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A warm summer rain softly began to fall as a beautiful young woman leafed through a file, while sitting in her fancy German car. She looked right out of central casting as a movie star, with her athletic figure, beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. The eyes however were not bright and warm; they were cold and detached. She was an amalgam of different people, killer, lover, savior and nightmare; all carefully manufactured for a specific situation. She was a young woman of 26 but had already lived several different lives. She had killed 12 men in her young life, and even though they were evil, she surrendered a part of herself to each one. Not her manufactured self, but who she was before, her true self. Over time it got easier for her to forget who she was, as the pain of realizing who she became was too great to bear.

She was tired, more tired they any 26 year old should be. All she knew anymore was her mission, and as she read the name in her file again, her mission was a man named Bartowski. He was an underachiever, but appeared to have a very high IQ, and was very good with computers. His best friend apparently screwed him over in college and it seemed to affect him, possibly contributing to his current malaise. Although she had memorized the file, she found herself looking at it for the eighth time, or rather staring at the picture in the file. She got a strange feeling when she looked at him and responded in a very unusual way for her, she smiled. A real genuine smile, something she had not done since before she lost herself.

Why am I acting like this? His picture looks like a bad prom picture

she thought.

Then she did the last thing she ever expected, she giggled.

Snap out of it! Focus! Clear the mechanism…a voice inside her head said.

With one final look at the file, she got out of her car and entered the store.

The beautiful blonde walked inside and quickly surveyed the room. She spotted her quarry in the back at the desk helping many frantic people with their computer problems. He looked rather sloppy with unruly hair, a loose fitting white button down shirt, black pants and sneakers. Her experience told her that threat level cannot be quantitated based on appearance of the mark, but there was something about this man that was different.

He doesn't look like a threat…God who even wears those sneakers anymore, she thought to herself as she surveyed him.

She could hear him frantically talking to people and involuntarily smiled at his quick speech pattern and wild gestures.

She quickly steeled herself from her thoughts as she refocused on her mission. Identify Bartowski. Make contact. Use the name Sarah for mission. Assess the situation. Retrieve information. Terminate if necessary.

She took a deep breath and approached the mark.