Joker's Millions


Part one of one

No spoilers. A/U

Summary: Pete ponders how to have Christmas when money is tight.

"Well, as you can see, LexCorp profits have been going up this term."

Pete groaned as he heard Luthor's voice drone in through the TV. He instantly muted the TV and pulled out his English notebook to start studying for his last final of the term.

'Greek drama flourished in what century?' Pete groaned again as he shifted through his notes, trying to find the answer.

"Screw this!" He said, and pulled out a blank piece of paper. He had limited money and he needed to start planning out his Christmas shopping plan now.

He knew his older sister needed a new laptop for college; his older brother wanted enough money to take his girl friend somewhere really special for New Year's, and his little sisters wanted a pony.

He also knew that they were all dreaming big if they thought they were getting any of that. Being the oldest in the house, Pete's parents sat him down last week and told him that money was tight this year and how he shouldn't be too disappointed if there weren't many presents under the tree this year.

LuthorCorp was trying to cut some of its losses due to the booming LexCorp, and all of the employees were feeling the heat.

Then they asked what he wanted for Christmas.

Well, in a prefect world, he would be able to buy a nice suit and take Erica out for a lovely dinner in some fancy hotel, like he bet Luthor did with all his girls.

And he'd be able to go on the annual ski trip with his friends this year, like he knew Lex got to do anytime he wanted.

And he'd buy his siblings what they wanted. Everything they wanted. That's what Pete told his parents. He didn't need anything; put the money towards the other kids.

Pete snarled in disgust as his gaze wandered to the still muted TV where Luthor was obviously still droning on and on.

What he wouldn't do with that joker's millions.