never been drawn to someone so much in my life. The first time I saw you, I knew that you were special. So I jumped at the chance to sing with you, to create a musical connection and an emotional one. I asked you to dinner because I hoped that would be our first date before we have our second one at Breadstix when we win. I got your number because I want you to be the person that I call when I find something funny or when I have a problem or can't sleep. You're the only person at this school who doesn't have a motive to be my friend. Kurt Hummel, I want you to be my duet partner and my boyfriend. Will you?"

Kurt was floored. Never had somebody cared that much about him, besides his father. Sam was being genuine and he was gay. Kurt, open your mouth and say yes. Do it now. NOW.

"Of course I will, Sam. I think you're very special, not to mention insanely beautiful."

"I'm not," Sam muttered.

"Oh, we are not even going to go there just yet. I'll make you see your beauty another time. For now, let's just get you dry. I think I have a spare shirt in my locker. You wait right here, I'll only be a minute."

Sam actually counted. He counted the seconds that Kurt wasn't around. Fifty seven seconds of loneliness.

Kurt entered once more, brandishing a polo shirt that Sam doubted would fit. He figured that it would be tight and show off his body even more though. He stripped off his shirt and reached for the polo that Kurt was holding.

Kurt's hand had gone limp at the sight of Sam's body. I was right about those abs, because DAMN. Sam's strong chest was complemented by his defined abs. He looked like he had just stepped out of a billboard for underwear.



"Are you listening?"

"Abs…olutely of course I am," Kurt protested weakly, still looking at Sam's body.

"I kind of need the shirt so I can wear it. Thanks," he added when Kurt reluctantly handed it over.

Sam pulled the polo on and noticed that it covered his whole body, but his muscles made it bulge out slightly. He was more muscular than Kurt, but they were almost the same height. He did look damn good in it, he had to say. He imagined that Kurt would look even better wearing, though.

"Do try not to get that covered in grape slushy, please," Kurt commented, raising his eyebrow.

"Thank you, Kurt. For looking out for me."

"Hey, that's what boyfriends are supposed to do. Oh my God, that sounds so weird. I have a boyfriend."

"And that's not about to change anytime soon. I found a nice Italian place about an hour from here for tonight, if that's okay? I wanted to take you somewhere more romantic than Breadstix."

"That sounds lovely. Shall we get to Glee Club?"

Sam nodded, holding out his hand for Kurt to take. Without thinking twice about it, Kurt grasped his hand and smiled. This feels so right.

Kurt and Sam sat in Kurt's Navigator, their dinner in their stomachs and the conversation flowing freely between them. Kurt noticed something rather odd.

"Sam, did we forget about the duet? It's tomorrow. And we don't have a song."

Sam's eyes widened, his mouth making a perfect O shape. "Wait, I think I have that covered." Sam clicked a button on his iPod, which was connecting to his car and a song began to play. Kurt instantly recognised it as one of his personal favourite duets and smiled over at the blonde controlling the music.

"It's perfect."

"I thought so. We'll sing the hell out of this. Let's do a practice run?"

Kurt nodded and the two began to sing the song playing and they knew that they stood a good chance of winning. Mercedes and Santana's performance of River Deep, Mountain High was wonderful, but they lacked the chemistry needed to pull off the duet. Their voices melded together beautifully, but they weren't really showing enormous amounts of respect or civility towards each other. Kurt reckoned that that was Santana's doing. I don't even think that she likes Mercedes at all. Remember 'The Boy Is Mine'?

After they sang the song a few times, they smiled.

"We're so going to win this," Sam smiled confidently.

Mr. Schuester grinned as Mike and Tina finished their duet of Sing! Mike's voice wasn't wonderful, but it would suffice with training for a solo in a group number.

"Next up we have Kurt and Sam!"

Sam led Kurt to the floor and smiled at the group. "I just want to say that I've really enjoyed my first week in Glee Club and that I could not have asked for a better partner."

The music began and Kurt opened his mouth to sing, feeling somewhat more confident in Sam's presence. As he started the opening choreography, the lyrics began too.

"Live in my house,
I'll be your shelter,
Just pay me back
With one thousand kisses
Be my lover
and I'll cover you"

Rachel beamed as she recognised the song and thought the two made a cute, hot, couple. Finn sulked as he watched the two move around each other. Kurt sang the hell out of the verse and he wondered how their voices would blend together.

Sam spun Kurt around romantically as he finished the verse before Sam stepped in.

"Open your door,
I'll be your tenant
Don't got much baggage to lay at your feet
But sweet kisses I've got to spare
I'll be there and I'll cover you"

Sam stood behind Kurt and wrapped his arms around him as they sang the next part together, Kurt taking the higher harmony.

"I think they meant it when they said you can't buy love
Now I know you can rent it
A new lease you are my love, on life
Be my life

Just slip me on,
I'll be your blanket
Wherever, whatever, I'll be your coat"

They stepped apart slightly and faced each other.

"You'll be my King and I'll be your castle," Kurt sang clearly, sounding rather amazing, Rachel thought.

Sam smiled lovingly. "No, you'll be my Queen, and I'll be your moat."

Mike didn't understand those lyrics, but thought they might have been somewhat offensive to Kurt.

As the pair stepped together again, they began to sing together once more

"I think they meant it when they said you can't buy love
Now I know you can rent it
A new lease you are my love, on life
All my life

I've longed to discover
Something as true as this is"

Kurt thought about those lyrics and how true they were to him. He had longed for male companionship and even a boyfriend to boot. He had gotten both in Sam Evans and was massively grateful that the boy had joined Glee Club and had the courage to ask him out.

Then the two began to sing different lyrics at the same time, making a beautiful mixture of sounds that delighted everybody's ears. Will was surprised at how good they both were and how he had underestimated Kurt a lot.

"So with a thousand sweet kisses, I'll cover you. With a thousand sweet kisses, I'll cover you, when you're worn out and tired. When your heart has expired," Sam sang softly while Kurt used his higher register to deliver his lines simultaneously.

"If you're cold and you're lonely and you've got one nickel only. With a thousand sweet kisses, I'll cover you with a thousand sweet kisses, I'll cover you."

They both sang the concluding lines as they held each other's hands and looked deeply into the other's eyes.

"Oh lover, I'll cover you. Yeah. Oh lover, I'll cover you…"

They held the final note together in a perfect harmony and the club exploded with applause. They knew they were good and deserved the applause if not the victory.

True to her word, Rachel had sang with Quinn, a lovely duet version of One Fine Wire by Colbie Caillat. Artie and Brittany had surprised everyone with a great rendition of Michael Jackson's Bad which Kurt had very much enjoyed. The fact that the two were dating now was a shock to the system but kind of cute.

After everyone had placed their vote, having been required to write their name at the top of their slip and were unable to vote for themselves (Kurt voted for Artie and Brittany and Sam voted for Mercedes and Santana), Will delivered the verdict.

"Taking the dinner for two at Breadstix is…KURT AND SAM!"

The two cheered and took their coupon.

Kurt noticed something and said it aloud to Sam once the applause had died down. "We should've waited to go on our date until it was free."

Sam shook his head. "I didn't really want Mr. Schuester to pay for our first date." Sam leaned down and captured Kurt's lips in his own, sealing their duet with a kiss. Kurt was taken aback by the kiss, but welcomed it very much. He ignored the catcalls from the rest of the Glee Club, minus Finn and reluctantly broke off the kiss.

"Well, that was new."

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