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The captain was beside tom as he sprawled himself onto the carpet covered floor of the bridge.

"Tom, Tom are you ok?" The captain's voice was full of concern. The pain stopped then for a brief moment he could feel nothing and then soreness in his head no in his mind, not outside in. Another groan from Paris told Janeway that he needed to be sent to sickbay.

"Doctor emergency beam out, Mr. Paris."

"No I'm alright." Tom's voice was raspy but firm. "The visions have stopped for now."

"The visions?" Janeway was clueless as was the rest of the bridge crew.

"Never mind it's nothing I'm fine."

"Captain the alien vessel is responding to our hails." Tuvok cut in.

"Put them on screen." Janeway replied.

Just then a teenager appeared on the screen, she couldn't have been older than 17 but she looked determined.

"I'm captain Kathryn Janeway of the."

"Federation starship voyager. I've heard it all before but could you please help me to your sickbay I've been through a lot this year, the Hirogen the Borg." the young voice was a refreshing change from the old cranky ones they were used to hearing.

"Excuse me but I don't think I know you I'm sure we would have met, the delta quadrant is so vast and you seem to be right behind us yet our sensors didn't pick you up, how is that?" There she went again, the captain and her curiosity.

"Well if you'd let me go to your sickbay to stop this terrible bleeding I'll tell you." The girl's face was becoming flushed and her voice was pained.

"Of coarse, we'll beam you directly to sickbay." The Captain gestured to Tuvok and the girl shimmered off the screen.

"Tom you can go to sickbay as well, and get the doctor to do a neural scan." The captain's worry returned.

"Yes ma'am." Tom's voice was tired and clumbsy.

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