Tom sat up in bed for the third time that night. These dreams of his were uncontrollably painful and distracting, they were starting to affect his duties. He knew that he should tell the captain but an urge in his heart stopped him from even mentioning the pain. He got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, 0600hours, he had an hour and a half to get ready. -another day, another dollar. Tom said staring at the dark circles under his eyes.

The morning's staff meeting had been rutine and tom had nearly fallen asleep (as usual). But it finished and he was sent back to the bridge. He was about to go off his duty shift when an alarm went off at his console. -an alien vessel is approaching off our starbord bow. Announced tuvok in his monotonous voice. -hail them. The captain was standing infront of the viewscreen. they are not responding. It was tuvok again. Tom was loosing consentration, his mind wasn't where he was. All of a sudden a sering pain went through his head. He let out a loud yell and fell to the ground. All eyes turned to him.

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