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Summary: You know the story of the Horse and his boy. But what was happening in Narnia? A northern campaign. Trouble on the homefront and a prince's invitation. Will anything be as Peter left it?

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Epilogue: Christening

1 Nor'Wind 1014

Edmund stood next to his sisters, watching as the Centaur prophet Stormseer pronounced a blessing on his nephew. Young William Vidar Pevensie (named for both grandfathers, poor kid) was not at all impressed with the austere moment of his christening. At first, he had lain quietly in Thalia's arms, sleeping away in happy ignorance of the large crowd gathered to witness the first public presentation of the crown prince of the Golden Age. Then Thalia had handed him to Peter for the christening. Edmund's ears were still ringing from the unhappy screech that had produced.

Fortunately, William had settled slightly when Peter bounced him a bit. He had even been fairly quiet when Peter surrendered him to the prophet with the exception of one unhappy squawk, of course. Edmund studied his nephew. The little lad was a big baby, all chubby cheeks, arms, chest, and legs. He had a feeling the babe would grow to be as big as his father. He glanced at William's bald crown. Hopefully, he'd grow into some hair along the way. Until then Edmund was going to tease his brother for all he was worth…when Susan wasn't close enough to smack him for it.

William had been almost quiet as Stormseer pronounced the blessing but now Edmund could see his nephew's chubby hand curling into the Centaur's flowing golden brown beard. Uh-oh. He recognized that look. The babe had done the same thing to Vidar only last night. A moment later, the wee rascal yanked on the Centaur's beard twice. Stormseer finished speaking the blessing without even the slightest of pauses. William responded to this unwavering decorum by yanking again and then letting a mighty howl.

Edmund bowed his head, trying hard to stifle his laughter. Susan elbowed him and he snickered as William let the entire crowd know that his lungs were perfectly functioning. However, laughter swelled in response to the little prince's ire as their people continued to enjoy the child's healthy outlook. Edmund smirked at Peter who was struggling to keep his own amusement in check. As soon as they met each other's eyes, both brothers snorted and had to look away immediately before they lost all decorum and drew Susan's wrath.

Stormseer chuckled as he easily untangled William's fist from his beard. "Aslan has blessed you and your wife with a strong colt, High King."

Grinning as he accepted the bellowing baby, Peter bowed his head. "He has, Stormseer." He winced as William let out another howl. "However, he doesn't seem to like anyone except his mother at times."

Edmund smirked as Peter carefully handed the baby to Thalia whose touch seemed to have an even more effective calming influence than she had over his father. Peter laughed. "See?" Seeming to remember his manners, his lummox of a brother quickly turned back to the seer. "Will you not join us for the rest of the celebration, Stormseer? Your company is always welcome."

The Centaur bowed gravely, though his silver eyes twinkled. "I am most pleased to accept your invitation, High King."

Peter grinned. "Good."

However, Stormseer spoke before his brother could turn to address the gathered crowd. "High King Peter, Princess Consort Thalia, hear now my final blessing on this day." Everyone stilled, even William paused in his fussing, as every eye turned to Aslan's chosen prophet. The Centaur raised his hands over Peter and Thalia's heads, his sonorous voice ringing out clearly, "This day has witnessed the blessing and naming of the son gifted to you by Aslan. Remember that your son is a blessing and that his guidance in life, in knowledge, and in service is the burden you now bear as his parents. May you be strengthened in the task of raising your son, William Vidar Pevensie, to know and to serve the Great Lion." He turned his attention on the assembled crowd as he added, "And, may the Great Lion bless and strengthen you all as you serve Him."

As the prophet stepped to the side, Peter moved to stand at the edge of the dais while Thalia carried her fussing son to one of the private rooms behind the dais. Edmund watched as his brother grinned like an idiot before he happily called out, "Friends, Thalia and I thank you all for coming to celebrate with us the birth of our firstborn and to witness his christening. Celebrate further with us! For we do not celebrate only the birth of our son, though I would appreciate it if you did not tell my wife that." He grinned as the crowd laughed and Edmund rolled his eyes at Peter's idea of a joke. But, his big brother kept talking, more serious now as he accepted a goblet from one of the servants and held it out. "For we also come together to celebrate the end to a long campaign, to the families who waited for us, to the soldiers who gave all for Narnia, and the loved ones whose faith and encouragement enabled us to press on to the end. We celebrate sacrifice and victory. We give thanks to Aslan for His protection, for His blessing of wisdom to those of us on campaign and to those who remained behind to guard Narnia and her allies." Peter paused, his gaze settling on Edmund, and he inclined his head slightly before he raised his goblet high and shouted, "Feast, dance, and be merry!"

That seemed to be all that was needed to signal the Narnians that it was time for feasting and dancing and merrymaking.


Alambiel couldn't stop her grin as Oreius wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close against his side, as they watched the dancing. Peter and Thalia were stealing a dance while Susan cooed over Baby William. Lucy and Tarrin swept by. She wondered if he was ever going to reach a point where he could tell Lucy how he felt about her without swallowing his tongue. Time would tell. Edmund was chasing Corin away from the cake. The Kentauri tightened his hold on her and she glanced up at him, still grinning. "Whatever happened to being subtle and strategically disinterested?"

Oreius looked down at her and smiled. "I think it has been long enough that everyone should be reminded that you are my wife and still not available."

She laughed. "You know there aren't that many foreigners in court, right?"

"It does not signify." He suddenly released her waist but before she could complain of the action, he took her by the hand and guided her toward the assembled dancers.

Alambiel smirked. "Is this what new godparents do to celebrate?"

"Perhaps." He glanced down at her, his gaze intense and the emotions within barely hidden. He lowered his voice as he added, "Yet I find it most suited to celebrating coming home to my beautiful wife."

A blush warmed her cheeks but she still smiled as she allowed Oreius to sweep her into the movements of the dance. Maybe they would be able to get some long awaited peace now that the Giants' threat had been removed.


The Hag crept through the cavern until she entered the ice-covered room. The figure before her did not turn and she could glimpse nothing of the northern witch's features due to the voluminous cloak. She did not trust this witch. She killed as many of her sisters in the Nest as taught them the darker, more powerful magics. Yet, her Matriarch had instructed her to come with the news. She dared not disobey.

She clacked her beak, drawing her own cloak closer as though it might protect her as she delivered the potentially fatal information. "They still live. Lew's Daughter and the Four. A new prince has been born to the High King."

The cloaked witch did not move. But then her voice sliced through the air like a knife, "The Great Lion used different means to protect them than was expected. He will not be able to stop us for long. Neither the line of Frank nor that of the Four will live past Midsummer's Eve."


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