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GUN!" Brody's eyes went wide as the first shot rang out.

It was almost scary how five agents in the middle of a scuffle could suddenly stop and pull their weapons to return fire. It was uncertain who had actually delivered the kill shot but when all was said and done, Fod's body lay on the ground, peppered in bullet wounds.

For several moments, no one noticed that Brody was lying on the hard concrete bleeding out from a bullet wound that caught her just below the collar bone where the Kevlar ended. Was this the way things were going to end with Fod's bullet lodged in her chest?

She blinked her eyes and when she opened them the three members of family were surrounding her. Pride was pressing his jacket into her wound.

"Hang on, the ambulance is on its way."

Pride and LaSalle exchanged worried glances with Percy. Something inside of LaSalle's gut told him that they could not wait. For the first time, he began to understand the fear that Brody felt when he had been stabbed left to die in that alley way.

"There isn't time." With all of three of them in agreement, Chris scooped her up in arms and ran like hell for the Explorer. Both he and Percy sat in the back, keeping pressure of Brody's wound, while Pride drove as fast he could safely allow towards University Hospital.

Her head pressed up against his chest, Chris swept her bangs back and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Hang on, Michigan, just hang on."

Percy's face twisted, increasing the pressure on the wound. "Michigan? Where the hell did that come from?"

Chris declined to answer not even realizing that he had let the pet name slip.

For the next several hours, Chris sat in the very same pew where Brody had sat, when he'd been stabbed, looking up at the same crucifix. Loretta sat beside him, gently rubbing his back, as his forearms rested on his knees in thoughtful prayer.

"You know, Christopher. God has an amazing way of bringing things to light." She said, "Prayer can be a powerful healer."

He looked up at Loretta before averting his eyes to the cross. "Yes ma'am."

Chris was in the surgical waiting room waiting to see Brody. He was already on his fourth cup of coffee in less than an hour but sad to say the rush of adrenaline and caffeine were doing nothing for him.

When he stopped to think about it he really hadn't eaten since before the Homeland Security people clobbered him with the bat. For that matter, he hadn't had any pain pills either. Bingo, the substance that his body had come to depend on over the last several weeks was running on empty, making him feel jittery among other things.

"Hey Baby Brother," Cade touched him on the shoulder forcing him to look up. The older LaSalle quickly noted the sleepy looking haze in Chris' normally deep blue eyes.

"How's Miss Brody?"

Chris looked down into his near empty cup. "Doctor said she's going to pull through, make a full recovery."

"That's great news." Cade knelt down a little closer to his brother. "Why don't we go for a walk there's something I want to show you."

Chris looked at his big brother a bit confused. He had been waiting to see Brody half the night. He was happy Cade had come to support him but he really didn't feel like talking at the moment. "Ok, but I've only got a few minutes."

Together they walked down to a deserted part of the corridor. "Here," Cade said, reaching into his pocket and handing his baby brother a brown prescription bottle.

LaSalle's face twisted. "What's this?"

"Vicodin Savannah, gave it to me."

Savannah? Chris made a mental note to talk to the friendly counselor. "Why she'd do that? You don't need this."

"You need this." Cade pointed a finger right into Chris' chest. Using the LaSalle charm, Cade had managed to sway Chris' former high school sweetheart in writing the prescription.

Chris looked at the bottle. "I think I'll just stick to what the doctor's been giving me."

Cade shook his head before wrapping his arm about the younger LaSalle's shoulders. "Chris, trust me when I say this. I can see that you're still hurting and that doctor of yours hasn't done a damn thing about it."

Chris really wanted to get back to Brody so he consented to keeping the pills. "Thanks, but tell Savannah, that in the future, I can get my own prescription."

Cade gave his baby brother a squeeze. "Don't you worry about me and Savannah, you just concentrate on getting your lady out here."

"Will do." Chris smiled shoving the bottle into his pocket before heading back into the waiting room.

When Brody finally came around to a lucid state, Chris was sitting in the bedside chair pouring through a file that was sitting in his lap. The file had been a gift from Homeland Security for being such a good detainee.

"How long have I been out?" she asked still a bit sleepy as he set the file aside and kissed her.

"Half a day maybe, but that doesn't count the last three hours that you've been talking in your sleep."

"Oh Lord," she started to smile. "What did I say?"

Chris leaned over and kissed her again. "It's not important."

Squeezing his hand, she stared at him, losing herself in his concerned filled eyes. I'm okay."

"I know." He replied, drawing her hands to his lips. "You just scared me is all."

Brody let out a small laugh. "Don't even start that, you were in a coma for seven days, seven very long, excruciating days."

Chris let out his signature grin before sinking his teeth into his bottom lip. "I guess you got me there."

"So what happened with Fod?" Brody asked, sobering.

"He's dead."

"You sure about that?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

"Positive. He'll never hurt you again."

A feeling of absolute relief washed over her as she realized that they were finally free. Well, almost free. They still had to deal with their memories.

"So where do we go from here?" she asked after allowing the thought to absorb. Before Homeland Security had stepped in, they had decided to take a break in order for her to work on her PTSD.

"Wherever you want to," he said, sweeping her bangs away from her face.

"How about Tahiti?" she quipped watching his eyes grow wide.

"Tahiti?" Other than a spring break trip to Mexico in college, Chris had never travelled outside of the United States.

"Tahiti," she repeated, "Just you and me in an all-inclusive resort. We'll sleep till noon every day, take long walks on the beach, order room service for dinner and maybe if you're really good we can even go skinny dippin'"

Chris felt a burn in his cheeks as he began to laugh. "There's something wrong with you."

"What makes you say that?"

"A few of those things involve water." He reminded her. "Last time I checked, you couldn't even get through a five minute shower."

"That's about to change." She said in matter of fact tone. "As soon as I get out of here, I'm going to try to get a handle on my PTSD and I think you should too."

LaSalle looked at befuddled. He wasn't suffering from PTSD.

Brody said nothing as her eyes moved to the outline of the pill bottle in his pocket of his pants.

"Oh, Listen, I don't have a problem-" he began as Brody cut him off with a leveled glare.

"I'll be right back." Rising to his feet, he walked into the restroom and reached into his pocket. Staring at the brown bottle he debated for a moment before twisting the top and dumping the pain medication Cade had just given him into the toilet.

"Problem solved."


He threw up his hands. "You have my word, I'll get rid of everything that's still at home and start goin' ta meetin's if it'll make ya happy."

"I'm going to hold you to it." She teased lifting her chin for his kiss. She really didn't think he was at the point where he needed to go meetings but the idea that he had offered make her heart swell.

Chris pulled back a little when her tongue darted into his mouth. "Ya sure about this?" Before the whole debacle with Homeland Security, they well, mostly he had decided that they needed a break in order to help Brody control her flashbacks.

"Positive," she said into his lips. Now that Fod was gone, she hoped that things would return to normal and for the moment she was right. "That was nice she breathed into his neck when the kiss broke.


"Really," she repeated, lifting her big dark eyes to him. "Now take me home."

Chris let out a soft chuckle, kissing the tip of her nose.

"I mean it," she said looking up at him with her bedroom eyes. After dealing with Chris' stab wounds and multiple surgeries they had already spent enough time in the hospital. As far as Brody was concerned, her off the shoulder, under the collarbone gunshot wound paled in comparison. All she wanted was some alone time at home with Chris.

"Yes, Ma'am."

Brody squealed like a bride on her wedding day as he scooped her up, blankets and in all and started for the corridor in a movie style type of fashion.

Winding her arms around his neck, she smiled at him. "That was nice running by the way when you thought I thought I wasn't going to make it."

"Well, it was definitely more than you did for me in that alleyway." He quipped earning a pinch to the sensitive skin on his neck.

"How about if I make it up to you when we get home?" she grinned kissing the spot she had just pinched.

Chris looked down at her down at her grinning like a fool. "We'll see about that." More than anything he loved playing the part of hero and taking care of her.

3 Weeks Later…

Brody let a deep sigh of pleasure, mixed with exhaustion. It was the kind of exhaustion that came after being with the person that you loved more than life itself. That physical connection that stayed with you long after the encounter was over.

The aftershocks of their lovemaking were still alive and kicking as she settled into Chris' arms.

"Well?" she asked. This was the first time they had been together since being declared officially free of Fod and needless to say she had been nervous. There were the underlying issues of pain and relapsing memories but they had been curbed, kicked to the side if you will.

Chris rolled onto his side so that he was facing her. "I have no words."

"Does that mean you're ready to take me to Tahiti?" she asked raising her brows.

"There's one more thing we have to do first," Chris laughed before stealing a quick peck as her expression turned to confusion.

"What's that?"

"You'll see."

Gator's Piano Bar

Brody held tightly to his hand as they walked across the street to the Piano where their relationship had started. Her palms were sweating like a nervous school girl waiting for her name to be called for Homecoming Queen.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked. Her heart was practically leaping out of her chest with anxiety to come back to the place where Chris had nearly been murdered in cold blood had her PTSD running amuck.

Positive, LaSalle swung his arm around her waist, pulling her to him. "We can do this."

Brody felt herself fall under his spell as he leaned in kissing her right in the middle of the street, forcing oncoming traffic to honk and swerve around them.

"We'd better move before we get killed." Arms wrapped around each other they stepped onto the sidewalk, noting a sign on the door.

"They're closed for a private party." Brody said, already turning away. She was never say anything to Chris but she was secretly relieved. Being inside would just trudge up old memories.

"Not so fast." LaSalle caught her by the crook of the elbow, reeling her back to him.

"They're closed for our private party." He watched her eyes light up with curious confusion.

"Our private party?" she repeated slowly as she watched him dig into his pocket and pull out the key.

"The owner let his TABC license expire so I did him a favor by callin' up a friend of mine and persuading him not to impose any sanctions, so he did me a solid. Tonight this place is all ours."

Brody titled her head, smiling. "Why Agent LaSalle are you trying to seduce me?"

"I did that already." He kissed her quickly and pushed open the door. "Tonight, I thought we'd play pool."

"Pool huh?" Brody looked at him suspiciously. He had a perfectly good pool table at home, one that they had already christened in fact. Maybe this was going to be a new trend? They would go around to bars after hours and use the pool tables for their own pleasure? She could only imagine the look on Granger's face when he saw that on tape.

"Oh, and maybe a little dinner too," In the center of the room, sat a table for two complete with long white flickering candles. It soon became obvious to Brody that Chris had been planning this for quite a while. He had thought of everything; dinner, wine and even entertainment.

"So a little dinner, some pool and then what?" she asked huskily before flanking his face and drawing him to her. Now that she had a fairly decent handle on her PTSD it was time to get serious, "You going to take me out back and try to have your way with me again?" My she was feeling bold tonight and rightly so. They were F.O.F, free of Fod.

"Not tonight," he whispered into her lips before claiming her beautiful perfectly shaped mouth. One conquest at a time and tonight it was going to be the pool table at the Gator Bar.

A/N: As promised, a happy ending for our heroes. There is one more installment on the horizon which our dynamic duo will try to make good on their romantic getaway. But they'll have to get there first. Adult rated smut with a little drama mixed in.