Garrus wanted more. He tested the waters with light touches to her arms; just lingering, soft caresses like the ones he had brushed over her skin when he had first started undressing her. Those had quickly changed her mood, changed her scent to one of desire. So he tried them again, and the result seemed to be exactly what he was looking for. So he moved as suddenly as she had before she had done those amazing things with her mouth, spreading her arms and pinning her hands to the bed firmly. He clearly heard the hitch in her breath when he leaned close to nuzzle the column of her throat softly, humming against her skin before lifting his gaze to meet hers.

"Well, I'm not 'allergic' to you either," he said as he pressed his chest down on top of her lightly. "And we're just starting."

It surprised him slightly when she moaned, and he felt the shift of her body that he quickly realized was a roll of her hips. She seemed exceptionally sensitive, in a good way. But rather than giving him the chance to search out this mysterious cause of her pleasure, she reached up with both hands and cupped his mandibles. The touch soothed him more than anything else, and he wondered if she had already figured that out when she spoke.

"Garrus, we can wait if you need to," she said, not sounding at all convinced that she actually wanted him to wait for much of anything. "I know you may not be ready, and you don't need to push it for me."

Rather than be insulted by the way she questioned his stamina (because as gently as she might have worded it, that was exactly what she had just done,) he found the whole thing rather opportune. He let his chest rise and fall in a sigh that he tried his best to pass off as dejected; disappointment clear in the uneasy twitch of his mandibles as he lowered his brow to brush over hers. He saw loving understanding come to her gaze, and he was sure she was ready to take his actions as a confirmation of her words. It took quite a bit of control to keep from laughing before he spoke, his mouth nuzzling against her cheek.

"Jane, I think you misunderstand," he spoke, letting a purr reverberate against her skin just a touch more deeply than was normal before starting to gently nibble his way down the line of her jaw and back to her throat. "You're under the mistaken impression that what I am about to do, I am doing for you. And while there will be a certain amount of… Collateral sensation you'll have to endure," he continued, sitting up on one elbow beside her as he brushed his other hand slowly up the curve of her waist, savoring the way she shivered and bit down on her lower lip when he lightly traced the outline of one rib with his talon, "This is about me. This is about how much I want you."

He really loved the way her eyes widened as he said that, and then the way they closed tightly as she bit back a moan when his hand to brush up the slope of her breast, falling just short of her nipple. He wrapped all three fingers around the soft mound, and very carefully allowed them to brush upward until that hard nub at the tip was oh so gently trapped between the pad of his thumb and one talon. Then his gaze darted up to her face when she cried out sharply, finding her head thrown back and a look that could only be described as surprised pleasure. He decided to try a tiny tug on her nipple, and was rewarded when she groaned his name in such beautiful pleasure that he almost abandoned the desire to finish his little game. Almost.

Even more sensitive than I expected. Good. I can work with this…

"Jane," he said in a low rumble, his hand not moving now as he waited for her to notice him. She writhed in place, and seemed to be doing her best to press her breasts into his hand again. But it wasn't until she opened her eyes and looked at him in confusion as to why he had stopped that he continued. "You stopped paying attention. You need to let me finish." He shushed her with a raised hand and a shake of his head when she opened her mouth to speak, causing her to fall into stunned silence. He was enjoying this entirely too much. "Don't make a sound until I'm done, or I will just to keep stopping until you can focus. Understand?"

Watching her jaw go slack in disbelief, he almost laughed when the jaw tightened and set firmly. A look he knew too well coming over her before she gave him a curt nod. Determination. No one in the galaxy could do determination like Jane Shepard, and no matter how hard he would make it (and he planned to make it very, very hard) he knew that she would keep her silence until he was finished. No matter how much it tormented her to do so.

"Good," he purred in obvious delight, earning a glare from her that lacked actual anger. She looked more… Impressed, interested, and aroused behind those tightly sealed lips and narrowed eyes. He planned to add pleading to that list before he was finished talking. "Now what was I saying?" he seemed to consider, as he returned his gaze to her breasts. Turning a bit into her, he rose to one knee to free his other hand to explore her. Because despite the game he was playing with her, he wanted nothing more than to get his hands on her body. Every last inch of it.

He kept his hands gentle as he now leaned over her to use both to cup her breasts. They were so… Fascinating. The skin was as soft as the hide of a newborn, and they were firm enough to hold their shape as he gently rolled them in his hands, but malleable enough to mold to his fingers at the same time. He knew what they were for, biologically speaking, but biology had been kind to humans in this respect. The fact that they were so sensitive, brought her such pleasure had immediately made them arousing to him as well. He no longer wondered why human males were so obsessed with them; especially not when he allowed the tips of his talons to painlessly brush over the tip of both nipples, causing her back to arch and the green of her eyes to darken with lust.

"Ah, now I remember," he said, as he lowered his head to one of her breasts. He saw her eyes go wide in what almost looked like fear; a reaction that he knew came only from the fact that she would have to stay quiet through it. And he gave her credit. The way her body shook when he ran his tongue in a lazy circle over the mound, before finally flicking it over that hard tip, he had expected something. A whimper, at the very least. But she made not a sound, even though the pace of her breathing had increased a notch, and he swore he could feel the beating of her heart against his tongue. He nuzzled her nipple as he continued to speak and just to be completely unfair, he thickened the tone of his harmonics as he brushed his mouth over the pink flesh of her right nipple. It caused her eyes to flutter, and he swore for a moment that actually heard her swallow a sound before he continued. "When you're going to cum, I don't want you to warn me. I don't want you to pull away, or try to stop me."

The growl in his voice was not a part of the game when he mimicked her words. Obviously he was doing everything right, because her scent was so thick now that it swam around him, invading his nose and teasing his palate with the faintest, unsatisfying hint of what she would taste like. That scent was making it hard to think, hard to focus on talking when all he wanted was to bury his head between her thighs and feast on her until the almost painful need was sated. But he had started the game, so he would see it finished. She wasn't the only one with iron control.

He saw a flash in her eyes when he ran the palm of one hand slowly down the plain of her stomach; felt her strong thighs actually tremble when he brushed his talon through the soft curls of red hair between them before nudging her legs apart just enough to give him access. And finally felt her hips jump, a spasm rocking her body when he slid the broader pad of his finger over the lips of her pussy slowly. He found her to be incredibly hot, and felt her juices coat him with just that single touch. The rumble of his harmonics rose, and he when he nuzzled his face between her breasts this time it was to distract himself from the flare of lust that nearly drove him out of his mind.

Somehow, though he was sure it was going to kill him to continue this level of control, he managed to speak in a clear tone when he kept using her own words against her. "Just cum, Jane. I want to feel it," he said as he slipped his finger away from her sex. Now he heard something from her; a desperate whimper deep in her chest that never made it past her tightly sealed lips. Lips that he noticed were pressed together so tightly that they were white and almost invisible. There was a glimmer of sweat on her brow that showed the effort keeping control took. He made things worse for both of them, when the finger that was soaked in the scent and taste of her rose to his mouth.

"I want to taste you." And though in some minor way it was a part of the show, mostly he allowed his tongue to slide out and taste her just because he was starving for it. Their eyes locked, and he held her gaze as the slide of his tongue pulled her finger into his mouth for his first real taste of her. The heat that passed between blue and green should have caused the air to combust. His harmonic thrilled lowly, and his moan was half growl when the musky, salty, earthy tang of her almost crushed what was left of his willpower. He savored it, even knowing that there was more to come, until there was not a hint of her left on his talon before sliding it out of his mouth. Now the whimper from her was real and audible, though she swiftly swallowed it into the back of her throat. He let it pass. He realized she was holding her breath to stop further sounds, and he suddenly found no trouble getting the rest of the words out.

"Because I have wanted you since you walked out of the wreckage of Sovern on the Citadel," he continued, not missing the way her eyes widened at the admission. Now he was moving down her body with his hands, and following those hands with the rest of his body as they trailed down over her waist. She had such a beautiful waist; the perfect curve of it allowed him to easily slide his palms further down over her hips and under her thighs. "And you're going to let me have you in every way I can. Do I make myself clear?"

The final question, which as much him giving her leave to speak as it was a command, was quickly followed by the gasped rush of her breath leaving her in a cry of relief. She had been holding back more than he expected, and her body seemed to come alive under him. Her thighs parted willingly and pressed into his talons, her hips arched, and her hands bunched into the sheets tightly as she looked up at him with the most openly pleading look he had ever seen. Much to his delight, the breathy gasp of her voice was just as pleading. "Yes! God yes, Garrus. Anything. Just please, please do something with your mouth other than talk!"

Not a single smart remark came to mind, which would have been disappointing any other time. Now he could find few words as he stretched out, and settled between her parted thighs. He was a little struck by how different she was to a Turian woman. There were no plates to part, no single slit to tease and arouse before mating as with his previous lovers. There were folds, lips, a swell of flesh on either side that was covered with the same light coating of red curls he had seen on the swell above her sex, a bump of some kind towards the top that he dared not touch until he was more sure of himself. And here for the first time he did see actual pink flesh, as he reached out with extreme care to slide his fingers over the outmost lips. He purred when her hips rolled at the touch.

All in all, it was… Beautiful.

But most striking to him was how wet she was, and how the sweet musk of her surrounded him. Even the lightest touch of his talons came away slick with her, and he could see the shimmer of it freely coating her groin and further down the cleft of her rear. When he spoke this time, he did so quietly; the cocky teasing in his voice now pure wonder as he looked up to see her watching him. "You're so wet. Is that normal?"

Her laugh was weak and breathless, and it was obvious that she was forcing herself to calm while he took his first look at his human mate. "Garrus, I've never been this wet before. You… I don't even know how to explain what you do to me."

Something dark rose in him, something primal that responded to her words in a surprisingly hungry way. The need to possess her so intense that it drew a low, soundless rumble from a deeper place than his passion had ever reached; his mind was flooded with the idea that she was his. He wanted to mark her, to claim her, an urge that he had never felt with another woman before her. No one else had done what he did for her, and no one else ever would. It sent a tremor of pleasure and need through every cell in his body, and this basic level of lust caused his cock throb against the sheets as the desire to take her struggled with his desire to finally taste her.

Apparently, the little inner war had not gone unnoticed. The way she watched him now, as he watched her so intensely, had changed. The mixture of longing, arousal, love, and even a hint of fear in her eyes making him believe that she knew exactly what he wanted in that silent moment. He set it aside, even while doing so knowing that it was not something that would be put off for long.

Now he just focused on wanting the taste he had teased himself with moments before. He considered for a moment before deciding that best way to give him full access was by sliding his hands behind each of her thighs, lifting them without resistance to set them over his shoulders. This put his mouth right where he wanted it to be, and caused her to shiver deliciously as his breath washed over the folds when he breathed her in deeply. That one breath was enough, though. So much hotter now that he was so close, he was drawn to it. The flick of his tongue over his mouth plates followed by a much slower, much more deliberate draw of the blue muscle over the outer lips.

And Spirits, the taste of her was incredible, powerful and unique; the musky tang of her filtering everything else out of his mind so effectively that he even missed her incoherent babble of "Ohthankgod!" as he tasted her again with a little more urgency. He allowed his tongue freedom from his mind for few moments, and just allowed himself to follow the flavor; so what began with a slick trail of his tongue over her outer folds, quickly flowed inward as he found the source of the heat. He knew how to please a Turian woman, but he quickly found that she was so much more responsive. The lightest touch with of the tip of his tongue caused her breath to hitch, and the increased pressure when he dipped into her center without actually slipping into her tore a cry of painful need from her. And her need urged a rumble to rise from his chest as he nuzzled his mouth against her to dip a little more deeply.

That seemed to make one hell of a difference. He wasn't sure if it was the touch of his mouth, the depth of his tongue, or the hum of his voice that caused her to so suddenly shift from a complacently patient woman to an urgent, desperate female. But what he did know was that her back arched off of the bed, and her hands left the sheets to slide under his fringe. The way she curled her fingers desperately into his flesh where his spinal plates began caused another growl of lusty hunger to rise from his chest as his hands moved to grip her waist tightly enough to dig his talons into her skin, intent on keeping her from fleeing. He was dimly aware that the gesture was entirely instinct, and entirely Turian, but he didn't care and she certainly didn't seem to mind in the slightest as she sought to pull him closer with a ferocity that drove him to comply.

He explored on every level, touched and teased every fold, but mostly he allowed himself to feast on her. He was being selfish and greedy as he allowed his action to be dictated by his own need to devour every bit of her, licking, and nipping just to saturate himself in the taste of her. But from the way her hips started a slow rolling grind against his mouth as her cries became almost constant exclamations of pleasure, he must have been doing something right. The red flush of pleasure that spread over her body was accompanied by a change in her scent and taste; his tongue seeking it out eagerly, sliding deeper than he had before drawing back to gather the juices that so tantalized him.

It was that motion that first brought him into contact with the curious little hooded bump.

The sudden change in the way her body moved when his tongue brushed over her clit made him fear that he had done something to hurt her. Her muscles went ridged, her thighs clenched around his head, his fingernails actually bit into his hide deep enough for him to feel pain, and her back was arched in a way he was sure had to be painful. When he saw her face, saw the tightness of her jaw and the thin line that was her mouth, he was so sure that he had hurt her that he withdrew his tongue with a sinking feeling in his stomach. "Did I…?"

When his tongue withdrew, her breath left her in a rush and she was suddenly all motion again. But now it almost seemed like pain on her face when she desperately raked her fingers down the back of his neck, her eyes more than a little wild as she looked at him pleadingly. "No no no, please don't stop Garrus! Ngh! So close… Sooooo close!"

He obeyed her when she bent her legs to press her heels into his shoulders, a move that spread her wider, gave him easier access when he dipped his head to slide his tongue from entrance to clit slowly. Her body tense again when his tongue brushed that hard little nub, but this time he didn't stop. He lavished her sex with hungry attention until he felt tense muscles begin to tremble, and became all too aware of how the taste of her intensified when she bucked her hips against his mouth.

When she started to cry out his name repeatedly in a way that made his blood simmer and his male pride swell in his chest, he slid his tongue into her deeply with a throaty rumble of delight rolling through him. When he felt her belly flutter against the hands that held her waist, heard her breath catch in her throat, he decided that it had obviously been the right thing to do. She all but screamed his name in rapture, her fingers scrambling over the back of his neck and up under his fringe as if they couldn't decide what to do, and couldn't stay still long enough to latch onto anything solid. Her thighs tensed around him, and he felt the flutter of her inner muscles before they squeezed around his tongue tightly. He could have sworn he felt her temperature rise as she came, the flavor of her coating his tongue anew as she trembled and quivered and clenched around it.

He found himself readily agreeing with her earlier comment; it was going to feel amazing when he was inside her.

It surprised him when she didn't start to really settle, even when it became clear from the relaxation of her body that the climax had passed. She was breathing deeply, as was expected. Her entire bod was flushed in the aftermath of what he hoped had been a good, hard orgasm. She certainly wasn't complaining, from the way she looked at him with green eyes bright with passion and dazed with pleasure. But when he slipped his tongue out of her with a slick lap over the outer lips to take that one final taste with him, it caused her to whimper a bit as her hands moved from the back of his neck to the plates of his shoulders. And she was suddenly pulling on him, and there was a different kind of desperation in her eyes when she spoke.

"Please, Garrus," she said, her voice trembling as he allowed himself to be pulled up over her. Her thighs remained parted, as she wrapped them around his narrow hips tightly to draw him close. His harmonics skipped a note, before he rumbled heavily when the motion caused his cock to press wetly along the soaked folds of her sex. He almost, almost slid inside before he even knew what was happening, and that caused her to groan against his mouth when she pressed her lips again against it hungrily. He willingly acquiesced, tongues meeting, dancing with a surprisingly tender soft of hunger between them before she drew back and started to rain kisses along his mandible. "I need you. I need you inside of me."

He almost managed an intelligent, verbal reply before she nuzzled her way under his chin and sank her teeth into the vulnerable hide on the side of his throat with an almost painful force. His eyes widened, and the moan that tore its way up was laced with her name. Torn apart by need, love, and a sudden surge of instinct that he couldn't deny any more than he could deny her, the Turian buried his claws into the mattress, angled his hips and gave her exactly what she needed.

Cumming . Orgasm. Climax. Release. Peak.

In the past, she had used all of those words to describe the final pleasure of sex. And she had enjoyed it in the past, had enjoyed her time with her lovers and would not cheapen what she had shared with them by saying that they had meant nothing to her. But this… The bliss that was manipulated out of her by this magnificent Turian was so far any beyond anything she had ever felt before that she found it unfair. She couldn't even being to understand why it was so different. And that thought made her want to laugh, because the different was so vast with her alien lover that it would likely never feel normal as she understood it. But that was a good thing.

Yet what kept running through her mind, even as the pleasure slowly started to drain out of her, and his tongue withdrew from overheated folds, was that this must be what it really meant to share pleasure with someone you loved. There was no other explanation. Her arousal was beyond anything reasonable. She had been with handsome, hard bodied men in the past. When she saw human males she could appreciate their beauty, their male attributes and felt no change in that area. But when she looked at Turian males, she saw… Turians. Not as alien as they once had been, certainly. But just Turians. She felt no desire for them, got no flutter in the belly or tingle between her legs. She had even tried fantasizing about Primark Victus as an experiment; he was a powerful man, and she figured he would be considered attractive among his own people and he was also the only Turian she had spent any real time around aside from Garrus. But had ended up laughing at the idea, had felt not even a tickle of desire, and ended feeling just a little dirty when she looked at him for a day or two afterward.

And yet, for what seemed like forever now, every time she set her gaze on blue eyes, silver-gray plates, long limbs, broad chest in heavy armor, rumbling voice, sharp wit, scarred face… It did to her exactly what it did to her now when she looked down between her legs and found him looking back. And damn it, no matter how completely different he was, she found him so incredibly sexy. Not the flutters of a teenage crush, or the heat of a first love, or even the simple ache of lust. She needed him so desperately that it had frightened her for a long time. Of course that fear was past, and she was here with him now making her feelings for him perfectly clear.

Maybe it was the understanding of these things that made her need suddenly spike again even as her body tried to cool. Or maybe it was the thought that they had waited long enough. Or maybe it was that damned vibration that made her bones melt when he lapped at her that one last time as if trying to memorize her scent. Whatever the case, she suddenly needed him inside of her with a ferocity that felt like a physical hunger. Even as she pulled him bodily to cover her with his own strange, rough, beautiful broad plated chest, she made her intentions as clear as possible.

"Please, Garrus," she said with a tremble in her voice that was beyond her control as her lips found his mandible. She clamped her thighs around his hips; all but forced them closer until she felt the throbbing heat of his shaft nestle against her sex. She was sensitive, so wonderfully, painfully sensitive so soon after climax that the pleasure she felt was almost painful when she arched herself into him to increase the friction and she felt the rumble of pleasure as much as heard it when she pressed her lips to his mouth. She felt him hesitate for half a breath before he was kissing her back with every bit as much passion as she had hoped. She could taste herself on his tongue, and it made her sex clench in remembrance of exactly what that tongue could do to a woman.

When she broke the kiss and turned her attention to his mandibles, she was already shaking with fresh waves of lust. He wasn't moving fast enough for her now. She had to encourage him to meet her where she was now. "I need you. I need you inside of me," she finished, and did something that she hoped made him understood.

She bit the hell out of him.

She was pretty sure that if he had been human, she would have just taken an actual chunk out of him. But his hide was thicker, and a bite that made her jaw ache with the force she put behind it simply left marks deep enough to bruise. But oh, the reaction it got was perfect. She felt his body stiffen above her, and felt as much as heard the feral rumble that was torn from his chest before she found herself shoved back into the bed with a firm hand to the center of her chest. When she lifted her eyes to his, she found a predator staring down at her. She wasn't given the chance to form a thought beyond that when he lowered himself over her, and nipped at her throat. She almost had a chance to groan that it wasn't enough, damn it, before she realized that his hips were shifting against hers as he placed both hands on the mattress on either side of her. The rough feel of his plates was only a momentary concern before he drove himself forward.

There was a rush of pain at his sudden entry, and she felt as though her breath had sucked from her lungs at the sudden rush of sensation. Then she gasped in the scent of his hide as she buried her face between his neck and his cowl, every breath for a moment burning with the intensity of the sensations, both physical and emotional.

Later, she would privately find that the feeling of him inside of her for the first time was somehow similar to when she had risen from the dead. Removing everything but the basic sensation, that is what it felt like for a few seconds. There was pain, there was a nagging fear, but there was also an absolute necessity to feel more for the sake of survival. It wasn't until much later that she would realize why they two moments reminded her of the other.

Finally being with him was like learning to live again.

And like before, after the sharp intensity of the pain, there was a soothing calm as the universe just seemed to shift into place around her. The lingering numbness, the feeling of cold that had surrounded her heart since the Reapers attacked was shattered and cast aside. It was a glorious release, sweet and painful and perfect as she felt the heat of his flesh throbbing within her, as if to prove that he was just as warm and alive as she was.

It wasn't until she felt the feather light touch of talons brushing across her cheeks that she became aware of her own tears. Opening her eyes, she found a man who had once been an alien staring down at her with naked concern. A perfect, beloved, and much needed man that she doubted she could find the will to live without. Her smile was light, and so clearly happy that she saw him relax. She was pretty sure he understood, and any sign of fear that he had hurt her fled from her smile when he leaned close to press his forehead to hers. Her hands moved to his face, fingers ghosting over his mandibles softly as they took a long moment to just look at each other.

"I love you, Garrus Vakarian," she said softly, and her smile softened when she felt the thrill of his harmonics deepen and intensify for a moment, just as she had the first time she had admitted it to him. "Does that mean you love me, too?"

When he gave a very small nod, the motion caused her own head to bob a bit before he replied, "You must know that I do. Love you, that is. I mean, wait," he sighed silently, and then chuckled a bit when she smirked up at him and tried again. "I love you, Jane Shepard."

Her smirk softened into a smile, and she lay silently with him on top of her as he continued to caress her cheeks. Final, not really in a hurry now, she asked, "Now that we've started, are you going to finish making love to me?"

It was his time to smirk, and his mandible twitched slightly as he bumped his mouth lightly against her lips. "I am pretty sure I started this when we first walked through the door," he said, and she savored the pleased purr of his flanged voice as she gave a little laugh. He waited for a moment before he continued in a softer tone, closing his eyes and kissed her again. "Give it a minute. This is nice, right as it is."

"It is," she agreed just as softly, and nuzzled her mouth against his lightly and held it there. No hurry now, no hurry when they had time to just be together like this.

There was more kissing, though it was not the same hungry battle of tongues as before. Just a gentle touch of mouth to mouth, and a tiny taste of tongue to tongue, a breathed in sigh and a breathed out whisper. A light nip here, a gentle nuzzle there, and a few soft words thrown in because she did so love the sound of that voice no matter what he was saying.

When it started, they started it together. One kiss lingered longer than the others, and was ended with a light nip to her lower lip that had her moaning and her mouth searching eagerly for the next. They started as if they had never seen each other's bodies before. Hands started to move again, hers finding a patch of hide running down his side that brought a moan out of him and caused a throb of his cock within her that washed away the pretense of innocent. His hand danced over her shoulder, and then around behind her to trace a talon softly down her spine; the way she arched her breasts into the plates of his chest made him purr in delight. His tongue tasted the cooled sweat on her throat easily, while her hands wandered down to slide around his waist. Both actions caused their hips to shift against one another, as the sparks reawakened the fire between them.

Even as the heat started to build again, it was that continued exploration that caused him to notice the angry red blotches between her thighs where his hip plates were rubbing against her skin. "Jane, you should have told me," he said, clearly not angry. Just a little… Annoyed that she had kept her discomfort from him.

She tightened her legs around him and looked unapologetic as she refused to allow him to pull away from, or out of her. "I've had Reapers fall on my head, Garrus," she pointed out, as she tried to distract his attention with a firm slide of her fingers along the hide alongside his chest plates. The effect was clear, and she swallowed a moan as his cock pulsed inside of her thickly. "A little chafing is not going to stop me from having you."

"Hm," was his only reply, a sound that came out as a half growl that sent shivers down her spine when he lightly closed his mouth over one nipple. And the bastard distracted her with that little wave of pleasure, enough to allow him to take her ankles in his hands and spread her thighs from around his hips. She almost growled at him herself, before she felt him slide himself out of her. She couldn't help the whimper that escaped her. The sudden feeling of such emptiness was almost depressing when she considered that he might actually want to stop because of some stupid scratches.

"Garrus, no, please…"

Her whimper and protests were cut off when he slipped his hands down her calves slowly, and then gently used them to roll her onto her side facing away from him. Eyes a bit wide, she turned her head to watch him as he stretched himself out behind her partway, making some minor adjustments until one arm was wrapped around her from below, and his hips nestled against hers. All protest was gone when he lifted one of her legs and draped it over his at the same moment that he used his other hand to guide himself back into her from behind.

And that felt fucking amazing. She wasn't even sure if he had done it intentionally, but the pads of the fingers he used to guide himself back into her had nestled against the hood of her clit just as his tip found where it belonged. Her moan was not quiet; she was more than happy to grind back against him until their hips were flush and she felt the ridges at the base of his shaft press against her outer lips. That sensation set her hips to rolling as heat coiled in her belly when he drew back and thrust into her once firmly. Oh god, I'm about to…

She couldn't help it. She couldn't stop it. The heat of his breath trickling down her throat as he rumbled her name into her neck with that sexy-as-hell voice, and his arm wrapping around her waist to draw her close as he sheathed himself inside of her without restraint. It all slammed into her core at once, and she tipped over the edge so suddenly it shocked her. The pleasure spread through her from too many points for her to count, though it most assuredly centered on the length of blue cock nestled deep inside of her. The cry that came from her had no name, or no words tangled in with it. It just needed to be let out in a feral yell that had nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with that final release.

On some very visceral level, she was aware of him as well. Jane wasn't sure if he had been holding back more than she realized, or if he had been driven over the edge by the sudden explosion of passion that threatened to cloud her mind with unconsciousness. But she felt him thrusting into her with a sudden urgency before she was even halfway through her own pleasure. She felt him throbbing as one hand kept her close, and the other moved to grip her hip tightly enough that she was sure she felt him draw blood from her for the first time. And the fact that he could be so lost in passion that he lost control for a moment sent her pleasure that much higher as she felt the jerk and pulse of his length inside of her. The rush of liquid heat that filled her as he came made her eyes close, and even in the midst of her own orgasm she felt a warmth spread through her just knowing that her need for him was matched by his need for her.

It was a slow climb back into the real world for both of them. She tried to focus on everything at once, and was amazed to find it somewhat easy. She could feel the swift rise and fall of his chest against her back, and the cooling sensation of his breath huffing over her sweaty skin. She could feel the simple, pleasant weight of his cock stretching her, and the light sensation of pressure and wetness that she knew was his cum settling inside her. She felt the light sting where his talons had bitten into the skin of her hip, and managed not to feel at all smug about the fact that he had lost control because of her.

Then she felt his hand slide over the wounds, and felt what must have been the wetness of blood. And he clearly felt it too, because she felt him tense and raise his head. Before he could move further, she quickly covered her hand with his own and pinned his hips with the thigh still draped over them.

"Don't," she said in a voice that was just a little drowsy, and a whole lot content. "I've never felt better in my life and you're not going to ruin it by having a macho Turian 'I should have controlled myself' moment. Do I make myself clear, Vakarian?"

She smiled slightly when that seemed to calm him and he settled back against her with a low thrum in his chest that reminded her of a cats purr for a moment. The sound only lasted for a few seconds before he nuzzled his face against the side of her neck again, breathing deeply before he spoke.

"You realize that means I've marked you, and you've accepted it," he said softly, and she could feel him sitting up on one elbow beside her to slide the palm of his hand up and down her arm in a light caress. It was making her eyes want to stay closed for longer and longer periods of time. "That means you'll have to marry me now."

And just like that, she wasn't sleepy.

At all.

She felt the little knock in her chest as she digested the words, his tone, what he was doing. She knew the man. She knew the man, and she couldn't find a single thing in his voice that said he was joking. She waited a beat, trying to gather the thoughts that he had just blown into a million pieces with a few softly spoken words before she slowly turned her head to peek up at him.

That face that she knew and understood so well was turned towards her, calm and patient. Blue eyes were full of what she now recognized as love, mingled with hope and a little worry. And just enough fear to make it real. Once she realized what it was he feared, she gave her answer.


She saw the fear and worry drain away from the eyes she loved more than she could express, replaced with everything that she felt and wanted to keep feeling until they were old, and wrinkled, and had faded from the memories of the galaxy. She closed her eyes as he leaned close, and rested his forehead against hers lightly. That trilling rumble rose in him, and she replied by caressing his scarred mandible with one hand lightly.

"Good," he said after a moment, and after lightly bumping his mouth to hers he continued with twitching mandibles. "Because I was planning to ask you every day until you took pity on this love sick Turian by reluctantly saying yes just to shut me up. It would have reeeeally cramped my style."

Her laughter was light and happy as she reached up to wrap both arms around his neck. Drawing him close, she pressed her lips to his mouth and a few more happy tears escaped the corners of her eyes.

It feels so damned good to be alive again.