Truly Belong

by: Eyes-of-Pearl

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or Lord of the Rings (the book or the movie). They belong to their respective owners.

Synopsis & Author's Note: This story will be slightly Serena/Legolas. It is my first SM/LoTR but not my first crossover but pls let me know what you think. It follows the part after Serena defeated Chaos and in Lotr probably the point before Legolas is to attend Lord Elrond's council.

To date, this is my longest feature. This will be for most of the earlier chapters, movie verse. The latter part of the chapters will be a mixture of book and original ideas. I wrote this when the first Lotr movie came out, during the time when I was still very new at writing and to the world of Middle Earth. Some of you readers (both new and old) may be wondering why I am returning it. No real reason in particular, just something that is very special to me, but somehow, upon reflection, feels unfinished.

I have re-edited and reformatted this chapter by chapter. The original ideas are retained as well as some of the author's notes. Sequence have not changed but there are some inconsistencies through the story and Tolkien's works. I have tried to rewrite parts of the chapters in an attempt to honour the books. As well, I have written a new chapter as a final epilogue to wrap things up.

Thank you once again to all the wonder readers and reviewers out there who gave me their comments and suggestions. A very humble gratitude who those who added this story to their favourites' list and authors' lists. Thank you and enjoy this one!

Truly Belong

Chapter 1: Here I am


She was destined to save the universe, wielding the ever powerful, omnipotent Imperium Silver Crystal, but at what costs? Her greatest foe, Chaos had been driven out of Sailor Galaxia by the purity of goodness, but at the expense of all the Sailor Scouts and Earth's Greatest Protector, Prince Darien. Her heart yearned desperately to bring them back but ...

Galaxia: I will lead the star seeds back to Earth. Thank you Sailor Moon.

Moon: What about my friends and Darien?

Galaxia: she turned away slightly before speaking I am sorry, but after Chaos had been driven out, it took with it all my strength, so I'm afraid that I can't ...

Moon: I can lend you my strength!

Galaxia: It was Chaos who took their starseeds, it is I who can wield it back. Also, when Chaos was banished, half of their starseed were used to keep it from returning to this dimension. It is because of them that Earth will have a chance to survive. I am truly sorry, Sailor Moon.

Moon: Yes, so am I.

Without her friends and her lover, Serena felt that a part of herself, a pillar of light had been diminished as well, a fire that would never be ignite again. But then, she was being selfish and the queen inside her reasoned that she had always wanted for Earth a chance for survival. After attaining that peace, she would not be the one to take it away because of her own reasons. For the greater good of humanity, she would sacrifice her own being to uphold that peace. She owed the world that much and perhaps, it would lessen the burden of being the carrier of the Imperium Silver Crystal.

Still, there was no purpose for her to stay in this dimension, in fact she might even endangered it by staying. Instead, she bowed her head and whispered a prayer, "Grant your mistress this one wish, please relieve my sadness and take me away. For love and peace, take me to a place where I truly belong."

The crystal pulsated with life, hearing and heeding its mistress' call, Serena felt herself enveloped by the crystal's brilliance and as the air around her swirled, she found herself leaving this dimension.


(Middle Earth)

He was summoned to Lord Elrond's council and already the burden of his future was weighing heavily on his heart. Being Elf, he possessed the most extreme of emotions and presently his prospects had cast a gloomy shadow, a feeling that tugged upon his soul.

Nevertheless, he was at Rivendell. For the beauty here, there was not one word to describe the surreal refuge in which he had secluded himself in. Though, he was far away from his home of the Mirkwood Forest, he had found comfort in the deep valleys of the woodlands in outskirts of the royal palaces. He perched himself upon a jagged rock at the side of a foaming river beneath a waterfall. Its misty sprays cast a multicolour rainbow in the sun's rays which further enhance the autumnal colours of drifting trees and leaves along the shore.

Here in this little piece of paradise, he had momentarily left Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood behind. In its place, there left with just plain Legolas, detached from his duties ahead or what surprises the futures hold for him.

Legolas dimly closed his eyes as if to mentally paint himself a picture to satisfy part of his Elven wonder when suddenly his ears perked at the sound of a scream from above. His head swerved to look up at the sky. One hand shielding his eyes from the sun but whatever it was had landed straight into the river in front of him.


Legolas stood in contemplation, unsure of what to do next. His silver-blue eyes concentrated at the center of the ripples which were continually spreading from the fall. Within a matter of seconds, he could see an object shooting upwards toward the sky and spraying a pool of water droplets his way. He turned briefly to avoid getting wet and when he at last turned back, his mouth dropped as he was mesmerized by the vision before him.

It was an angel adorned in an ivory coloured gown. The water had almost made it translucent but Legolas was at awed by the wings on her back. Two giant feathery wings formed a snowy arch behind her. As she suspended gracefully in the air, they wrapped themselves protectively around her body. The maiden herself had her eyes closed but her arms out across her chest clasping a shimmering object in front of her. The crystal radiated a golden glow as bright as the maiden's hair itself. As the crystal pulsed rapidly, the lady herself slowly lifted her head and her eyes began to peer open until Legolas felt himself drawn to her cerulean orbs.


She was falling to where she did not know. She had no knowledge of how long she had been falling but all of a sudden, she felt the impact from her fall. It only took a second for her mind to register that she had landed in water. At that moment, her wings did not fail her, instead they propelled her upwards. Her 'meatball' hair style had fallen out from their buns and she realized that she was in her princess form, rather than her Cosmos incarnation. She felt no pain, but the Crystal had began to pulsate to relieve its mistress. It had even taken up the task of drying her after her encounter with the water. When it was near finish, Serena once more lifted her head and opened her eyes.

As her eyes slowly cleared, the image like a mosaic began to clear as well. She found herself starring at the man before her. He had a fair complexion and colouring with his long hair almost transparent in the sun. His eyes liked hers were azure but with the exception that his had a tint of silver. She could help but noticed that some of his hair had fallen out to reveal slightly pointed ears, but she could not be sure. Still, she admired his profile. He was dressed in a warrior-liked outfit and he stood majestically upon a rock with a quiver of arrows and bow behind his back. She found herself unable to breath, paralysed by the man before her almost as she was in a dream. 'If this was heaven, then I am content,' she thought.


Legolas attempted a step forward towards the angel before him, but without warning, her wings began to flap to get away from him. "No! Please don't go, I meant no ill will, milady."

At the sound of his voice, he saw that her body had relaxed somewhat but still she was cautious as she glided towards him. "Who are you? What is this place?" she asked. Legolas drew in a sharp intake of breath. Surely she must also be an elf because her voice sounded rich as the sweetest nectar but with a hint of a melancholy.

"I am Legolas of the Woodland Realm and Lady, you are in Rivendell."


Serena's eyes widened at the sound of the foreign names, but somehow, in the back of her mind she felt connected to them. Still she was no longer in Japan, or Juuban or in same dimension or time. The Crystal had done exactly what she asked by taking her away and now here she was, free to begin anew. Then, why wasn't she happy? Instead, unconsciously, she felt tears brimming at the corner of her eyes. She fought to hold them back, not wanting to show her fear or weakness in front of Legolas, a mere stranger to her. She had braved far worse situations with Chaos, Neherenia, Dark Moon family, Negaverse but with a bit of time travelling, she just broke down.

Legolas noticed that the maiden had began to cry but with great effort to hold a brave front. A lady with strength, he had to admire that. Obviously, she was not from around here, he could see the confusion in her eyes. Still, he could feel the sadness in her and so ever carefully, he ventured closer until he could wrapp his arms around her.


Serena felt Legolas' arms around her. She felt a part of her sadness lifted like a veil that had been drawn. For a brief moment, her loneliness was relieved by Legolas. It was a feeling that she yearned for with the passing of her friends. Still, in the back of her mind, she knew that she could never escape her duties as the carrier of the Imperium Silver Crystal.

She pulled herself from Legolas but immediately fell back into his embrace. He held her tighter and Serena could feel that his heart yearned for something as well: a break from his duties. They were two souls with the same objectives - to protect their worlds. Legolas softly asked the girl before him, "Please tell me your name so I know this is not merely my imagination."

His voice was gentle as a morning breeze and Serena felt herself drowning in it, "Serenity but please call me Serena."

"Well Lady Serena, welcome to Rivendell..."

End of Chapter 1