Sixteen year old Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy sat in the Headmaster's office both in their Slytherin robes, both ignoring each other. Harry for his part was reading, Draco was practicing his Runes. Their Headmaster, Head of House, the Head of the Other Houses, Draco's parents and Harry's psudo godfather were all there.

"Are you two listening?" Severus snapped, "Harry! Draco!"

"Professor." Harry closed his book and looked at him. "I respect you too much to lie to you and tell you I was listening to anything the Headmaster was saying."

Draco snorted and covered his mouth trying not laugh. He nodded in agreement.

Dumbledore looked scandalized.

"That said do you think you could just summarize what he said his voice is so annoying I just tune it out on habit." Again Draco snorted his boy shook this time. " I do believe I heard Dark Lord, Price on our Heads, and Hiding?"

"Correct." Severus replied, "The three of us need to go into hiding..."

"Why am I on the radar ?" Harry asked, " I am not Neville Longbottom the precious little Golden Boy who is having his life directed for him by the Headmaster who is setting him up to die at the hands of the Dark Lord. I am nothing to this man. Sure he tortured my parents to death but I was under the impression that that was before the Prophecy that got Longbottoms parents killed, I also refuse to go anywhere with that moron as it is his fault that my Godfather is dead."

The room was silent said boy had just come in and was white as a sheet at these words.

"Potter, "




Neville nodded and sat on the other side of Draco not wanting to be anywhere near Harry.


"No, Remus." Harry had reopened his book and was reading, " I refuse to go anywhere with him. I would rather return to Grimmauld Place then ..."

"Harry, my dear boy..."

Things in the room exploded and pictures shook.

"HARRY!" Remus scolded, "Calm down this instant!"

Harry gave Remus dead eyes but pulled his power back in.

Draco growled annoyed as he watched Harry walk in to the room across the hall from his own in Malfoy Manor. He followed the well dressed boy in to the room. His face went crimson when Harry pulled his shirt off.


Harry spun to look at Draco as the three adults, and Dumbledore came running Remus bringing up the rear and Neville sliding in from farther down the hall.

"Uh..." Harry bit his lip. His back and chest were covered in cane and belt marks. "It's ...I'm fine."

"Who did this to you?" Remus asked Harry backed away from his godfather. " Pup, who did this?"

"My uncle." Harry replied dropping his shirt and not looking at them. He shrugged, " It's whatever he does it all the time. "

Next thing he knew He was in only his boxers revealing almost all of his wounds to them. Severus and Narcissa were running scans on him.

"You have injuries ..." Severus cleared his throat. Harry stared deadly at the wall. " You were..."

"Raped?" Harry finished for him. "Yes. "

"Did you tell anyone about this?" Narcissa demanded, "Anyone?"

"People at my Primary school, got beat for that and called a liar who made things up. " Harry replied, "Pomfry , Dumbledore, and Fudge. They all said I had to go back so I did and quit telling anyone because they adults do shit. I told Sirius and you know what he said?" Remus bit his lip. "You should listen to Albus , pup, he knows what he's doing. If he says it's best for you it is."

Harry scoffed, and rolled his eyes not seeing said man.

"I hate him. He put me with them. I have to have other family. I mean my dad was a pure blood wasn't he?" He yawned suddenly, eyes drooping, "For all I know I could be related to the Malfoys... wait I am...Sirius said all Purebloods are related, My gran was Sirius aunt... "

"I forgot about that." Remus laughed, "And you should have gone to your uncle. That is to say James' older brother. "

"Thought I was told he was an only child..." Harry wavered, " My side 'urts, 'fessor ..."

"Lay down, I'll take care of it." Severus said absently motioning Narcissa to help him lay Harry down. "How the hell are you even alive? " he breathed. Narcissa had her hands over her mouth as broken ribs and punctured liver shown in the air above Harry. "Take a nap, Harry we'll talk later."

Harry gave in to sleep.

When Harry woke he felt amazing. He didn't hurt anymore. He got up and went sleepily into his bathroom to shower then dried off and pulled on some tight black Muggle shorts and a matching sleeveless shirt. He combed out his waist length hair and tied it back. He only then noticed he wasn't wearing his glasses and could see. He liked the effect. He pulled on a pair of crocks and headed down stairs nose in another book.

"Good morning," He said sitting down to breakfast . He set his book down and frowned at the plate in front of him. Severus quickly switched it with a bowl of porridge. " Thank you, ... for everything."

"Your eyes!" Neville cried, then covered his mouth as the four adults and two other boys looked at him. " They... I just..."

"Out with it." Draco growled, "They are what?!"

"The color of the Killing Curse." Neville finished,

" You really have no feelings do you!" Draco bellowed as Harry ran off. " You can't just say things like that you stupid Lion!"

Harry stared at himself in the mirror it was true. He'd never noticed that before. He blinked his dead eyes in the mirror. He heard a knock on his door. He went to it and cracked it open.

"May I come in?" It was Lucius Malfoy. "I'm going to send the lion away. I didn't want him here to begin with. "

Harry blinked at him. But didn't answer he wanted to be alone. He took the bowl of food and shut the door. He went over to his bed and slowly began eating.