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It's an interesting concept because I can never really see them having true angry, violent, nasty sex... however I've done my best with what I think could be realistic, and I've also tried to weave a somewhat complex(ish) storyline in too (they needed a catalyst to get them to the sexy bit ;)) So please don't give up before reaching the end, things might not be as they seem...and I think every Beth and Daryl fan will like the ending and hopefully understand why Beth and Daryl both acted the way they did.

It's a prison era fiction, and stars in some way, even if it's just a brief mention, most of our favourite characters from TWD. It's set as if The Governors attack failed and the prison is a thriving community, which includes the people of Woodbury.

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Our Place

Chapter One

It was early morning and the sun, although high and bright in the sky, hadn't begun to give off any real warmth yet, which Daryl knew meant winter would soon be upon them. The archer was returning from a quick morning hunt with a brace of pheasant thrown over his shoulder, swinging proudly in the breeze, which he hadn't failed to notice already had an icy chill to it.

Daryl was hunting as much as possible while he was able, he knew they needed to secure as much meat as they could, ready for the impending harsh winter. One of the men, Daniel, from Woodbury had been a butcher by trade, so knew everything there was to know about prolonging the use of meat, whether it was by salting, smoking, pickling or freezing. Daryl had noticed how Daniel had taken a shine to Carol, and had coerced her, without much protest (Daryl had also noticed) into being his student. Carol had been kind of happy, different lately, so Daryl could only assume the guy was giving her more than lessons in butchery, which Daryl was happy about. Carol was his oldest friend in this new world and she deserved some happiness.

Daryl reached the area outside the prison and crept in through a hole in the fence surrounding the yard, it was one that everyone knew was a short cut that kept you off the radar if you were wanting somewhere private and discreet to sneak off to. It was mainly used by the promiscuous Woodbury women, the ones that were trying their hardest to bag themselves a guy that was capable of looking after them. He himself had been their target on a couple of occasions, along with Rick and even Glenn, although the punch Maggie had landed on that particular woman had virtually turned Glenn into a leper. No woman had even looked at him since. The woman that had chased Daryl down through the woods, Sarah, Susan maybe, had nearly all but undressed herself before she got the message Daryl wasn't interested.

Although it wasn't sex or having someone of his own he wasn't interested in, it was just he wasn't interested in having any of that with Sarah, or Susan or whatever the hell her name was… or any of these women. He only wanted one woman, but he knew that was never happening because he was too damn useless and cowardly to tell her how he felt.

As Daryl rounded the corner to A Block, taking his usual shortcut to the kitchens, he spotted Zack pushed up against some poor girl, he had her slight frame sandwiched between him and the wall as his hands appeared to be doing a disappearing act under her shirt. Daryl watched with a smirk on his face for a moment, remembering what it felt like to be seventeen and horny as hell. It was torture enough when there were girls everywhere or dirty magazines to jerk off to. But to be seventeen and horny in this world, when there were slim pickings, must have been frustrating and depressing as hell. Although right now Zach looked to be doing just fine.

Daryl had just turned to make the detour around, not wanting to interrupt the boy, when he heard a giggle followed by "Like this." His heart stopped dead in his chest. He would know that sound, that voice anywhere, and now he felt stupid for not recognising the girl straight away. How the hell did he miss it? Daryl forced himself to turn back around, and it was suddenly as clear as day who was being fondled and groped by the eager teenager. It was Beth Greene.

Daryl felt his heart sink, as though a lead weight was pulling him to the ocean floor and he couldn't breathe. Beth wasn't supposed to be with Zach, she wasn't supposed to be with anyone. Beth belonged with Daryl. She had done for months now, ever since Hershel had asked the archer if Beth could spend her free time with him so he could teach her to survive on her own. Hershel, forever the realist and pragmatist, worried their new home wouldn't last forever, especially since the failed but very real attack by The Governor had brought home just how fragile their newfound security was. He knew his Bethy would need to know how to look after herself if they went on the road again. So Daryl had been teaching Beth to hunt and shoot and track and fight… and the girl had proven herself capable and fierce, so fucking fierce she sometimes scared the crap out of Daryl, even beating him in hand to hand combat once. Although Daryl wouldn't admit it to her, he knew that was only because he'd been concentrating way too hard on stopping his cock becoming hard, as Beth had pinned him to the floor between her strong thighs whilst wriggling around on top of him.

Of course, Beth belonging to Daryl was only real in his twisted imagination. He'd never told her how he felt, never really shown her either. It wasn't like they were a couple and Beth was cheating. They weren't and she wasn't, but his chest still felt like he'd been hit with a sledgehammer, as he watched Zach kiss her and whisper things that made her smile as his hand massaged her breast.

Daryl had convinced himself there was no rush to tell her how he felt, that Beth wasn't going anywhere and he could wait until the time was right. Well, it was true Beth wasn't going anywhere, Daryl had already decided he would rather die than let anyone touch a hair on her head. So knowing that, he would put it off, day after day, missing opportunity after opportunity, as he told himself they could just carry on as they were. Best friends and partners. It wasn't like Beth would meet someone else was it? Yeah, right Dixon, it's not like every man in the damn prison hadn't noticed how fucking beautiful she was, how since she'd been working with him she'd blossomed from gawky farmers daughter afraid of her own shadow to Xena Warrior Princess, afraid of nothing. It wasn't like they weren't all queuing up to date her, such as 'dating' was these days. Of course they were, and all of them with bigger balls than you Dixon, he berated himself.

Months ago when Daryl, after careful consideration, had told Hershel he would do as he'd asked, he realised he and Beth would need a safe flat area to train in, away from the prison and all its distractions. Daryl had eventually stumbled upon just the right place. It was about fifteen minutes east of the prison, it was a small clearing with a tiny creek running through it, the edges overgrown with thick trees and foliage. They'd made a basic but reliable alarm system, yards and yards of rope strung around the perimeter just above ankle height, the ends attached to bells that would ring if a walker ran into it. As a bonus, towards the back of the grassy area was a tiny derelict shed stood next to a huge oak tree, the door was missing and the roof leaked, but they'd sheltered there plenty from freak storms, listening to the rhythmic bouncing of the rain on the roof, and dodging the leak that dripped in the back corner. Beth had affectionately named it 'our place'. She said she'd never tell anyone else about it and it would be somewhere they could either go alone or together whenever they needed to breathe.

It took Daryl all of a week of being with her, to realise Beth Greene was, to a degree, him in female form. Beth had told him that she loved their family more than anything, but she needed to escape sometimes from the rules and routine and the oppression that came from her daddy and sister coddling her. Daryl needed to escape too, he'd never really felt comfortable with people and he'd never felt more at home than being in the woods and out in the quiet. But he knew he also needed a family, the security and acceptance the people at the prison gave him. At first that had surprised him, but he'd accepted you couldn't survive without people a long time ago now. He just needed to keep the balance between providing for the people that relied on him, with doing the things he needed to stay sane and healthy, which was something he'd never done before the outbreak. He'd only ever done what made Merle happy.

Beth Greene was also a fighter and she was determined and strong and quiet, all of the things he supposed he was. But she was so much more too, she was funny and beautiful and sweet and caring and intelligent and all manner of things he wasn't. Beth Greene was so damn far out of his league it was tragic he actually held onto the fantasy that one day she would tell him she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Whenever they needed to escape the stresses and mundanities of their regimented and predictable daily life, one would seek out the other and ask "Our place?" No other words or explanations needed, and they would duck out for a while to recharge. To talk or train or sit in silence in the wilderness…or track, which was Daryl's favourite at the moment. He liked to see how well Beth could track different species through the different seasons, the different weather and flora conditions and at different times of day. Unsurprisingly she excelled in that like she did everything else she tried, which made him feel proud, but sad too. Because he knew once she knew everything he did, once she could do what it took to survive out there on her own, she would stop spending her time with him. She would stop coming to their special place. She wouldn't need him anymore and she'd move on.

Back to the present and Daryl was rooted to the spot, he couldn't pull his eyes from the couple in front of him, but he knew he couldn't stay either. Jealousy and anger were coursing through his body like venom. So he made a quick silent retreat and began the long torturous walk round to the kitchens, as the image of Zack slipping his tongue in and out of Beth's mouth and running his hands over her breasts crowded his mind until he wanted to put his fist through the next person that passed by. He knew it was irrational, Beth wasn't his to get possessive over, she didn't owe him anything and what she did and who she saw was her own business. Knowing all of that didn't make it any less painful though. It didn't stop his heart from breaking.

Daryl carried on walking, knowing if he stopped he'd end up turning around, pulling Zach off of Beth and beating the crap out of the boy. And as much as Daryl wanted to hate him, beat him, it wasn't Zach's fault, the kid couldn't read minds. Zach didn't know that Daryl Dixon had fallen head over heels in love with the most beautiful woman left in this world. Zach didn't know it, because Beth didn't know it, and Beth didn't know it because Daryl Dixon was a useless dick who didn't have the balls he was born with, and so deep down Daryl knew he didn't deserve anything more than what he'd just witnessed.

Daryl was pulled from his angry self-pitying thoughts by a small voice "Mornin' Mr Dixon." It was Daniel's eight year old son, who was crossing the yard with a message for whoever was on shift in the watch tower.

Daryl startled, looking down to see the boy grinning back at him. Was his name Michael? Maybe Mitchel? God why was he so bad with names, he randomly thought as he grunted back at the boy. Suddenly though Daryl had an idea.

"Hey, d'ya know Beth?" he asked the boy as he gently held onto his shoulder to stop him running off.

"Yes, Sir! Miss Beth teaches us math and English every mornin'!" the boy beamed, excited the usually moody archer had actually stopped to make conversation with him.

Daryl crouched down so he was level with the boy "'Kay, well Miss Beth is behind A Block. Ya need to go fetch her, tell her it's urgent and that her daddy needs her. Make sure she know's she's gotta come with ya now, don't matter what she's doin', she's gotta come, understand?" Daryl quizzed as the boy nodded emphatically "And don't say I sent ya, 'kay?"

"Yes, Sir. I'll go tell her now. I'll be real quick." Michael sprinted off in the direction of A Block, leaving Daryl crouched in the yard. Daryl smirked to himself, feeling pretty smug for a moment, until guilt started to creep in. He stood up and wandered around the corner where he knew he would be hidden from view but could still see most of the yard. It really wasn't like him to be so childish and petty, but he was angry and jealous and he needed to stop whatever was about to happen between them. He thought if he could stop them it would give him chance to declare his feelings and tell Beth he wanted her. Not that he had one bloody idea how to even start that conversation, but he knew if he didn't try and she ended up with Zach he would probably have to leave the prison, or at the very least move away from C Block. It was eating him up inside already, witnessing someone else touching her. Seeing her belong to someone else. He knew he couldn't deal with the pain of seeing her with Zach every single day. It would kill him.

Within seconds of Daryl taking his place behind the wall, he heard Beth running across the yard, the clicking of her cowgirl boots giving her away. She was trying to button up her blouse and straighten her ponytail, at the same time as sprinting over to C Block. The look of dread on her face paired with how white she looked made him feel sick to his stomach, his stupid ass hadn't thought that telling her Hershel needed her urgently at this time of the day would cause her to panic. She probably thought her daddy was sick or injured. What a stupid fucking dick, he thought to himself. Why couldn't he just have kept walking and left well alone? Now Beth was upset, because once again, he was too pussy to open his damn mouth and talk.

Seconds later Zach came barrelling round the corner, flushed and dishevelled, obviously worried about Beth and Hershel too. The feelings of jealousy and anger were now gone, Daryl was left alone, skulking in the shadows feeing an overwhelming rush of shame.

Daryl had been Beth's shadow the rest of the day, not because he wanted to interfere between her and Zach anymore, he'd decided to let that one play out on its own. He told himself that Zach was a hundred times better for her than he could ever be anyway, and he was her own age too, which if Daryl was honest was always one of the excuses he'd used when he'd pussy out of telling her how he felt. Scared she'd just see him as a dirty old man.

No, he was following her because he needed to know she was okay, that she wasn't upset. He knew she would have been relieved to see her daddy was fine, but she must also be wondering why Michael had passed on that message to start with. Daryl wanted to come clean, to admit to everything, but he thought that wouldn't help really, just make things worse… and more complicated.

He watched her throughout the day on and off, trying to not look like a stalker. He noticed how Beth smiled and managed to look enthusiastic about even the most mundane tasks. She'd taken class for a couple of hours in the morning. He'd counted fifteen misfit kids of all ages, which shocked him, he had no idea they had so many kids living here now, and that wasn't including Judith either. Then he fleetingly thought how he really should pay more attention to the people that were living with him, he still had no idea of most of their names, even though everyone knew his.

He didn't fail to notice how the whole class adored the young blonde though, and how one particular boy, who was probably around ten, had the most obvious crush on 'Miss Beth' Daryl had ever seen. He supposed it was cute, and given how he himself felt about Beth, it was hardly surprising he wasn't the only one to have noticed her many attributes. Even to a ten year old that has no concept of sexual attraction it was plain to see that Beth was pretty and kind and sweet and caring, and the beacon of everything that a child now needed in its life. Some of these poor kids had lost their entire families, he could empathise with that to a point, although his parents hadn't really been a loss to the world…or him…when they'd finally departed from it.

After school had finished, he hung around busying himself with cleaning and oiling his bow and pretending to fix his bolts, as Beth helped prepare lunch with the other womenfolk. No one could say Beth Greene didn't graft. And she did it all with a smile on her face. Beth had even thrown him a couple of grins as she'd caught him glancing up at her occasionally from the corner table he'd commandeered.

As everyone piled into the canteen for their midday meal, Daryl decided Beth was fine and he'd spent enough time stalking the poor girl for one day. The archer got up to leave, to work on his motorcycle for a bit before his shift in the tower later. He gathered up his bow and wandered across to Beth to say goodbye, but before he got to her, he saw Beth discreetly slipping Zach a scrap of paper as she passed him a plate. Seconds later she glanced over her shoulder and smiled sweetly at the archer.

"See ya tonight for watch? I might be a bit late though," Beth shouted over the din of the now bustling canteen.

Daryl nodded, bowing his head and ducking outside before he did something he had no right to do. He sat outside for a while in the shade, his mind racing with so many things he couldn't think straight. All he could see was the look on Zach's face as he'd read Beth's note; the excitement, the happiness. Daryl couldn't let it go, despite what he'd decided earlier. He was in too much pain, he was too jealous to even try to accept her being with that jumped up jerk Zach, he bet the gawky teenager wouldn't even know what to do with a woman like Beth anyway. He'd decided, he was going to fight for her, tell her she had options, because he loved her too.

But right now Daryl was fixated on that note. He wondered what it'd said. He wondered how long it'd been going on between them, how he could have been so blind he hadn't noticed it. He wondered how many times she'd let him touch her and what else she'd let him do to her besides touch, he wondered if she was in love with Zach and he wondered… well he wondered a lot of shit, most of which he wouldn't have had to, had he told her months ago he wanted her to be his. Jealous didn't even begin to describe how he was feeling now, it was so much more, so much deeper, it was an ache in his chest that just wouldn't quit. It was a soul destroying grief at knowing he'd lost her… when he'd never really even had her in the first place.

If Daryl was going to stop from killing someone in frustration, he needed more than tinkering with his bike right now. He needed to hit something, to smash something into oblivion and ease the physical pain inside of him, even if his head remained as messed up as usual.

Daryl took over the end of Tyreese's shift on fence duty. Smashing walker skulls with a crowbar was a pretty good alternative to actually smashing Zach's head in. Again, Dixon, not Zach's fault he told himself. He kept repeating it like a mantra, over and over as he caved in head after head.

By the time Daryl was relieved by Maggie and Glenn, he was spent… and filthy. He didn't have the energy for his mind to think about anything only sleep, which he knew was a good thing. He took himself off to the shower block and then straight to the guard tower, where he was supposed to be on duty with Beth for the graveyard shift. Motherfucking stupid idea that was, how could he face her after everything? He was tired, and still brim full of shame and so much pain and hurt that he knew she'd notice. Beth always noticed everything about him. It was like she could see inside him sometimes, could read him like an open book… only she could read faster than him, which meant he had no chance of hiding the truth. And normally he didn't want to hide the truth. She got him like no one else, and that was just one of the things he loved about her.

Rick waited for Daryl to reach him before he left his position in the tower. Daryl tried his best to appear normal, which luckily for him was awkward and edgy anyway, so he hoped Rick wouldn't notice his extra sour and low mood. And he didn't. Rick stopped to chat for a while, excitedly telling Daryl about his date with Michonne later… which just pissed Daryl off even more. How come every damn fucker in the jail was getting laid except him; Carol, Rick, Glenn, Michonne, Maggie, Tyreese…Beth… he swallowed hard on that thought and tried to unclench his fist before Rick noticed. Daryl had never once wished his brother wasn't there, but right now he just wanted to tell Rick to shut the hell up and leave him in peace to wallow in self-pity. Luckily Carl interrupted by shouting up to his dad that Hershel needed to talk to him. That had Rick turning to leave. Daryl nodded his goodnight, impatiently chewing on the pad of his thumb. Rick disappeared down the stairwell, the archer breathing a sigh of relief when he was finally alone.

He'd only been sat there a short while, staring out into nothing, watching the kids playing and chatting when he saw Beth wander across the yard, hair flowing loosely around her shoulders, dressed in a way too short jean skirt, cowboy boots and a sleeveless plaid shirt. Jesus help him if that was what she was planning on wearing later. He could feel the blood rushing to his cock already, just from watching her ass moving under the tight denim, there was no way he could spend the night locked up in here with her, no fucking way. He needed to swap shifts, maybe he could swap before she got here, leave her a message he was feeling sick or something.

Just as Daryl set to panicking, he realised she wasn't heading in his direction, he watched her some more then saw her slip through the gap in the fence… pulling her knife out, securing the bungee ties behind her and heading out due east into the woods.

Daryl was now panicking for another reason. Where the hell was she going? Why was she going outside on her own at this time of day? Why was she dressed like that when the cold would be setting in as soon as the sun disappeared? And… his mind carried on racing with a thousand more questions as he quickly decided to follow her.

He needed to get someone to cover him, someone that wouldn't give him the third degree. He picked up his jacket, bow and knife and barrelled down the stairs, scanning the whole area for someone, anyone that could take over. Then coming out of the armoury behind A Block was Sasha. Hallefuckingujah, he thought to himself, maybe his luck was finally changing. Sasha would've been top of his list of people to cover him, if he'd had time to make one that is. She never cared about prying into someone else's business and she would've stayed permanently on watch if she could, her fixation with slaying zombies was truly unnerving sometimes.

"Hey, Sasha. Ya got a minute?" Daryl bellowed across the yard, attracting the attention of most of the kids.

Sasha spun around, head cocked to the side and eyes wide as she nodded yes "Yeah, what is it Dixon?" she bellowed back.

Daryl sprinted across the tarmac to catch up to her, breathing heavily as he said only as much as he needed to "I got somethin' urgent to take care of. Can you take my shift in the tower?" Sasha hesitated for a second as she looked him up and down.

"You okay?" she quizzed.

"Will ya, or not? I can just as easy find someone else." Daryl countered her question with his own.

"Okay. Ya sure you're good though?" Sasha adjusted her rifle on her shoulder and Daryl unconvincingly grunted and nodded his response.

Sasha shrugged, knowing that was all she'd get from him, and started to walk towards the tower. "I owe ya one," Daryl called after her.

"Damn right ya do," she called back smugly.

Daryl made his way to the fence and slipped through, only just remembering to tie the bungees back in place after him. He knew the general direction Beth had been heading and so he soon picked up her trail. As he tracked her, wandering through the trees, he tried to work out what he was going to say to her when he found her. How he could explain away the fact he'd been stalking her. How he could explain everything that'd been going on and how he could possibly get her to understand half of what he was feeling for her. He was still so angry, with himself more than Beth or Zach, and he still couldn't stop that green eyed monster from raising its ugly head every single time he thought of Beth with Zach.

As he walked deeper into the woods and had worked out where she was headed, he got a feeling in the pit of his stomach. A feeling that suddenly told him he knew what he was going to find when he got there. She was in 'their place' with him. It all became clear. That's why she was dressed up, that's what the slip of paper was about, that's why she was going to be late to the watch tower and that's why Zach looked so excited. She was taking Zach to their place so they could fuck.

Just as that thought had his heart banging against his ribcage and his mouth going dry, Daryl was stumbling into their place, stumbling into the very scene that had just flashed through his mind. Zach was covering Beth completely, wedged between her bare spread legs as his hands attached themselves to her tits and his mouth violated hers.

Daryl didn't think, the capacity for rational thought momentarily lost to him. He dropped his bow and jacket to the floor, before roughly grabbing Zach by the scruff of the neck and waistband of his pants and pulling him off of Beth, throwing him to the ground next to her.

"Daryl stop! Leave him alone. What are ya doin'?" Beth yelled.

Daryl stood there for a second, staring at them both, watching Beth covering herself up, pulling that too damn short skirt of hers down, and adjusting her shirt.

"What the fuck are ya doin'?" Daryl shouted, the emphasis on YOU, but not really addressing either one of them.

"Beth was just helpin' me…" Zach started to offer an explanation when Daryl cut him off, not really listening.

"Get outta here, kid. If yer still here on three, imma kick yer bony ass all the way back to Hershel's cell… ya can tell him why ya thought it was okay to feel up his daughter out in the middle a' nowhere." Daryl was glaring at Zach through his bangs, the desire to beat seven shades out of the boy diminishing slightly as he saw how petrified the kid was. He really just wanted him gone so he could talk with Beth.

Zach stood up, brushed himself down and started to leave. He turned around to look at Beth "You gonna be okay?" he asked with concern.

"One…" Daryl started to count.

Beth glared at Daryl before turning to Zach and answering him "Yeah, 'cause I'm comin' with ya."

"Two…" Daryl continued on, hoping Zach wasn't going to test him.

Zach grabbed Beth's hand and pulled her up off the ground. He started to walk away, Beth in tow, when Daryl grabbed for Beth's other arm, pulling her back.

"Uh, uh. She's stayin'. Reckon we need a lil' talk." Beth looked at Daryl, her eyes flashing with a fire that flipped the archer's stomach, before she nodded and smiled sweetly at Zach.

"You go Zach, I'll be fine… and Good Luck later, you'll do fine," Beth replied, as Zach returned her smile. Then he turned to leave, just as Daryl reached the count of three.

Daryl waited a moment, still with his hand wrapped around Beth's upper arm, listening for the sound of Zach heading back through the undergrowth, he wanted to make sure the boy wasn't still loitering. When he was sure, he turned to look at Beth.

"Beth? I don't...Why would ya come here? With him. To do that. I thought this was our…" Daryl sounded angry but heartbroken too, as he was cut off mid-sentence.

"It isn't what it looks like, it isn't like that with me and Zach. I was just…" Beth stopped, she wanted to explain, she really did, but she was angry and she wasn't sure he deserved an explanation, not yet. Not after only seeing what he wanted to, instead of trusting her "not that it's any of your business what I do or where I do it. Ya shouldn't have been followin' me, ya ain't my keeper," Beth tried and failed to wriggle free of his grip as he looked at her with pain and anger in his eyes.

"This ain't jus' yer place though. Ya said it was our place. Ours. Said ya wouldn't tell nobody, and now lookit ya, all dressed up like a goddamn tramp, desperate for that lil' shit ta…" Daryl was cut down again. This time by Beth's free hand slapping hard across his cheek, the echo reverberating through the silence of the woods. "You pig," she gasped, shocked he would go that far.

Daryl was momentarily dazed, no one except his pa and on occasion Merle, had ever hit Daryl. Those times had always been as punishment. But this was different, he knew Beth hadn't meant to cause him pain. She was angry and hurt… he knew it was just retaliation for his cruel words…but that aside, as a thrill raced down his spine, he couldn't help but think how it was the single most erotic thing to ever happen to him (although taking into account his pitifully limited/non-existent erotic experiences, that perhaps wasn't saying much).

Daryl looked up at her, his face glowing, spine still tingling and his eyes flashing with pure animalistic arousal.

Beth yanked her arm from Daryl's grasp and started to leave, tears threatening to fall from her big blue eyes. Instinctively Daryl reached for her and pulled her to him, shoving her backwards and into the trunk of the old oak tree before pressing his warm muscular body into hers to hold her in place. Beth retaliated against his rough treatment, slapping him once more and colouring up his other cheek. "Don't touch me! You're such a pig, I hate you, Dixon," Beth fumed as she struggled to hold back the flood of tears already blurring her vision. Beth tried to move, wriggling pointlessly against the full weight of his body as he stood stock still watching the beautiful blonde.

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