I open my eyes drowsily as the light from the single window in the room floods the small space. I look next to me to see asleeping Kanda.

"Ah… how much I would've dreamed of this if we hadn't changed so much… you and I." I whisper, taking a piece of hair out of his face.

He groans in his sleep and turns over. I decide to get up and take a shower before the beauty woke up.

After my shower, I see Kanda starting to wake up and decide to play a joke on him. Though I had no recollection of last night, I knew that Kanda wouldn't either and that some fun could ensue.

I take off my clean shirt, and slowly get into bed careful not to wake him too early before I entangle my hands into his hair, pulling his head close to my chest as I act like I'm asleep.

I can hear his breath quicken as he wakes and tries to figure out what happened the night before.

"Did me and the Moyashi… holy fucktards this should not have happened". He slowly turns our in my arms as I pull him closer.

I decide to play a bit longer "mmm Kanda….more~" I whisper as if in my sleep.

"Holy shit. The rabbits gonna kill me." I hear him whisper as he gets up slowly.

"you didn't actually think we had sex, right?" I say devilish as I start laughing.

His face grows angry as he says in a hushed tone. "Mo-Ya-Shiiiiii"

"I already took a shower, you can go next if you'd like." I say picking my shirt back up off the end of the bed, putting it back on.

He angrily goes to the shower and slams the door shut behind him.

I take my phone and turn it on to see 102 messages and 56 missed calls. All from Lenalee and Lavi.

I called Lavi.

"Dude! Are you guys alive!? Are you guys okay!? Hwta happened!?" Lavi screams on the other line.

"I told you, we went to a hotel and had hot sex while you guys are drinking." I say casually.

The other line went quiet. "You guys actually went to a hotel? Prove it." He says.

I take a selfie with the bed in the middle of the room and smile. As I hear Lenalee screaming in the background before the screaming bets closer and closer and Lavi is telling her that he's talking to me and that I said I was in a hotel with Kanda.

I hear something about Lenalee texting Kanda before Lavi comes back. "Bud… Lenalee wants to know if you guys are dating now."

"No it was a one night stand." I say crossing my legs as I hear the bathroom door open with a steaming Kanda stepping out of it.

I pull the phone away from my ear, "Hey Kanda, just to catch you upon speed, we had hot sex last night, we're in a hotel and we're not dating it was a one night stand."

He nods before sitting on a different part of the bed.

"Ya know what, you guys come home and we'll talk." Lavi says sighing.

"No, we just decided we're madly in love and we're eloping, we'll send postcards bye." I say hanging up and taking the battery out of my phone.

"What do we do now that we're eloping? Hubby." I say laying on the bed to face Kanda.

"I don't know, wife, this." He says leaning forward and kissing me.

I laugh a little, "Wish we got a picture of that… watch Lavi squirm a little bit more." I get up and grab Kanda's phone, as he protests.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asks angrily.

"Putting a few pictures of me on your phone. Lavi's going through it whenever we go back." I say swatting his hand away.

I smile as I put my arm around his neck and take a selfie with him as I kiss his cheek.

"We should go back soon though, just enough time to let them panic." I say putting my shoes on.

He grunts and does the same.

I take out my phone to call a taxi, "Hey yeah we need it to go down town. Yup now is great."

We walk out the door and get into the taxi waiting at the front of the building as we drive to Lavi's house.

When we get out Lavi comes out of the house with comical tears streaming down his face as he hugs us. "If you guys want to get married, you totally can just don't leave meeeee!" he exclaims as the taxi drives away.

I pat his back, "There there… we'll visit for the holidays."

Me and Kanda struggle out of his grasp and walk into the house as we hear him call Lenalee.

I take out a cigarette and light it, taking a puff before blowing it out.

"you shouldn't be smoking in the house, Moyashi." Kanda says from the couch.

I take another puff and make rings in the air with my tongue. "Doesn't matter."

I hold the cigarette between my lips as my phone rings.

"Hey Walker." I say into the phone.

"Hey idiot apprentice." Master.

"The fuck do you want?" I ask, now irritated.

"Having fun with your pussy friends?" he asks.

"fuck you, what do you really want?" I say sitting down next to Kanda, blowing smoke out into the air.

"A job. I expect you to have $5000 by the end of the week, I'll have the collector get it from you since he's in the town. Don't think I won't beat you if you fuck this up." He growls.

"Totally, now you're making my cigarette sour goodbye." I say hanging up and putting out my cigarette.

"Guardian?" Kanda asks turning on the TV.

"Yeah, nothing much just wanted to bother me I guess." I sigh. "But I gotta go… tell Lavi not to wait up I'll probably be out all night." I say getting up and putting my coat on.

"Doing what?" he asks.

"Something I shouldn't." I say simply.

"Do whatever the hell you want." 'Don't be stupid.'

"I was planning on it, bastard." 'Don't worry'

I walk out the door to hear Lavi talking with Lenalee, he had moves to the backyard.

I walk down to a public bar, the one next to the gay bar Kanda and I went to the other night.

The place was packed, "This should be perfect." And so, I spend the rest of the day cheating people out of their money, and by the time I'm done it's already 3 in the morning.

I check my phone as it had been off to see 2 missed calls from Lavi and one text asking why I wouldn't be home.

I put my phone away and start the long and lonely walk back to Lavi's house, which I guess is my house now.

When I open the door I'm surprised to find Kanda sitting on the couch, watching TV. Had he stayed here?

"Didn't go home?" I ask putting my chilled coat up.

"The rabbit freaked out about you getting mugged so he told me to stay up since I have no life." He groans.

"Ha, as if I'd get mugged that easily. Dumb bastards can hardly even comprehend the games they preach." I say plopping onto the couch, pushing my hair out of my face.

"That's what I told him, you're not as stupid as you used to be." Kanda says switching the channel.

"I wish I were sometimes. But It's been a long night, I think I'll just go sleep." I say getting up.

"Are you planning on school tomorrow, the weekend is over." He asks.

"No. I'm not." I quickly go into my room.

I lean against my door and steady my breathing. "Whit I didn't pack my pills when I left… how had I not noticed, Dammit." Why now?

I go and sit on my bed, curling myself up into my blankets and I pick up my phone. "Allen? What is it?" my doctor answers.

"I-I I moved from the country, I forgot my pills, I don't know w-what to do right now." I say my breathing growing more labored.

"Okay Allen calm down for a second. Self-harm isn't something to do right now. Take some aspirin with a spoonful of sugar and a spoonful of honey, after that take some ibuprofen." He says.

"Yeah, okay, I got it." I say hanging up and standing up on shaking legs.

I go into the nearest bathroom and take aspirin and ibuprofen. "Now for sugar and honey." I whisper.

I open the door, but I hear snoring in the living room, don't tell me Kanda stayed over.

I creep towards the living room slowly. And just as I had thought, there he was, sleeping peacefully.

'What if he wakes up and sees me?' I think. I really shouldn't have forgotten my fucking pills, how stupid can I be?

I decide to tiptoe into the kitchen and take out the honey and sugar, with two spoons. I put sugar on one and honey on the other.

I take the sugar first, taking a moment, and then the honey right after.

"What are you doing, Moyashi?" I jump at the rough voice that appeared behind me.

"Nothing, Bakanda. Why are you even up? Sneaking up on people… honestly." I sigh, putting the spoons in the sink to be washed in the morning.

"Sugar and honey? Don't tell me, aspirin and ibuprofen too?" he smirks.

"what's it to you?" I ask defensively, facing him completely.

"Damn, kid. Looks like being away from here took a toll on you too, and you acted so sassy." He says, waving his hands.

"Says the one sassing me right now." I say in a more hushed tone.

"Anxiety isn't something to be ashamed of. Damn is all to hell, I swear. Why the hell did you come back, anyway?"
"I came back without knowing where I was going, it was obviously a mistake." I growl.

"Maybe is fucking was. Maybe you shouldn't have come back, because everything was a hell of a lot simpler without you here, I didn't even miss you." He says crossing his arms further.

"Ha! You say it as if I had a choice, I was having a grand fucking time when I left, maybe I'll just go somewhere else!" I almost yell.

"Maybe you damn well should. We'd be better off without an insane guy like you around messing everything up."

"Like you ever had anything for me to mess up in the first place, you have been nothing since I left. But yeah, maybe I should leave so you can go on with your fantastic lives. I'll leave in the morning, goddamned bastard." I say before walking away.

I hear Kanda shift, but otherwise seems to stay there.

'Damn I wish I hadn't said anything.' I think before lying in bed, waiting for blissful sleep, so that when morning comes I could

When I awake I slowly realize that I hadn't changed clothes and I decide to change quickly and go downstairs.

"Good morning Allen, where were you last night, I asked Kanda to wait for you to come in." Lavi says as he sees me enter the kitchen.

"I was at a bar. And uh Lavi… I know I've only been here for a weekend but…" I get interrupted as I sit.

"You can tell me how fantastic you think living here is after you eat." Lavi says setting eggs in front of me and sitting down.

I dare not touch the food. "No uh really, it's important."

He stops eating and looks up. "Really? What is it, bud?"

"Um… I can't stay…" I say putting my hands in my lap, staring at them intently.

He just stares, "If you think you're being a bother to me Al' you're really not." He tries.

"No no no it's not entirely that." Quick think of a reason besides Bakanda telling you to! "I can't stay because I need to get a job in another town, there aren't enough jobs here."

"Oh… if that's how you really feel then sure, but you can't leave without actually finding a job, Lenalady would kill me ya know?" I can feel him trying to be cheerful, I would be upset too if it were him.

"Sure, I gotta call Alma anyway." I say as I start eating.

"Alma? Alma Karma? You guys still talk? Kanda said they hadn't talked in a while. Does he know you're here?" Lavi asks a million questions a minute.

"Yeah, Alma Karma, my home bitch. We don't talk that much but he knows I am here, and is waiting for me to come over, though I have to break the news to him, that no matter what I promised, we can't have sex." I say eating another piece of egg.

Lavi spits out his juice, "S-sex!? You promised him sex when you came back!? How are you gonna tell him he's not on your screw list?" Lavi asks.

"Obviously I'll Tel him I'm in love… with… Kanda…." I slow down, thinking of last nights events. That repsonsewas an instant one, even though he hates my guts now.

"Will he even buy that? I know for a fact that you guys were kidding, but he might be into that." Lavi says.

I nod, "Yeah, though I'll probably stay at his house, set him up and stuff." I say trying to stay casual.

"Is that a good idea, there a lot of bad guys that stay over at his place." Lavi says.

I shrug, "It's a good thing to be around different types of people sometimes."

"Unless those people want to try to kill and or rape you, bud." Lavi says.

"You have a point, but I think I'll be fine, I was going to talk to Alma about who's staying over there tight now anyway. But I'm sure Kanda would want to see him again." I look at a picture on the wall to avoid eye contact. I have now come to realize it's a picture and Kanda Lavi and I. Before I left when we were out with milkshakes. I don't remember why Lenalee couldn't come though.

"As long as you're cool then I can safely tell Lenalee that you moved there, you know how it is." He says with a laugh.

"Yeah I'll be okay, I was actually planning on walking over there today." I say.

Lavi's eyes widen and he gasps, "You're going to walk to the next town over?!"

I nod, "yeah, not an unusual thing for me now, actually."

He shakes his head, getting up to put his plate in the sink. "I swear you're crazy, bud. Why not ask Kanda to drive you?"

I look down, "Uh I don't think that dumbass would. He's busy after all. School and stuff…"

"No, dude he totally would, I can call him up right now." Before I can stop him, he pulls out his phone.

"Hey Yu-chan. Little Allen bud needs a ride to the next town over~ can you believe it? My little bud is leaving me! It breaks my heart. He said not to call you…. But I knew you'd find it in your heart to drive him there for his feet are precious." He says making hand gestures. He pauses to listen to whatever Kanda was saying. "Aw bro~" he hangs up.

He then turns to me, "He said he can't, sorry buddy."

I wave him off, "It's okay. I need the exercise, and the walk. Also I should get going to visit with Alma." And possibly not come back…

"Okay, I can call someone to give you a ride there and back if you want." Lavi says.

I shake my head, no I'll make it back fine myself.

I quickly walk out and when I get off the steeet and start walking towards my destination as I pull out my phone and call the one and only Alma Karma.

"Hey Allen boy whatchya need?" his cheerful voice answers.

"Mind if I stay at your place for awhile?"

"Sure, want me to pick you up from wherever you are?"

"That'd be fantastic I just started walking towards your town. Also, I need a job."

"To please the hubby? Anything."

"Ha ha thanks." He hangs up, what have I gotten myself into.

I decide to walk a bit further and before I realize it, I'm in front of a bar on the street. "I shouldn't enter, Alma won't be able to find me.

"Who are you waiting for, gorgeous?" a man strides towards me, and I put on a wicked sexy grin.

"My husband." I say stepping back a little when he gets too close.

"Why go to him, when you can go to me? Me and my pals could let ya have a reeaall good time." He slurs.

I slightly push his chest away as he gets closer, "I'll have to take a reincheck. Thank you though." I say turning around, a mistake.

"Hey kid I wasn't asking!" I see black spots in my vision as a bottle hits the back of my head, how nostalgic.

I trip over my feet and land on my hands, turning towards the man. "Don't do something you'll regret man." I say struggling to keep my voice clear.

He comes over and picks me up by my shirt, harshly throwing my form onto the cement, knocking the air out of me. "You should've just said yes." Where's Alma when I need him?

I laugh sourly, uncaring about whatever happened next, "I'm guessing it's too late now."

"Damn straight." He says bringing another bottle down onto my head, dragging me into the back of the bar.

I feel the warm life liquid flowing out of my nead quickly as I start losing my senses.

"Moyashi!" Kanda? His voice is so far away.

I hear the man run away and a girl gasp as I see Kanda running towards me. He shakes me lightly, carefully. "Moyashi… Moyashi are you awake?" I decide to close my eyes and keep my breaths scarce to #1 conserve energy #2 to make him think I'm dead and make it easier for him to leave me for dead without guilt.

"Shit" he says under his breath. "Don't call 911." He tells someone.

"But why he's dying!" a girl says. Because he wants me dead…

"No he has a specialized doctor we need to get him there now, you need to go home now though." He says quickly, his voice panicked.

I'm such a piece of crap. Why does he even care for godssake?

I hear rustling of a pocket as he starts talking.


I feel dizzier and dizzier as my blood flows out and my breath unintentionally evens out, going quieter and quieter, me realizing I don't need it anymore, dead people don't breathe.

"You're going to be okay Moyashi." Kanda says.

I hear a car pull up and Komui yelling "Kanda! Where are you!" and Lenalee doing the same, why? I didn't want her to see me die.

"OVER HERE DAMMIT HURRY" his voice is shaking and uncontrollably panicky.

I hear footsteps running towards us before a gasp from Lenalee as I hear her fall to the ground, "Oh my god, Allen.."

"What happened Kanda." I hear Komui kneel next to me and quickly opens his brief case and feels my pulse. "It's barely there, is he conscious? Do you know?" he asks.

"I tried waking him up, he wouldn't." Kanda says putting a shakey hands on my chilling wrist.

"Kanda, calm down. I need you to try waking him up." Komui says to him. I feel Komui stick a needle into my arm, slowly injecting something into me, hopefully poison.

I feel Kanda's forehead on mine, "Moyashi. Come on wake up, I know we had a stupid fucking argument, but we're fucking friends and I won't let you die on me you little shit." So poetic.

I open my eyes slowly, deciding to stop saving energy. Our eyes meet and his widen. "He's awake, Moyashi, Moyashi are you okay?" Kanda says leaning away and looking at my face turning it to one side and then another.

"Fucking hell how am I not dead?" I whisper.

"Allen you're going to be okay." Komui says.

"Don't fucking bother, Komui. We all die sometimes, is rather not test fate." I say pessimistically.

"Allen, you can be pessimistic later, right now, you're going to live." Komui says trying to get me up.

"Ahck!" I yell as they try to pick me up, my head completely disagreeing.

"Lenalee go and get the back door open." I see Lenalee nod and quickly run to do exactly that.

My body goes completely limp and Komui and Kanda both make noises of the surprise weight.

I decide that I'm a little tired, and let everything go completely blank, I can only distantly hear voices screaming as my last breaths rack my body.

Okay wow, this is a bit much, yeah? So happy Easter everyone! Hope you guys celebrated to your hearts' content. Poor Allen, is he dead? Is the story over? I don't event think I want to Tell you, of course, ill reply if you ask in reviews though, but probably not publically. LOVE YOU GUYS