Harry walked into class the next morning. The other kids looked at him some called out to say hi. Harry went and put his things in his cubby. None of the other kids wore hats.

"Okay, Harry , lets get your hat off." One of his teachers said, trying to take Harry's hat. Harry held it on his head and screamed until she stopped trying to take it. "Harry, the hat isn't part of the uniform. It will stay in your cubby. " Harry screamed again as she tried to take the hat. He grabbed his backpack and grabbed the cell phone he'd been given. He gave it to her. "Harry, dear, your daddies are busy. Just give me the hat."

Harry pressed the picture of Daddy Sev and he soon heard his daddy asking what was wrong and why was he screaming.

"I'm sorry." the teacher said, to Severus. "I'm just trying to take his hat off."

Severus arrived a few moments later looking breathless and panicked. He relaxed when he saw Harry sitting and drawing happily with his hat on. He quickly explained to the teachers about Harry's disability. The teachers finally understood why Harry was like he was. Severus also told them about Harry's ears.

It was afternoon when they went outside.

"Today we'll be teaching you to ride horses." the Head Teacher said. There pony's about with trainers. Harry cocked his head to one side and walked up to the only black pony and began petting it. The pony instantly began nuzzling him. "Very good, Harry. "

After they got the kids used to the ponies they got them in riding gear, Harry's was all black and felt nice against his skin, and up into the saddle . Harry looked around as he held on like his instructor taught him. He beamed as his pony began walking along. He did everything his teacher told him to do. The other kids didn't seem to like riding their ponies.

"Midnight." He said, petting the horse. "Midnight is a good pony."

His instructor chuckled. The whole community now knew about Harry's disability so he'd been worried about being assigned to him but the boy seemed happy about learning to ride his pony.

"Are you having fun, Harry?" he asked the boy.

"Yes, Midnight is fun!" Harry said, he looked around at all the kids. "They not having fun."

"They'll get used to it." the Instructor told him. "We'll keep you working at this for awhile then we teach you other things you and Midnight can do."

"I will like that." Harry said, "Midnight is pretty."

"Daddy!" Harry cheered when Remus arrived to pick him up after school was over. "Daddy, I meant Midnight ! I rode on Midnight! I brushed Midnight! I fed Midnight!"

"What's a Midnight?" Remus asked, "You smell like horse!"

"Midnight is my pony!" Harry cheered, he suddenly pulled at his hat. "Hurt!"

Remus hugged him and tried to calm him .

"I'm sorry, pup, your ears will come out soon then the pain will stop. "

"Hope so." Harry cried, burying his head in his daddy's shoulder. "Daddy, are you my mommy? "

Remus smiled softly as he carried his son into their home after apperating.

Severus laughed.

"Why do you ask that , Harry pup?"

"Cause Jerry said, that even if I have two daddies one of you had to give birth to me and that daddy is the mommy." Harry told them.

"Jerry doesn't need to be talking about that." Severus stated. "He's way to young."

"I am your mommy." Remus decided, " and Sev is your daddy."

"I thought so." Harry said, with a sharp nod. "Mommy just feels like a mommy and daddy feels like a daddy."

Remus and Severus didn't understand what Harry meant by that but smiled at their son.

"Now..." Harry said, looking at them stubbornly. "We need to talk about something really really important."

"What's that?" Severus chuckled.

"I want a brother."

Remus smirked at Severus who was blinking at the small boy.

Harry was not about to change his mind. Severus tried everything to talk him out of his demand but Harry was stubborn and kept saying he wanted a brother.

Remus was still laughing when they went to bed that night. He kissed Severus who tried to push him away. They'd only taken care of each others needs a few times over the years but they'd never actually had sex. Remus forced Severus down on the bed and Severus eventually gave into the kiss.

"Stupid full moon." Severus gasped, as they undressed each other. He kissed down Remus' jaw, flipping them over, he bit Remus' ear, the ex-werewolf was hard and needy beneath him. "Why couldn't Harry cure all of you..."

Remus moaned as Severus sucked on his nub. He clung to Severus holding him close and thrusting against him. Severus continued teasing him until he was needy and begging.

Severus finally slid a finger inside him Remus moaned loudly fucking himself on the digit. He didn't like lube so Severus was doing this dry just like he liked. Severus slid another finger and began stretching him. Remus didn't want to wait.

"Severus just get in!" Remus cried, "In!"

Severus took hold of himself and lined himself up before sliding in. Remus moaned loudly. Severus was thankful for the strong silencing wards on the room he didn't want to wake Harry. He forced himself all the way inside and hit Remus' prostrate in one harsh thrust. Remus liked it rough and so did Severus. They kissed as they fucked with all the strength on the bed. Somewhere in the back of Severus' mind he remembered that they weren't using protection and Harry very well could get a brother from tonight. Then his mind went blank as he and Remus fought for release .

Four rounds later both were sated and laying on the bed on their backs gasping for air. Remus draped himself over Severus' chest and slid to sleep. Severus soon followed him.