Summary. Natsu and Lucy were best friends when they were children. But that's the past. Lucy is now 16 and has a HUGE crush on one of the cool kids named Gray. It could all be mest up though when Natsu comes back for Lucy. How's Gray going to react? Who's Lucy going to choose? GraLu fanfic

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Chapter 1

Old Friends, New Crush?

Normal POV

"Lucy I promise to come back." He murmurs.

Right about now Natsu was hugging his best friend, Lucy. They grew up together, did everything together. It wasn't possible til now that someone was able to split them apart.

"I-I don't want you to go Natsu," Lucy sobbed into his chest.

"I know. I don't want to leave either, but I can't do anything about it. Everything is already settled."

Natsu Dragneel is a 13 year old boy who's in love with his best friend Lucy. Lucy a 12 year old girl in love with her best friend Natsu.

They weren't dating. Lucy didn't even know Natsu has a crush on her. They're still young. Have their whole life ahead of them. Love at that age is foreign. Something they feel, but don't understand. Something their friends make fun of them for having.

For some, love is dating someone. For others it's just having a crush, or maybe just doing something romantic with someone like walking on the beach in the moon light. Most kids think love is something that grown ups do, but in reality love is something no one can understand or define.

Everyone has different opinion on love. Everyone feels it in different ways. Telling someone what love is, is hard. Cause what really is love? Love is something everyone feels at least once in their life time. An emotion, that's all it is, but that emotion makes people happy, sad, angry, and wonderful.

Natsu was leaving her. His family had to move away for certain problems. They didn't know how long they would be gone. All they really knew is that they were moving to a place far, far away.

But that was the past. Lucy was 16 now. Four years had past. She got over Natsu a long time ago, but she still thought of him from time to time.

She ended up going to a new school. There she met her new best friend Levy. She's made a lot of new friends since Natsu left, but she couldn't help to feel sad sometimes knowing that he might never come back.

She never stayed sad though. Her friends were always there to cheer her up. Lucy felt really lucky to have friends like hers. They gladly let her join their little group. When she met Levy she also got to know all of Levy's friends.

Like Jet and Droy. Also Erza, Jellal, Cana, Rogue, and Lisanna.

Everyone in their group was like family to Lucy. The boys always were protecting Lucy, and teasing her just like brothers should. She did have an older brother named Sting, but he was a jerk. Yet he was still in the 'cool' group at school.

The blonde really didn't like her older brother. There was only one little problem, she had a huge crush on one of his closest friends. His name was Gray.

Gray was also in the 'cool' group. He was the only other crush she had other than Natsu.

Lucy's POV

I sighed while lying on my bed. How was I going to get Gray's attention.

1- He already had a girlfriend. Her name is Juvia. I don't even know how Gray puts up with her. She's not mean or anything. She's just very clingy. Whenever a girl even looks at Gray she'll give her the death glare.

2 – The most I've ever had human interaction with him was when he came over to our house to hang out with Sting. I opened the door for him. He said I'm here to see Sting. I told him he's upstairs. Then Gray smiled, thanked me, and he told me his name and left. Ever since then I've had a humongous crush on him.

I let out another huge sigh. Why can't I get him out of my mind? I'm constantly thinking about him. His gorgeous smile and perfect hair.

I'll have him notice me. I know I can do it right?

"Wrong. I can't talk to him. I don't know anything about him. And I'm way to shy around people I don't know. Stupid Lucy, Why can't you talk to him."

I said aloud while hitting myself softly on the head.

Well I can't do anything right now. Guess I should start my home work. I really don't want to do it though. I could go get a snack then start. Yea that sounds good.

I mentally decided.

Once I got downstairs I noticed Sting was here also.

"Hey Sting."

He just gave me a nod and a grunt.

I sighed in anger.

It's not like I hate my brother, but he won't do anything with me, Hardly talks to me, and when he does it's usually something mean.

I just want to be loved by him. Our parents never did anything close to loving us. Maybe that's were he got it from. I tried and tried with Sting but nothing worked. After awhile I just gave up.

Are parents weren't the best people. They were always fighting. Both me and Sting didn't think they really cared for us. After awhile though it just got worse when my dad died. My mom went on drugs and got into some really bad stuff. Then a man found her, fell in love, and soon married her.

My mom was finally happy again. I saw her smile again. He lifted the family up. I finally had someone who cared for me in my life, but about a year ago he had to go and live in a foreign country because of work. He didn't know how long he would have to be gone, so he sold the house found a small place for me and Sting. Then he left with mom.

But every month he sends us money for necessary things. I love those letters. Every month he always writes something special and important to me.

He really was an awesome person.

I smiled a fake smile as Sting ran up the stairs into his room.

When he was out of sight my smile fell.

I looked through the fridge and pantry. There wasn't much food.

Make a mental note to get food tomorrow after school.

I got some food and then went to my room. I really needed to finish my homework.

Time Skip (School the Next Day)

Normal POV

It was lunch time at the school.

Lucy was with her friends.

While Sting was with his. Until someone rushed into the lunch room. No one really noticed or cared.

'Now where are they' A white haired girl thought.

'Oh I see Sting!'

She quickly ran over and jumped on top of him

"What th-. MIRA!"

"Hey Stingy what's up?" Mira asked.

"Um Sting do you know her?" wondered Gajeel.

"Ya this is my cousin Mira,"

"Yep I'm Mira nice to meet ya. Stingy where's Lucy. I don't see her in your...little group."

"Oh Sting is she talking about your sister? I saw her once when I came to your house. She let me in, but after that I didn't see her" Gray interrupted.

"Ya that's my little sister Lucy. Oh and Mira, Lucy doesn't really hang with my group she has her own little group she hangs with,"

"Oh really? I thought you would hang out with her. Help her make new friends. Well I guess I was wrong." Mira said a little annoyed.

Mira was always like an older sister to them. She made them food when she was around. Took them shopping and stuff like that. Sadly she can't always be there cause of her stupid job.

"Well I'm going to find Lucy bye bye Stingy." "Bye Mira"

"Wow she's hot" Gajeel mutters

"Don't you dare think your going to date her" Sting hisses.

"Why you want her all to your self...Stingy"

"EW! NO! She's my cousin Yukino, also she has a boyfriend named Laxus. And don't you start with the Stingy thing also" Sting yelled.

Everyone just laughed.


"Mira!" Lucy screeched as she jumped on the older lady.

"It's so good to see you also Luce. I missed you."

"I missed you too Mira. Did you already talk to Sting?"

"Yes. And who are these people" Mira asked.

"Oh these are my friends. Lisanna, Levy, Jet, Droy, and Cana. My other friends Erza and Jellal aren't here today" Lucy introduced while pointing to everyone.

"It's nice to meet you all I'm Lucy's cousin Mira." Mira said while smiling her famous smile.

Everyone said hi.

"Lucy after school want to go and have some girl time?" Mira asked.

"I would love too, but I have to go grocery shopping. We have like nothing to eat at home." Lucy answered sadly.

"Nonsense. We'll have Sting go and buy the food. I'll also probably have to drop you off before dinner. I have my job to tend to."

"No that's totally fine. I'll go ask Sting right now. Actually I'm going to make a list for him first." She added.

Once she was done with the list she ran over to Sting and his group.

"Hey Sting, I need you to go shopping for food after school. Me and Mira are going to hang out so I can't do it."

"Do I have to do it. Don't we have food at home" Sting complained.

Lucy just rolled her eyes.

"You can do a little work. And yes you do need to do it because we literally don't have any food. I am not going to be your mom forever. Your going to need to take care of yourself sometime" She said while glaring at him.

"Fine. Are you going to be home for dinner?" He asks.

"I should be. Mira has to leave for work" "Hmm okay see you tonight then." She nodded

She gave everyone in his a group a little nod and started to walk away.

"Wait Lucy" She turned back to see Gray.

Her eyes widened a bit. Also a little blush appeared. But she quickly composed herself.

"Umm yes?" She asked.

"So that is your name. I just wanted to make sure. Do you remember me. I saw you once at your house when I was going to see Sting"

"Yes I remember."

"That's good. Well it was nice to see you again" Lucy eyes widened even more if that was possible.

She smiled and said "It's nice you see you again. Hope to talk to you soon Gray" Then she walked away. She couldn't see Juvia glaring at her though.

While walking away she couldn't help but to have the biggest smile plastered on her face. He had remembered her. He came up to her. Maybe she would be able to get him to notice her. Maybe, just maybe.

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