The Cushion Saturation

"I still can't believe you guys just burst out like that," Claire sniggered as she ate her lunch in the cafeteria, thinking about the latest University paintball match she'd been in.

The English department had taken to climbing the trees in the area near a bridge on the course and picked off the others as they ran past. She had had a birds eye view of Sheldon, Raj, and Leonard making a break from a small barn they'd hidden in, running right into all the chaos and getting pummeled for it. In the end it had been a History Department victory with the English department coming in second.

The other science divisions might have physics and chemistry on their side, but it didn't mean much when at war. That was when the battle strategies and historical information came in more useful than calculations. The English Department read and taught about wars and other strategies used in a number of stories while the History instructors had fact to back up their battle plans. They had learned from the past what worked and what would fail, which benefited them in the end.

So much for their fancy smancy science.

"I can't believe we trusted Wolowitz to cover us," Leonard grumbled.

Howard rolled his eyes at that but looked down when Raj slid a paper over to him, "Yeah, I saw it," he told Raj, before asking the others what Raj had written, "Did you guys see the new budget memo that went out this morning?"

"Yeah, more cutbacks," Leonard sighed.

"Unacceptable," Sheldon huffed, "It baffles me why they don't simply let some of you go so that there's money available for my research."

"You know what baffles me, Sheldon?"

"Based on your academic record, any number of things, I would imagine."

"Shelly," Claire gave him a firm look, "That wasn't very nice."

"It wasn't?" Sheldon seemed genuinely confused, "I was just answering a question that there are likely a number of things that baffle him. I don't know to which he was referring."

"Then maybe you could have phrased it more like that, you didn't need to bring up his academic record. That would be like someone bringing up your art class records."

"Oh alright," Sheldon huffed but nodded, understanding now where he'd gone wrong. Art was not his forte, he hadn't seen the point of it in school, it baffled him, if he was honest, "Leonard, if I may rephrase, there are any number of things that could baffle a person, to which are you referring?"

"Better," Claire nodded.

Luckily, though, Leslie Winkle chose that exact moment to approach their table and cut off Leonard's response, which Claire was sure she would have to chastise him for as well.

"Hey," she greeted.

"Hey, Leslie," Leonard responded.

"Hey," Howard grinned up at her.

"Howard," Leslie turned to him, "I got the approval for the rapid prototyper you wanted."

"That's great, Leslie. Thanks."

"You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Rawr," she added a cat noise before winking as she headed off.

"Yeah, no," Claire held her hand up as Raj tried to lean over and whisper to her, not wanting his breath in her ear, "I think I know what you want to know. Howard, what was all that about?"

"Oh, uh, no big deal," he shrugged, playing with his food, "They gave Leslie control of some unrestricted grant money."

"Yeah, ok, but what's with the back-scratching and the meow," Leonard asked.

"I believe the back-scratching metaphor generally describes a quid pro quo situation where one party provides goods or services to the second party in compensation for a similar action," Sheldon answered.

"Thank you."

"The mrow," Sheldon imitated the cat noise, "That sounded to me like an African civet cat."

"I don't think she was imitating a specific cat, Shelly," Claire remarked.

"Well that's a relief, because despite what the name suggests, the civet cat is not a true cat."

When Claire refused to hear him out, Raj turned to whisper to Leonard instead, making the man snort, "Yeah, I agree, not a back-scratching metaphor. There was definitely some actual scratching involved. What about it, Howard?"

"Ok," Howard sighed, "I didn't want to say anything 'cause I know you and Leslie have a little history…"

"I don't care about that," Leonard cut in.

"Great, 'cause I've been dying to say something."

"Wait a minute," Claire looked between the two men, settling on Howard, "YOU and Leslie?"

"In the paintball shed! Twice!"

"I just wanted to know if you were together, not THAT together!" Claire grimaced, shuddering and putting her fork down, her appetite gone thanks to that mental image.

"Is that why you didn't cover our escape and let us get cut down like animals?" Sheldon glared at him.

"Oh, yeah, sorry about that," Howard waved it off.

"My good man, dereliction of duty in the face of the enemy is a court-martial offense."

"Court-martial, schmort-martial, Leslie Winkle is the fifth girl I've ever had sex with. I mean, for free."

"Howard, stop!" Claire buried her face into her hands, too far away from the man to hit him with something to make him, "I don't want to hear that."

"Yeah, I know," Howard ignored her to laugh at something Raj had whispered to him, "I got a rapid prototyper. And yes, it is a VERY expensive piece of equipment."

"And the rest of us have had our budgets cut to the bone," Leonard grumbled.

"Ok," Howard sighed, "One way to look at this is that I'm getting new equipment, and you're not, and that's unfair. But a better way to look at this is that I'm getting sex and you're not, and that's delightful."

"Alright, I'm done, I'm going to go to my classroom and try to unhear this last conversation," Claire stood up, taking what was left of her food to dispose of as she headed out.

Howard rolled his eyes at her reaction, when Sheldon's displeased expression caught his attention, "What?"

"You upset my friend," Sheldon gave him a final glare before standing up to go after her.

"Huh," Howard remarked, "What do you know, we have a way to get Sheldon to leave," he smiled at Raj and Leonard.

"No," Leonard shook his head, "We're not making Claire uncomfortable just to get Sheldon to leave us alone."

"Oh come on, Leonard," Raj turned to him, "Claire is friends with SHELDON, I'm sure she's used to storming off in a huff."

"Still, she doesn't deserve us to make her more frustrated," Leonard argued, "She's a good person and a good friend."

"She keeps hitting me with things!" Howard countered as though she couldn't be as good a friend as Leonard was claiming.

"She's just doing what all of us wish we'd done when you get on a creeper streak," Leonard told him.

Howard opened his mouth to argue, but closed it and nodded his head, it made sense.


"The whole thing froze," Penny was explaining to Leonard as she and Claire joined him in his apartment, her laptop open on the coffee table as he worked to fix it, Penny sitting in Sheldon's spot with Claire in her own, Leonard next to Penny as he tapped away on the keyboard, "I don't know what happened."

"I tried to fix it, but Penny refused to let me restart it," Claire added, intently watching Leonard as he worked so if this happened again she might be able to help next time.

"If we restart it, I'll lose everything!"

"Calm down," Leonard reassured her, "We'll figure it out."

"How can I calm down? I'm about to lose my whole shopping cart. That's three hours of picking out shoes just shot to hell."

"Maybe it's a sign you don't need them?" Claire offered, holding up her hands in surrender when Penny shot her a glare.

"Hello Claire," Sheldon called as he entered the room, "Penny."

"Hi, Shelly."

"Hey, Sheldon," Penny waved a hand behind her at him.

"You're in my spot," he pointed out, frowning at Penny.

"Are you planning on sitting here?"

"No, I'm going to the comic book store."

"Then what difference does it make?" Penny asked, only moments before Claire could warn her with an, "Oh, don't!"

But it was too late and Sheldon was all set to go on a tangent, "What difference does it make?"

"Here we go," Leonard sighed.

"That is my spot. In an ever-changing world, it is one of the single points of consistency I have. If my life were expressed as a function on a four-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, that spot at the moment I first sat on it would be zero-zero-zero-zero."

"What?" Penny looked at Claire for it.

"He was the first person to sit there and he wants to be the only one to sit there," Claire summarized.

"Ok, fine," she rolled her eyes and got up, moving to Leonard's other side, "So what are the other ones so I know what not to do in the future?"

"I'm sorry?" Sheldon blinked, confused.

"You said the couch was one of your points of consistency, what are the others."

"My mother and Claire," Sheldon said simply, heading for the door and fishing his keys out of the bowl, "As you've already sunk your claws into Claire, I'll ask you to refrain from growing too close or familiar with my mother."

Penny shook her head as Sheldon left the apartment, "Boy, I know you love him, Claire, but he is one serious wackadoodle."

"He's just set in his ways," Claire defended lightly, still watching Leonard work so intently she hadn't even realized what Penny said about her feelings for Sheldon nor denied them, "Doesn't like change."

"Yeah, well, I don't like waitressing but I still do it."

"Apples and oranges," Claire shrugged, different people had different things they were willing or able to do. Penny waitressed out of necessity, even if his life depended on it Sheldon wouldn't be able to do certain things.

"Ok," Leonard smiled, testing the laptop to show it was working again, "That should do it."

"Oh, thank you!" Penny cheered, hugging him tightly, "You are a lifesaver."

"That's a lot of shoes you ordered."

"Yeah, you know the sad thing is, it's really not," she hit the final order button and closed the laptop, noticing something resting on the table behind it, "Ooh, is this one of those paintball guns?" she asked, picking it up and examining it.


"Ooh, you should come to one of our matches sometime," Claire smiled at her.

"Oh, no, thanks," she waved it off politely, "I'm from Nebraska. When we shoot things, it's because we want to eat them or make them leave our boyfriends alone," she waved the gun in a gesture of saying 'get out of here' to someone for example, when the gun went off and fired three green paint pellets right at Sheldon's spot.

"Oh dear lord, Pen…" Claire gaped at it, "What have you done?"


Claire was watching as Penny and Leonard frantically tried to wash the paint off of Sheldon's seat, Leonard putting serious elbow grease into getting the stain out. But it was a hopeless cause. Everything they tried had just made it worse. Wiping at it had smeared it all across the middle of the cushion and spreading it out like that only made it dry faster. She had stopped them using literal bleach as it would have ruined the cushion in an irreparable way. They just had to figure out how to get the dried paint off.

"You think he'll notice?" Penny asked as she watched Leonard sigh and give up, looking down a the bright, neon green splotch.

"There's a chance," Leonard said sarcastically.

"Oh, what are we gonna do?"

"Maybe we could wait till it dries completely and try to chip it off?" Claire offered.

"No, no, hold on, wait a minute," Leonard turned to Penny, "'We?' No, no, no, you had your chance to be we with me for, like, a year and a half now and being roommates doesn't mean Claire needs to take the fall with you either. Right now, you are you, and you are screwed."

"Why do we have to tell him I did it?" Penny frowned.

"Well, we're not gonna tell him Claire or I did it."

"We actually could tell him…" Claire began to speak, but Penny was well and truly freaking out now.

"How about this? We tell him somebody broke in."

Leonard and Claire gave her an odd look for that, "Someone broke in just to shoot the couch with a paintball gun?" Claire clarified.

"I'm sorry, I buy it. All those people are on drugs."

"We could tell him they wanted the couch to stay away from their boyfriend," Leonard remarked dryly.

"Ok, fine," Penny huffed, knowing it was a terrible excuse, "Well, what if we just flip it over?" she hurried over to it and flipped the cushion so the stain was underneath, "There. Looks fine, right?"

"Mmm, butt print," Leonard pointed out, "There's no discernible butt print."

"Oh, come on," Penny quickly sat down and wiggled around to make an indent, before standing up and gesturing at it, "There, butt print."

"It's too small," Claire shook her head.

Penny was just about to turn to her and ask how and why she knew that fact, and how often she stared at Sheldon's behind to know it, but then Leonard added to it.

"And too perfect."

"Thank you," Penny turned to him with a bright smile.

"You're welcome."

"Shh!" Penny hissed when the doorknob jiggled as Sheldon entered, "Act normal."

"Sheldon!" Leonard cheered, the three of them awkwardly standing as they faced him, not acting normal at all, "How was the comic book store?"

"Fine," he answered, "The new issue of Flash is out."

"Great, great."

"Shelly you didn't walk the whole way, did you?" Claire asked, frowning a bit, "It's starting to get chilly out."

"No, no," Sheldon shook his head, "Koothrappali picked me up."

"Isn't that terrific?" Leonard spoke up, "He is such a good friend. You know what the best thing about friends is?"

"They don't talk incessantly for no particular reason?"

"No, no, friends forgive the little things."

"You know, I gotta go home and wash my hair…" Penny began, trying to head for the door, sensing Leonard might be about to blurt out what had happened and pin it on her.

"Don't you dare, missy," Leonard reached out to lightly grab her arm and tug her back.

"Guys, really, it'll be ok," Claire murmured to them when Sheldon was distracted by his new comic.

"Hello, fastest man alive," Sheldon spoke to it, heading for his spot, "Want to see me read your entire comic book?" he opened and shut it quickly, "Want to see it again?" he did the same as he sat down, stiffening instantly and looking at them, "Something's wrong."

"What do you mean?" Leonard shifted on his feet.

"I'm not sure," Sheldon murmured, before shifting on the cushion, "It doesn't feel right."

"I don't know what you're talking about…" Leonard began, but Sheldon stood up and lifted the cushion to examine it, spotting the green stain on the other side, "Oh, that…Penny did that!"

"Hey!" Penny cried out, glaring at Leonard.

"Why would you do such a thing?" Sheldon frowned at her, "I would expect something like this from one of the childish bullies from my youth but not someone I consider a friend. Do I go into your apartment and destroy your property? No. Penny, I'm sorry but this is going to earn you a strike and…"

"Penny didn't do it," Claire cut in, "She was just saying that cos she thought you'd get mad at me."

"Why would I be mad at you?" he turned to her, confused.

"Because, um, I-I was the one who d-did it," she explained, "I was sh-showing Penny the p-paintball gun because…I um, can't m-make it to the next m-match and I-I thought she c-could stand in for m-me and was showing her the um, gun but I-I-I didn't check it properly and it w-went off and hit your cushion and Leonard t-tried to help m-me clean it b-but it just made a b-big old m-mess," she took a deep breath from the ramble she'd just done, "I'm sorry, Shelly."

Sheldon blinked, "I understand, it was a mistake."

"Hold on," Penny shook her head, "I get a whole lecture about it and a strike and Claire just gets an 'it's ok?' What the hell, Sheldon?"

"Well I know Claire didn't do it on purpose."

"And you think I did?"

"Well I don't know," he huffed, rolling his eyes, "I DO know that Claire wouldn't."

And it was true, after so many years together, he knew that Claire would never do anything to hurt him or damage his property intentionally. She had helped him, when they were children, keep his siblings from destroying his things, helped keep bullies from taking his lunch. If there was one person he trusted to look after his things, it would be Claire. So he knew it had to be a true and genuine mistake if Claire had a hand in it.

Penny looked over at Claire, who sent her a wink, a sign to drop it and let her take the fall for it.

"I'll pay for the dry cleaning," Claire told Sheldon, "It'll be good as new in no time."

Oh she really hoped it would, having Sheldon complain about his spot every time he went to sit there was bound to irritate everyone else and she'd really rather him NOT be killed before the cushion came back.


It was both amusing and sorrowful for Claire, to witness Sheldon trying to eat with the others later that night as they gathered in his apartment for dinner. He as perched on the back of Leonard's chair, but moaning in discomfort, before wanting to go back to his spot only to remember he couldn't as there was no cushion. He kept trying to find a place to eat comfortably, but he just couldn't seem to manage it.

It was amusing because the overall action was entertaining, but also sorrowful because she knew Sheldon found comfort in routine and this was an instance where it had been changed. He couldn't sit in HIS spot which meant he wouldn't be able to find much comfort in other spots and she hated to see him uncomfortable. And, she also knew, the others were probably more likely to be irritated with his constant shifting than try to understand he literally couldn't be comfortable anywhere but his spot. His brain just wasn't wired that way, it made a decision and it stuck to it. Oh he could change his mind about things, if it was scientific and he had data, or it was something he didn't fully grasp naturally, or if he had years and years to slowly work towards it. But this was a sudden change and wouldn't be something he could just snap his fingers and do.

"Why don't you just eat in your desk chair?" Leonard huffed after the umpteenth time of Sheldon moving.

"It's his desk chair," Claire answered, hoping if she tried to stem off the 'crazy' they undoubtedly heard when Sheldon went into a ramble, that it might help the tensions, "He works there, he doesn't eat there. In an extreme sense, you wouldn't eat in the bathroom, would you?"

"Yeah, but that's the bathroom," Penny countered.

"That's why I said extreme," Claire shrugged, "None of you would eat there, Sheldon can't eat at his work desk."

"You know, there's kind of an obvious solution here," Howard remarked, turning to Raj who sat beside him as he was in the middle of the couch, "Get up," Raj frowned but did so. Howard merely took the end cushion and swapped it over to where Sheldon's spot was, "There. Problem solved," he rolled his eyes when Raj whispered to him, "Nobody cares where you're going to sit. You're not crazy."

"Excuse me, but the problem is not solved," Sheldon huffed.

"He was able to tell the cushion he always sits on was flipped upside down," Claire pointed out, "You think he won't be able to tell this isn't his cushion either?"

"If your head had been accidentally amputated, and we transplanted a dog's head in its place, would that be 'problem solved?'" Sheldon continued.

"If it were your head, it would be," Leonard muttered.

"Not nice, Leonard," Claire chastised before turning to Sheldon, "Neither was what you said to Howard. Look, Shelly, I am really sorry about your cushion. But Penny says it'll just be a week and then it'll be right back."

"Yeah," Penny nodded, "Can't you be a little bit flexible?" he shot her a look, "Yeah, sorry. I didn't really think that through."

"How can we be sure it's only going to be a week?" Sheldon asked Claire, "I have no faith in Penny's dry cleaner."

"Why not?"

"Did you notice the sign on his counter? He's not a full-time dry cleaner. He also makes keys."

"Oh, for God's sake, Sheldon," Leonard grumbled.

"Focus is important!" he defended, "Was Michael DeBakey a wedding planner in between heart transplants? Did Alexander Fleming moonlight as a hairdresser? 'Thanks for discovering penicillin, now how about we try a bouffant?'"

Claire was sure she heard at least three of them given an audible sigh of relief when Howard's phone ringing interrupted Sheldon's tangent, "Ooh," the man grinned at his phone, "Looks like I'm gonna have sex tonight," he quickly answered it, ducking out of the way of Claire as she tossed a balled up napkin at him, "Hey, baby…"

"…his right hand is calling him?" Penny asked Leonard.

"No," he sighed, "It's Leslie Winkle. It's a long story."

"I'll pick you up in ten minutes," Howard finished up the conversation, "Gentlemen, adieu."

"I thought we were going to play Halo tonight!" Leonard reminded him as Howard got up to leave.

"What am I supposed to do, Leonard? There's a woman out there anxious to have sex with me. You understand, right?"

"No," Claire deadpanned.

"Not at all," Penny agreed.

"Nevertheless, I must depart," Howard continued, not at all perturbed, "By the way, did I tell you? Leslie pulled some strings and got me on the research trip to Geneva to check out the CERN Supercollider."

"That's not fair," Leonard frowned, "You're not even a physicist."

"Ok, there are two ways of looking at this…"

"Get out," Leonard waved him off.

Howard just beamed, "Bye!" and was out the door.


"Guess what," Penny called as she entered her apartment, Claire looking up from where she was working on a paper to see her holding Sheldon's cushion in her arms.

"Oh thank god," Claire nearly sagged with relief, hurrying to get up, "We should get it back to him before Leonard actually goes through with burning the entire couch."

"Yeah, let's go," Penny nodded at the door, the two of them making their way over to the guys' apartment, Claire getting the door for her, "Here you go. Fresh from the cleaners, good as new."

"Really?" Leonard perked up, "Great. Sheldon, look. Good as new."

Claire could only shake her head when she spotted where Sheldon was sitting squatting in his empty cushion space on the couch. The cushion had gotten back to him in just enough time.

"From that key maker," Sheldon scoffed, "I highly doubt it."

"You won't know for sure unless you give it a try," Claire pointed out, appealing to his logic.

He considered it a moment, before nodding, "Alright," and getting up from his crouch.

Penny beamed and moved to put the cushion back down, "There, nice and comfy cozy. Zero, zero, zero."

"Zero," Claire added quickly when Penny cut off at just three, "Go on, Shelly, give it a try."

Sheldon sighed but carefully moved to sit back down on the couch. He lasted all of a second before he was standing back up and declaring, "Nope."

"What do you mean, nope?" Penny huffed, "What's wrong with it?"

"Nothing, it's what's wrong with him," Leonard grumbled.

"It's exactly the same…"

"Penny, Penny," Leonard cut in gently, "I think I know what to do. Sheldon, I have some bad news."

"More?" Sheldon nearly whined.

"I'm afraid so. You know the cashew chicken I get you Monday nights?"

"Yes. From Szechuan Palace."

"Szechuan Palace…"

"Is going to be closed next Monday," Claire cut in, earning an odd look from Leonard, "So you may have to engage in a back up plan for that one night."

"Oh, really?" Sheldon groaned, "But Monday night is Szechuan Palace night."

"I know, but at least it's just one night," Claire pointed out, "It'll be open every other Monday after that."

"I suppose," Sheldon sighed.

"Now," Claire continued, "I have an idea, why don't we try this…" she moved over to the cushion and turned it upside down, "What about this?"

Sheldon rolled his eyes, "I don't see what good that will do," he muttered, even as he still made his way over to sit on it, "Flipping it over won't…oh," he stiffened, wiggling a bit on the cushion and starting to smile, "My, this feels exactly like my spot again!" he beamed up at her.

"I thought so," Claire crossed her arms, pleased, as she glanced over at a befuddled Penny and Leonard, "It was clean, so how could we tell what the right side up was?"

"Oh thank god," Leonard nearly sagged, he'd been about to tell Sheldon that Szechuan Palace closed two years ago and he'd been getting the man's cashew chicken from Golden Dragon, having bought 4,000 containers of the Palace's containers so Sheldon wouldn't know.

Claire just gave them a wink, she'd seen the containers when she'd helped Leonard clean out his trunk for his mother's belongings the last time she'd visited. He'd told her his dirty little secret then and she'd pinky promised not to tell Sheldon as he seemed to be doing fine with the way things were going and she hadn't wanted to upset him.

She had REALLY hoped that the cushion trick would work and Leonard wouldn't have to reveal his secret to keep Sheldon's mind off the cushion, knowing Sheldon it would upset him but he'd still not like the cushion and Leonard would have done it for nothing. Luckily it worked.


Leonard looked around at the small group gathered in the barn of the paintball course, the normal team, plus Leslie and Penny, "Ok, first of all, Penny, thank you for coming."

"Thanks for the shoes," Penny returned, "And not making me climb a tree. Who climbs a tree for paintball?"

In order to keep the lie about who really shot Sheldon's cushion with the paintball going, Claire had had to step out of this outing and Penny had to take her place. But the second she got to the other book nerds and saw they wanted her to climb a tree, she peaced out and went to find Leonard. She wasn't sure how Claire would feel about her defecting, but this was a one-time thing.

"Penny is an amazing shot. I think we have a real chance to win this week."

"What's the plan?" Howard asked.

"Ok. Now, we all run out. Sheldon and I will cut to the left behind these trees. Raj, Howard, and Leslie flank to the right behind the rocks. Then we'll all have a great view as Penny runs out and kills everyone else in sight."

"Right," Sheldon nodded, "Just one thing before we start."

"What is it, Sheldon?"

Sheldon turned and shot Penny with the paintball gun.

"What the hell?" Penny shouted.

"That was for my cushion," he stated.

"Claire shot your cushion."

"Oh please," he rolled his eyes, "Claire is my best friend, you think I don't know when she's lying?" it had taken him a while to pick up on what her tell was, her stuttering, as she usually didn't talk that much when she did lie, but he'd noticed it this time and it was clear to him Penny really HAD been the one to damage his spot not Claire, "On that note," he shot her again, "That's for making her lie to me."


"Penny was our only hope," Leonard groaned, Penny would be out of the game now that she'd been shot.

"I'm sorry, Leonard," Sheldon began, though he didn't sound sorry at all, "But revenge is a dish best served cold."

"Screw that," Penny muttered, shooting Sheldon as well.

"She can't shoot me. She's dead!"

"He's right, you can't," Leonard told her, before turning to fire at Sheldon himself.

"Well, if we're going to descend into anarchy," Sheldon huffed, shooting Leonard in return.

"Ok, see you," Howard muttered, heading for the door with Raj and Leslie.

"Where are you going?" Leonard asked.

"Surrender, then Denny's," Leslie answered.

"This is all your fault," Leonard told Sheldon.

"I was defending Claire's honor," Sheldon turned his nose up to follow the others out.

Penny just fired her paintball gun once more, getting Sheldon in the butt and smirking when he let out a yelp, leaping through the door and into the crossfire.

A/N: I related very much to Sheldon in this episode. There are some things you just get upset about that other people don't understand or think you're overreacting to. Like, I have a thing where I don't like it when people touch my stuff when it's in my room, I can't stand when people move my things. If I choose to move it, that's one thing, but if other people move it, it really upsets me and I don't know why, I can't explain it. My mom moved some things out from under my bed once and I almost had a panic attack or something. She tried to put it back but it wasn't the same because I knew something had been moved and it wasn't ME who moved it. So I had to pile all of it in the middle of my floor and leave it there till I felt ok again, it took a few days, and then I moved it back under my bed and it was fine. My mom thought I was overreacting and making a big deal of it, but it wasn't a reaction I could control.

I felt for Sheldon here, he had a spot and someone moved it/did something to it and then no one understood why it was such a big thing to him and why he wasn't able to get comfortable anywhere else :(

But lol, the way Penny and Leonard freaked out over getting paint on his spot made me laugh :)

Some notes on reviews...

Claire understanding Leonard is something that will come up in a future chapter of the series, he'll sort of step up to help her out like she did him and I think that having someone that even somewhat understands what you've been through or are feeling is something everyone needs :)

We'll definitely get to see a point where Beverly analyzes Claire when neither Leonard or Sheldon are there to help drive the conversation elsewhere, which will be interesting to see what's said, how it gets to her, and what Leonard and Sheldon's reaction to it will be ;)

Leonard certainly appreciated Claire's assistance and help and he tried to reciprocate by keeping his mother from analyzing Claire and undoubtedly upsetting her. Part of Beverly not pursuing it is a respect for Sheldon, efforts on Leonard's part to not give her a chance to do so, and also finding Sheldon's reactions to Claire more interesting given his high intellect and tendencies. Lol, Claire got more than she wanted from her brief entrance to her apartment, I could imagine her needing some time before she confronts Penny on what actually happened in the bedroom, she's Penny's friend and Leonard's friend but she does NOT want to know that much about them lol. We'll see her bring it up before this story is over and find out exactly how far it went though ;)

Claire definitely tries to put friendship at a top priority :) I think she's seen too much bullying and what Sheldon went through so she's always more keen to try and build a friendship than make enemies. Not to say she won't have some of those as the story goes ;)

Beverly is going to have quite a time studying Sheldon and his brain when it comes to Claire lol, Sheldon's reactions to it are going to be interesting ;) We got her a beagle :) I put up a few pictures of him on my tumblr, he's so small and cute :D