Ive bin having them for weeks the nose bleeds headaches. I know what they can lead to but I thought I would be fine. That was until we were in gym running on the track. I felt a headche coming so I tried to sneak away but shark fujishiro called back on track. I braced myself to run throught the headache only to stumble at the blinding pain. I try to keep running but the blinding white is making it impossible. I feel something dripping from my nose oh great another nose bleed. I start coughing I freeze when I taste copper its blood. I hear the other kids crying out and running to me they look scared. Thats when a brutal seizure hits . I woke up hours latter in the hospital. They told me I had a brain tumor and it was inoprabale. They said if they tried to opperate I would die so they though it better if I atleast had a couple days. Sun cried a lot so did my mom my dad didint say or do much. Chimp was so empty looking I cryed when he huged me. I anly wanted my friends and family to be there when I went I wanted to go quietly. Suns dad couldint look at me I understand why I had gotten real skinny and pale. Lunar didnt even show up it must have hurt to much. After a couple days it was my last day. Everyone cried goodbyes and I love yous were said. Then I just layed back and closed my eyes I heard the plug come out of the wall and drifted into a comfortable darkness.