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So you don't get confused: […] That is going to be used for flashbacks from actions that have happened, not fictional dreams.

Harry sat at the Burrow feeling numb; there was absolutely nothing that was going to cheer him up apart from going in and wiping the Headmasters memories of what he saw. Sighing he put his head in his hands contemplating what, if anything, could be done to make this right but as he did memories started flashing across his eyes.

["Headmaster I can explain – "

"I can't let this continue, Severus. Harry you're coming with me." Dumbledore's eyes were flashing a dangerous colour.

"Please, sir it was me, I wanted this and Severus was only – "

Harry was suddenly pulled forwards by some invisible force and he found Dumbledore's arm around his shoulders.

"I cannot get you out of this one, Severus. I trust you will meet me back at Hogwarts in half an hour." Dumbledore said forcefully.

Harry looked from the Headmaster to Severus and could feel tears sliding down his cheeks.

"Please, sir." Harry whispered before he felt the nauseating feeling of apparation.]

Harry gasped and wiped the new tears that had started trickling down his face. He wanted to see his lover, wanted a hug and comfort like he had before. He had sent a message to the man before but he hadn't received a reply and the twisting feeling in his stomach was making him feel sick.

He had been in a state of shock when they arrived at the Burrow with Molly Weasley running out to greet them before whisking him inside. The Headmaster hadn't said anything just that he had urgent business to attend to back at Hogwarts, which seemed normal to everyone except for Harry. He just couldn't understand why the Headmaster had chosen to arrive at Severus's house at that exact moment. At least ten minutes later they would have been casually sitting on the couch with glamour spells enabling them to cover their flushed faces, but no this wasn't to be the case and now here he was, life once again turned upside down.

He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Ron. It was now late in the evening and whilst Harry had tried to keep a brave face he was now caving. Ron knew there was something wrong, a fool would have been ignorant to that fact but he just didn't know what to say. Did he come out and admit that he'd been romantically involved with his Professor for the whole year? He just wasn't sure but now Ron was asking him that dreaded question and they looked at each other awkwardly.

"I don't deserve a friend like you." Harry said instead of admitting anything that would land him in trouble.

"Honestly, mate I've never seen you this upset before. Just tell me what happened. Did Snape hurt you? Is that why you're here?"

"Not exactly, Ron." He sighed and went to looking out the window again.

"Okay, well… There's some dessert downstairs if you want some?" He tried and Harry turned to look at him.

He supposed it wouldn't hurt to try and act like everything was okay, he surely didn't need everyone getting on his case about his mood so he smiled a little before standing and following his friend downstairs.

Severus on the other hand was pacing his living room, the events of the day raging through his head and not being able to make sense of anything. He was furious at himself, not at Harry, just himself for being so tardy. He had owled the Headmaster the previous day informing him of the time and date of apparating the boy to the Burrow. If he had of known that the man had wanted to see him there would have been no way he would have allowed Harry to get under his skin and make him cave like he had.

He shouted in fury at the fireplace, his anger making his magic spark and dance wildly around the room as he berated himself for being so stupid. There would be no way he would regret what had happened between he and Harry, because what they had been through had been incredible and he wouldn't have traded it for anything but now his boy was hurting, once again, and this time it was he who was the cause of that pain. He had no one else to blame but himself. Picking up a book and hurling it across the room, it smacked into the wood making a cracking sound before his magic demolished a window behind him with the pressure of his magic.

He had to cool down, try and calm himself in case someone came to see him. He had spent the afternoon with the Headmaster in his office, the old man making him recall everything that had transpired between he and the Gryffindor. Just those memories alone, the positive ones of the two of them flared his anger again in retaliation of him being so pig headed stupid. That's why he had apologized to Harry when he had heard Dumbledore come through his floo, because he had put the boy in a precarious position and now they had been caught.

Against his better judgment a sob escaped his mouth and he crumbled to the floor, sitting on his knees and his head coming to rest on the dark wood. He had ruined everything, he had destroyed the boy's life and now he had crippled his own. He was done for sure and if word ever reached the papers he knew that Harry's would be as well.

As for the Headmaster, Dumbledore too was anxiously pacing his office in preparation of the Board members who were deliberating on the right course of action. Being the Headmaster of a school, be it a Muggle school or Magic one, they were bound to protect their students and what his Potion's Professor had done was a serious breach of that notion. He wasn't angry at Severus per say, but he was seriously disappointed in the man, he had broken more than a few school rules and staffing policies by getting into a relationship with a student.

He had taken the man's memories and had them lined up on his desk ready for the board members to take their turn at using his pensieve to view them. He was comforted to know that the man hadn't pushed Harry, although he would have been shocked to see that he had. The man had a good heart, yes he had a sour attitude towards the students he taught, but he was great at what he did. The best in fact and that's why he had hired the man back in the beginning.

Dumbledore sighed as he continued to pace his study, the board members were going to arrive any minute and he had to compose himself. They wouldn't be merciful towards him if he were a scattered mess; no he had to be calm and professional about this. Severus was under his control and he was responsible for what his staff and students did meaning that what the two of them had committed was under no circumstances a light or amusing issue. It was serious.

The old man held his breath as there was a knock at the door before several men stepped inside looking rather put out at having to arrive in the holidays. They too had lives and all of them had children either at Hogwarts or other Magical institutions around the country.

"Good evening, gentlemen." Dumbledore said politely before ushering them further in.

"Dumbledore." One of them nodded in recognition before they stood before his desk.

The Headmaster went to stand behind his desk and put his hand on the edge as he leaned down on it, not really sure how to start the proceedings off but he could definitely feel their gazes on he vials he had lined up between them.

"We have a little bit of an issue…" Dumbledore started before eyeing them up and telling them the story.

It was the next day in the afternoon when Harry had surfaced from bed. He hadn't had a wink of sleep and was feeling extremely groggy, couple that with the fact that he hadn't heard from Severus was even worse. Molly was fussing about the kitchen muttering about getting lunch ready but Harry wasn't really listening, not even when Hermione came roaring through the fireplace with the floo network and came bounding up to both he and Ron.

"Honestly, Harry you're just as bad as Ron. Come here." She said pulling him into a hug.

He hesitantly reciprocated before she pulled back and took a proper look at his face. His gut started to fill with dread again as he saw the happiness in her eyes turn to fright and she pulled both he and Ron outside, away from prying ears.

"What's happened?" She questioned looking between Ron and Harry.

Harry stood there, staring right through Hermione not wanting to pretend anymore. He was upset, horrified and felt uneasy. The tightening in his stomach getting worse and it wasn't a pleasant feeling like he had had when in the presence of Severus. Images started flashing across his eyes again, times when he and Severus were in each others embrace, the first time they had sex, when they shared the bath… This tipped him over the edge and he fell to the ground, the sound of sobbing coming from him and he let the tears fall.

"Harry you have to tell us what happened. I've never seen you this upset." Hermione said as they both crouched to where Harry was kneeling.

He looked up, looked into Hermione's eyes, then Ron's and then back to Hermione. He figured they were going to find out eventually, especially if Severus was going to get fired so he took a deep breath and came out with it.

"I've been sleeping with Professor Snape. We got caught." He watched at both his friends faces morphed from joint concern into horror then to sadness.

At the same time as this was happening, Severus was being summoned to Hogwarts with a member of the board escorting him onto the property. Considering the nature of the situation he would be accompanied everywhere he went within the castle regardless of the fact that there were no students currently residing there. It was humiliating but he fully expected it, not that he wouldn't try and change the course of the past twenty hours if he could.

They came to the Headmaster's office, once inside Severus saw the Head of the board and Dumbledore standing in front of the man's desk looking rather solemn. His heart hammered heavy in his chest and he swallowed as he tried to keep his composure, unsure of what was going to transpire and his immediate thoughts were what was going to happen with Harry.

"Good afternoon, Professor Snape." The Head of the board walked forward and shook his hand before offering him a seat in front of the Headmasters desk.

He sat down, as did the Head of the board whilst Dumbledore remained standing with his hands resting on the edge of the desk behind him. Severus sat up straight and squared his shoulders as he eyed Dumbledore looking for any kind of indication of how this was going to play out. He was nervous, Severus Snape did not get nervous however in this instance he was and as much as he tried to stop himself he found his hands wringing anxiously in his lap. He looked over to the board member when he cleared his throat and braced himself.

Hermione, after her shock leaned forward and took Harry into her arms, this action made Harry collapse even further and as she rocked him back and fourth to comfort him, his sobbing got louder. Ron just sat there, he couldn't work out what was happening but he didn't make the move to leave the two of them there, he was literally frozen on the spot. Hermione was the first to speak and she pried herself away from Harry check him over, mainly his face that was stained with tears.

"I'm not going to get angry with you, Harry. I think we both know you've done wrong judging by your reaction. Please… tell us what is going on." Her voice was full of concern and was soft.

"I just… I don't know why he…" Harry had to stop as he started shaking with fresh tears running down his face, "Dumbledore walked in when…" He took a deep breath and looked at his two friends, "We were having s-sex." He finished, his face flaming with embarrassment and Ron's undignified squeak made it worse.

"He what?" She gasped and held onto Harry tighter, "Did he hurt you?" She choked out, thinking that maybe their Potion's Professor was using her friend.

"No, Hermione. I was the one that wanted it, and I got us into trouble." He sobbed and pulled away from her so he could address both of them.

"I'm sorry I lied to the both of you," At this he wiped his nose on his sleeve, "He's been there for me, h-he understands what's happened to me back at my relatives. He just gets me and no, before you ask he hasn't pushed me towards anything. He was the one that didn't want to do this in the first pla – It was me that kissed him first." He stressed out those words to reiterate his point because in his naïve mind he truly believed that it was his fault for all this.

"Shh, it's okay, Harry. Come on, let's go for a walk." She offered, aware that Ron's parents and family were just inside.

"Professor Snape, after much deliberation between my colleagues and I, we have decided that under the circumstances your position at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as Potions Professor is suspended until further notice. The seriousness of this situation means that you are not permitted to be in the presence of any school aged children without proper supervision until we have come to a conclusive decision."

Severus felt the blood in his face drain completely and for a second or two he could have sworn that his heart had stopped beating until he took a deep breath and it started hammering away in his chest.

"Hopefully we can come to some sort of agreement in the next few days of the school holidays so that we do not create an issue in staffing, however I cannot guarantee that this will happen." The board member continued and Severus could only nod numbly at what he was saying.

"Very well, thank you." Dumbledore intervened and after a few pleasantries ushered him out of his office before coming to sit in the now occupied seat, adjacent to where his Potion's Professor was sitting.

"I'm sorry, Severus. I tried." He offered but Severus just sat there as he processed what was going to happen.

"I will resign, Albus. There is no way I can stay here and let Hogwarts, let a lone you get crushed when this gets out to the papers." He sighed and leaned forward so he could place his head in his hands.

"Severus I cannot accept your resignation. You are the best damn Potion's Master in the whole of Europe, I will not let you walk away from thi – "

"I broke the law," Severus interrupted, his voice raised as he stood from his chair and started pacing, "I seduced a student, I was stupid, I was – I was reckless and now look what has happened." He could feel his exterior cracking at this point and he knew that he needed to see Harry, to talk to him.

"Severus, please. Just calm down and we can sort something out."

"I need to go down to the Dungeons and start packing my things." Severus was now by the window looking out across the grounds. He was going to miss his home, miss Harry and everything that transpired between them.

"Not just yet. I will escort you home, Severus." The Headmaster offered and went over to pat Severus on the shoulder before they apparated back to Severus's house.

The day that they were going back to Hogwarts, Harry was coming down the stairs when he heard a familiar male voice floating from the kitchen and he ran through the lounge with wide eyes until he stood in front of the Headmaster. The man looked tired, but then again Harry knew he didn't exactly look any better considering he hadn't slept much over the past two nights.

"Ah, Harry my boy. I was just asking where you were. I wished to have a private moment with you back at Hogwarts, there you can meet your friends when the train arrives." He asked and Harry nodded.

"Of course, sir. Let me just get my trunk ready and I'll be down." He replied and with a backwards glance at Hermione and Ron who were at the bottom of the stairs before he turned and walked towards them.

They both followed Harry upstairs and walked into the room he and Ron shared as he packed. He wondered why he would need to go back to school early, he was sure it had something to do with Severus because the man had been very tight lipped when communicating through the bangles. He just kept saying that he was sorry, over and over, like it was all his fault and that was something Harry couldn't understand. It was Harry's fault, that's what he believed anyway.

"I wonder what he wants to discuss." Hermione said quietly and Harry stopped before turning and facing them.

"I, uh, I guess he wants to discuss guardianship of me, perhaps?" Harry offered and then after a beat he continued packing.

"Guardianship?" She asked and Harry nodded but didn't stop packing.

"I don't have any guardians since I'm not going back to my relatives. I guess I'd hoped to be staying with Severus, sorry, Professor Snape." He stressed before sighing and sitting on his bed.

"That's right, I'd forgotten. Oh, Harry everything will be fine okay? We're here for you." She comforted and Ron came in and clasped him on the back.

"Yeah, mate. It's… odd but yeah, we've got your back." Ron commented and Harry was happy that they both empathized with him.

"Thanks guys." And with that Harry stood and hugged his two best friends before he went back into the kitchen where the patiently waiting Headmaster was standing.

"Ready then, Harry?"

"Yes, sir."

"Oh, Harry you must come back and see us next holidays. The Headmaster tells us he's looking at somewhere for you to stay and we would be more than welcome to have you with us." Mrs. Weasley cooed and gave him a back breaking hug.

"That would be nice, thank you." Harry replied dispassionately before turning to his friends and hugging them goodbye.

"We'll see you later." Hermione whispered and then him go, watching as their Headmaster and their friend walked out the door.

When Harry was apparated to Hogwarts, he lurched forward as he always did but this time he was left to land on all fours seeing as Severus wasn't there to hold him back. He tried not to let tears surface when he remembered this and took a deep breath to reign in his emotions.

The walk to the Headmasters office, on Harry's part felt tense, but then again when he looked over at the older Wizard he had a stern look on his face and it made Harry wonder what he was going to say. Furthermore, where he was going to be living, he didn't know if he could live with his best friend, as nice as Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were they felt quite suffocating and were by no means Severus.

"Severus!" Harry cried when he walked through the door.

The man turned around and his face looked crushed, which made Harry run over to him and wrap his arms around his waist. He took a deep breath and smiled into the black robes when he recognized the smell, it was rather comforting. He pulled away though when he heard an uncomfortable cough from beside him and he looked over to Dumbledore who motioned for them both to take a seat. He felt foolish, he shouldn't have gone in like that but he had been so worried about Severus and to not have the man answer his messages was devastating.

"Harry, I brought you here because Severus has asked if he could speak with you. However under the circumstances I cannot allow the two of you to be left alone, is this alright?"

"Yes, sir." Harry's voice cracked and he looked over to Severus who was staring at his hands, he had never seen the man looking so upset and it gave him an odd feeling in his chest.

"Harry, I…" Severus stopped and then looked up towards Dumbledore before giving him what could only be describes as an imploring look.

Dumbledore sighed and then nodded, waving a hand towards Harry who was now frowning it was soon clear. Severus stood and then went to kneel in front of him, taking both hands in his own and kissing them briefly before speaking.

"None of this is your fault, do you understand? Harry, please tell me you understand."

Harry didn't say anything he just gripped onto Severus's hands tightly and had the fleeting idea that he could get away with giving the man a kiss on the lips. That then reminded him of the day he kissed Severus and he gained a worried look on his face.

"But it is my fault, Severus," He said quietly, "It was me that – "

"No, Harry it wasn't. I could have stopped this if I wanted but I didn't, Harry, I didn't stop this because I fell in love with you." Severus whispered and it made Harry want to cry, seeing his lover, or was it ex-lover, in such a state.

"Severus." Dumbledore warned from behind him and Harry heard the man sigh as he stood and went back to his chair.

"What's going to happen?" Harry asked suddenly and then realized why he must have been there and he rushed up, "No one can find out, please." Harry begged as he knelt on the floor in front of the Headmasters desk.

"Harry this is a very serious situation. I have reported this – "

"NO! Please stop. Severus will lose his job." Harry was working himself up.

"Harry, please calm down." Severus tried putting his hand on his slender shoulders and pulling him away back so he could sit on the man's knee.

"The two of you can't stay here together." The old Wizard looked tired.

"I'll go." Harry said standing in defiance after shaking Severus's hands off his shoulders.

"I got you into this – " Severus tried to say.

"No, I can't have you lose your job, Severus." Harry interrupted his lover, turning to face him.

"Harry, it's not quite as simply as that, Severus has been put under suspension until the board come to a conclusive decision. Severus's future is not yet certain and believe me we have no intention of letting the Ministry or Daily Prophet know of this if we can help it." Dumbledore explained as Severus pulled Harry back down onto his lap and wrapped an arm around the slender waist.

"But if I'm not here, then surely they will see that there is no longer an issue?" Harry asked and he saw Dumbledore stroke his chin.

"I will speak with them. Are you sure you wish to do this, Harry?" Dumbledore asked and Harry nodded his head vigorously.

"If it means, Severus will be able to stay here and teach then yes. Send me to Durmstrang."

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