If there's one thing no one can best him at, it's snipping and he's not going to let anyone get in his way. Not his younger twin brother or that bastard Father of his.

He was never fond of guns, ever since he found out that guns kill people. His younger twin brother though was quite fond of guns, he was always talking about guns when he was 7, still does.

"Target spotted, initiating attack" He peeked through his scope and pointed the sniper rifle straight at the man. A bead of sweat rolled down his face as he heard a reply.

"Hold your fire, that man has guards surrounding him. Take out his guards first"

He sighed and aimed a gun at a armed guards to the right...then He shot, and shot and shot until every single guard around the man dropped dead. The man below him started to panic and he started to run into the elevator, but He has had clients who dared to run. First he shot at his legs, then two at his back and then finally at his head.

"Mission completed" He whispered. The man chuckled into his earpiece.

"Good job, Tsu. Your pay will come in the mail, now get that ass out of there before your caught"

Tsunayoshi looked at his work and gathered his stuff and left at the sound of police sirens. He walked right past policemen running to the crime seen, they didn't even take a glance at him. To them he was just another civilian.

But to notorious Gangs and Mafia he was the Shinigami himself.

In the mafia book

Tsu - Full name unknown

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Became a skilled sniping assassin at age 9.

Assassinated a total of 15 mafia bosses and 397 subordinates within 4 years.

Notable traits: Orange/Brown hair.

As Tsuna kept walking he contemplated going home or staying out late. He chose the latter and walked around the Park till it was a quarter past 9. He'd never thought he would be a sniper, until he first held a gun at 8, his father visited him and his annoying younger brother and took them to the carnival. They had a shooting game and His brother Kise (Key-Say) had shot just a bit off while Tsuna hit his target. That's how it all started. He began searching the web for guns so he could begin practicing, buying them with his mothers card, they usually cost about $500 to $700.

Walking into his house Tsuna was bombarded with questions from his brother.

"Baka-Tsuna! Where were you loser?! You couldn't have possibly been out with friends cause you don't have any!" Kise laughed.

That's when he began to put on his mask.

"I-I was walking alone at the park, Kise" He stuttered, shyness taking over him. Kise smirked at him and was about to say something when his mom called out to them.

"It seems there's been another assassination. This is so weird, Namimori is such a quiet place. Why would anyone wanna kill anyone else?" Nana Sawada spoke, she had a confused face before going back to the kitchen.

"Dame, why is it that when you come home there's always something about death?!" Kise laughed, "You really are unlucky, Did you do it? Did you kill those men?"

Tsunayoshi bangs shadowed his eyes as his brother kept talking. Tsuna Walked around his twin and continued on his way upstairs. The only reason Kise didn't touch Tsuna was because, one don't touch Tsunayoshi's bag and 2 don't Touch Tsunayoshi's bag.

*Flashback 2 years ago*

'Baka-Tsuna had finally gotten home, where has a been? That fucking idiot' Kise thought angrily.

He grabbed Tsuna by the shoulder roughly and spoke, "Idiot where were you?!" Tsuna didn't say anything, but it was not that he was scared, it's cause he just didn't feel obligated to speak to his younger twin. At the moment he was angry, one of the members of the famigila escaped with the boss but he assassinated all 55 of the mans subordinates only to miss one man and the boss over a stupid phone call.

"Oooiii, Baka did you hear me?!" Kise shouted. Tsuna yanked his shoulder away from Kise and turned to walk up to his bedroom.

Kise tried to grab his brother by the arm this time but missed and instead grabbed his bag, it slowly started to unzip as Kise pulled. In one swift movement Tamsuna yanked his bag off his back and closed it fast and put it back on his back before Kise could blink.


"Don't," Tsuna began, "Don't ever touch my bag." He spat with venom and malice in his eyes.

Kise shuddered and turned on his heels and walking away at a fast paste.

Flashback End*

Kise shuddered and watched his brothers retreating back, sometimes Tsuna was scary.

"Kise-kun, set the table for mama please?" Nana asked, Kise nodded smugly and set the table as Tsuna came rushing down from his shower to eat.

Tsuna sat on his bed with a sigh, he was tired and needed rest but for some reason he couldn't shake this eerie feeling that something bad was gonna happen, he was a light sleeper so when bad things happen he had to make sure that when he woke up his guns were ready, so he made sure his guns were in all the right places.

He had one under his pillow, tapped under his chair near the desktop, another tapped under his bed, and a final one on his ceiling fan.

He also had some placed around the house, one under the kitchen table, under his dining room chair, in the couches, behind the Tv, and in a pocket in the staircases. Just in case he was found, he would be ready to protect his own family.

'Everything in its place' He thought while drifting off to sleep.