This is the third chapter in my Gone Girl Series. It is not necessary to have read the other two stories but it would be helpful to fill in the backstory. This story is AU as the initial chapter in the series was written in January. Brody also has an adoptive sister, named Sophie (a very minor character, name only) as Emily and the events of the Moultrie were not yet revealed.

Gone Girl: Brody is abducted and tortured by a vengeful terrorist, Adkom Fod who is seeking the location of Brody's adopted sister, Sophie.

Girl Astray: Brody must rely on LaSalle as she struggles to recover from the events of her abduction but is later betrayed when he keeps valuable information from her regarding her adopted sister, Sophie. After Brody is reunited with Sophie, she and Chris are ambushed by Fod.

Thank you: I want to say thank you to the 3 guests and Savannah for your great comments on the conclusion of Girl Astray. They are very much appreciated and I hope that you will enjoy this story as well.

Chp 1: A Prayer for the Fallen.

It hurts to breath…

Meredith Brody swiped her eyes as she sat in the chapel looking up at the giant crucifix above the altar. Though she wasn't a particularly religious woman, she believed in faith. She had to believe in something otherwise the massive hole where her heart used to be was going to swallow her whole. Without Chris, she was nothing but a soulless figure and a mess of tears.

It had been three days days since she and her partner had been brutally ambushed by her kidnapper's trained killer, leaving LaSalle for dead. Chris had been stabbed three times in the back, leaving Brody as his only chance for survival.

The assassin who had been sent after them definitely knew what he was doing. He knew exactly where to drive the knife into LaSalle's back so that it would cause the most damage to the liver, lungs and kidneys.

Three surgeries in three days, and 4 pints of blood, Chris LaSalle was barely hanging on by thread. Loretta had called in all of her favors to get the best surgeon she knew but it still didn't seem to be enough. Internal bleeding, low kidney function, and an irregular sinus rhythm continued to plague the fallen agent. Phrases like placement in a long term care facility, permanent damage, dialysis, and there's a chance he might never recover were being used as if his fate were already being sealed. Hospital administration had already approached Cade about assistance in making funeral arrangements. Eager organ donation liaisons were chomping at the bit.

How in the world was he ever going to come back from this? One thing was certain; he would not survive another surgery. Something as simple as a sneeze would kill him. At the moment, there seemed to be no hope in sight. Just waiting. Waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Her eyes were already the size of Ping-Pong balls she thought as the tears started to flow again as flashbacks started to assault her. God, she was such an idiot. They should have never been in that alley-way making out like love struck teenagers. They should have anticipated, Fod's next move instead of letting themselves get boxed in. She should have known that Fod would come after them. She should have been ready. But instead, here she was the vapid victim who had failed to use her common sense.

She had failed Chris both as a partner and a lover. God, she had failed him miserably. Chris, the man who saved her from Fod the first time, the one who had used himself as bait to help find Sophie, the one who had pulled her up by her bootstrings when all she wanted to be a wallowing drunk, was now lying comatose in a hospital bed.

How she failed in comparison.

If she could have just one more chance, she would make it all up to him.

If God would just grant her this one request she would never ask for anything again.

I love him so much, she said silently lifting her lashes to the spiritual figure on the cross as a dimly lit candle on the altar suddenly went out. A sign that they weren't meant to be?

She closed her eyes as a long stream of simultaneous tears began to fall down her face like an endless winding river of pain. She had cried so much over the past three days that abrasions were starting to form on her cheeks. At the moment there was nothing professional about her and she didn't care. Pride had tried to coax her back to work just to pull her out of her funk but what he didn't see was that she was drowning in a sea of heartbreak. The overly personal and reserved agent was dying right beside her fallen partner. Fod was going to win this battle and there was nothing she could do about it.

In the back of her mind, she knew that eventually she had to seek out the man who had put her partner in this position, but at the moment, she couldn't fathom the thought. She would have to wait until LaSalle was safe and out of danger, but once that happened nothing would stop her from bringing Adkom Fod to justice.

From the back of the chapel, Loretta stood keeping a watchful eye over the crestfallen agent. Looking heavenward, she uttered a small prayer.

Please Dear Sweet Jesus, let that boy pull through.

A/N: Sorry this first chapter is so short, but I liked the idea of Brody sitting the chapel and didn't want anything to take away from it. Chapter 2 is ready to go!