Author's Note: Hello everyone.. Unlike most of my works this was written in one sitting. (Half true: I edited it the next day.) Let's get right to the warnings…. This is smut… There are no hints of sex.. It is full blown. Hints of Sadistic/Masochist tendencies. A sever lack of plot to make room for the meaningless sex that I have been wanting to write. If you are here for a through well thought out story… please go else where… If you are here for meaningless smut… please join the club. Um.. Let's see. Other warnings… Foul language, and I do not own.. And that should be it… Onward my ducklings.

"He will wake up soon. He was put under cruciatus for far too long this time. Albus, he should not return to spying." The mediwitch addresses Dumbledore but we all hear. I'm relieved. I've wanted him to quit for a while now. I know the information he brings in is useful, but we no longer need it. Harry has been trained well, he can take out Voldemort. I know he can. Snape should just focus on deterring more of his snakes from the dark side. That's where we need him.

"Poppy, you know that he will do no such thing. He feels that he owes it to Harry and to the rest of us to continue. He will not stop. He doesn't care if he dies. It would be hard to convince him to stop." Everyone is chattering amongst themselves. I'm surprised that most feel that he should stop. "Severus is strong willed and very stubborn. I agree that he should end his spying days. He aided us a lot, but now the danger he is in is greater than the information he receives. Riddle may even suspect that he is a traitor and is feeding him false information."

"Dumbledore, I can convince him to stop." I'm surprised to hear my own voice. "Let him stay here. Even if he tried to leave he's injured enough where I could stop him."

"Sirius, I didn't think you cared about Severus."

"Enough people have died." Everyone nods. The meeting raps up and only Dumbledore is left.

"I leave Severus to you. For the time being while he is recovering I will get a substitute to teach potions. Five days should be more than enough for you to convince him to end his spying days and for him to heal." His eyes twinkle as he leaves.

"Now to work on Severus." I go up to the guest room that Poppy left Severus in. I'm surprised to see him standing and in the process of dressing. He only has on his trousers and even they aren't buttoned.

"Black, haven't you ever heard of knocking." He's hurt pretty bad; his comment didn't have near the level of venom I'm use to.

"You should lay back in bed, you aren't going anywhere. We've all decided for you that even your life is more important than whatever dubious information you may get. You aren't going back to Voldemort."

"That isn't for you to decide. As long as Voldemort doesn't know that I am a spy, I will continue to go back to him. Out of my way Black." He hasn't bothered to continue dressing, but he seems determined to leave the room. I step in front of him. He's taller than me, but when he glares down at me it doesn't intimate me.

"You were tortured so long Poppy is surprised it didn't do permeant damage. You aren't going back."

"The pain doesn't bother me. As long as I can still retrieve information I will continue to spy. This isn't your place to decide." He's thin with long narrow scars covering most of his body. It doesn't seem to bother him when I notice. He smirks at me. "What are you looking at Black?"

"They look painful, I'm surprised a whiny bitch like you could handle that kind of pain." He looks taken aback for a moment. But he quickly recovers.

"I don't see why I would be the bitch, of the two of us, you're the mongrel."

"Quick to change the subject I see. You should be glad that we don't need you as a spy anymore." I force a laugh.

"It isn't for you to decide."

"Bastard. If you go back then he will kill you."


"Does your life me that little to you." I can't conceal my anger behind snide comments.

"We are in a war. I am just a tally. Just one number." I lose my temper. I push him back to the bed forcefully until he is leaning over it. In one swift motion I sit down on the bed beside him and pull him where he is laying over my lap. His pants are yanked down before he can protest.

I will admit to having a sadistic streak especially when paired next to this infuriating man.

"You are not just a number." My hand slaps down hard on his pale ass. Before I can calm my rage I spank him three more times. "You will not return to being a spy." Already his creamy ass is turning red. The flat of my hand connects several more times. His hands clinch the sheets of the bed until his knuckles turn white. Every muscle in his body is tense. And then I hear it. A small barely audible whine. The sound is primal. Padfoot hears it. He knows what is means before I do. But I'm quick to learn. "Isn't this interesting?"

"Release me now Black." The voice holds no conviction. I slap his ass again.

"Is that any way to talk to someone? Tell me Severus." I draw out his name. His bare back trembles. "You said that the pain doesn't bother you. Could you mean that you like pain?" He doesn't answer. I reach under him and grasp his twitching erection. His body spasms. "You're a perverted masochist. Is that what you do during your death eater meetings. Are you getting off while he tortures you?"

"No. That's bad pain. I do not enjoy his abuse." I smack his red ass and when his member twitches I smirk.

"And this is good pain?" He whimpers while nodding. "Severus, I think you're a submissive. I think you want a master. I think you joined Voldemort knowing he would be your master." He shivers while I rub the sore globes. "But he's a bad master. Isn't he?" His breath catches. But the gentle nodding of his head encourages me. "But I would be a good master. Severus you are way too loyal a submissive to serve a bad master. And I would be a good master. I would give you lots of good pain when you are naughty." I rub his inner thigh. "But I wouldn't ask you to be submissive outside of the bedroom. I like your sharp tongue. Only, I'm sure in the bedroom we could put it to much better use." Padfoot is demanding this man in front of me. I slap his ass though much softer than before. "Do you want to continue? Do you want me to be your master?" I watch his dark hair sway. I'm almost not sure but then he looks up at me.

"Please continue punishing me master. I know I've been naughty and deserve to be disciplined." His eyes are no longer the hard ice. They are liquid and any man can see the need. I lay my left hand on his back to steady him while accioing a brush into my hand. I continue where I left off.

"Will you try to go back to spying?" SMACK.

"No master." SMACK

"Will you disobey your master again?" SMACK

"No master." SMACK

"Who knows best about what is good for you." SMACK

"AHH. You do master." SMACK

"Are you a naughty little masochist." SMACK

"Yes." SMACK. "YES master. I am a naughty little masochist." SMACK

"For being a naughty little masochist and disobeying your master how many more licks do you deserve." I halt for a moment and rub his red ass.

"That is for master to decide." He whimpers out. His erection is still pressing firmly against my leg.

"Yes, but I have not been a master before. Until I learn, your master will be relying on you to say what an honest punishment would be." He nods understanding.

"Fifteen more master. Five for being a naughty little masochist. And ten more for disobeying. To go with the ones from before." I push the handle of the brush into his mouth and though it startles him, he sucks on it happily. He bathes the handle with his tongue.

"You seem to be enjoying that."

"Yes master. I would only enjoy it more if it were your dick." He bobs his head and sucks the handle into his mouth before pulling back and licking the 'tip'.

"Maybe after you have finished serving your punishment." I pull the handle from his mouth and he's reluctant to stop suckling it. His eyes are determined. He wants this. I take the brush and push the blunt handle inside him. The handle is narrow. His ass twitches around the invasion, and takes all of it easily. "What a horny thing you are." I thrust the brush in and out of his ass. SMACK.

"OH. Yes master. I love when you discipline me." SMACK.

"Your ass is taking the brush so easily." SMACK

"Yes master. My ass loves to be filled." SMACK

"Your ass is more like a slutty manpussy." SMACK

"Master. Please use my slutty manpussy." SMACK "AHH. Master" SMACK

"Do you want me to use your manpussy like a toy." SMACK

"Yes master." SMACK. With every slap of my hand I'm pushing the handle as far inside as it'll reach and then pulling it nearly all the way out.

"Your manpussy is so hungry to be filled. Do you whore around at those meetings." SMACK. We are both grown men. I'm well aware that we have both had sexual experiences, but ever fiber of myself demands to own him.

"Oh no master. I swear. I haven't had a man in me for nearly five years." SMACK.

"Someone better not be lying to me." SMACK. He's biting his bottom lip, and his eyes are barely open.

"Every night. I use toys. I fuck myself every night master. I need to be taken master. I have had few partners all of which didn't understand my need to be dominated. Few of them understood that I need a master. The ones that did understand and were willing to play the role. They wouldn't tolerate me behaving any less. Master, I enjoy being submissive, but I will not be dominated outside of the bed." He's smiling. His lips are pulled into a relaxed smile. "But master said he enjoys my sharp tongue. I'm so very happy to be accepted."

"You hate me. You've always said so." SMACK

"AHH. No master! Since school I wished you would be my master." SMACK. "Sirius, thank you for being my master." SMACK. I pull the handle out of him fast and push him to the headboard. He holds himself up by the head board. His long legs stretch behind him.

"Why did you want me to be your master?" I spread his red cheeks to take a look at his twitching hole. Attentively I press my tongue inside him.

"You were so cruel to me. So I knew you wouldn't be against hurting me a little. I do not want a cruel master though, and I knew that you aren't a bad person. Master. I saw how you treated Remus, I knew for a long time that he was a werewolf, and you were so gentle with him. I knew you would be a good master. But I never dreamed you would be willing to be my master." I taste him. Hot and earthy. "Such a gentle master, but a master that would understand my need to be dominated."

"I'm going to take you now my pet." No sooner do I say these words do I pull my mouth from his anus and pull him back down to the bed. His lithe body smothered in the pillows and sheets. Occasionally I see him squirm against the bed beneath him. I grab my own hard dick and stroke it a few times. Padfoot demands that I do not wait anymore. The tip of my dick penetrates him and he mews happily. One of my hands idly rubs his sore bum while the other coaxes my erection deeper into his velvet heat. Once I am seated into him fully we both exhale.

"Yes master. It's been so long. Please master. Please turn my ass into a manpussy. I want to be your whore and padfoots bitch." I pull out to slam back in.

"You don't strike me as one prone to bestiality."

"AHH. No master, but I know a potion. One that could turn me into a dog temporary. I want to service all of master. I don't mind going through Padfoot's rut with him." Padfoot howls happily as I plow my submissive lover. Severus Snape is a very passionate lover. I take his hips in my hand and pull him back against my dick. His hands press against the headboard to slam himself back. "Master. Please. I need more. Master's dick feels so hot inside."

I reach to grab his firm member. He moans happily as I stroke him. "Master is so giving. Master is filling my horny ass up." His channel is holding my hard penis so happily. He's still tight, but it's easy to push in and out of him. I push completely into him and grind into his insides. "MMM master that is my prostate. AHH. I love how well you fuck my manpussy."

I grab his hair and he screams when I yank it. "You've been good. So I'll let you decide. Do you want your master to fill your hungry manpussy with cum or do you want me to paint you with it." I watch as he bites his lip. He honestly looks tore over the options.

"Master, if you let me turn over, You can keep fucking my manpussy and fill up my belly with your yummy cum and still get to see me when I cum all over myself." I'm reluctant to pull out of him and he whimpers when I pull out my dick with a wet pop. He rolls over on his back and then lifts his legs to expose his used anus. "Master, please return to fucking my manpussy." His cheeks are tinged pink and his eyes are hazy. His pale pink nipples are hard and his skin is covered in goose bumps. Next time I will become acquainted with the rest of him, but for now I want to finish my talk with his prostate.

I watch his asshole twitch in need. I slam back into him and he screams as I hit his prostrate.

"Thank you master." His legs snake around me pulling me deeper inside of him. His hands grab the sheet on either side of him.

"Touch yourself. I want to watch you pleasure yourself while I fuck your horny hole." He moans happily.

"Yes master." I watch his hands interested. When one lays on his lower stomach and the other goes up to twist at a nipple, I'm more than a little shocked.

"What are you doing?" His hand lazily rubs his stomach while his other hand continues to pinch his hard nipple before finding the other nipple.

"Master said to pleasure myself. My nipples are really sensitive. It feels so naughty to play with them that I've never done it with another partner. None of the men I have been with would, they all said that only girls nipples are sensitive and that it's silly for a man to play with his nipples, but master doesn't think it's silly. Do you master? Feels naughty to be watched though." His eyes are half closed. My fingers find his hair and yank hard. "AHH. Master." Both hands are now toying with his nipples excietly. I yank his lips to mine. I bite his bottom lip hard before ravaging his mouth. My hips pick up speed as I pound into him. When I pull my mouth from his most of his body is spasming. I still his hands and he seems reluctant to stop, but he does. He whimpers at the loss of contact and looks as if he did something wrong. But when I take his right nipple into my mouth and bite the sensitive nub he screams out. "AHH. Master. Yes. Please master." I twist the neglected left nipple. I watch his hands timidly trace over my chest and then my shoulders. "Master is so pretty. The first master that I chose. Having masters dick inside of me makes me happy." His hand reaches to softly stroke himself.

His walls are clinching around me, but his body is completely open to whatever I do. His back arches when my mouth leaves his flat pecs. His head is thrown back when I grab his hips and seat him more on my dick.

"Master. I'm so close. Please." His ragged voice comes out as a whimper.

"Master is almost done. Soon my pet." I pull completely out of that inviting heat and slam back in against his prostrate. His body goes limp as I take his ass roughly. All he can do is try to keep from cuming as I mold his insides into the shape of my dick.

"Master. Master. I don't know if I should say. But I have loved you since we were in school. Master. Ah. Even if you do not feel the same, Thank you for being my master."

"Cum for me pet. Show me how much you can cum." At my words he screams and paints his stomach white. His body spasms as wave after wave of pleasure overtake him. Right after his release I thrust deep into him one more time and release deep inside him.

"AHH. Yes. Master's hot cum is filling my belly." His ass clinches around my spasming dick to effectively milk every last drop. "MM. master came a lot. Now my manpussy is all full." Exhaustion is clear in his voice. I pull out of him and we both gown. I lay down next to him and pull him against my chest. I expect him to complain, but he doesn't.

"I'm glad you agreed to give up being a spy otherwise this relationship could be difficult."

"So you aren't just going to be my master once." His words are probing me for information. I chuckle slightly.

"Well it would seem that my pet loves me. I can't just shag and leave you after that startling confession."

"I will not be held accountable for what I say when I'm the other me."

"I wonder how the others will take this."

"Don't even think of telling anyone about this Black. I'll hex you."

"Are we already back to last names my pet?" My fingertips toy with his abused ass. I push my cum deep inside him and he whines. "I am well aware that outside of sex you will continue to be a git, and that's fine. It wouldn't be you if you weren't threatening to hex me all the time. And I would be miserable being in a relationship with someone who always agrees. But keep in mind, once we are alone, I might just punish you for saying naughty things." I rub his ass and he snuggles closer to me. "And I have to at least tell Harry that I'm screwing his potions professor."

"Then everyone would know about another of your conquests."

"Now listen up Severus, because I'm not likely to say it again. Grudgingly I admit that I have strong feelings for you." His head pops up.

"You love me." He says smirking.

"I did not say love."

"Might as well have." I glare at him. He starts singing in broken tune. "You love me. You want to kiss me. You want to shag me." SMACK

"Do you really want a repeat already?" His eyes have already changed.

"MM. Master. What do you mean repeat? You said I could suck you after I served my punishment. Don't I deserve a treat for being a good pet." The words are purred out.

I pull his lips to mine happily. "It's important for a master to give his pet plenty of positive reinforcement."