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We were once a peaceful race of intelligent mechanical beings. But then came the war. Between the Autobots who fought for freedom, .. and the decepticons who dreamt of tyranny. Over matched, and out numbered. Our defeat was all but certain. But in the wars final days. One Autobot ship escaped the battle. It was carrying a secret cargo. Which would have changed our planets fate.

A desperate mission.

Our final hope.

A hope, that vanished.

-Optimus Prime


I hummed as I awoke from my dream less sleep. My eye still closed as I reached out to the right side of the bed; bumblebee's side, only to find it empty. I sighed confusedly and opened my eyes, squinting them as light managed to seep through the balcony doors windows.

Mumbling about why we had decided to put our bed in the space, where is was in the direct way of the morning sun, I rubbed my eyes. Sitting up I made sure to hold the duvet cover over my bare chest. Sliding my legs over the bed I stood, abandoning the duvet and pulled on some black underwear, matching it with a black bra before grabbing the shirt that Bee had been wearing yesterday and pulled in on, not bothering to do the buttons up.

I stretched as I made my way bared footed to the kitchen where the delicious smell of bacon, eggs, and sausages were coming from. No need to question who it was as I already knew.

I smiled as I entered and walked up behind Bumblebee and wrapped my arms around his waist, my chest pressed against his back. I lay on chin on his shoulder, "Morning, sweetie."

I felt a hum pass through his back before he spoke, "Good Morning to you too, Love," Bumblebee smiled and turned around in my arms, his hand placed on either side on my face as he lent down and kissed me.

After a few moments we both pulled back and I leaned against the counter while Bee finished making our breakfast.

Wait a second, you're most likely wondering why I'm human right?

No, this isn't my holoform (although my holoform looks like my human self). As Primus had said, I was able to learn how to change back and forth between Autobot and Human, which came in very good use. I had discovered it by accident while the Autobots and N.E.S.T soldiers were relocating to Washington D.C, I was walking and I slipped on the wet floor and it was like I hit a switch inside my mind and the next moment I'm human with a very confused Ratchet coming up behind me.

I sighed as I drunk some of my apple juice, "I'm glad Mikaela was okay with having Novablade stay over with her," we shared a laugh at what I was talking about.

Anyway, a few weeks after I had gotten my Autobot form, Bumblebee had suggested that we spark-bond. I agreed almost immediately, so yes, we were spark-bonded. However I had told Bee that even though we were spark-bond I still wanted a wedding after all it's a girls dream for that to happen. To have their turn to walk down the aisle but we were still planning and we were to busy most of the time to do anything about it.

Also saying that my mother, Cara Jones, was staying over in the UK for a while longer as she wanted to finish the school year (she was a teacher) and not leave her students in case they didn't receive a good teacher as her replacement. I felt like crying in happiness when she had said it, to give up time to be with you family to see to the needs of others, not only was she a teacher but she worked with the elderly on some nights and gave to charity once a month.

It made me feel bad for not doing something like that but with Ron as your father for most of your life... you get the point so no need for me to stay that.

I sighed and stretched again before digging into my breakfast. Bee kissed my cheek and went to change while I ate.

My phone buzzed suddenly and I sat up, leaning across the desk I picked it up and answered, "Nora here."

"Hey Nora," It was Will Lennox, "Sorry if I woke up up."

I laughed, "No you didn't, I was eating my wonderful breakfast that Bumblebee made."

"Nar! You're making me jealous, Nora." Will laughed this time making me smile with a shake of my head, "Anyway, Bumblebee and yourself are needed at base, Decepticon activity."

"I understand, we'll be there as soon as possible," With that I hung up and stood, putting my dish and cutlery by the sink before heading to our room.

As I entered, Bee was just about dressed. His hair was wet letting me know he'd taken a shower, I smiled and pecked his lips before grabbing a towel and went to take my own but not before letting Bumblebee know Will had called.

I pulled on a pair of blue jeans and a white long sleeved fitted top with a green utility hooded jacket, shin high brown boots, my bumblebee necklace and a light copper colour fossil watch, as extra I pulled my hair into a fishtail plait that came over my shoulder and light brown, goldy colour eye-shadow.

Instead of me transforming, Bumblebee drove us done to the base. Once we were inside I stepped back and Bee transformed with me following.

I grinned as Mikaela and Novablade came over. Your wondering why Mikaela's here right? Well after Mikaela broke up with Sam as he had been hanging out with another girl which made Mikaela finally snap causing her to dump him, I got Will to give Mikaela a job at N.E.S.T working as an mechanic and also a few weeks after Sam got together with the blonde girl, successfully pissing me off. Jerk.

I grinned and knelt down as Novablade transformed from his human form (he was like me thanks to Primus) into his Cyberwolf form. His front paws on my shoulders as I laughed giving my baby a hug.

"Thank you, Mikaela, for looking after Novablade last night," I smiled down at the now shoulder length blackette, yeah she got a hair cut. So what? It looked better then her previous one.

"No problem, you two have got to have some time to yourselves," Mikaela grinned with a wink. My cheek plates heated up in embarrassment.


The next day we were arriving in Ukraine, Chernobyl. You know the city that has a nuclear plant station explosion? Yeah, that one. I was glad that I was in my Autobot form otherwise I would have to wear the gear that Will and the rest of his team had.

We pulled to a stop once we arrived at the location we were heading to. I shivered, something bad was going to happen, I felt it in my gut. Ignoring the feeling I glanced about, the place was completely deserted, there was a merry-go-round, broken bikes and white ash covered everything, it looked haunted.

Lennox and his team got out of their cars, and went to the man that stood by the white limo.

"Mr Voshkod," Lennox greeted the man, "Uninhabited since '86. I hear it won't be liveable again for another 20,000 years." Voshkod nodded grimly.

"At least," Voshkod started, "The Ukraine was the most fertile land, it's a tragedy." Voshkod then gestured behind them, "This way."

"Gear up, we have 60 minutes on the ground. Watch your radiation levels," Lennox shouted to the team before turning to Voshkod, "Mr. Voshkod, where's your protective gear?"

I did not hear the man's answer as they all entered the building, I scanned the area around us silently.

My bad feeling suddenly seemed to grow intense and contracted Dad over our bond.

:Dad? You getting the bad feeling as well?:

:Indeed I am, Nora. We must keep a close lookout.:

I agreed over our bond instead of replying to him. It wasn't long before loud explosions and gun shots met my audio's and I revived my engine before shooting after the loud noise, Dad next to me.

If I wasn't in my alt-mode my optics would have widened, I couldn't really explain what it was that I saw.

"Dad?" I asked, roaring my engine as I drove faster.

"Wait... NOW!" Dad yelled as the thing came at us. We both transformed and landed on the ground with the Dad's flight gear trailer transforming to show his armour. I activated my battle mask which was similar to my fathers and took hold on Star Saber that was on my hip.

"Stay behind us." Dad commanded the soldiers. Dada grabbed a sword and shield while I put both of my hands on Star Saber. The thing has some ugly tentacle like thing attack my fellow soldiers.

I spun around and brought my sword down on a tentacle that was about to swipe at some soldiers, which cut the thing straight through with one strong blow.

I grunted and flipped over another that came at me before attacking that one. I turned to cut another only to be grabbed round the waist and brought up into the air, I released Star Saber in shock and let out a startled yell as it began to throw me around. I crashed into the ground with a huff before rolling on my back, my optics widened when I saw a tentacle coming down at me and quickly rolled away.

I screamed as I tentacle swung at my stomach and I was thrown back but this time I went towards my Star Saber, which I grabbed and sliced at the tentacle. I got to my feet and made my way towards my Dad.

We both took battle stances when the Decepticon behind the tentacles appeared in front of us.

"Primes," was what Cybertronian said, the 'Con had one large optics.


But the Cybertronian and his tentacles started to retreated. We all relaxed to a curtain extent, stepping over to my Father I caught sight of what the 'Con had wanted so badly.

"What the hell was that thing?" Lennox asked, a shaken up look on his face along with the remaining soldiers.

"That is Shockwave." Dad said throwing his sword to the ground.

"Why was he after this?" Lennox asked, crouching in front of the object. Dad knelt down to have a better look at the object.

"It's impossible." Dad said in shock, "This is an engine part from a long lost Autobot ship."

"But what is it doing here?" I asked, staring down at the engine part. If it was from a long lost Autobot ship, what the hell was it doing on Earth?


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