Sound of Poison Rain

Warnings: Themes of child abuse early-story. Themes of boy love/slash mid-story. Do NOT read if this bothers you.

Series: None – this is a standalone story that does not relate to any vampire-related book or series.

Disclaimer: Sound of Poison Rain and its characters belong solely to me. Do not, in any way, take characters or ideas from the story without permission. This story is for entertainment purposes only; no money is being made from it.

"Your son is an abomination."

The blonde vampire sighed, a frustrated explosion of air. He shook his head, his exaggerated brows drawing together in a frown as he continued, "Do you realize what keeping him alive will do to the rest of us? Our race?"

"I'm well aware, Fitch," When Vincent spoke, there was an edge to his voice. It's no secret that allowing his newborn son to grow would result in a massive war between vampires, perhaps one far greater than before. "But perhaps no one has to find out the truth about his birth. Perhaps…" Vincent's voice seemed to crack a little but he merely coughed to clear his throat and continued, "Perhaps he will just not live long enough to be discovered."

Something like a snort escaped Fitch. "Don't be ridiculous. No child formed from the bond of a human and vampire has ever left the womb unscathed, but your newborn seemed to have accomplished what is only written upon in myths. If he's strong enough to have been born, then there's no doubt he will survive years to come. You and I very much know that cannot—"

Unable to contain his anger and frustration at bay any longer, Vincent finally threw a trembling fist at the alley wall, causing it to dent and crumple, though Vincent's knuckles were barely scratched. "I know!" He didn't bother to hide the shaking in his words this time, "But I will not allow anyone to kill him, much less find out the truth about him!" Drawing in a deep breath, Vincent looked away from his closest friend and lowered his gaze in an attempt to hide his sorrow.

Unfortunately, their close bond of 75 years couldn't allow Vincent to hide any emotions. Fitch stepped forward carefully and placed a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder, "Do not worry, Vince. No one will find out about him. Only the boy's mother and I, and yourself, have been informed of his birth, is that correct?"

At the mention of Linda, the human woman that had carried his newborn for 9 months, Vincent flinched. Linda had never wanted a child and was persistent on having an abortion, though Vincent was always there to remind her without explanation that the child would just die upon birth. A natural abortion, if you will. When hours went by and the child never passed, Linda's hatred for the child only grew into a deep loathing. Vincent never forgot the ice-cold glare Linda had given the baby when he was placed in her arms for the first time.

"That is correct," Vincent replied after composing his emotions.

Fitch looked thoughtful for a moment. "And in the past two weeks – since the time of your child's birth – has he shown any signs of possessing vampire abilities? Fangs? ….Immortality?" His dark eyes rose to meet his friend's confused icy blue ones and watched as they turned into a glare.

"Are you mad?" The question drew Fitch off-guard and he looked offended for a moment. Before he could defend himself, he watched as Vincent shook his head, "No, he hasn't shown any abilities or fangs. As for his immortality… really, Fitch? How do you suppose we test that, shall we throw him over the nearest cliff? Drive a steak through his heart? Reveal the truth about his birth to the Elders?! Believe me, they will be more than willing to test his immortality!"

Fitch released a small chuckle, finding amusement in his friend's words. He placed his hands up defensively, "Alright, forgive me, it was stupid of me to ask," After Vincent's glare softened, Fitch decided it was safe to continue. "Though, it sounds as if he is no more special than a normal human baby. Perhaps it will be easy to keep him alive."

Vincent didn't like where this was going, and he had no intention of hiding it. "What, as a human? Out of all the stupid things you've said tonight, this is probably number one. No son of mine will live among those beings, no matter the consequences!"

Fitch chewed his lower lip thoughtfully, knowing full well that what he was suggesting would itself bring upon a war between him and his friend. "Vince, consider it. The boy isn't showing any signs of vampirism, and keeping him a part of our world would only make it clear that he's different."

"Quiet, Fitch. I don't want to hear any more of your nonsense," In anger, Vincent spun on his heels and started to make his way out of the alley. A strong grip on his wrist yanked him back, and he was forced to make eye contact with Fitch, who didn't seem to be making any attempt in hiding his pity. Almost immediately, the two began to explain their side on the matter, cutting through each other's sentences.

"I'm sure any human family will take him in, and—"

"—I can't believe you'd even consider—"

"—of course once they take him in, he can never find out about our race—"

"—My son, my blood, live with humans? Sure, he may seem human now, but he has vampire blood—"

"—In fact, it's probably best if he doesn't find out about you..—"

"—He's born a legend, and you expect me to throw him with those boring creatures, away from us, away from—" Vincent froze, just now hearing Fitch's last words. He swallowed hard, breaking his gaze from his friend's pity-filled stare, "Away from me." He repeated flatly, unable to process these words.

The blonde vampire remained quiet, not sure how to comfort Vincent.

"I don't understand. How did it come to this?" Vincent's voice was barely above a pained whisper, and his next words were strained, "He wasn't supposed to live."

But he did. The boy did live. A boy, born of vampire and human blood – something completely unheard of. For hundreds, no, thousands, of years, it became well known to vampires that it was impossible for a vampire child to survive in the womb of a human female.

Somehow, this boy did.

"My boy is not a human, Fitch." Vincent said in one shaky breath.

"He is not a vampire, either." Was Fitch's only reply.

In truth, neither vampire knew what the boy was – is.