Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, only Gwen and her family. The background and history of geographical places are not completely correct; the founders of Masterton are not the Masters family and I have never been to the US so I most likely have a lot wrong. Also I'm a New Zealander like Gwen so unless it is an American thinking or speaking it's more likely to be written in New Zealand English (e.g. colour)

Chapter One: The Last Dance/Not-So-Problematic Day

Gwen looked at the fuel gage with a sigh; it was nearing the 'E'. She would have to refuel soon, somehow. She was coming into a small town in the middle of Virginia. Sighing once more she listed her current problems in her thoughts. One; she had near to no money. Two; she was nearly out of fuel. Three; she was nowhere near any friendly contacts that would help. And four; she refused to call her parents, or worse her siblings for help. Looking for a distraction from her problems she looked out her window at the town and saw a small café. Making her decision she pulled over, thinking how it was still weird to drive and park on the right side of the road, grabbed her bag and got out of the car. She leaned on the door, ran her hand through her ever-straight brown hair contemplating her next move. Shaking her head she straightened and headed into the café, fiddling with her necklace.

Whilst crossing the town square Damon was thinking of the 'Klaus' problem they were having. With everyone else at school he was left with nothing to do so he headed to the Grill for a drink. Out of the corner of his eyes he spied something, something new in town. Turning for a closer look he saw a girl in her early twenties leaning on her car. As the girl lifted her head and turned walking into the nearby café Damon froze with only one thought going through his mind, 'Can't be.'

Gwen looked at her options as she slowly walked to the counter, seeing her the lady smiled and came closer asking, "What would you like?"
"Umm…a lime milkshake and a rhubarb tart please." Gwen replied looking for her wallet and smiled.
"Well, you're not from around here," said the lady while putting on her milkshake and placing a tart on a plate, "holiday?"
"My O.E before university, that and I'm out of fuel. I'm from New Zealand but I couldn't leave it fast enough to see the world and its pleasures." She said this smiling as she remembered everything she's seen since she left her over-bearing parents and over-achieving brother and sister. She didn't regret it one bit.
"Good on you Sweetie." The lady returned smiling. They exchanged money for her food and Gwen went to a seat at a table by the window. Pulling out her book she got comfy to distract herself for a few hours till she had to face reality.

Once he got moving Damon moved closer to the café to listen in on the girl. Hearing her voice was all the conformation he needed. He crossed the road as she sat in the window and got her book out. He shook his head, 'Typical Gwen'. He walked in and quickly ordered a coffee. Paying he took it and strutted over taking the seat opposite her. He knew she didn't know him yet but he hoped she had, he had missed her so much. He stared until she finally looked up.

She tried to ignore him for as long as possible and be drawn back into her book but she could feel his gaze on her. After a deep breath full of annoyance she looked up giving him her best 'keep doing that and you'll lose something' stare. He just smiled like he had seen it a thousand times and it amused him. With a tilt of her head she put on a sarcastic smile and said "Can I help you Blue Eyes?"
He grinned, "No, just felt like meeting someone new in town" and took a sip of coffee, "so what brings you to Mystic Falls?" He knew of course as he overheard her earlier.
"Pit stop on my trip round America but I'm out of money and outta fuel with nowhere to stay other than my rental which is really not comfy and I refuse to sleep in it another night and I'm many days driving away from any friends who would help me but I refuse to a) give up and b) call either my parents or siblings. I left New Zealand to see the world and I won't go home till I've seen it and I haven't got to Europe yet so no, not happening." He watched her rant with an expression of amusement and fondness she didn't understand but it felt good to get it out. She had used her habit of big hand gestures and table slamming as she talked so after a calming exhale she picked up her milkshake for a drink.
He reached over seeing her finish and stole some of her tart from habit to which she slapped his hand but didn't stop him, saying "Well, stranger, I can help with a couple of those problems but the others may be bit harder."
"One, don't take all of my tart and two, what do you mean?" she asked narrowing her eyes in suspicion.
"The sleep and gas problem is easy. You can stay at mine, my brother and I have tons of room. Gas, I can fill you up easily. Problem solved." He said taking another drink of coffee and tried to take more tart but she moved the plate away, shaking her head.
"Really, you'd let a stranger stay over and pay for her fuel for nothing?" she asked not taking him seriously but he was, he wouldn't let her stay anywhere else.
"Well I can't let a fellow traveller stop before the end especially before Europe. We'll sort out the money thing later but gas and a place stay, yup mine will have to do." He says, giving her 'the look', it always works.
Gwen picked up her milkshake to buy her time; she put it down when it was nearly gone. Looking into his blue eyes she broke, "Fine but it better be a good bed, a view and good Wi-Fi."
He once more grinned, "Great. After this I'll show you the way, I walked" and drank the last of his coffee and picked up her book, flipping through it.
As she finished her drink and tart, which wasn't as good as the ones from back home, she contemplated the stranger in front of her. He didn't seem like someone who would help someone in need unless he had to, a badass with little care but seemed to care for her in a way a stranger wouldn't. He was snarky, charming, and seemed wise of the world. "Okay I'm done, let's go get me settled, just so you know I have expensive tastes." She got up as she joked, to which he chuckled like it was an inside joke also standing, handing back her book.
"Oh I would have guessed, you seem like such a snob Gwen." He said smirking as he turned and walked to the door.
Gwen froze, she hadn't told him her name at all, "How do you know my name?"
"It was in your books cover," he replied holding the door open. He motioned to it saying "Now come along Gwendoline" with a teasing smile.
She grabbed her bag, thanked the lady behind the counter and left the café saying "It's Gwen, Blue Eyes."
As they got into the car and on the road Gwen thought once more. She hadn't written her name in that book, it wasn't one of her favourites. "Okay be serious now. How do you know me? I don't even know your name Blue Eyes." She glanced at him as she drove in the direction he sent her.
"Just trust me Gwen. I'll tell you as soon as you're settled. And it's Damon Salvatore." He looked at her with piercing blue eyes full of trust, hope, longing and if she was looking right, joy.
"Okay I'll trust you Damon 'Blue Eyes' Salvatore." Nodding she turned her eyes back to the road.

Ten minutes later she pulled up at what looked like an old mansion. They got her bags from the boot and headed to the front door. Gwen was quietly looking around her surroundings. The place was old and reminded her of her family home back in New Zealand. She followed him up the stairs to a room close to the stairs. It was perfect; roomy, great ensuite, big bed and purple. After putting her bags down she ran and jumped on the bed. She was right, comfy. A thought struck her, "whose room is this?" she asked as she sat up and he leaned on the wall near the window.
"Yours" he said with a finality that surprised her.
"How? I've never been here before." She demand in confusion as she quickly stood and walked towards him.
"Same reason I know you, Gwen Masters, if you believe me or not, trust me or not. Long story short, you go back in time meet me and my brother, your bestie and the love of your life, which I have yet to meet and give my brotherly approval of." He said this walking so close to her she was reminded of her height, 'bad day to wear flats' she thought.
"Right, you want me to believe that I go back in time where I meet you and somehow designed my perfect room," she said sarcastically, "fine, okay but this mystery guy better be good and have dimples." That said she turned to her bags and got out her laptop. She didn't want to believe him but her instincts told her to trust him.
"You'll believe me one day but for now let's get you set up." He said walking up to her, gave her a quick but warm hug she couldn't prevent herself from returning. Letting go they got her set up with her clothes in the closet and the Wi-Fi connected. He left her to think while he put together some lunch.
Gwen spent the time e-mailing her friends and the limited family she actually liked and got along with. After that she thought about what Damon said, and looked around her room thinking. If she had designed this room she would have known this day would come, she would have put something in it to prove it was all true. She walked over to the desk she put her laptop on, open and closed the drawers looking through the things inside. Someone had used the room clearly and the notes inside did seem to be of her handwriting but slightly tidier. Turning she went to the closet and looked at the clothes that weren't hers that she noticed earlier. They were of great taste but looked like a mix of the 70's and 80's and an 1800's dress, which was beautiful but she could see a corset and shuddered hoping it wasn't hers. Looking down she looked at the shoes, she saw a pair which were her calling card. She grinned as she bent down and picked them up, she walked to the bed and sat down still looking at them. They were a pair of well-worn but still in good condition, rich purple, soft leather, and ankle length original Doc Martin boots. The exact pair she had wanted for years but they didn't sell this colour except for in the 70's and 80's. She quickly took off her flats and grabbed some socks before putting them on. Running to the mirror she felt herself beaming. The boots looked incredible and matched her necklace. She laughed and went back to her laptop to put on some music to waste time. She ended up dancing around to it until Damon came up to collect her for lunch.

Damon left the room to let her think, it was big news. He himself thought it could not have been a worse time for her to turn up pre-time travel. Sure Elena now had a safe place and Bonnie was powered up and ready but for the one person on the planet who accepted him with no changes needed and who he cared for like a little sister even with his emotions off to arrive before she had gone back in time was a big helping of bad timing. It was another thing to do and she was one of the most stubborn and impulsive people to have ever existed. He poured himself a glass of bourbon and headed to the kitchen to make them both lunch. He decided on a 'Gwen Masters specialty'; bacon, egg, cheese and tomato sauce toasted sandwiches, as she called them. They're greasy but really good.
By the time they were congealing as Gwen always put it and her tea brewing just as she liked it, he heard music from her room followed by soft thumping soon after. Typical Gwen, if music was on she was dancing to it. He finished preparing the lunch and took it to the lounge area then headed up to Gwen's room. Leaning on the doorframe he watched a familiar and heart-warming sight, Gwen in her favourite shoes dancing around the room, hair going everywhere. He hated to ruin a good thing but she always hated cold tea. "Lunch is ready, come on baby sis."
She stopped dancing and came over to him but still in time with the music, "Sure thing bro, what did ya make?" she walked slightly in front of him with a bounce in her steps, she always did that when she was happy.
"You'll see" he gave her a mischievous smile. He led her to the lounge where she threw herself over the back of the couch to land in front of her tea and sandwich taking over the entire seat. He sat opposite still smiling with a drink in hand, his own sandwich beside him.
She picked up her plate and took off one half of the sandwich only to laugh at the fillings, "OK, I'm starting to believe you, and I'm guessing my tea is perfection." She said then took a bite. She moaned and savoured the taste, closing her eyes as she swallowed, "Gods, I have been craving one of these."
"Well, you taught me how to make them but you will never get me to eat a peanut butter and choc chip one, whatever you do." Damon laughed and said as they ate their lunch.
"Challenge accepted, you will rue the day you said those words." She replied, the mischievous smile to match his formed.
The two quickly grew serious though as Gwen drank some tea, also loving its perfection.
"Right, now tell me the whole story because I'm missing something and something big if my closet full of 70's and 80's clothing tells me anything. Not that I'm complaining cause these shoes are awesome. But clearly something doesn't add up." She said, once more getting comfy for story time.
"You're right; you're missing something other than you going back in time. You see, everyone you're pretty much close to back then are or will be vampires." He said plainly thinking it best to get the hard part over.
Gwen sat silently for a bit thinking it over, "Okay" she said with a shrug and picked up her tea for another sip.
"That's it?" he said, slightly shocked. Yes he knew she was the most accepting person, ever, but even she had to react to the supernatural existing somehow, "Okay? No 'you're kidding's', no 'you're mad'? Just 'okay'?".
"I can if you want but if you think about it then sure it makes some sense, especially if you put it with the hints placed and how else would you be able to look how you are if we met back in the 70's." she answered putting her tea down to stand and head to the bookshelves to snoop.
"Actually we meet you first in the 1860's. September 1864 to be exact." He stated and took a sip of bourbon. She turned and looked at him horrified which had him laughing.
"I have to force myself into a corset! The worst thing ever invented after the pointe shoe" She semi-yelled at him to which he just laughed harder.
Her reaction brought back memories of when he was human and she complain over the dresses and the boning in the corsets she wore. Catching his breath he replied "Yup but don't worry you weren't the only one to wear them but your bestie wasn't very sympathetic as she was a vamp too."
"Right, so I go back in time nearly 150 years to meet you and your brother, who I don't have a name for yet, and my supposed best friend, who also hasn't been named." She said as she put her hands on her hips, processing.
"Yup, and my brother is Stefan and we both hate your soon-to-be-bestie Katherine with our entire entities, have fun with that. Oh and she happens to be a doppelganger of Stefan's girlfriend Elena who's best friends are a witch and baby vampire. Yes, witches exist too." He unloaded on her. She quickly sat down.
"Doppelganger? As in exactly the same? Tough break, talk about trying to be unique with that happening. And witches too, that's cool. Is it like Wiccan or Harry Potter?" she said this fast with her legs bouncing.
"Wiccan but ask Bonnie more later. Anyway at the moment we are trying to protect Elena from this big, bad Original vampire called Klaus who wants to break a curse. To do this Elena has to die and we don't want that. Oh and your bestie was taken by him, probably dead but with her you never know." He said this cause he wanted her 'in the know', as his little sister she had to protect herself somehow and knowing what was happening will help.
"Okay if I understand this right. I've landed myself in a place with vampires, witches and who knows what else." She paced up and down saying.
"Werewolves" he added helpfully.
"Right them too. And your brother's girl is soon going to be sacrificed for a curse to be broken by this guy Klaus which you and your mates want to stop. And while this is going on I turn up and will somehow be sent into the past." She paced still, "bad timing." She mumbled. Damon nodded in agreement.
"Into the past where Stefan and I are humans and Katherine is a vamp with Bonnie's witch ancestor Emily." He said.
"Okay, how do I go back and when?" Gwen felt slightly hysterical about all this, when she wanted to travel and see places of history she hadn't meant literally.
"All I know is that you have to fill the criteria and then you'll leave. The 'how' is by the necklace you're wearing." He said pointing at it.
Gwen looked down at it; she had been fiddling with it again. It was a long necklace with variations of purple beads in a pattern leading to a big light purple bead held by metal in the shape of vine leaves, off of which hung three strings of chain with leaves and balls making it look like the grape vines each ending with a small purple bead. She loved this necklace and wore it all the time. "My mother's necklace?" She asked.
"Yup, it sent you in time to 1864 and jumps you forward again. Emily told you more but you didn't tell the rest of us all that much." He informed.
"What are the criteria that needed to be filled?" She asked quietly, still fiddling with her necklace trying to make sense of it all.
"You have to meet a certain amount of people, for you it's five. That's all you'd tell us." He told her.
She gave a light laugh, "You know this is ending up slightly self-fulfilling right."
He joined her laughter, "True, so true." They kept laughing softly only to be interrupted by Damon's phone. He answered it after seeing it was Stefan, "What? I'm entertaining." And Gwen, to be polite, stood and walked back to the bookcase to find a book. Finally finding one she pulled it out and turned to Damon still on the couch and walk over.
"Hey Blue Eyes, I'm going up to my room to process and think kay?" she said quietly with a wave and bounced up the stairs to flop on her bed to read.

Downstairs Damon was talking with Stefan who told him what happened at lunch. They decided to make a game plan as soon as school ended. The conversation changed when Stefan heard Gwen.
"Damon, who was that?" Stefan couldn't keep the hope out of his voice as he asked him.
"That was our little sister Stef. But small problem, she hasn't gone back yet." Damon said this warily.
"What! We knew it was coming with all her clues but this is not a good time." Stefan replied in a hasty worried voice.
"I know but what do we do? Send her away? Umm no cause then she won't go back. Brother, we'll just have to do both. Protect Elena and Gwen and somehow prepare her for her trip."
"This is going to be a fun week." Stefan replied with sarcasm.
"True brother but on the bright side, she's started to believe me with just a 'Gwen Masters specialty' sandwich and purple Doc Martins." Damon grinned when he heard Stefan laugh on the other end.
"Yeah that would be typical Gwen, she have a lime shake yet?"
"Had one when I first saw her and a tart."
"Those damn rhubarb tarts." Stefan laughed
"Never as good as back home she'd say." The boys laughed.
"It's good to have her though. I've missed her."
"Me too brother." The brothers were silent for a while until Stefan heard the bell.
"I'll give the others the message about meeting and about Gwen; you prepare her for what's up in our little town."
"Already done brother, she's processing as we speak."
"Right, we'll see you soon."
They both hung up and Damon sat still for a while content in knowing he had his little sis home and soon she'll be back and all-knowing again but still be same old Gwen. With a smirk he stood and went up to join Gwen lounging on her bed.
Putting the book down, she looked at him and said "Tell me about everyone. Stefan, Elena, Bonnie and everyone. Come on tell me the gossip bro."
So he did, they spent the next few hours till before the meeting talking about everyone from Elena to Bonnie, Elijah to Stefan and even Damon's only friend Alaric. Damon also covers the events from before the brothers arrived in town to the events of Elijah and the last few days. "So now Elena owns the house and then leaves it believing all-powerful witchy will protect her and Stef just follows all she says." He finishes saying sitting against her bed head.
"Well no offense but she sounds like a bore. Why do you like her? She doesn't seem like your type, aka awesome, not self-righteous boring." She said arms going everywhere.
He laughed that answer was so Gwen; she felt all his woman choices were bad but in reflection they were but not this time. "She's not a bore Gwen."
She just looked at him with raised eyebrows, then frowned "I don't believe you" then sat up from lying on her bed with Damon for ages "but I'm bored", she looked around then said "I know" raced over to her pile of CD's, grabbed her favourite and grabbed a now standing Damon's hand and dragged him to the library. Where she let go and put the CD in the player and music blasted from the speakers.
Damon quickly caught on and soon they were both dancing and singing along with the music badly but neither cared.

Stefan grinned widely as he stepped out of his car, with Elena and Bonnie getting out of Elena's. He quickly grabbed his bag and laughed as he listened. Gwen never did have an amazing singing voice unless she was thinking about it. The three walked into the house and Elena and Bonnie exchanged looks to the music with disapproval. Stefan just laughed at them and ran into the library to see his brother and the girl he saw as a sister dancing around without a care. Elena and Bonnie figured that this was the girl Stefan told them about, Gwen Masters. She seemed normal but to be the person Stefan described was a tough match.
Finally having enough watching Stefan put down his bag and joined his siblings, giving Gwen a big hug, "Hello Gwen, nice to see you."
Gwen grinned and hugged back, the same feeling as with Damon emerging, "Hello, you must be Stefan. I always like a hugger." She let go then turned down the music's volume a bit while saying, "You don't have the frown lines that Damon told me about but I'm guessing that's sibling nature coming in." The three laughed and came in for a group hug that seemed very normal and instinctive.
The two watching saw something different in the brothers, Stefan said Gwen was like a little sister to them but it wasn't believed till now. Bonnie was more confused to how accepting Gwen was to this as she only found out a few hours ago. Elena was plain jealous, how can this girl be so close to them in a few hours, yes as a sibling but still, how?
"Not to break up this happy moment but we have a crisis." Elena said. The three instantly let go and Stefan came to stand beside Elena, but the other two stayed where they were.
After a few seconds Gwen turned to Damon and just said "told you so" and went to grab a book and lay on the couch to read "don't mind me, I'm minding my own beeswax, staying out of it."
Stefan turned to her and said "that's okay we have to wait for Alaric anyway to get here from school."
"Right school, how's that going for you Hero Hair?" she asked still finding it weird that anyone would voluntarily go back to secondary education aka high school.
Stefan grinned, "Good, learnt Alaric hated the 60's today, a fact I agree on." And they continued to talk of school.
Nearby Elena and Bonnie were questioning Damon, "Hero hair? Really, her too?" Elena asked.
"Where do you think I got it? She likes nicknames, you'll get one too. Usually it's either to do with looks or your personality. My favourite was Lexi's." he replied with an amused nostalgic grin.
"What was it?" asked Bonnie.
"Frigid or SR, self-righteous. They didn't get along well, something about changing who we were and not accepting us as who we were as people and not things to fix." He said this while watching the other two on the couch, he fully agreed with Gwen on Lexi but with Stefan and his ripper-ness she had helped.
Elena didn't agree with it, Lexi seemed very accepting to her but they were here for a reason. "Hey Stefan we need a plan for tonight." The two looked over at them.
"What's tonight?" asked Gwen.
"The Decade Dance at school, the 60's" Stefan answered her cringing.
"Count me out. I think I'll stay in and have myself a Bublé bath." Gwen said laying back down and opened her book.
"Bublé bath?" asked Bonnie with raised eyebrows.
"Yeah, it's great; me, bubble bath, bubbly wine and Michael Bublé music. It's going to be a great night." Gwen said wistfully like it was obvious.
"Hey I was wondering about your accent. Where are you from? Stefan didn't say." Bonnie asked.
Gwen sat up quickly and starred in outrage saying "He forgot the most important part! That's it no PB and choc for him." She ignored the brothers fake gagging and continued smiling, "I'm from New Zealand, the best country in the world. You have to visit it sometime, especially the Wairarapa but then I'm biased."
"If what I've heard is true I will." Replied Bonnie.
"Can we get back on topic please?" Elena intervened.
"Fire away Princess Bore, I can see you won't budge." sighed Gwen, lying back down and picking up the book where she dropped it. Damon and Stefan snorted, both thinking 'Gwen and her nicknames'.
"Excuse me, what did you just call me?" glared Elena, hands on hips.
"I'm sorry Princess, I thought you wanted to talk about tonight. I'm not stopping you." Gwen stated. She was not liking Elena at all; she was boring, bossy and had no fashion sense. "And have you thought about doing something with your hair, its flat looking and straight hair is boring with your facial structure."
Now Damon was laughing hard, when Gwen didn't like someone she really didn't hide it. 'Oh how I've missed this girl, though it's good to know she was always like this.' He thought. "You won't win Elena, this girl can out insult Katherine. There's a reason their best friends." He quickly said to Elena to try calming her down.
"She's friends with my bitch doppelganger who always impersonated me?" Elena said getting worked up; she really didn't like Gwen now. Bonnie just automatically thought she was up to no good seeing as she got along with Damon perfectly.
"Seriously how can you be upset about that? Anyone would be able to impersonate you, even me and I've known you mere minutes." 'This is fun, almost as good as baiting my over-achieving siblings' Gwen thought then continued, "Oh and I see the cogs in your head Judgy, don't judge a book by its cover, heard that before?" she said to the two girls then lay back with her book determined to ignore the lot of them.
The two brothers, though enjoying Gwen's version of getting to know people, quickly brought it back to the subject of tonight. "So we go to the dance and find him" said Damon once all were paying attention except Gwen.
"Brother, how are we going to do that? We don't even know what he looks like." Stefan countered rationally.
"Something tells me he's not going to be sixteen and pimply" Damon replied sarcastically, a snort came from the couch.
"No, but he'd have a wicked grin. He'd be having fun the whole time." Gwen said nonchalantly.
Giving Gwen a 'behave' look Stefan said "He could be anyone, at any time. He compelled someone at school. Guess it isn't as safe as you guys thought huh."
"In your face!" Gwen added, having heard of earlier that morning from Damon. With knocks at the door Alaric walked in seconds later to join them.
"There you are," said Damon. Alaric closed the door and came closer looking at everyone, noticing the purple Docs sticking up on a couches arm and a book covering the face with interest.
"Sorry I'm late." Alaric said.
"Hey I need you to put me down as a chaperone for the dance tonight," Damon demanded of Alaric.
Laughter came from the couch, "The day you be a proper chaperone I grow to six feet." Gwen said knowing enough of Damon to joke about this. She continued laughing at the range of looks sent to her; from bemused, anger, acceptance, humour and something altogether fond, and then they turned back to each other.
"Klaus made his first move" Damon stated half joking, half serious. Alaric gave him a look and walked closer.
"Okay we find him and then what? Hmm?" asked Elena worried over how this would end up. "What's our plan of attack?" the brothers paced around glancing at Bonnie.
"Me. I'm the plan." Stated Bonnie, "he has no idea how much power I can channel. If we can find him, I can kill him."
Alaric laughed disbelievingly then said, "That's not going to be that easy." He got looks from everyone, a nod from Gwen who found this part interesting behind her book. "I mean. He is the biggest, baddest vampire around."
Damon got an idea, "Alaric has a point. I mean, what if he-" and then vamp sped at Bonnie who lifted a hand like it was nothing and sent him through the air to crash on the other side of the room.
Gwen quickly stood up staring then said, "So that's what witchy stuff looks like. Awesome, can you do it again?" this had mixed reactions; Elena thought she was weird, Bonnie liked the response and would gladly do it again, Stefan smiled at her typical reaction of a five year old at Christmas, Damon while hated being thrown thought her reaction was worth it and Alaric wore a mixed expression of wariness and elation like it made his day.
"Not right now but later after all this." Bonnie replied with a smile.
"Well, I was impressed." Stefan said enjoying the sight.
"It doesn't matter if he's an original I can take down anyone who comes at me." Bonnie said then looked at Elena, "I can kill him Elena," getting a nod and trusting smile, "I know I can."
With that sorted everyone split up to different places. Damon went for a nutritious snack as he called it, meaning blood bag. Elena and Bonnie went to go through the Salvatore's old 60's clothes with Stefan to help. Gwen stayed where she was not wanting any part in the whole thing. Alaric sat down opposite her, fiddling with his phone.

Klaus had watched the whole meeting playing his part as Alaric. The most surprising thing after Bonnie's magic was seeing Gwen there. He'd missed her. He knew she was close to the Salvatore's but with everything going on he wasn't sure which side she'd pick. As he sat taking her in, he had figured that this was before she left to time travel. Feeling his stare she looked at him, lowering the book once more.
"Hey, we haven't met have we? I'm starting to lose track of the connections." She said, holding out her hand to shake, "Gwen Masters." He smiled amused at her natural openness.
"Alaric Saltzman." He replied, oh how he wanted to say his real name and hear it back from her.
"The history teacher right? Heard you don't like the 60's. What isn't to like about good music, short skirts and bad patterns everywhere? Oh and can't forget the cars too." She said joking.
"Can't forget the cars but just wasn't my decade. I only enjoyed the end of it." He replied, 'that was the truth' he thought.
"Landing on the moon was special." She agreed.
"More the people actually." He said this looking at her in thought.
"The 70's weren't that much better." She laughed.
"But there was the addition of denim jeans," he pointed out grinning.
"Yes! Denim jeans are very important to people everywhere." She said as they both laughed and he thought of his memories of her and denim appreciation.
Gwen looked at the time and then back to Klaus and said "Well this lot have a dance to go to, I have an evening of bubbles with an extra helping of Bublé and before both we need dinner. You joining us?"
He chuckled and said, "No, I should go put Damon down on the list and put together something to wear myself."
"Right, Damon chaperoning. Ha, he's more likely to cause trouble than stop it." They both laughed at her comment and stood. After exchanging byes Klaus headed to the door. With one last glance he left smirking.

Gwen watched Alaric leave with a smirk and a shake of her head and turned to the kitchens direction. "Oi! Salvatore! Get your Italian butt in here and help me make pasta before I ruin it and disappoint your Italian genes!" she shouted through the house. At the shout both Salvatore's quickly arrived.
"What pasta?" asked Damon.
"You all have to eat before you go and pasta is quick and easy, now help me mio fratelli." She demanded. The three got to work and as they sorted vegies and pasta boiled, they all talked and joked. Even though Gwen still didn't quite believe them, it felt nice to have people who were like siblings to her, even just supposedly.
Turning it serious Stefan asked "How do you know we're Italian Gwen?"
"You mean other than your last name and Damon's Italian sized ego?" She said teasingly.
Damon put on an expression on fake hurt as they both laughed, Stefan saying "Yes, other than that."
"There are your first names too. They just scream of Mediterranean heritage that comes with family tradition. Both Stefan and Damon can be found in Roman history." She said with a shrug and stirred the pasta pot, then continued "Also a lot of this house just screams of Italian roots, the other places around here are more western European than the comfy cluttered Mediterranean feel which I love by the way."
"Then you'll enjoy our place in the 1860's. Our father, Giuseppe, designed it to honour our Italian ancestors." Damon put in.
"Cool, can't wait." She answered and Stefan left to get the others while Damon and Gwen finished up and set the table. The next few hours were taken up with getting to know Gwen, picking out outfits and relaxing.

On the other side of town Klaus entered Alaric's apartment. On seeing Katerina still stabbing her leg he smiled, a mix of happiness and taunting. "You can stop stabbing now. The Salvatore's picked up a new guest while you're gone, one Gwen Masters." Katerina's head shot up to look at him with eyes wide "Thought you'd like that news but interestingly she hasn't gone back in time yet." He heard her sit back thinking that through as he walked to the closet for something vintage. "Argh, you're right…"

Once everyone left for the dance Gwen went downstairs to find her some bubbles. On route to the cellar she saw a cell and curiosity got the better of her, she opened the door to see a body on the floor. 'This must be Elijah, the Original' she thought. He had a handsome face, wore a suit and had great hair just like Damon told her. After a minute she shut the door again. Finding her bubbles, expensive authentic champagne, she went back upstairs.
Once settled in her bath with bubbles and Bublé around her she thought through her day. Just this morning her biggest problem was having no money or petrol and no place to sleep that night but her car. Now she had met people who knew her like the back of their hands, learnt vampires, werewolves and witches exist and were all fighting over a teenage girl's blood, said girl being a whiny little princess bore. And to top it off very soon her mother's necklace will send her back in time to 1864 for reasons unknown. It was all hard to believe but like a true kiwi she would take it in her stride and deal with it as it happens.
She thought of the other two people Damon mentioned, a best friend and a love. Katherine, he said, was her best friend, who is with Klaus right now. Everyone seemed to hate her for her decisions to survive and from what she understood Katherine was the opposite of Elena, which bode well for her as she could never have a boring bestie. And the non-named love, well he had better be worth it if this was all true. She hoped he had dimples; she was a sucker for dimples.
Gwen kept fantasising as she drank the bottle and soaked. When her fingers started to go all wrinkly she got out and put on her pj's and dressing gown. It was time for her favourite activity and pass time, snooping. She first went to Damon's room, quite bare but suited the mysterious bachelor that was Damon. She laughed at his outrageously big bed and headed to the drawers, normal guy stuff and lots of hidden bourbon, even in the bedside cabinet. On the dresser she found a photo which made her freeze then smile. It was of her and Damon, clearly the 70's, with her purple boots, matching graphic tees and a leather jacket outside a cinema. She and Damon looked awesome, 'Well if this turns out to be true and not an excellent example of Photoshop it seems I'm in for some fun' she thought putting it back and headed out of the room.
She continued into Stefan's room after going up more stairs. It was very Stefan; cluttered with lots of journals, books, artefacts and things old and new. It was a room of someone who wants to remember everything. She spends a long time snooping in Stefan's room, learning a lot about him as a person.
Once she was done she headed downstairs, looking through the rooms as she passed. She stopped at a study; it hadn't been entered in a while. On the desk she saw some unopened letters for a Zach but she hadn't met him, with the dust she guessed he had died and no one had come in here since. She turned and looked at the art on the walls. Near the window was a beautifully framed drawing of a ballroom with two dancers in the centre. It was a very old drawing and had a notation by the artist, 'D and G full of grace from the first lesson, 1864'. The two dancers looked very gracefully drawn, she looked closer but she couldn't identify either the gentleman or the lady but both had dark hair. Smiling she left the room closing the door after her heading to the kitchen, finished with her snooping, for now.

She had just finished preparing her tea when the front door slammed and Gwen heard hysterical crying. She sighed and put the kettle on once more and got out two more mugs. Poking her head out, she saw Stefan holding Elena tight as she cried. Over Elena's shoulder Stefan saw her. "Tea?" she mouthed to him. He nodded and replied "sugar and some milk". She nodded and headed back into the kitchen to make the tea.
When done she carried two cups out and saw Elena sitting with a blanket around her, Stefan came to take the tea from her and give it to Elena. She decided to leave them to it taking her book from earlier back with her to the kitchen and her own cuppa. She overheard Damon explaining about Bonnie. She smirked when she heard about Klaus being in Alaric's body. She knew something was going on with Alaric; he didn't match his description well. She followed Damon upstairs leaving the drama downstairs.
"Bold choice with the leather pants. I didn't know that was 60's fashion wear." She said teasingly.
"Oh yeah totally, nice pj's by the way." He replied.
"So plan was busted and you saved Bonnie in a nick of time, nice. Knew something was up with Alaric." She said with a mischievous smile on her face full force as they stopped outside Damon's room.
"You knew something was up. Why didn't you say something Gwen? It would have helped us a lot." Damon demanded. He was angry but not overly surprised as she just notices things no one else does.
"And ruin the dramatic surprise? Anyway who knew it was possession it could have been sick grandma for all I knew." She replied cheeky grin inserted in the end.
"Fine, I'll let it go." He said giving her a hug.
"Well Blue Eyes, time for this kiwi to say goodnight after a very interesting day. I'm planning on sleeping in so don't bother me till at least midday unless it's an emergency." She said sternly but humour in her eyes. He laughed.
"Deal" he said letting her go, "goodnight Gwen" with a kiss to her forehead.
She smiled and headed to her room yelling "Goodnight Stefan! Don't forget to use protection!" which had both Salvatore's laughing and Elena pouting, with a confused Bonnie and Jeremy who didn't hear it clearly on the computer screen. In her room she curled up in the comfy bed, falling to sleep easily glad not to be in the stupid rental car for a few nights.

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