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Chapter 1: The Truth

No matter how much Harry didn't want to believe it, Sirius the man who was becoming Harry's Second Father. Had just been murdered before him. Thrown into the Veil of Death in the Department of Mysteries. Lupin tried to grab him but he wasn't quick enough. Harry ran straight for the Veil and jumped in trying to follow Sirius. Everyone in the room whether they be Death Eater, Order Member or the other students that followed Harry was so shocked they stopped fighting each other. Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived had just run through the Veil of Death. The funny thing was that Harry Hadn't died from it.

Harry found himself lying on the ground of some building. He pulled himself off the ground and stood up and looked around. He was in a train station except there were no trains, it looked like Kings Cross. That when Harry saw the figure coming towards him. He was very big and cloaked in a very dark cloak and carrying a scythe. Harry figured this must be death.

"I'm dead aren't I?" Harry asks the figure when he stops in front of him.

"Yes… and no." Death says to him as he sat on a bench in the station. He gestured to the seat next to him as if tell Harry to take a seat.

"How can I be dead but not dead?" Harry askes clearly confused as he sat down next to Death

"The Unspeakables have been trying to understand the mysteries that surround what they call The Veil of Death. In actuality, The Veil doesn't kill you; it takes your soul and sends your body onto the next life. While some people deserve a painful death for their crimes, some people deserve a mercy killing. Unfortunately when I created the Veil and placed it in that cave some of my Dementors escaped into the overworld. Not something I intended to do let me tell you." Death informed him

"So I have no soul." Harry asked in fear.

"No your soul in there and fully your own. I let you in on secret someone you know by the name of Albus Dumbledore intended to never tell you. Your scar may have been the result of the killing curse but a part of Tom Riddle's soul lodged itself in your head effectively creating you what is called a Horcrux. Not something he intended to do let me tell you" Death explained.

"What is a Horcrux?" Harry asked getting more confused by the minute.

"A Horcrux is an object that someone has concealed part of their souls. So while that if the person is killed. He will live on in a spirit form, waiting for the perfect time to return. This is not light or dark magic. Creating a Horcrux is pure Black Magic. Magic worse than dark magic. You were a Horcrux but passing through the veil has removed the Horcrux from your scar. Eventually your scar will fade." Death told him.

"So what will that mean for me?" Harry asked.

"We'll it's mostly all good news. You won't have any more insight information into Tom Riddle's head, you can still speak Parseltongue and you will no longer have headaches when he is close by or displaying powerful emotions. If you wanted to you could turn your back on this country and its war and after seeing what you have had to put up with, I wouldn't be surprised if you told them all to go to hell." Death said as a grin grew on his face.

"But what about the prophecy, I heard the first two lines say I had to beat Voldemort and neither could live while the other survived." Harry questioned.

"The full prophecy says; The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies... Now I know that the prophecy has been fulfilled already. Tom Riddle officially died when you stopped him at the age of one. What returned was the self-styled Lord Voldemort. You vanquished Tom Riddle at the age of one. The prophecy never said you have to worry about him should he come back. Only the manipulative bastard Dumbledore says you have to worry about him. And what Dumbledore say goes in England apparently." Death said trying to explain.

"But what about all the innocents who will die by Voldemort's hand? I have to help them." Harry said.

"Why, after they have spent a year vilifying you in their paper. Hero one minute, Villain the next. You are and will always be The wizarding worlds Scapegoat if you don't break free from the manipulations that is being thrust upon you by The ministry and Dumbledore. Your so called best friends don't even truly like you." Death said trying to get through to Harry.

"That's bullshit. Ron might have not been by me all the time but Hermione has always stood by me." Harry defended his friends.

"Ronald Weasley has been getting paid to befriend you, your money too. Hermione Granger has been getting access to rare books in Dumbledore's library. The Weasley family, minus Arthur, Fred and George, Bill and Charlie, have been also been getting paid. Also your so called best friends have been chasing off anyone and everyone who might befriend you. Only Neville Longbottom has been even close to being one of your friends." Death explained.

"I don't believe you." Harry said. Death sighed.

"Maybe you three can get through to him, I can't." Death told someone else. Harry spun around and there were his parents and Sirius.

"Death is telling you the truth Harry, Dumbledore is manipulating you and controlling your every movement. He has blocks on you magical core, mail and most of your abilities. He is paying your so called friends and hasn't even told you about your heritage. He even has an illegal tap on the Potter Family Vault." Lily explained. Harry was glad he was sitting or his feet would have fallen out from under him. All his friends, his life. A lie. He couldn't believe it.

"Tell me Harry, Molly has seven children, two who had left Hogwarts, four who were going to Hogwarts. How can she have forgotten the number for the platform? First year, with the philosopher stone, all the traps three first years could get through. Second year, with the chamber. This was bloody amazing I have to say. The ward surrounding Hogwarts should have told Dumbledore what was going through the castle and where the entrance to the chamber was. Third year, He knew Sirius was Innocent all along, he was the one who performed the Fidilius around our home, yet he let Sirius go to Azkaban. Fourth year, he could have gotten you out of the tournament at any point but let you enter. I don't even need to say anything about fifth year. And the reason he placed you with the Dursleys was he knew you would be mistreated. He needed you weak and malleable to form you into his perfect little weapon." James explained. He pulled his son into a hug and held him close. Lily joined into the hug.

"What do I do?" Harry asked.

"Go to Gringotts, get the blocks undone and clear out the Black and Potter family vaults." James started.

"You are the sole inheritor of my will Harry, I don't trust anyone else. I might have left Remus something but he is too loyal to Dumbledore." Sirius interrupted.

"Once you have done that leave the country. Go to America and find my cousin. We were very close growing up. His name is Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He will help you. Tell him everything that has happened. He knows about magic and will do anything to keep you safe from Dumbledore." James continued.

"Make it quick time is almost up." Death told them.

"Harry we are all so very proud of you for becoming the man you have become. And know we will always be watching over you. No matter what we will always be with you. In here." Lily said as she placed a hand over his heart.

Death opened a portal and told Harry to enter it. 'Couple of things, when you get back chase after Bellatrix. It is very important that you do. And Dumbledore will send you to his office. When you are in his office drink this it will show everything that is connected to you. You will have half an hour to destroy them all. They monitor your health and whereabouts. And just hit the door with a blasting hex. I will drain the power." Death explained as he gave the potion to Harry.

Harry nodded before jumping in the portal.


Harry fell back out of the veil, looked around and saw Bellatrix, remembering Death's words started to chase after her. He chased her all the way to the atrium where he hit her with a stunner. She fell and Harry waited. Soon Voldemort showed up and was surprised to see Bellatrix unconscious.

"Voldemort." Harry called out.

"Harry Potter, is this your handiwork? Impressive. So ready to die." Voldemort asked. As he raised his wand.

"How about this, you don't kill me and I'll give you the prophecy." Harry said as he showed the prophecy in his hand.

"Why would you give me that? You hate me." Voldemort asked very confused.

"Listen I don't have much time tonight, so here is what we are going to do. I've just finished have a nice chat with death and found out I have, for all my life been getting manipulated by Dumbledore. So the day I get back from Hogwarts on the express, I'm going to Gringotts. You and I can go there and have talk about life. And I would give you the prophecy because it has been fulfilled. Says vanquish, not kill. And I intend to leave the country soon so I want to stay alive." Harry explained hoping to all gods that Voldemort wouldn't just kill him.

"Ok we can talk at Gringotts. But why would you leave, you hate me and you have you saving people problem." Voldemort asked.

"I hate the wizarding world of England more. I'm either a hero or a villain. I hate all my fame because you failed to kill me." Harry said as he tossed the prophecy to Voldemort. Voldemort just looked at it. It was at that point that Dumbledore showed up in one of the floo accesses Voldemort and Dumbledore started to duel as Harry ran to an area where he would be safe. He may have come to hate the old man in the last couple of minutes but knew Dumbledore was very powerful. The two continued to duel and eventually Aurors and ministry worker still in the pajamas watching the two duel. Eventually Voldemort broke the duel, grabbed Bellatrix and apparated out of the ministry. Dumbledore grabbed Harry and gave him a portkey.


Harry landed on his back in Dumbledore's Office. He was extremely pissed off and it was showing. He drank the potion and instantly several objects lit up surrounded by a red glow. Harry pulled out his wand and started to launch Reducto after Reducto. He put all his available magic into his spell and knew they would never be able to be repaired. Then when that was done, he hid his tracks by firing reductos randomly around the office. When he was finished the office looked like a warzone. He was just about to destroy the door and leave when Dumbledore flooed back.

Dumbledore expected Harry to be angry but this was defiantly not what he was expecting. He knew if Harry was to start fire spells he would not win, the duel with Voldemort made him way too tired and weak. Harry ignored Dumbledore and fired a reducto at the door and left. Dumbledore was going to tell Harry the prophecy but one more look at his office told him should he drop that on his shoulder when he just lost Sirius would be a disaster. The good news was that Sirius was gone and could not interfere with Harry anymore and could not reveal any of the plans he had for Harry.


Harry walked up to The Room of Requirement. He got Dobby to bring all his stuff up to the room and locked himself in, with only Dobby able to get in to bring him news and food, and he stayed in there until the train was going to leave. No one would see or hear from him until he was ready to leave the school and soon England.