Sakura in Wonderland

Chapter One: A Picnic

            The morning sun came in the room, filtering through the thin white curtains and shining full in Sakura's face. With a groan, she rolled over and stared down her alarm clock. No mistake about it, she had woken up before the alarm had even gone off. It was only six o'clock in the morning, and she, Sakura Kinomoto, was awake. How could this be? Sakura heaved a heavy sigh. Touya would be up soon, and then any chances she had of getting back to sleep would be shattered. He could be so annoying sometimes, really he could.

            The young girl rolled out of bed—quite literally, in fact. She hit the carpeted floor with a heavy thud, and didn't move for several minutes. At the sound of her body smacking into the floor, Kero awoke from his place nestled amongst the stuffed animals on the elementary school girl's bed. "Sa…Sakura?" He said sleepily. There was a small noise from the girl's general direction. Kero took that as a kind of "I'm here." He got up and hovered over the spot where Sakura was prone on the floor. "Are you okay, kid?"

            "Sure," she said, the word slurred with sleepiness. "'Course I'm okay…" Then her eyes closed and a gentle snoring issued from her. Kero grinned and decided she needed a good wakeup call. He flew over and picked up a very, very heavy book. Kero struggled with it for a minute, and then proceeded to drop it right next to Sakura's head.  There was a loud boom, followed by a shriek of "Keeeroooo!" Sakura sat bolt upright, then glared at the Guardian Beast.

            Kero just laughed and then curled back up on her bed. Sakura glared at him, but stood up and stumbled over to her dresser. Just as she was picking out an outfit, her brother stuck his head in.

            "Hey monster," he said, "get dressed." Sakura snorted and told him that's exactly what she had been trying to do before he barged in. Touya didn't even change expressions. "I invited Yuki over, and we're going on a," and here Touya paused to grimace, "picnic.  It was Yuki's idea." Sakura blushed and her emerald eyes widened.

            "A picnic? With Yuki?" Touya nodded and then pulled his head out of the doorway. Sakura hummed happily as she kind of walk-floated over to her dresser, in a state of ecstasy. "A picnic with Yuki, can you believe my luck?" She smiled happily at Kero, who just made a semi-disgusted face. What was so great about Yukito that made Sakura go all ditzy and spastic whenever she saw him? Kero couldn't figure it out.

            Sakura searched and searched through her clothes, but couldn't find anything that she could deem good enough to wear on an outing with Yukito. The girl was at her wit's end, when she thought up an idea. "I know!" She said to Kero, who was by now playing another video game. "I'll call Tomoyo!" Kero regarded her carefully, an odd expression on his face.

            "Hey kid, are you sure you're okay? You just suggested that you would voluntarily wear a Tomoyo outfit!" Sakura glared at him.

            "These are special circumstances! And besides," Sakura added with a smile, "I'm sure Touya wouldn't mind if I invited Tomoyo to come along with us." Kero sighed. There was no doubt about it; this Yuki-boy did something very strange indeed to his young card captor. Sakura excitedly picked up the cell phone that Tomoyo had given her and their friend Syaoran to call each other with if there ever was trouble. It was only supposed to be used for Clow Card emergencies, but more and more often the girls were using them just to chat. After shouting her request downstairs to her brother and having him okay the idea, Sakura dialed Tomoyo Daidouji's number.

            "Moshi moshi," Tomoyo's voice said cheerily.

            "Hey Tomoyo!" Sakura said to her friend, equally cheerful. "Are you busy today?"

            "Not anymore," Tomoyo replied. "Why?"

            "Well…Yukito came up with the idea to go on a picnic today, and Touya is making me come along because Dad is out on a dig for the next week, and I was wondering if you wanted to come along. Do you?"

            "Of course!" was Tomoyo's ecstatic reply.

            "And could you bring an outfit with you?" Sakura asked nervously. She wasn't quite sure what Tomoyo would do. Whatever it was, it was bound to be loud.

            "Sakura, you have no idea how happy this makes me!" Tomoyo squealed. She then sighed happily. Sakura could just picture what her dark-haired friend looked like right now. It didn't make her look all there, either. "I have just the outfit! I'll be over in fifteen minutes!" There was a click, and then the dial tone. Sakura looked at the phone for a minute, in a mild state of shock.

            "…Bye…" Sakura shook her head sadly and then set down the phone. What had she done? Sakura groaned but resigned herself to her fate. Kero just grinned and focused on his game.

            True to her word, fifteen minutes later Tomoyo arrived at the Kinomoto's home. In one hand she held a bag full of clothes and in the other her camera. Touya pointed to Sakura's room after they both said their hellos, and Tomoyo grinned. She came bouncing up the stairs, her long black hair flying out behind her.

            "Sakura!" she called as she threw the door open with a bang. Sakura looked up at her friend and smiled brightly.

            "Tomoyo!" she said as she waved to her dark-haired friend. Kero flew over to Tomoyo's bag and poked his head in.

            "There better not be a matching outfit for me in here," Kero said, his voice muffled by the clothing in the bag. Tomoyo told him no, there was not, and Kero pulled his head out of the bag.

            "Kaiju!" Touya called from the bottom of the stairs.

            "I'm getting dressed!" Sakura screamed back at her brother. He snorted angrily and walked into the kitchen to finish making their lunch. Sakura happily took out Tomoyo's outfit. It was a blue dress that came to her knees with a white collar. The sleeves were short and slightly puffed with small white ribbons around the bottom. A big white bow was tied around the middle, and there were white knee-high socks with ruffles at the top. Tomoyo had also brought dark blue Mary-Jane's for Sakura to wear with the outfit. Sakura actually liked the outfit, to her surprise and delight. Sakura put the outfit on and admired herself in the mirror. Tomoyo then handed the young girl a pair of blue ribbons to tie in her hair. Sakura happily put them in her hair, then turned around and hugged Tomoyo tightly.

            "Thank you Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura said, her face flushed with happiness.

            "You are welcome, Sakura-chan," Tomoyo said, her face alight. "I'm so glad that you like the outfit. I'm the happiest when you are happy, Sakura-chan." Before Sakura could react to this comment, however, Tomoyo bounced her way downstairs to a waiting Yukito and Touya. Sakura soon followed, eager to get out of the house.