Hey guys,

Unfortunately, this isn't going to be an author's note about updates any time soon.

Truthfully, I'd forgotten about this story as I've been focusing on my main and recent ones. The reason for this is because I lost inspiration for this story.

I started writing Nora in 2015 and since then I've come a long way with my writing and general creative skills. I created Nora from an idea from another fanfic that I had read, using it to draw inspiration from but truthfully, I hadn't planned her out enough before starting. It shows my lack of knowledge on how to write a proper story, not to mention she was a mary-sue.

I think, from what I read when going over it again, she was going to become the All-Spark? Or already was, whatever. Not to mention my grammar and spelling was absolutely shit. Rereading it, I got confused and found myself cringing, that I put myself off writing new chapters or even going back and rewriting.

On top of that, I started new stories that I enjoyed writing for a lot more than this one. I posted a new transformers fic called 'Timeless' back 2015 too and I'm not going to abandon that anytime soon with all the stuff I've got planned for it, it's a Sunstreaker & Sideswipe pairing, which I highly suggest you read, it has a lot more story behind (though, I'm also self-promoting XD). Although there are still some errors sometimes, I have been going back and fixing them every few new chapters I post.

I've also got another Transformers fic (set in Prime) coming soon, just flushing out detailing (which I was lacking beforehand for this series.) On top of all that, with my other stories, I've got college and I'm gonna be starting Uni this year too.

I'm sorry for leaving this notice for so long, I received a message a few months back about updates and I promised new chapters, but I forgot about it again until today where I received another, asking the same question.

I thought it was time to inform you guys and not leave you waiting any longer for a chapter that just wasn't going to be coming.

My sincere apologies,

Sleepless Kueen