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My name is Nanoha Takamachi, and I was a normal girl until my third grade. That was the year I met Yunno Scrya and learned about the world of magic! Yunno-kun needed my help collecting objects called Jewel Seeds, so I helped him. During that I met my best friend, Fate Testarossa. We weren't friends at first of course, in fact we fought several times! But in the end, we became the best of friends and have been ever since, even through more life-changing events. Now I'm in the Eighth Grade...and another of these events that have made my life so interesting is about to happen...

Chapter 1: Mitakihara?


"Nanoha? Did you need something?"

"No, I was just wondering if you wanted to come to the bridge with me! We're almost home after all."

"Of course Nanoha."

Wide smile crossing her face, the brunette Nanoha Takamachi grabbed her dearest friend's hand. Blue eyes sparkled as the pair moved towards the bridge of the Time-Space Administration Bureau cruiser Arthra. Walking with her, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown had a fond smile on her face. Her own red eyes followed her friend's new side-ponytail, as they ducked around members of the old ships crew. Waves and nods came from the aforementioned crew, all of them very familiar with the pair of Mages. As both of them were now serving full-time in the Bureau, it was little surprise that they were so familiar in fact. It probably helped that the Harlaown family had quite the presence on this ship.

Fate politely nodded back, while Nanoha grinned and waved with her free hand. She was friends with almost every person aboard the Arthra, and enjoyed seeing them every time she was aboard. Considering the fact that she spent most of her assigned time- time not spent at school, though she was likely as not to leave Earth completely fairly soon anyway -aboard the cruiser, that was quite a bit of time. Not that it stopped her from being happy at seeing the familiar faces though. Nanoha was arguably more familiar with the TSAB crew than most of her classmates.

There were some she was more familiar with than others though.


Perhaps too familiar, considering the blue-haired woman sitting in her chair was technically her superior now.

"Ah, Nanoha," not that Admiral Lindy Harlaown wasn't overly familiar herself, "and Fate as well. What brings you two up here?"

"We're almost home," Nanoha's smile widened, were that possible, "I wanted to be up here when we got there!"

"That doesn't surprise me," Lindy smiled herself, very familiar with her most powerful mages, "I'll hazard a guess she pulled you with her Fate?"

The blonde nodded, "Yes Mo...Admiral."

To be perfectly honest, Fate wouldn't have correcter herself...were it not for the fact that her adoptive brother, Chrono Harlaown, was rather strict about never calling their mother by that title while on duty.

Lindy herself though, "Oh you don't have to be formal right now Fate. We're not on duty at the moment."

That was also technically true. The Admiral may have been in her command seat, but that was due to her own desire to be there when her old ship arrived at Earth. She had a certain fondness for that planet, even if it was still not an Aligned World. After was Earth that had given her the girl that would become her daughter, and said blonde's best friend.

"Yes Mother," though Fate was still formal at the best of times.

Her mother shook her head at that, though the fond smile on her own lips made it clear she didn't mind, "One of these days, you'll just call me Mom. Then again, I think Chrono might be rubbing off on you Fate."

Nanoha giggled, "I think Fate-chan is rubbing off on him actually."

"Come to think of it..."

Even Fate herself laughed at that, a light blush crossing her cheeks. Nanoha just smiled at her friend, who smiled back warmly. Lindy watched the byplay, a warm feeling in her chest.

Those two...they were closer than any friends she had ever seen. It wouldn't surprise her in the slightest if their relationship went even further...though, that was not likely to happen soon. Nanoha wasn't the type to notice a shift in a relationship like that, and her dear Fate was too shy to ever make the first move. Even so, the blue-haired woman could smile at the pair, content in the knowledge that they always had each other.

"I heard that," and, of course, her first child as well.

"Chrono-kun, I didn't know you were up here," Nanoha blinked, as the male Mage walked up to the group.

"As the Captain is not on duty, it falls to me to be in command," Chrono explained, sending his mother a dry look, "Though I'm also up here because there have been strange readings from Earth the closer we get."

Both Nanoha and Fate were immediately tense at that statement, a look going between the pair. They didn't need to say anything, telepathically or otherwise. Looks could speak a thousand words with those who were so close. And this look communicated exactly what it needed to...worry. Earth hadn't been the center of any magical disturbances since the Book of Darkness incident several years ago. And both of the previous times it had been the center of a disturbance- the Book and the Jewel Seeds before it -the situation had escalated to the point the world was in real danger of being destroyed.

"What kind of disturbances?" Fate asked, stepping towards her brother.

"As of yet, we aren't sure," he replied warily, "Amy is going over the data, but none of it makes any sense. It doesn't appear to be a Lost Logia, but something on or around Earth is giving off strange magical readings."

"Is it dangerous?" the worry in Nanoha's voice was nothing like her typically cheerful demeanor, but made sense in the current situation.

"We can't be sure."

"I assume you're taking all the proper precautions?"

Not on duty or not, Admiral Lindy was always quick to react. Her carefree attitude had vanished, replaced by the experienced professional she was. Blue eyes looked at her son, who stared right back without flinching even slightly.

"Of course. Until we can figure out what is happening, I've had the Arthra slow down. Sorry, but you're going to be a little late, Nanoha."

"Oh that's not a problem," the brunette waved it off with a weak smile, "I wouldn't want anyone to be put in danger because of me."

Fate put a hand on her friend's arm, eliciting a stronger smile. The girl turned back to Chrono, a question in her red eyes, "How long have these disturbances been happening?"

"Not long," there was the slightest tone of frustration in the Enforcer's voice now, "Which is what is strange about this. There haven't been any reports of odd activity around Earth, not for years. Then all of a sudden, there are magical and dimensional disturbances of a type we've never seen before. Between Amy and Yunno I'm certain we can figure it out though."

"That is odd," Fate agreed, a thoughtful expression crossing her face, "The Jewel Seeds were similar, but at least in that case we had a definite start."

Chrono nodded, "We don't have that here. In fact..."

In a somewhat typical situation, the moment those words left his mouth alarms began to sound. The brilliant red EMERGENCY began flashing on the viewscreens, as the crew jumped to stations and began to figure out what was going on. Chrono sent a look at the younger girls, before jumping down to rush towards Amy, deeper in the hull. Nanoha watched him go, squeezing Fate's hand tighter. Her blonde friend squeezed back, as both turned to Admiral Lindy with worried expressions decorating their faces. No one in their right mind would attack even an old ship like the Arthra when it still had the Arc-En-Ciel aboard, which would only mean that...

Earth...Mom, Dad...everyone...

Nanoha started when Fate slid closer to her, giving comfort as much as she was seeking it. After all, while she may live on Midchilda most of the time, Earth was the first real home the blonde had ever had. It would hurt her just as much if something happened.

"The dimensional effects are growing!" Amy's voice spoke over the comm systems, "At the current spread, a dimensional quake will overtake the entire Sol System within a few minutes!"

Understandably, the girls shared a shocked look at that. Impacting one entire planet was already difficult. An entire star system was another matter entirely.

"W...what's happening?" Nanoha spoke softly.

"I don't know," Fate replied, moving even closer to her friend, "I'm worried. Mother, do you know anything that could do this?"

Lindy shook her head, "No. The only Lost Logia that I'm familiar with that has this level of power were the Jewel Seeds. There might be one I'm not familiar with, but..."

"Fate-chan," the brunette in the group turned to face her friend, "We have to get down there!"

"Right," Fate nodded, determination clear in her pretty face.

"No," only for the Admiral to shoot that down quickly, "Until we're sure what's happening, I can't let you two go."

"But Lindy-san!"

"No...I'm sorry Nanoha, Fate. But I won't let you two go down there when we don't even know what is causing this. I'm sorry."

The Admiral was well aware that the two weren't going to like that. The subtle tensing in her daughter's shoulders and the way that Nanoha bit her lip told her that much. Some things truly never did change, no matter how much more mature looking the two girls were. Nanoha was still the brave little girl who was determined to always help, even if it meant throwing herself head-first into danger. And Fate would follow her into the danger, always right next to the girl who had saved her life. Lindy knew that as much as she knew her own hands. It was just a fact of life when it came to these two.

But this just wasn't a situation where going in like that would work. They didn't even know if there was anything to seal, which rather defeated the purpose of sending Mages down. It was just too dangerous to go into a situation like this without knowing at least something of what was going on first.

"The Quake is still spreading! And picking up speed!"

Leave it to Amy to distract them all.

"How fast?" Lindy asked, immediately slipping into full-commander mode, "And estimated distance?"

"A light year a second," Amy answered quickly, the sound of her voice somewhat strained, "At this rate, the entire dimension will be impacted."

The sudden increase in speed and distance had even the Admiral paling. Nanoha and Fate didn't quite understand the speed it was moving at, neither of them being experienced in such large distances yet, despite everything else. Lindy though, she fully understood it. Moving that fast...overtaking the entire dimension that Earth resided in...that was almost inconceivable. What could possibly be powerful enough to impact an entire dimension like that? Very, very few things was the answer...and certainly nothing native to Earth.

"Bring us to a different dimensional plane," the Admiral ordered, not wanting to test the Arthra's shields against a disturbance of that magnitude.

"Yes ma'am!"

The shifting colors outside the bridge windows changed color momentarily, as the TSAB cruiser easily shifted to a different dimension. Her sensors were still trained on Earth however...until the quake reached where the ship had once been. Static overtook the view, as even in a separate dimension the Arthra shook slightly.

"Oh no..." Nanoha whispered, clutching Fate's arm at the idea that something had happened to her home.

"That much power..." not that the blonde was much better off. She didn't...exactly have good experiences with incidents of this scale.

Luckily, the shaking was minor and soon ended. Not so luckily...the viewscreens came back up empty. Just stars, no sign of the Earth that they had been previously watching.

"No," the brunette clenched her hand tighter, "what happened?"

"Amy?" Lindy asked.

"Scanning," the intelligence officer replied, "that is where Earth should be. But, here is where it is."

The previously star-filled screen switched to the familiar blue orb, looking none the worse for wear despite being the epicenter of a dimensional disturbance powerful enough to impact the entire dimension the world called home. To say that was unusual would be an understatement. Lost Logia came from other worlds that had suffered a similar fate...but they never came out intact. By contrast, Earth looked the same as ever, even though it had apparently moved in space from where it should have been. And not one of the crew had the slightest idea how that was possible.

Not even the Admiral or her son, the ones who might have had some inkling of the situation.

"Somehow, this entire dimension has regressed in time approximately one and a half months."

Nanoha's head snapped up, when Fate's hand clenched her this time, "Back in time? I thought magic couldn't do that?"

"There were legends that Al-Hazard possessed spells that could," Fate spoke up, making the tightening of her hand understandable.

Her mother...was this Precia? Nanoha worried that it might have been an experiment by her. The horrible woman should have been dead, but they really didn't have any way to say for sure either...

Lindy shook her head though, "Even if those old legends were true, there isn't any way to get to those spells. Still, something happened."

"Please, let us go down there!"

The Admiral turned to Nanoha, nodding slightly, "I couldn't stop you right now if I tried. Please, be careful...we don't know what happened."

"Yes ma'am!"

"Of course Mother."

Both Mages were quickly teleported down to the surface of Earth once the Arthra had reentered the requisite dimension. The only question was...what had happened, and who- or what -was the cause of such a massive dimensional quake...

When the magic runes at their feet cleared, Fate and Nanoha found themselves standing in a park that was at once familiar and entirely foreign. It looked like Uminari. At least, it more closely resembled the brunette girl's hometown than Midchilda did. At the same time though, the city surrounding them was less compacted than the urban sprawl that Nanoha and her friend were familiar with. Flying around and- in a couple cases through -the forest of skyscrapers that made up the central area of Uminari made one rather familiar with it. Where they were standing however...was far more open. There were still many skyscrapers, but they were more spread out...and rather larger. There was a pair of spires that towered well over anything that Nanoha was familiar with...even bigger than Fate's old 'home'.

That was far from the only difference though.



"Everything looks!"

Fate nodded warily, "Too new. I don't recognize some of this technology, and its not Mid-Childan either."

Most of the technology the two saw on billboards and otherwise, looked a lot more advanced than what either girl recognized. Even the phones being carried around were better than what they were familiar with. It was...more than a little strange.

"Are we sure this is Uminari?" Nanoha asked, confusion clear in her blue eyes.

"Hmm," Fate closed her eyes, focusing her magic on identifying their location, "it is. Well, it should be anyway..."

"But it can't be!"

"I know. We should find your home Nanoha, maybe your parents know what happened?"

That was a long shot, since the Takamachi family at large still didn't really know the inner workings of magic. They were aware of what their daughter was, but that was one thing. No other member of Nanoha's family had the potential to be a Mage, and as such, would be completely unaware of ordinary magic cast around them. But something big enough to do...this...might have been noticed.

One could hope anyway.


"Mom? Dad?" Nanoha called when they reached her home.

Not that it had been easy to find the home in question. With what had happened to was difficult to find anything any more. The Mages lucked out in that the address was still the same at least.

"Nanoha?" her mother came into view, wiping her hands on her apron, "Shouldn't you be in school right now?"

"I was with Fate-chan, remember?" the young girl replied, smiling at her friend, who was still a bit shy around her family.

"I'm sorry," the girl in question bowed, "We didn't expect a delay on our way home."

The older woman nodded, "That's not a problem then! Just make sure you let your teacher know, okay? I'm sure she doesn't like students skipping her classes. I could have sworn you weren't starting that visit until a few days from now though..."

"She hasn't noticed anything wrong..."

"I noticed," Fate nodded at the questioning tone in Nanoha's mental communication, "Something is very wrong here Nanoha."

"I know Fate-chan. Maybe we should try the school next?"

It seemed like the best option. Clearly, Nanoha's mother didn't see anything different with the town. She would have made some sort of comment on it by now were that the case. The fact she didn't clearly meant that something was off, even more than it had seemed at first. Because it was rather hard not to notice what the city looked like, just by looking out a window. Not to mention the time-dislocation on top of that. The entire situation was fishy, to say the least. Whatever had happened had done so without anyone noticing anything different.

That was powerful magic in its own right.

Nonetheless, the two girls could do nothing but continue their search for answers. Waving goodbye to her mother, Nanoha pulled up a map with Raising Heart. The old Uminari had been overlaid over the new one, with landmarks marked for convenience. For instance, the brunette's home was still in roughly the right location, despite the vastly different city layout. The school, then, should also be in the same spot. In theory.

"I wonder what did this Fate-chan," Nanoha continued speaking mentally, as the two young teenagers dodged around various people walking through the streets as they headed to school.

"Your guess is as good as mine," Fate replied, eyes scanning the area curiously, "I don't know any magic that can do this. Change the area around maybe, but completely replace the city?"

"And we know that they transported us to the right town since Mom was here..."

"So we didn't accidentally end up in a different city."

Nanoha nodded absently, "Nope. I'm...I'm a bit worried Fate-chan. Mom was okay, but what about Suzuka-chan? Alisa-chan? Are they okay?"

Her friends had some level of magical potential. They had both been inadvertently caught up in her adventures at times, though never in outright danger. They might well have noticed what happened, if it didn't hurt them in some way.

"I'm sure that they're okay Nanoha," Fate smiled at her friend, taking her hand in her own, "We just need to get to school, and see how things changed there. They might even know what happened."


Both girls could agree on that statement. The last thing either wanted was to see their friends in danger or hurt. But if they at least saw what happened...that would be something, right? After all, the Mages had to figure out what had occurred somehow. And with all the other TSAB agents native to Earth- well, technically that was only Hayate, though her Knights might as well have been by now -not there at the was likely only Nanoha's old friends might have seen what happened.

"What if they didn't though?" the brunette continued, worry tinging her voice, "How would we figure things out then Fate-chan?"

"Amy and Chrono are working on that right now," her friend replied, absolute confidence in her voice, "They might bring Yunno in as well. If they can figure out the Book of Darkness, I'm sure they can figure this out as well Nanoha."

"Yeah, you're right Fate-chan. They always do know everything!"

With a bit more of a skip in her step, Nanoha moved forward with her friend's hand still tightly clutched in her own, the traffic slowly thinning out as they walked along a small stream. Tall trees sat along either end of the empty path, lending a much more natural feel than most of the Uminari they were familiar with. It was odd really...the path to Uminari Middle School was crowded with buildings, not greenery. Yet another difference to add onto the many they already had then.

"I see the school!" Nanoha 'shouted' excitedly, only to slow down at the sight greeting her, head tilted to the side, making her ponytail look even longer, "Huh? That's..."

"Not our school," Fate supplied, red eyes narrowing slightly, "That's nothing like our school. Where...Nanoha."

Shaken from her stupor, the blue-eyed girl looked at her friend, who had dropped her hand and moved to kneel in front of a stone plaque, with the name of the school on a metal segment.


"Mitakihara Middle School?"

It was wrong.


"We know we aren't in the wrong town," the Mage got to her feet, voice thoughtful, "But this should say Uminari. Come to think of it, did you see anything with Uminari on it Nanoha?"

Her friend tilted her head again, "No actually. Fate-chan, why is that? Don't tell me we're in another dimension?"

"Impossible, not with our technology and your mother here. Still though, something is off. Bardiche?"

"Yes sir?"

Fate's Intelligent Device glowed slightly, his mechanical voice quick to respond.

"Scan the internet and search for anything marked Uminari."

"Scanning. No matches found."


There was silence, before a floating hologram appeared in front of the girls. Streams of data rolled over it, but all of it spoke to one thing in particular. A large number of references to Mitakihara City, and all of them came with the map that Raising Heart had overlaid on the one of Uminari. That could only mean...

"Mitakihara City has taken the place of Uminari. No data on how this has occurred."

Nanoha and Fate shared a look at that, the same question running through both their minds. They hadn't just gone back in time then...they had somehow ended up on an Earth that developed differently than their own, despite still sharing their history. Otherwise Nanoha's mother wouldn't have known Fate or so easily brushed off them not being at school. But how different did the changes truly run? Was everyone they were familiar with still here? Their friends? The rest of Nanoha's family?

And again...the question arose of what power could do something on such a truly massive scale. Nothing should have been capable of it, but all the evidence showed what had happened. Earth had changed, and there was no indication how.

"We have to get back to the Arthra," Fate held her hand out to her closest friend, "They need to know wha...what happened."

"Uh huh," Nanoha nodded, taking the outstretched hand, "Maybe they can figure out how to reverse it?"

"I don't know if that's possible," her friend frowned slightly, "I...I don't know if Hayate even has enough power to do something like this."

"Well it's worth a shot at least, right Fate-chan?"


Because even if they couldn't find the answer easily, it was at least worth trying. Reversing the effects of this powerful of a Magical event might well be beyond even their significant power, coupled with the only living SS Rank Mage in the form of Hayate Yagami. But that didn't matter in the end, because...well...

We always manage to fix things somehow...

Even if we lose someone precious in the process. Mother...

We never give up.

We never lose.

Nanoha and Fate were not the type of girls who would give up, even in the face of what looked impossible. The more impossible something looked, the more determined the girls became to push themselves to their limits and beyond in the effort to fix it. Nanoha had fought a skilled Mage with no training of her own, all for the goal of figuring out if the 'girl with the sad eyes' would be her friend. She had gone from a girl in over her head, into possibly the most talented Mage in Bureau history, all for the simple goal of befriending a girl who fought her at every turn. That was the determination of Nanoha Takamachi.

By contrast, Fate had fought every her now-dearest friend every step of the way, entirely to help a mother who didn't love her. She had fought through the pain of failure and the disappointment of her mother. She had kept going when others would long since have given up hope. Because that was who she was, and Fate Testarossa-Harlaown did not give up on anything.

"Come on Fate-chan, let's figure out how to fix this!" Nanoha grinned at her friend.

Fate smiled back, "Or at least what happened."

"Uh huh!"

With that said, the two girls focused their magical energy, vanishing in a flash of runes as they returned to the Arthra. The question of just what had occurred was eating at both of them, and they needed to figure it out. Something was seriously wrong, and somehow...despite all the determination they possessed to fix the situation...

They had the feeling they wouldn't like the answer.

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