Boyfriend's Clothes

Summary: Natsu comes home from a mission and finds that Lucy has broken into his house...and is wearing his clothes?

Lucy picked up a couple habits from Natsu in the three years they had known each other. Some habits were good, others were... Look, breaking into other people's homes wasn't that bad.

As she climbed through Natsu's window, she told herself she only wanted to tidy up his place so he and Happy could return to a clean home. Of course, the real reason was simply because she missed him. Two weeks apart was way too long, especially for a new couple! Lucy wanted to strangle him for leaving her behind again, but at least there was a reason this time as she was sick when the two left. They had only become exclusive a short three months ago, much to the guild's delight (or spite depending on the wager), but not that much changed between them. After all, Natsu was still Natsu.

She was surprised to find his door was actually locked this time. "He should have given me a key or something..." Lucy shut the small window behind her and turned around to see a horrific sight. Food, dishes, clothes, weights, toys, gears, and tools were scattered across the floor, and Lucy was beginning to think coming over was a bad idea. There was a horrible smell in the air too. She kic ked over a large black lump on the floor and was relieved to see it was only a small pillow under a shirt, not a dead animal. Lucy pulled off her scarf and gloves, and set them by the window so they wouldn't get lost in the chaos. It was a little cold inside, but it was much warmer than the winter air from her long walk.

"Well this place isn't going to clean itself." Lucy hit small kitchen area first and found the source of the stench coming from the sink. She found a pile of fish scraps Happy had collected and apparently forgotten to throw away before the two left. They had partially decayed and liquefied, and Lucy almost threw up trying to clean it all. That was the worst though, after that she slowly picked up all the trash and cleaned the dishes. It took a gruesome four hours of work to pick up, scrub, sweep, and mop the entire front area of the house. She had an issue with the large bar bell place inconveniently near the front of the door. She tried to move it, but she could barely even roll it. She huffed when she gave up on moving it, and questioned in amazement, "How can Natsu lift this?" It must have weighed five hundred pounds.

She stepped over the insanely heavy weight and grabbed the "Welcome" fish mat she had brought outside to dust. She dropped it back on the floor and walked over to the couches that had previously been shoved apart. She sat down and looked at her handiwork. True, she didn't know what to do with half of the random things scattered around the room, but she thought she did a pretty good job. She took a short break as she looked at the massive number of requests pasted on the walls. She smiled at his note still stuck on the wall that said, "The quest I performed with Lucy for the first time!" Soon enough she picked herself up and gathered his laundry into a large bag she found lying around. She noticed the door at the end of the room and thought she should check before she went to the laundromat.

The door opened to reveal a short hallway, the bathroom was off to the left, and there were two closed doors at the opposite end of the hall. She went into the bathroom which was surprisingly clean. There were a couple garments lying around, but the floors and counter were relatively tidy. To be thorough, she mopped the bathroom, wiped down the surfaces, and closed the door behind her on the way out. As she shut the door she stared at the other ones in the hall. Lucy couldn't recall ever going in the very last one. The first room had more souvenirs from the missions Natsu and Happy had been on, but she didn't know about the other. She couldn't remember Natsu saying anything either. She went to open the door but it was locked.

The only thing that meant was that now she had to see what was behind the door. She remembered seeing an odd looking key in a flower pot when she was cleaning, so she rushed off to grab it. She hesitated as she put the key up to the lock. This was a major breach of privacy, but it was Natsu, what could he possibly have to hide right? Besides he frequently read her diary.

There was a large pile of money stashed in a corner, but she didn't really care when she saw the main contents of the room. She felt a tear slip down her cheek as she stared into the room. "Natsu..." She stepped back out of the room and locked the door behind her.

"It's laundry time!" She wiped her few tears away and grabbed the bag she collected from before. She returned in a couple hours with clean laundry and groceries, as she knew they would be coming back in the next two days.

She sat on the couch and opened up the laundry bag to start folding the items, but looking at the clothes gave her an idea. Lucy put on a pair of his clothes and immediately felt an overwhelming sense of comfort. "Lucy I'm hungry!" Lucy used a deep voice to give her best impersonation of Natsu and started throwing stuff around the newly cleaned room like he always did to her room. "Auaaghh... I hate...trains...Couldn't we have walked four days instead...Lucccyyyy~ " Lucy wrapped her own scarf around her neck and continued saying things Natsu always seemed to be saying, "You take forever to get ready." "Whoops looks like I'm out of money." "Moete kitazo!"

"Natsu! How many times have I told you not to break into my house!" A high pitched voice that sounded as ridiculous as Lucy's deep voice called out and her heart jumped. Lucy turned around frantically to see Natsu, with a blue Exceed on his head, standing in the door way with the biggest smirk she had ever seen.

Were they going to do this? Oh yes they were.

"But there's no food at my place!" Lucy whined and casually walked back over to the couch in the living area. She ungracefully threw herself on the couch.

"Then go buy some! It's not my fault you guys aren't able to take care of yourselves. Go home." Natsu put his fists on his hips, shifted his weight to one leg, and frowned menacingly.

"But Luuuuuuuucy~" Lucy groaned obnoxiously and kicked her feet up on a small table nearby.

"No buts! I want to take a relaxing bath and I don't need you two wrecking my apartment." Natsu huffed angrily and pointed at the door. "Don't make me throw you out, because I can and I will."

"Fine," she made an expression that was part sulky and part fearful, "but I'm taking this with me!" Lucy hopped off the couch and started towards the open window, flailing what seemed to be a job request in her hand.

"KYNAAAAGH!" Natsu shrieked and Lucy nearly broke character from laughing at the horrific sound Natsu had just made. "IS THAT MY MANUSCRIPT?! Have you been reading it?! I'm going to murder you!" Natsu jumped over to the window in a flash and slammed it shut, making Lucy look around for the best way to escape.

"It was just sitting there! Why else would it be out in the open if you didn't want someone to read it?"

"How can you be so stupid?!" Natsu ruffled his hair in frustration, and Lucy took that moment to sprint away from him.

"See you at the guild tomorrow! Come on Happy!" Lucy ran for the door and a confused Happy looked at Lucy like she was insane. He hopped off Natsu's head and sat on the couch, dumbfounded by the two who seemed to have switched their identities. He didn't get them sometimes, couples were weird.

"Oh no you don't!" Natsu followed right behind her and wrapped his arms around her stomach, trapping her in his arms. "How much did you read?!"

Lucy's cheeks were now flushed from the sudden proximity. "Oh... only like the first couple words-"

"Natsu," He wrapped his arms tighter around Lucy and nuzzled his face into her hair. "I can tell when you are lying."

Lucy took a moment enjoying his tight embrace before responding. "Luce, I don't understand why you are so embarrassed, it's really good. Although I guess it could be embarrassing that you based your main character after me."

"You are nothing like my character! He's romantic, princely, gorgeous, respectful, and perfect, and you are a stalker slash freeloader who only bathes three times a week."

He sounded almost a little too much like her, it was uncanny. She turned around in his arms to face him and looked up into his mirthful eyes. "An extremely hot stalker slash freeloader."

"Ya damn right." Natsu smiled and rested his forehead against hers.

"I missed you guys." Lucy smiled back still high in energy from their little game.

Now that the weirdness had passed Happy flew over and hugged Lucy's head. "We missed you too! Natsu was moody the entire trip."

"I was not." Natsu protested weakly.

"Happy, I went to the store and bought you a bunch of fis-" Lucy didn't get to finish her sentence before the Exceed had darted for the kitchen. She giggled, "I cleaned a bit too, but the place got so messy again you almost can't tell."

"It looks like you did laundry."

"How did you know?"

Lucy followed his heated gaze from the bag of laundry to her chest. She almost forgot she was still wearing his black vest and pants. Instead of leaving it open though she had tied it so the vest sat right above her belly button.

"You should wear my clothes more often," he whispered in her ear. "Feel free to leave it untied though."

By now she was completely red and she was sure he could hear her heart beating erratically.

"Hey Natsu?" Happy interrupted the moment as he poked his head out from the kitchen while already snacking on a fish.



Lucy and Natsu responded simultaneously. Happy and Natsu stared with big eyes at Lucy who sounded eerily similar to Natsu. Though still embarrassed about what Natsu just said she stuck her tongue out at them playfully. She was glad that her practicing had paid off.

A/n: I just found a 20k document on my computer of NaLu short stories I wrote last year, so this fan fiction might become a one-shot compilation. I haven't re-read it all yet, but I intend to post more if it isn't terrible. Anyway, thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!