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"Cya everyone!" Kagome called over her shoulder. It was a bright spring's day, not the kind of day you'd want to spend indoors. Lucky for her, Inuyasha had specifically requested for her to come within 3 days. If she didn't...well, let's say he wouldn't be too happy. She sighed, in her mind. Swinging her bright yellow pack across the well, Kagome leapt in after it.

"Whats taking her?" grumbled Inuyasha, very impatient. He turned over on his back, not noticing Myoga until it was too late. Sqush! "I told you not to sit there.." Myoga just shrugged, only slightly annoyed, and jumped away.

A loud squeal made him shoot up from that position. "Wheeeere's Kaaaagoooome!?" whined Shippo, standing at the foot of the tree and blinking expectantly up at Inuyasha. The hanyou chucked a stick at him, causing Shippo to start crying as it conked him on the head. "YOUR SO MEAN!!!" Inuyasha grinned and rubbed his hands together, enjoying the moment. "I am, so live with it!"

"Whew.." breathed Kagome, leaning against the side of the well. "That ride is just sickening." Far off in the distance, she heard a kitsune crying. Kagome whacked herself on the forehead with her palm. "Inuyasha!!!" she sighed. "Can't you leave him alone?" MEW! She blinked. "Eh? Was that..a cat?" The girl shook her head, mistrusting her ears. "Couldn't be."

The scene was disasterous. As Miroku and Sango watched the blurs of red and orange race past them for the twentieth time, they had to admit it was quite amusing. Kirara pricked her ears up at some sound unknown to them. Mrow?

"Waaaah!" Kagome yelped, almost getting tripped by something extremely fast that dashed by her. "What was tha!?" she called to Miroku and Sango. Miroku had an oddly smug look on his face, and when she realized it, Kagome yelled to Sango a second too late..


She shrugged and watched as Miroku fell to the ground unconcious. Kagome walked over to stand beside Sango. "So...whats going on?" she whispered. Sango just grinned. "Inuyasha and Shippo are playing." she replied coolly, eyes trained on the dust clouds passing by them. "Ohhhh.." MREEEOWWW! Sango blinked and glanced at Kirara, who's eyes were almost sparkling as she stared at Kagome's pack. An answering meow echoed from inside. An orange paw poked out..


Inuyasha stopped in midchase, arms outstretched in an an effort to grab the kitsune by his tail. "Eh?" Shippo stared, then sniffed. "Its a cat!"

"Your a bad boy, Buyo, following us like that!" scolded Kagome, wagging a finger at her cat. Sango edged away from Kirara. The little cat youkai was purring all over Buyo, eyes half closed. Prrrr! said Buyo, unaware of his master's annoyance. He stared at Kirara. She stared back. "AIIEEEEE!" squealed Buyo, jumping behind Kagome. Kirara imitated him, digging her claws in Sango's back.

Creepy red eyes...

Plump yellow eyes..



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