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Dog Days

Chapter One: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish…Red Fish?

Gray grumbles under his breath, lips pulled down in a frown as he rolls his eyes at his friend—enemy? Frienemy? Brother from another mother? What is Natsu to him?—as he crosses his arms. Natsu ignores this, which is strange, because usually he'd be picking a fight right now.

A pout pulls at his lips. Ever since Natsu started dating Lucy during their junior year of high school, he hasn't wanted to fight as much. And, while Gray fully enjoys not having his face be beaten in, he can't help but miss riling up the other hot-blooded male. It was always fun to watch Natsu finally snap.

The not-so-fun part came directly after that. When Natsu gave him a black eye or a bloody nose.

"Natsu," Gray says, exasperated—because he is not whining. Gray Michael Fullbuster does not whine—as he stares at his friend's back, wondering for the twentieth time why he decided to go with Natsu to the damn pet store. Don't Natsu and Lucy have enough pets already? They're going to become animal hoarders some day, and then they'll be thrown out of their house, and then they'll have to live with Gray. And Gray does not do animals (meaning their actual pets, not Natsu). Not since he was in first grade and woke up to find that one of his goldfish had eaten the other and then subsequently died from overeating.

He couldn't keep two fish alive, but Natsu and Lucy have, like, sixty pets and they're all fine? How is that fair? Sure, Lucy is an awesome caregiver, but Natsu can barely take care of himself! Gray is eighty-percent sure that Natsu would be dead or homeless if it wasn't for Lucy keeping him on top of things.

It's not that Natsu is dumb, or a slacker. He's just a free spirit who's a little bit crazy. Lucy is the part of him that keeps him grounded—so he doesn't just float away.

Gray supposes that it's sweet, in some way, but he'd never admit it out loud.

"What?" Natsu responds, not looking at him, still crouched down in front of bags of—what is that? Cat food?

Gray sighs, shaking his head. "Why are we here?" Meaning, in the cat food aisle, not here as in the Wild Four Pet Store! God, he hates this place. The employees are always screaming and they wear these weird, spiky dog collars. You want to be kinky? Fine, just save it for at home!

His pink-haired friend looks at him like Gray's stupid. "We're buying dog food," he says slowly, swiping his brightly colored bangs away from his face.

Gray sometimes wonders how people can take Natsu seriously. He's got bright pink hair, two piercings in his left ear, and dresses in ripped jeans and band tee's. Frankly, he looks like some punk kid that walks around with a girly, floral-dress-wearing, tiny blonde girl that barely reaches up to his chin.

What a weird couple (adorable, but weird).

He snarls at Natsu. "I got that, but why are we in the cat food aisle, Stupid?" he snaps, irritated with the remark. "Buying dog food" he says. They're nowhere near the dog food!

Natsu lurches to his feet, a bag of cat food slung over his shoulder. He glares back at Gray, finally rising to the challenge. "I have a cat, too, Dumbass." The cat food is dropped into the shopping cart, freeing Natsu's hands, which clench into fists. Gray's own fingers twitch, itching to curl into a fist so he can clock the other male.

"Oi!" A voice cuts in. Two heads snap around, meeting the gaze of a bored, dark-haired male, his hair pulled back in a bun and little triangles tattooed on his face. "Would you two knock it off?" he drawls lazily. "I'd rather you not mess up my store when I'm giving you a discount, Natsu." He gives them a pointed look, leaning back in his chair at the counter.

The male in question coughs, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly. "Yeah, sorry, Bacchus. It won't happen again." He shoots Gray a poisonous look. "Right, Gray?"

"Err, yeah," he chokes out, hands falling back to his sides. "We won't cause anymore trouble, Bacchus." To be completely honest, Bacchus terrifies him. He acts like he doesn't care, but he's known for busting a few heads back during his high school days. He could totally beat the two of them up if he really wanted to, so it's best not to make him angry.

Bacchus, glares at them for another moment, then shrugs and goes back to sleeping at the counter—which is very irresponsible, but Gray doesn't want to say anything about how Bacchus runs his store, lest the two of them be kicked out and left to face Lucy's wrath when they return without any animal food.

Because, yes. Gray is way more afraid of Lucy than he should be, but it's only because he's seen her pour hot coffee over the head of a guy who dared to grab her ass during her shift at a dinner during their Freshman year of college.

You have not experienced true terror until you see a teeny tiny blonde pour ridiculously hot liquid over a man's head, all with a smile on her face.

Frankly, he's glad it's Natsu dating her, rather than himself.

Natsu laughs under his breath, running a hand over his face. "I thought he was going to kill us," he murmurs, lips pulling up in a smile.

"I know, right?" They share a laugh, a complete one-eighty from moments earlier.

Natsu shakes his head. "Alright, we better grab the dog food before Lucy starts wondering what's taking us so long." Gray nods in agreement, following Natsu as they head to other side of the story. Why is the dog food so far away from the cat food? Wouldn't it make more sense to keep them close together? That would make things so much easier for people with both animals. Gray can understand keeping the actual animals apart—because that could end very, very badly—but the food?

He doesn't have long to ponder this, because the two of them reach the dog kibble soon enough.

And there they are. Fifty different brands of unappetizing, crunchy, smelly food meant for furry, four-legged animals that usually smell less than stellar. Wonder which one they'll get.

"So, what am I looking for exactly?" he asks Natsu, keeping his eyes on the rows and rows of kibble.


Gray nods, searching for the brand. "And we just grab one, right?" Natsu sputters, choking for a moment, before doubling over and clutching his stomach. For a moment, Gray thinks he might be hurt, but his concern disappears just as suddenly when he realizes the other male is laughing. What the hell is so funny? It was a simple question. Natsu drops down to his knees, and Gray has the sudden urge to kick him.

Actually, it's not so much sudden as it is "he wants to kick him all the time, but now he has an excuse to do it." He glares at his downed friend, crossing his arms and sneering. Sure, he doesn't know that much about animals, but one bag should be enough, right?

They only have one dog.

Natsu's hand reaches out blindly, groping the air until his fingers catch the fabric of Gray's pants near his knee. He wheezes, coughing as he tries to catch his breath. "Gray," he gasps, sounding more than a little amused. Gray rolls his eyes, jerking his leg away from his (douche bag) friend. He took time out of his busy—that's a lie, if Natsu hadn't have called him he'd be at home watching reruns of Spanish Soap Operas all day. Which is weird, because he doesn't even speak Spanish—schedule to help his best friend go shopping for pet stuff, even though Gray doesn't even like animals.

Conclusion? Gray is the motherfucking best friend ever and Natsu's an asshole.

"Dammit, Natsu," Gray snaps, dragging the pathetic pink-haired boy to his feet. "I was trying to be nice you dick!"

Natsu shoves him away, trying to swallow back his laughter. He can't hide the smile on his face though. "Sorry," he says, not sounding sorry at all. "It's just—do you seriously think that we just need one bag of dog food?" He laughs again, but tries to cover it up with a cough. Tries. Gray gives him a sour look, jaw clenching.

"You only have one dog," he grumbles back, arms crossed.

Natsu snorts. "Yeah, we only own one dog, but Lucy and I run a doggy daycare," he reminds him. "We take care of an extra fifteen dogs everyday. One of them is a Great Dane—"

"Is his name 'Tiny?' " Gray interjects.

Natsu glares. "No, his name is Milo." He rolls his eyes. "As I was saying, we take care of sixteen dogs everyday. So, we used to go through almost a bag a day, until we started buying the twenty-four pound bags." Gray gives him a horrified look. They go through a ten pound bag of food everyday? Holy shit!

Gray is super glad that he doesn't have pets.

He swallows thickly. "So how many bags are we buying?"

Natsu grins. "Three."

Gray could cry. Three bags of dog food, which will only last a week? He officially has a whole new respect for his crazy friends. He can't even handle goldfish, but these two take care of nearly twenty animals, five days a week. That must be furry Hell.

Wait, that doesn't sound right.

Gray watches in silence as Natsu hoists a bag off the shelf and sets it into the cart. "Do you think you could grab two more bags off that and meet me buy the toy aisle? I have a feeling we're going to need some new one's soon." He doesn't wait for an answer, just turns on his heel and leaves Gray alone with a bunch of dog kibble and a shopping cart.


Rolling his eyes, Gray steps up to the food Natsu grabbed earlier, attempting to lift both bags at once.

It doesn't work.

The bags are too big for his arms to go around both of the without potentially dropping them, and he really doesn't want Bacchus to chase him out of the store because of a kibble catastrophe. Not only would that be incredibly embarrassing, but Lucy and Natsu would be mad and he'd have to look into the eyes of a bunch of sad furry animals and—even though he doesn't like animals—the puppy dog eyes get him every single time.

They just look so sad and act like it's their fault—and they only want to be loved.

Whoa, Gray! That's enough of that!

He grabs one bag and tosses it into the cart, then grabs the other and does the same. He doesn't understand why Natsu couldn't have stayed for the two seconds it took to do that, but at this point he really doesn't care. He's just ready to go home and catch the rest of his Soap. Hopefully, Lyon will still be out with his girlfriend and he won't have to worry about the teasing.

Sighing, Gray shakes his head and pushes the cart to the dog toy aisle.

Where he does not find Natsu.

God dammit! If that bastard left him here to pay the bill—

"Natsu I'm going to kill you," he snarls under his breath, his grip on the cart tightening until his knuckles turn white. Prowling out of the aisle like a deranged animal, Gray stalks around the store in search of his idiot friend, peeking into aisles and grumbling swear words under his breath every thirty seconds. A lady with her son—who's too busy sticking his fingers into the ferret cage to pay any attention to what gray is saying—shoots him a rather nasty glare, and he turns away, pretending to be interested in the aisle of colorful fish.

His eye twitches when he sees who's over there.

It's his fucking best friend staring at the fucking fish with a pile of fucking dog toys on the floor by his feet, not paying any fucking attention to Gray—oh, no, he's too busy staring at the shinny swimmy things and probably thinking about his fucking girlfriend (or fucking his girlfriend. Gray isn't sure which.)

Fucking great.

Gray stomps—as well as one can stomp with a shopping cart—over to the pink-haired dirtbag and smacks the back of his head while he's distracted. Natsu yelps, head snapping around to find the culprit, and narrows his eyes when he realizes it's Gray.

"What the hell did you do that for?" he snaps,

Gray considers strangling him.

"You said you would be in the toy aisle!" he snarls, fingers itching to bash him over the head again. "Well, I went to the toy aisle and guess who wasn't fucking there!" he hisses.

Natsu blinks at him. "I got what I needed to get." He shrugs, pointing down at the various toys by his feet. "So I decided to look at the fish instead. Besides, you found me, so what's the big deal?"

Gray opens his mouth to retaliate, but his anger fizzles away when he realizes there isn't one. This is the only interesting thing that's happened to him all week. He doesn't have anything better to be doing.

Natsu turns back to the fish.

Gray joins him.

"I'm getting one," Natsu tells him after several minutes, his gaze locked on the Betta fish. Gray rolls his eyes, looking at the wall of blue fish. That's just what Natsu and Lucy need. Another blue pet to add to their collection.

"Lucy's going to kill you for bringing another one home," he says simply.

Natsu shakes his head, ignoring him. "Grab me a bowl and some rocks, will you?" Gray rolls his eyes again, but complies. Luckily, he doesn't have to go far. The fish bowls are conveniently placed right beside the fish.

He grabs a decent sized bowl, a bag of small rocks, some fake plants, and fish food.

"So, which one did you pick?" he asks, turning around and waiting for the inevitable. Of course, the two nerds would get another blue pet. What with their kooky obsession with them. He laughs a little, but nearly chokes at the fish in Natsu's hands.

"I picked this one!"

Gray stares, eyes snapping from the fish, to Natsu, and then back to the fish. "It's… red?" he gasps, eyes wide and confused. Natsu just grins.

"Isn't it pretty?" he asks, holding the fish closer to Gray. "Look at his fins, isn't that so cool?!"

Gray sputters. "Why isn't it blue?"

Natsu sends him a strange look. "Why would it be blue?"

Mouth dropping open in shock, Gray blubbers unintelligently. "All of your pets are blue!" Natsu's eyes narrow in confusion, so Gray continues. "Happy is a Russian blue!"

"Yeah, but he's grey."

"And Blue—you literally named your dog Blue—is a blue heeler!"

"He's an Australian cattle dog, and that was his name when we adopted him," Natsu replies, shrugging. "Besides, what does that have to do with me buying this fish?"

He considers tearing his hair out. "It's not blue!"

After dragging the dog food bags into the garage, Natsu heads for the door, bracing himself for the inevitable impact of sixteen dogs jumping on him at full force. The fish—already in it's bowl thanks to Gray, who set the entire thing up on the drive home—which is totally another story of it's own, because Natsu ran two stop signs, nearly killed a man on a scooter, and Gray almost dropped the fish out the window—is tucked between his arm and his chest, cradled against him as he pushes the door open slowly.


Now, that wouldn't be a big deal, except, once again, there are sixteen dogs, a cat, and his probably angry girlfriend in the house. Silence is not a good thing. Clearing his throat, Natsu calls out to her. "Lucy? Are you here?" He pulls a face at the stupid question. Of course she's here. Where the hell else would she be? She couldn't have just left with all sixteen dogs! He loves Lucy to death and thinks she's a pretty strong girl for being so tiny, but those dogs would rip her arms off if she tried to walk them by herself. "Umm, I know I took a long time, but it was for a good reason!" Nothing.

A whine pulls at his throat, and he heads to the living room, knowing that's probably where she is. Casting a quick glance around the house, he realizes that all of the lights are off. Panic floods through him, his heart leaping into his throat. Dear god, she's going to kill him!

He makes it to the living room without seeing a single animal, and that's absolutely terrifying.

He freezes. Wait, did they even have work today? He left before people would have started dropping off their dogs, so he's not sure. Oh god! If he forgot their anniversary again—

He bolts for the living room, entering into complete darkness.

"Lucy?" he calls.

The lights snap on, blinding him for several seconds.

When he regains his sight, he almost wishes he hadn't.

Because he found his girlfriend! But he also found the dogs.

Lucy is sitting in the armchair in the corner, arms crossed, one leg tossed over the other, and an incredibly unhappy look on her face. Happy is on the armrest, legs dangling off the side and snoozing away as Natsu approaches his impending doom. And the dogs? They're sitting on the floor, tails wagging and looking about ready to jump on him.

Oh dear…

Natsu swallows, heart beating out of his chest as Lucy's gaze locks with his. He takes a deep breath, steeling himself. "So, I know I'm late, but I can explain." Lucy looks less than impressed. "Well, Gray went with to help—and you know how Gray and I are! And then I was distracted by this kid who was trying to shove his entire arm into the ferret cage, and—"

"You," Lucy practically hisses at him. Her normally friendly, happy brown eyes that he wants to drown in, are unbelievably cold. He flinches, looking very much like a kicked puppy. Lucy continues. "You left me here with sixteen dogs and a cat so you could go buy food and you come home with another pet?" she seethes, glaring at him.

"Yes?" he asks timidly. Lucy is not amused by him shoving his own foot in his mouth. Natsu groans, running his free hand down his face. Maybe he should just grab the shovel and start digging. "His name is Swedish," he tells her, shifting the bowl in his arms so that he can hold it out to her. Coughing in embarrassment, he continues. "Like the candy, because I know you like them."

Her gaze softens just a bit. "Natsu, put the fish down." She gestures to the bookshelf next to the entryway. Already knowing what she's about to do, he sets the fish down with a heavy heart, giving her a pleading look.

"Babe, please…" he tries—

Lucy smiles. "Sic 'em."

Less than two seconds later, Natsu finds himself on his back on the floor, hairy bodies trampling all over him and slobbering on his face. Lucy laughs at his misfortune, and Natsu resigns himself to lying there in defeat as the dogs give him kisses—yeah, totally not who he wanted kisses from. The breath slams from his lungs as Milo—the ever loving, clumsy as fuck Great Dane steps on his stomach. He wheezes, but it's almost immediately lost in Winnie the Poodle's fur—no joke. Some idiot actually named their poodle "Winnie the Poodle."

Sammy—the Cairn terrier—and T-Bone—a Staffordshire bull terrier—take turns jumping on his face. Charlie the German shepherd it standing on his kidney, Luna the basset hound won't stop baying in his ear, and Pugsly is trying to eat his foot. Atlas the golden retriever and Gus the Labrador have taken his right shoe and are playing "keep away" with Alfie, a bulldog who's much too slow and short to play with the bigger dogs, but he tries anyway. Sailor, an Old English sheepdog is sitting on Scooter, a border collie, and Zeus and Zelda—a Husky and Australian shepherd, respectively—have taken his other shoe.

And Blue? Blue is sitting by his mom with what Natsu thinks is a smug look—as if he were laughing at him. Asshole.

Natsu frowns. That's only fifteen. There should be sixteen dogs.

He squeezes his eyes shut, counting them off in his head.

Milo, Winnie the Poodle, Sammy, T-Bone, Charlie, Luna, Pugsly, Atlas, Gus, Alfie, Sailor, Scooter, Zeus, Zelda, Blue—


Natsu gasps in horror, trying to look for the tiny devil through the sea of hair. A low, almost cute, growl comes from his right and Natsu stills. "Lucy, keep it away from me!" He doesn't want that tiny, bearded, demon dog anywhere near him!

She laughs again. "Alright, guys, go on." The dogs scatter, taking off into the house. Natsu twists to his right, but Princess has already disappeared back into the shadows.

He relaxes, sitting up and smiling when Blue trots up to him, tail wagging happily. Natsu's grin widens. "Hey there, Blue!" he scratches behind the dog's ears, receiving a kiss and a happy bark before the dog runs back to his chair and plops down, leaving him alone to talk with Lucy.

She reaches a hand out to him, and he contemplates pulling her down to the floor with him, but decides against it upon seeing the absolute glee in her eyes. His smile turns soft as he helps her pull him up, an arm wrapping around her back as she peers at the newest addition to their family, scrutinizing him.

Natsu's thumb rubs circles into her back as Lucy leans into him, her head resting on his shoulder as she stares at the new fish.

"He's pretty," she tells him after a moment. Natsu squeezes her hip, seemingly in agreement. "But, why is he red?"

Natsu makes a face, bewildered. "Why does everyone keep asking that?" "Everyone" being "Gray."

Lucy tilts her head to meet his eyes. "All of our pets are blue," she explains, giving him a confused look, as if she doesn't understand why Natsu is confused.

His eyes narrow. "Lucy, what are you talking about?" he asks, completely serious. None of their pets are actually blue, so why is the color an important thing? He just got the red one because he was pretty! Is that such a crime?

Lucy twists out of his arms, turning to face him completely. He feels like he's missing some kind of joke, but he doesn't know what it is.

"Natsu, we only have blue pets," she tells him, gesturing to Happy and Blue—the name "Blue" probably isn't helping his case any, but he stands by the fact that they don't own any blue pets.

Natsu grins down at her, deciding to mess with her a little bit. "I can't understand what you're saying, Lucy," he teases, trying to sound completely serious. "There are no blue animals in my house!"

Lucy rolls her eyes. "I—"

"What?" he asks, cutting her off.

Lucy giggles. "Natsu—"

He shakes his head. "Nope!"

"What are you—"

"I'm going to kiss you now," he tells her, then proceeds to do so. He leans down, capturing Lucy's lips with his own. She smiles against him, arms looping around his neck and tangling in his hair. His left arm snakes around her hips, drawing her soft body flush against his. The knuckles of his other hand trailing over her cheek. She tugs him down to her, lips pressing against his harder as she deepens it, and he smiles, knowing that she's standing on her toes to kiss him.

"Woof." Natsu's eyes snap open and he reluctantly pulls away from Lucy, both of them turning to Blue, who's looking up at them and wagging his tail—that cock-blocker.

Lucy looks up at him, and he gives her a curious look, to which she just smiles. "I think it's time for a walk."


"You're taking Milo."


Natsu groans, feeling like his arm is about to be ripped off. Not only does he have Milo, but he has most of the other big dogs as well. Meanwhile, Lucy has all of the smaller dogs, Scooter, and Blue—not that he really minds. The dogs practically drag him around, so if he and Lucy were to switch, she'd be halfway down the street by now. And that would be really, really bad.

He shoots her a mock sour look, though his lips twist into a smile as he sees the happy look on her face. Damn that girl and her ability to make him smile every time he sees her. "Why is it that you get all the tiny dogs, and I'm stuck with these giraffes?" He gestures to the bigger dogs just as Milo trips over his own legs, nearly taking Zeus and Charlie down with him. He snorts, amused. Milo hasn't grown into his legs yet, and it's kind of hilarious to watch him trip all over himself.

Natsu's just glad that he's never hurt himself.

Lucy raises a brow at him, lips twitching. "You weigh nearly fifty pounds more than me," she reminds him, looking him up and down—obviously checking him out. Wait, does it still count if they've been dating for almost four years and they've seen each other naked—okay, maybe that was too much information. But hey! He really enjoys seeing her naked! And by the way she's eying him, he can only assume she feels the same way.

He grins down at her, glaring at her playfully. He would do something with his hands right now, but they're currently occupied by the overly-excited dogs. Holy crap, is he walking them, or is it the other way around? "Hey! I'm a solid wall of pure muscle!" he tells her, wiggling his eyebrows.

She laughs, transferring the dogs to one hand. "Oh, I know," she says, patting his stomach with her now free hand. "Believe me, I know. And I appreciate it very much." He laughs along with her, nudging her with his hip. Lucy bumps him back as they pass the pond in the park. God, he loves this girl.

"Alright, but why can't I have at least one of the little dogs?" he asks after a moment of silence, peeking at her out of the corner of his eye. He really wants to grab her hand right now, but he can't do that without putting all of the leashes in one hand—which would be a disaster. He needs one of those dog walking belts. That would make this so much easier.

Lucy quirks a brow, taking a single leash in one hand and holding it out to him. "You want Princess?" she asks. The brown, bearded, demon dog lunges for him, but Natsu slips behind Milo, using the larger dog as a wall ward off the beast.

Natsu glares. "Keep that thing away from me!" he growls, snarling at the creature, who growls back.

Lucy giggles. "I don't see why you have such a problem with her. She's not that bad." She shrugs, sending Natsu a look that's more than just amused.

Natsu sends the tiny dog a disgusted look. "She always eats my shoe—only the left one!" he reminds her. Lucy rolls her eyes good-naturedly. She stops suddenly, turning to face him directly. Natsu follows suit, looking down at her gently as she grins at him.

"Natsu, all of the dogs chew on your shoes. You want to know why?" she asks. He doesn't, but she continues anyway. "It's because you're shoes stink." He opens his mouth to argue, but stops when he realizes she's right.

"Fair enough."

They laugh together, and suddenly Scooter jumps at Zelda, knocking Lucy into Natsu's chest as the dogs freak out. Leashes are tangled around their legs, keeping them locked together, their knees knocking together as Natsu attempts to keep the two of them from crashing to the ground. Lucy manages to slip all of her leashes into one hand, grasping onto Natsu's shoulder with the other. Meanwhile, Natsu fumbles with where to place his hands, settling with wrapping them around her waist as best as he can.

Lucy's breath catches in her throat, lips skimming Natsu's neck. He swallows thickly, heart beating out of control despite the fact that they've been together for a while now. He pulls back enough to meet her eyes, hands slipping lower on her back. You know what? He loves these dogs! If Lucy ever agrees to marry him, they're all invited to the wedding!

His nose bumps hers and he gives her a goofy grin. "You know, I think they want us to kiss," he whispers to Lucy, pressing her body closer to his chest. Lucy's fingers tangle with the hairs at the nape of his neck.

She shakes her head, giving him an incredulous look. "Are you kidding me right now?" she asks, bewildered.

He pretends to think it over, humming to himself. He meets her eyes again. "Nope!" He swoops down, cutting off any protest she might have as his lips press to hers. Lucy's eyes slip shut, her fingers twisting against his scalp. His palm presses against her back, several leashes slipping away without him noticing. Lucy arm slips around his neck dragging him down to her inviting lips. Natsu grasps her tightly, heart beating out of control as he swings her around suddenly to drop her into a dip. Lucy gasps against him, a squeak leaving her at the sudden change of balance.

His teeth nip at her lower lip gently, followed by his tongue brushing the same place. A soft, keening sound leaves the back of her throat, but he swallows it quickly, pulling her impossibly closer. He groans against her, tongue sliding across the seam of her lips, demanding entrance that she grants easily enough. His tongue sweeps into her mouth, brushing everywhere, skimming over the back of her teeth and the roof of her mouth, wrapping around her own, already familiar with her.

He pulls away just as suddenly as he kissed her, but Lucy drags him back down without so much as a word. A pressure tugs at his leg, but he ignores it.

"Woof!" Two pairs of eyes snap open as their gravity suddenly shifts. The two of them fall backwards as their legs are yanked out from under them. Natsu, thinking fast, twists them so that Lucy lands against his chest, knocking the wind out of him as the sound of barking fills his ears.

Oh shit.

Above him, Lucy gasps, pushing herself up onto her knees as the dogs scatter, disappearing from sight before either of them can regain their bearings.

Lucy glances down at him, horrified. Natsu stares back with a similar look. "We're horrible pet parents," she tells him simply, looking about ready to cry.

He nods, chewing his lip as he remembers something. "We have to get the dogs back before six."


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