The Flick War | Part 1

Summary: They would do whatever it took to destroy each other. To take each other's pride. To make it hurt. To make the other experience the humiliation of falling for the nose flick.

"Hey," Lucy said as she walked up to Natsu and Happy staring at the request board. "Did you guys find anything good?"

"There isn't really anything new." Happy put a paw up to his mouth trying to debate which request would be the best. Natsu made an irritated noise. Lucy looked at Natsu's serious expression, he was obviously thinking really hard too.

Lucy's gaze fell upon the board and was disappointed to see the same requests that had been there last week. Apparently no one else wanted to do them either. None of them were difficult, they were just chores with minimal pay. She didn't want to do a single one on the board. Lucy looked back to Natsu and tried not to grin when an idea came to her.

"Natsu you've got something on your scarf," Lucy pointed to at the center of the scarf wrapped around his neck.

"Huh?" Natsu looked down and swiped her finger in a fluid upward motion, tapping the tip of his nose with her finger.

"Got'cha!" Lucy smiled and Natsu glared at her evilly.

Lucy put her hands up defensively, "Whoa sorry, you weren't supposed to get so mad about it."

"Damn it, I can't believe I fell for that," Natsu complained at the ceiling. "Well you've got something on your shirt," he pointed to her chest.

"As if I'd fall for that right after doing it to you," Lucy laughed and put her hands on her hips.

"Whatever." Natsu huffed and looked back at the board. Though he stared in the direction of the board, he was only thinking of a way to get her back. A fool proof idea eventually came and he struggled to keep the grin off of his face. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Lucy looking intently at the request board as if trying to finally decide which one would be the least annoying to complete in order to pay rent.

"Oh that reminds me, I was talking with the guys last night, and we were wondering how you managed to fight with such a huge chest." Natsu said casually without looking over at her.

"What do you mean by that!?" Lucy looked down at her chest, it didn't look big to her. When she had finished assessing herself she realized it all too late and a confident finger swooped right beneath her nose. Natsu flicked up across the tip of her nose and laughed, "Hahaha you're way too easy!"

Lucy put her hands on her head and silently walked around in a circle trying to make it okay. It wasn't. She had fallen for it, almost immediately after doing it herself. It meant war.

Lucy waited a couple days to execute her revenge. She needed him to let his guard down in order to strike. Her patience was rewarded because the perfect opportunity came up while he was eating breakfast at the guild. "What's that?" Lucy said trying to sound as surprised as possible.

Natsu looked down only to realize mid-journey that nothing would be there but a finger.


Later that night Natsu sat on Lucy's couch eating her snacks with Happy. No matter how long he stared the door never seemed to open. Eventually Lucy emerged fully clothed in a t-shirt and long pants with hair twisted in a towel atop her head. "Sorry for taking so long." She threw her dirty clothes into a hamper and Natsu stood up to use the bathroom next.

"It's no big deal," he said and stopped right in front of her outside of the bathroom. He reached out and touched the collar of her shirt, admiring its high quality and design. Of course that was not what he was doing, but he hoped he would be able to convince her of that, "Wow, this shirt is really pretty on you."

"Oh thanks! I just bought it yester-" Lucy looked down at her shirt and her train of thought was interrupted when Natsu flicked her nose.

"Easy," Natsu stuck his tongue out cheekily and then vanished behind the bathroom door.

Lucy pounded her fists on the door. "You can't just do that and walk away! You coward, get out here!"

"Look," Natsu said from behind the door, "it's not my fault you suck at this game."

"Why don't you come out that here and say that to my face!"

Lucy just heard Natsu laughing in response as the shower turned on.

A week later Natsu, Lucy, and Happy finally got a well-paying mission, and were now standing in the aftermath of a fight with thieves that went out of control. Numerous buildings had been destroyed, hundreds of civilians and enemies alike were passed out, and a sea of fire consumed the land around where they stood. Nothing out of the ordinary. What was unusual was the fact that Lucy didn't care about the obliteration of this poor unsuspecting city. She had tried for days to get him back again, but he never fell for it. That bastard learned too quickly. Her moment was now.

"Natsu! Are you okay?" Lucy ran up to him pulling something out of her bag, "There's blood all over you!" Natsu saw the medical gauze in her hand first then looked down to see if he was injured, he didn't remember getting injured. Lucy quickly snuck her finger beneath his nose and flicked up.

"That's so messed up!" Natsu groaned as he watched Lucy do a little victory dance.

The two were eating at the guild table the next day. Each a little on edge. Natsu from waiting for the moment to strike and Lucy waiting for the assault on her pride. They talked about the mission they had just completed and what they did with the reward money. It was nice and casual. Natsu plucked a grape from the vine he had been eating from and tossed it into her cleavage shown off by a highly revealing tank top.


"Ahh! That's cold." Lucy looked down to retrieve the foreign object he'd just thrown at her.

Natsu leaned across the table when she looked down to get it out of her shirt and quickly flicked her nose.

She just glared at him and threw the grape she retrieved with enough force to have it burst on his forehead upon impact.

A/n: How will the war end? Who do you think should win? Part 2 will be posted soon!