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The loneliness joy brings: Chapter one

The brunette speedily rushed down the stairs missing at least two or three steps each time by jumping. A look of happiness was plastered upon his face as he finally got out of the apartment building. He stopped for a few moments, taking his time to get a good look around at his surroundings. His smiled widened. The whole of Odaiba was buried under a white blanket of snow. Joyfully Taichi jumped into the air, his arm out stretched. "Yes!!!!!" he called out loudly, Ignoring the strange looks he was getting from the pass-buyers. "This is great!" He quickly began to run again.

He could not believe that it would be Christmas in only four days. But what made it even better, was the snow. Last year it hadn't snowed much around the days of Christmas, much to Taichi's disappointment. Now this year it had, and now Taichi was bursting with excitement. He was thirteen years old yet his younger sister Hikari said he acted more like four when it came to this time of year. Okay, he admitted it often got a little too over excited at Christmas time, but he couldn't help it. He loved just about everything about Christmas- well all except the egg-nogg. He hated that stuff. The first time he tried he was sick until two days afterwards. Obviously he had never drank it since.

He looked at the watch on his wrist and ultimately began to run faster. He was supposed to have met Yamato at the bridge and as usual he was late. Hope Yama isn't mad.

It was hard to believe two completely different people could become such great friends. Just over two years ago they acted like they hated each other, now they spent almost all of their free time together. Looking at his watch again, he realised that he was now fifteen minutes late. He decided to take a quick short cut through the park. His excitement grew stronger at the thought of seeing his best friend. This year was going to be the best Christmas ever, he was sure of it.

Taking another leap into the air, he suddenly noticed some if his friends from school nearby.

"Hey Taichi!"

"Taichi, what's up?"

"Hey guys!" he cried still continuing to run.

"Hey, wanna help us shovel some of the snow away and we can all get a game of soccer?" one of the boys yelled, holding a soccer ball under his arm.

With Taichi's great love of soccer, he sadly had to decline the offer. Of course this time it didn't really bother him, after all he had something much better to look forward too. "Sorry guys, I can't right now!"

He heard some of them give small groans of disappointment, something that he couldn't help but laugh at.

Five minutes, out of breath he finally reached his destination. "Hey um Hi Yama…to…"

The blond boy sighed. "Late again I see?" he said in a mocking sarcastic tone.

Taichi smiled back trying to look as innocent as he could. "Sorry."

The paler boy rolled his eyes. "It's okay." He turned around and gazed over the bridge. The water below was iced up with the extreme coldness. "So what took you so long anyway? Sleep in as usual?"

A tint of pink rose upon the tanned boys cheeks. "Kind of…"

Still turned away, Yamato gave a small smile. "I thought so."

"Well when Hikari-chan woke me up and told me that it had snowed the night before, I jumped out of bed! God isn't it great, Yama? I love the snow. It's one of the best things about Christmas! Well um except from the presents of course."

Yamato gave a small sigh that only he could hear. Sadly he did not share Taichi enthusiasm over the subject of Christmas.


"Huh?" He quickly turned back round to face his friend realising that he had just zoned out. "Yeah it's uh great."

Taichi nodded but something in Yamato's answer made him think that Yamato wasn't actually as excited as he hoped his friend would be.

The pair started to walk. At first they just talked about random things but soon the topic of Christmas arose again.

"So what do you think you'll get this year?" Taichi asked curiously.

"For what?" asked Yamato, not really paying any attention to this particular conversation.

"For Christmas of course!"

"Oh…I'm not really sure…"

"I hope I get a play station two!" Taichi cried out excitedly. I've been wanting one like forever! I hope my mum gets me good games!" Secretly Taichi was worried that he would wake up on Christmas morning happy to get the games console he wanted only to find out that his mum had got him crap games for it which involved puding a white ball into a hole, and another game which involves watering flowers.

Oh, Taichi that game you wanted me to get you had horrible pictures of monsters all over the cover. Plus according to the warning label it contains a lot of violence. Shooting giant monsters with blood splattering everywhere! Such a game is not for a son of mines! Instead I got you this game. Look at it, it has a cute little kitty on the front! Now you and Hikari can play together! Kawaii, ne?!"


"Oh my God, what a horrible thought!"

Yamato frowned slightly. Taichi is really, really excited about Christmas. He gave another silent sigh. Taichi…

"Hey look! There's the Odaiba Park Christmas tree!" cried Taichi, pointing to the large decorated Christmas tree. Reluctantly Yamato chased after Taichi who was all ready making his way towards it.

"It's really big! Not as big as Metalgreymon of course, but still really huge. It would be nice to see it lit up at night."

"I guess…" Yamato leaned back against the fence and slowly titled his head upwards to the sky. He still couldn't see what was so great about this stupid holiday and why his friend was so excited about. And the Christmas tree was like any other Christmas tree only a lot bigger. It was no big deal. "Um..Taichi?"

The brunette turned around. "Yeah?"

"Um…Nothing, never mind." Yamato stuttered, shovelling his feet.

Taichi nodded. "Okay."

For a couple of moments there was silence, both unsure of what to say. But that silence was soon interrupted as a mother and her over excited child walking by. "Mummy! Mummy!"

"What is it honey?"

"Mummy, lookie!" The little girl cried, pulling on her mother's hand. "Mummy look at the big Christmas tree!"

"Yes I see it." This scene was all too familiar to Yamato, and quickly he took a glance at Taichi.

"Santa Claus will be coming soon won't he?!" I'll get lots of presents cause I've been a good girl this year!"

"Yes dear, now come along, your father and brother are waiting for us at the bus stop." The woman replied as she quickly tried to usher her child along.

Yamato continued to stare at them until they were finally out of site. False hope…that's all it is…False hope…

"I remember when I was that little. Christmas was great! It would still only be July and I would bug my mum about when Christmas would arrive." Stated Taichi, breaking the silence between them.


The tanned boy sighed. "So what's wrong?"

"Wrong? What do you mean?" asked Yamato trying to sound surprised.

"Come on Yamato, I'm your best friend, I know you better than anybody else. And I definitely know when there is something wrong with you."

"Taichi there's nothing wrong with me." Yamato replied with a tint of hint of frustration.

"Look I know you're not the most perky guy in the world, but you're never this gloomy. Come on it's the holidays you know. The happiest time of year!"


"So cheer up! You get presents, and food, and there's all the decorations and-"

"Taichi!" Taichi suddenly stopped his ranting.. "Look Taichi, not everyone is as happy and excited about Christmas as you are, so I would appreciate it if you would just shut up about it!"

The brunette frowned, partly hurt by his friend's words. Yamato gazed upon his best friend's face and instantly felt guilty for yelling at him like. "Oh Taichi, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you like that. I'm just kind of pissed off about something right now. Sorry, I know I shouldn't be taking my anger off on you."

The other boy gave a small smile. "Hey no problem." Yamato smiled slightly too, thankful that Taichi had forgave him so easily.

"I um I'm sorry too. I just get so over excited about Christmas that I don't really shut up about it. I know it must get really annoying. Hey, I know, I promise not to say another single thing about Christmas until the moment that you get home."

"Taichi, you don't need-"

"Nope, I promise I won't say another thing about it!" he cried, flashing his friend that beautiful smile of his. Although Yamato was relived that there would be no more talking on the subject of Christmas, he felt bad for taking his friend's spirits down like that. Taichi couldn't help but feel over excited about the holidays. It wasn't his fault. Yamato suddenly felt like he would be the perfect person to be cast as scourge in the play 'A Christmas carol.' He sighed. I feel like such an idiot

"So do you want to go get something to eat? I didn't even have breakfast this morning!" Taichi called out holding his stomach.

"Yagami Taichi actually skipped a meal?! Now that's definitely unusual!" Yamato replied trying to lighten the mood with his sarcastic comments.

"Ha-ha-ha. Very funny!" Taichi said, cringing at his friend.

Yamato gave a soft laugh. "So are we going to get something to eat or what?"

"Okay then, lets go!" cried Taichi almost as half excited about eating as he was about Christmas.


Both boys spend most of their day talking about how happy they were that they got off school, (One of the few things Yamato actually liked about Christmas), soccer and other various things that were nothing of great importance. But still they were happy they could be together. Taichi looked at his watch and realised that if he were late for dinner then his mother would kill him. Making a smart decision, he decided it was best if he headed home. But of course he would walk Yama home first.

"You really didn't need to walk me home Tai."

"Hey it's no problem." Taichi stated kindly. "Hey, I can't wait to get presents!" Yamato stared in confusion, making Taichi laugh. "I said I wouldn't mention anything about Christmas until you got home and well…your home now…"


Taichi pouted, placing that innocent look on his face. "Come on Yama, don't tell me your not excited about getting presents!"

"Speaking of presents, Hikari's present is still in my apartment and still not wrapped up yet. And I suppose you haven't wrapped up your parents presents either then?"

The brunette sweat dropped. "Well uh not exactly."

Yamato sighed. "Your hopeless."

"Hey I'll do it before Christmas!"

Yamato gave him a sly smile. "Let me guess, you'll run around on Christmas Eve trying to get everything wrapped up and organised?"

A tint of red came upon the tanned boy's cheeks. "Well…"

"Just as I thought."

"At least I'll get it done! That's what counts, right?" Taichi called out in his defence.

Yamato ignored his friend's comment and returned to the subject of Hikari's presents. "So you want to come up and get it now?"

"Nah I'll just get it some other time." The brunette replied sticking to his usual plan of rushing around trying to get everything ready on Christmas Eve.

Yamato frowned slightly. "I think you should just come up and get it now."

"Man, what's the big deal whether I wrap it up today or on Christmas Eve?"

"It-it's not that…"

"Then what?"

The blond sighed. "It's nothing, just come up and get it now." He spoke before turning around and heading upstairs to his apartment. Taichi groaned, feeling partly annoyed. He hated it when Yamato tried to hide things from him, especially when something was obviously wrong. Furthermore it hurt him that his best friend didn't trust him enough to even confine his feelings and thoughts to. He went up after his friend hoping that there was a way he could force it out of Yamato.

Opening the door, Yamato took his shoes off before entering the living room. Neatly he placed them beside the step and shovelled into his slippers. With that he went in his room to try and find Hikari's present.

Taichi walked in and closed the door behind him. He removed his shoes and placed them beside Yamato's. Almost forgetting, he slipped on the guest slippers before continuing any further. He gazed around the living room curiously. He hadn't been in Yamato's house for over a week now because of the extension on soccer practice. Taichi was mad at his coach for this since the sudden announcement had come out of no where.

Once he had gotten a full look of the apartment he frowned. There were barely any decorations with the accuse of a few straggly decorations and a small 3 foot Christmas tree that sat in the corner were if Taichi hadn't being glancing around wouldn't have even noticed it.

Well the Ishida's are sure getting into the holiday spirit… Yama's dad works a lot so I guess he wouldn't really have time to put up the Christmas decorations but Yamato… He sighed. Maybe I'm just overreacting. So he doesn't like Christmas, it's no big deal. But I guess it just kind of bothers me even though I know it shouldn't…

"Sorry it's taking so long! I know I left it in my closet but I just can't seem to find it!" Yamato called out from his room. "I'll be out in a couple of minutes when I find it!"

"What?! Mr. Organised can't find something in the lovely clean room of his?!" Taichi joked trying to calm his mind down. But now not even his stupid comments could stop him from worrying over Yamato. Taichi was right in what he had said before. Yamato was usually never this sad. He let his body fall against the couch feeling gloomily dispirited.

Yamato why are you so pessimistic about Christmas? Why won't you tell me? Don't you want me to help? Yamato please be happy…Be happy for me…

"I found it!" cried Yamato as he entered the small living room. "Here." He handed the small art kit to Taichi. Hikari loved to draw and despite the fact that she all ready had several other drawing and painting materials, Taichi decided that this was the perfect gift for his little sister. Taichi took the present without even setting a glance upon his best friend's face. "Thanks. Thanks for keeping it Yamato."

The tone of his friend's voice instantly told Yamato that there was something wrong. It was extremely easy to tell when something was wrong with the brunette as his optimistic exterior went way down.

"Taichi, what's wrong?"

"Nothing…" he stated in a mechanistic tone.

"Taichi there is something wrong isn't there? You can tell me Taichi." His friend urged lightly.

"Oh really? If I can tell you what's wrong, then why can't you tell me what's wrong with you?!"


"Am I not a good enough friend?!" he shouted, almost on the verge of tears.

"No of course not! Taichi you're the greatest friend I've ever had in my entire life!"

"Really?" Taichi queried wiping the tears from his large brown eyes.

Yamato nodded. "Yes. Well um, best human friend anyway."

The brunette smiled. "Same here."

A small pink blushes rose upon Yamato's cheeks. Quietly he mumbled thanks, not really knowing what else to say in situations like these.

"So why have you been-"

"Acting more gloomy than usual?" Taichi nodded. "I guess it's not really a big deal and I don't know why I was even acting the way I was. It's just that…. Well my dad gas to go away on a business trip and I have to go with him, that's all."

"So when are you and your dad going?" Taichi asked curiously.

The blond let out a sigh as he leant his body against the wall. "Christmas Eve."

"What?! Christmas Eve?!" the brunette shouted in shock.

"Yep, I'll be spending Christmas in some crappy hotel room, and guess what, my dad won't even be there for most of the day."

"You mean you have to spend Christmas day all by yourself?"

Yamato nodded. The thought made him feel slightly depressed even though spending days alone wasn't anything new to him. He was not really sure why it bothered him so much. Pull it together Ishida, it's no big deal and you know it. But then again, why is Taichi making such a fuss about it?

"How can your dad make you spend Christmas day in a hotel room? Where is it your going anyway?"

"Shibuya, the Television Company has some business there. But I guess it's not really his fault since the company is making him go there."

"Couldn't he have just said no?"

Yamato sighed, looking down he began to shuffle his feet about. "It's not that simple Taichi. There is like a hundred people after my dad's job and if my father refused then there's a good chance he could have gotten fired."

"So much for Christmas spirit." Taichi muttered under his breath, cursing the stupid company in his mind. Nobody deserved to spend Christmas alone, especially not Yamato. "Hey Yamato, couldn't you spend Christmas with you mum? Since you don't see her very often, I'm sure she'd be happy if you spent Christmas with her. I know Takeru would love it if you spend Christmas with them."

Yamato shook his sadly. "No, my mum and Takeru are flying out to Osaka to visit some relatives in two days. And since it 'tis the season all the seats for that flight are book."


"Hey like I said, it's not a big deal. So I spend one day alone, it won't kill me. Besides I bet my dad will let me call room service. I can order movies and food, and maybe they'll even have free porn." Joked Yamato.

"Even so, you'll still be all alone for most of Christmas day." Stated Taichi, feeling awful about the whole situation.

Yamato sighed. "I think your taking the whole situation way to seriously."


"I'd better clean my room and make a start at getting dinner ready before dad gets home. That is, if he's not working late again…" Taichi looked upon his friend sadly. He could hear the sorrow in his voice, yet Yamato refused to let anyone know he was upset, not even his best friend.

"I guess I better go before I'm late for dinner again."

Yamato nodded. "Okay."

"Hey um thanks for keeping Hikari's present for me."

"No problem."

Before walking out the door, Taichi turned back around giving his friend a small sympathetic smile. "Ja ne."

"Ja ne, Taichi…" Yamato whispered quietly as Taichi shut the door. Slowly he gazed around the apartment and that unpleasant feeling of loneliness returned. He was alone once again… Just like he always would be…

Authors Notes: I hope this story is all right so far. I think there will probably be around three chapters so I'll try to post chapter two as soon as possible. Taichi might have seemed a little bit annoying but I see him as the kind of person that would get excited about Christmas easily. Plus hyper, excited Tai-chan proves to be very cute, as does pessimistic Yama. I'd appreciate very much if you would review. Thank you lots for reading.