2 Days later, 09:00
Sieghart Manor, Lounge.

Letting out an annoyed sigh, I fell back to the table, unsure of what exactly to do. My eyes shifted between each of the familiar faces of the Chase around the table, each of them looking at me with worry and confusion. They sat there, unsure of why I called this emergency meeting, not knowing about what happened a few nights ago.

"So, Elesis," Lire started, looking at me with a smile, "You know we were all looking for Rufus, Dio, Ley and Zero; why'd you call us back like this?"

I shot Lire a glare that told her I was going to get to that, hushing her as she sank back in her seat.

"Well, it's nothing unrelated to them," I reply vaguely, not sure exactly how to word it.

"Don't keep us in suspense then," came Jin's forceful voice, trying to draw answers from me.

"I think it is about time you told us, Elesis," Ronan, my husband, said softly as he placed his hand on mine, relieving some of the pent up tension that weighed me down.

"It's something to do with Rufus," I said with a sigh, making everyone lean in closer, "It's...umm...how do I put this..."

"Just say it," Lass said calmly as he picked up a goblet of wine, not knowing about the bombshell I was about to drop on him.

"It's his daughter," I finally replied.

Silence. There was only silence as I looked at each of them, their faces frozen, their bodies unmoving; it was as if they just turned into inanimate objects. The goblet in Lass' hands dropped to the floor, the velvet liquid pooling around the metal cup.

"I'm sorry," Lire said, completely stunned, "Did you say daughter?"

"No way," Jin smiled as Ryan next to him was stunned beyond words, "You're kidding! Please tell me you're kidding!"

Finally, laughter broke out between all of them —save for Lass and Lire—as they began slamming their hands on the table, kicking and screaming as they struggled for air. I reached under the table and pulled out a broken and frozen chain mail vest, throwing it on to the center of the table.

The laughter quickly died out as their eyes all locked on the shattered armor—it was broken beyond repair.

"That's Eric's right?" Jin asked as he looked towards me, "That thing is as strong as dragon scales with all the enchantments Ronan threw on it. Are you telling me that this girl did this?"

I only nodded as they stared, dumbfounded, Lire reaching out to touch it. A visible shiver ran down her spine as her fingers just barely touched the icy metal, the unnatural cold seeping through to her very core.

"It's cold," Lire said flatly, "Are you sure she's Rufus' daughter? He didn't have any powers like this."

"The Eyeteeth are his signature and she was using them."

Silence again filled the room, each and everyone of us unsure of what to do next

Same Time,

Sieghart Manor, Training Yard.

I sighed as I lay on the grass, my body still feeling the unnatural cold. I stared at the cloudy morning sky as the sound of Lauren, the son of Lire and Lass came closer. My head was still filled of the image of that stunning girl in the alley; the piercing red eyes that stared directly into mine, the long, blue hair that danced like a frozen comet—that outer worldly beauty that seemed to be peerless in this mortal world.

"Hey there, sleepy head," Lauren chimed in happily as he came close.

Lauren was tall, five-foot-eight and an inch taller than me, had silver hair and fair skin. He had a fit build and wore a blue, sleeveless vest with jeans. His boots were simple leather tied together with flax while wearing a bandanna around his forehead. He had navy blue finger-cut gloves around his hands as they lay on top of the dagger and kodachi on his waist.

"Not now, Lauren," I groaned, leaning up as the cold pain ached on my stomach—I felt it clearly even two days after.

"I heard you got your ass beat by a girl," he said with a grin, taunting me—and it was working.

"Sure I did," I admitted, annoyed, "but she could have beaten your ass easy."

"Wanna try it?" he smiled mischievously, patting his weapons.

I smiled as I willed the ground itself under him to burst into flames, a pillar of fire engulfing him.

"Failed surprise attack," he smiled as I felt his blade come closer to me from behind.

The blade touched my skin, ricocheting off and going high into the sky, landing meters away—reinforcement worked. I slammed my foot into the ground, fire and ice surrounding me as I let the blazing frost dance around me, throwing Lauren back. The combination of hot and cold ebbed and flowed by my will as I charged forward, wrapping it around me like an aura as I thrust my fist forward. Hitting nothing but air, I turned around as the after-image vanished in front of me, my right foot leading the way in a roundhouse kick. The sound of my heel snapping Lauren's steel blocking dagger echoed in my ears, a smile crossing my face as I successfully made contact; it was then that I realized my mistake.

"Bad move," he smiled as I felt like my whole body get tangled up in what seemed to be like webs, "Shadow Stitching!"

It was one of Lauren's signature tricks, to materialize the shadows and weave them like a web to restrict my movements. Due to the incorporeal nature of shadows, it completely slipped past my defences, its tensile strength as if it were roped iron. With a loud roar, I willed my body forward, snapping the shadows from my body as I rushed forward, slamming into him as he taunted me much to his surprise. The body slam burned and chilled him to the bone as the aura of ice and fire ate at his unseen barrier, screaming as he conceded.

"Like I said," I said smugly as I jumped back, giving him room, "she would've kicked your ass."

"Eric!" my mom, Elesis, shouted as her and the other Chasers approached us, "Perfect, you and Lauren are both here."

"What's up, mom, dad?" I asked, raising a brow as Lire and Lass helped Lauren to his feet. Without saying a word, Ronan, my dad, tossed a new pair of swords and a set of armour my way, "What's this for?"

"Remember that girl, Claire?" a shiver ran down my spine as Elesis asked, thinking of what she was about to say.

"...Yeah," I replied after a short moment of silence, the images of the beautiful girl with those deadly weapons filling my head.

"We're gonna look for her," I felt like my blood turned into ice just imagining it as Elesis said those words—I could only sigh as I nodded, consigning myself to this fate.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read this again, I appreciate you guys taking a look and following this so far! Once again, this is a reboot of the original story but the general plot stays the same. Don't worry if it seems like a big difference from the original, this is just the style of writing I had made during the time I was writing my own original stories and I'm not applying it here. Hope you guys enjoy, update for Act 1 - 3 will come soon! Enjoy!