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Don't freak out.

Panic Panic.

I'm Not freaKIng ouT.

Panic Panic Panic

Why wOUld you think that? I'm not panicking.




No, Grima had not, by some unfathomable means, returned hellbent on Chrom, Robin and the Shepherds. No, neither Plegia, Valm or Feroxi had come to invade Ylisse. And no, a bride-to-be was not freaking out about her big day.

It was her fiance, and her brother, that were freaking out. Which is worse that a bridema.

Much worse.

"Okay, everyone! We have only a week left to get this wedding all together! Gotta be great for the bride's big day~" Inigo called out to the decorators. They were hanging curtains of lilac, blue and white around the ceiling and between the pillars. Chrom insisted that the daughter of his Grandmaster Tactician was to have the reception in his ballroom. "It's got to be used somehow, why not this?" Was Chrom's argument. So it was decided then. After Libra was to marry Morgan and Laurent, they would head for the castle in the afternoon and evening.

"Are you certain that this isn't a bit...much...For Morgan's taste?"

"Hey! This is my baby sister we're talking about!" Inigo "Morgan's only getting married once, Laurent. She's gotta have a perfect day!" Inigo caught something at the corner of his eye, "Where is the flower...guy...thing?!" He threw his hands in the air in frustration, "He was supposed to be here an hour ago! We need to go over the flower plan with the color scheme darnnit!"

Laurent sighed. He still couldn't agree that Morgan agreed to marry him. Even though they had started their relationship nearly two years ago, so much has happened: Morgan's mother and father, Robin and Olivia, had Inigo, and Olivia was currently pregnant. With twins. Twin Morgans. They would have five kids before they were even thirty years old. It's not surprising, really; The older Shepherds were starting their families, Laurent even met his past self, even though he was born on a different day. So it was like he had a brother. Who was over a decade younger than him.

"I believe the term you meant was 'florist'?"

"Look, Laurent, are you gonna help me or not? I've got a wedding to plan!"

"...Even though it is really me or Morgan who should be planning."

"I'm trying to help!"

"You're acting as though it's your wedding! I thought it was the bride that was usually stressed out with planning, not her older brother!"

"Well, I don't my little Morgan getting all tuckered out and stressed! That's what big brothers are for! And I don't see you doing much!"

"Well, Morgan is older now, she's a little more responsible that she used to be!"

"Says the fiance who's getting married to a girl who still likes to stack books or vials on top of each other! Or BOTH!" Laurent briefly remembered one evening when he caught Morgan...well...being Morgan when she's bored.

"That's my future wife you're talking about!"

"That future wife of yours is my little sister! I can make fun of her, you can't."

"Now wait a minute-"


"No need to shout." A female voice called out. Both men turned around. Morgan was holding a vase of flowers, fitting in nicely with the colors on the walls and tables. She walked to Inigo, quickly setting the vase down on the nearest table. Morgan took Inigo's hands into her own and stared into his eyes, "It's okay, Inigo. Take a deeeeeep breath. Right after me. Breathe innnn..." She inhaled calmly, "Annnnnd breeathe out. Come on Inigo. Breathe innnn..." And Inigo followed her lead, "Annnnnnnd breathe out." And Ingio exhaled when his little sister did.

"Here." Morgan reached into the pocket of her Grandmaster tactician coat, and took out a bar of chocolate, "Eat some chocolate."


"Because you turn into a right Bridema when you're hungry."

"Bridema?" Laurent asked,

"It's a combination of Grima, the destroyer of worlds, and Bride, the destroyer of wedding plans. Bridema. Now eat the chocolate before it melts all over your hands and you start freaking out."

"Oooookay then..." Inigo took a bite, seeming calmer already. Chocolate does wonders...it warrants research Laurent thought.


"Better. Thanks, Morg."

That was his little pet name for his sister. It was cute, but Morgan didn't do just cute. Morgan made it quite clear to the Shepherds that it was important that she was both cute and powerful. And she was serious, which was rare for the rose haired woman. Still, Morgan did a lot of growing up in the last few years; her hair grow long and wavy enough to be put up into a ponytail, she grew up to reach Laurent's shoulder, when Morgan wasn't able to before. She became an assistant in both Chrom and Robin's war council, and helping Henry and Ricken-who had given up on being Chrom's right hand man- with their magic school, even if the two mages still threatened her with Goetia and/or Katarina's Jolt.

"No problem. You okay, Laurent?"

"O-oh I'm fine...thanks for asking." Laurent scolded himself; He shouldn't be getting so flustered when Morgan was just asking about his well-being. If the man got flustered at something like this, then what was Laurent going to do about...the next thought was so inappropriate, he felt the heat rise into his face and neck. Laurent excused himself, and went outside to get water from the water barrel to pour on himself

Calm down Laurent.

Tone it down.

Think about Faylan.

After a couple of moments until he was sure the redness in his cheeks were gone, Laurent went back into the ballroom. He found Morgan explaining why the florist wasn't there today. Apparantly


"Inigo, the man's wife was giving birth! I think that he would maybe change his schedule, just a bit." Morgan quipped back with sarcasm. Another talent she mastered.

"STILL-" Inigo started before the chocolate he had from before was stuffed into his mouth to shut him up. Morgan sighed, not even trying the breathing exercises. She trotted around him and roughly pushed him through the room, heading for the door, "Whaf arf yoo fooin, Morg?!" His mouth full of chocolately goodness.

"Just go home, take a nap, then come back tomorrow. I'll take it from here."

"Bud yoo dod no fa pan!" Inigo pleaded, digging in his heels.

"I think I can handle it. Now GO! Or I'll tell mum you've been no help at all!" And with a final push, Inigo was shoved through the doors, rolling on his face, then landing painfully on his back with an "OOF!"

Instead of using bridezilla, because I don't think the characters in FE:A would get it, so I thought of combining Grima and Bride. So, Bridma. I was thinking that instead of a one-shot, like the prequel, I was thinking of making it 8 chapters at the most, because of the premises (week before wedding hi-jinks and shenanigans)

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I repeat, the Fourth Wall will barely be standing.

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