"Yeah, I know I look like I'm sixteen. In fact, I'll probably still look like I'm sixteen when you've died of old age and rotted to dust. So give me a little credit here!"

Centuria, aka Callie Troy (Power Level 12)
Str +10/+0 (30/10), Dex +3 (16), Con +10/+0 (30/10), Int +0 (10), Wis +2 (14), Cha +2 (14)

Combat: Attack +10 or +12 (cosmic blast), Damage +10 melee (unarmed) or +10 melee cone (shockwave or super-breath ) or +10 melee burst (thunderclap ) or +12 ranged (cosmic blast), Grapple +24 (attack 10 + Str 10 + Super-Strength 4) or +28 (attack 10 + Move Object 18), Defense 20 (14 flatfooted), Initiative +7 (Dex 3 + 4 feat)

Toughness +14 (Impervious 10; +10 w/o Force Field), Fort +10 (0 pp), Ref +7 (4 pp), Will +10 (8 pp)

Bluff +8/+12 (6 ranks + Cha 2 + 4 feat)
Concentration +12 (10 ranks + Wis 2)
Diplomacy +8/+12 (6 ranks + Cha 2 + 4 feat)
Knowledge (history) +4 (4 ranks + Int 0)
Knowledge (technology) +8 (8 ranks + Int 0)
Notice +9 (7 ranks + Wis 2)
Search +8 (8 ranks + Int 0)
Sense Motive +9 (7 ranks + Wis 2)

Accurate Attack
Dodge Focus 3
Improved Initiative
Power Attack
Second Chance (Concentration checks)
Ultimate Skill (Concentration)

Cosmic Awareness: Super-Senses 2 (cosmic awareness, benefit ) (2 pp)
Cosmic Energy Control: Array 19 (38 points; Power Feats: Alternate Power 4, Dynamic 5) (47 pp)
AP: Channelling: Power Reserve 17 (asterisked powers; Power Feats: Additional Power 3) (5-37)
AP: Cosmic Blast: Damage 12 (Extra: Range ; Power Feats: Accurate, Homing, Indirect 2, Precise) (7-29)
AP: Cosmic Constructs: Create Object 12 (Extra: Movable; Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial, Progression) (5-38)
AP: Cosmic Healing: Healing 12 (Extra: Total; Power Feats: Persistent, Regrowth) (5-38)
AP: Telekinesis: Move Object 18 (heavy load 3,200 tons; Power Feats: Precise, Subtle) (4-38)
*Flight 5 (250 mph; Power Feats: Moving Feint, Subtle) (12 pp)
Force Field: Protection 4 (Extras: Force Field, Impervious 10; Power Feat: Subtle) (15 pp)

*Communication 2 (100 feet, mental) (2 pp)
Comprehend 2 (languages 2 ) (4 pp)
Mind Reading 2 (2 pp)

Ultiman Physiology
*Enhanced Strength 20 (20 pp)
Enhanced Constitution 20 (20 pp)
Immunity 12 (aging, life support, starvation, need for sleep) (12 pp)
*Regeneration 2 (unconscious 1 1/round, resurrection 1 1/week; Extra: True Resurrection 1; Power Feats: Persistent, Regrowth) (5 pp)
*Super-Strength 4 (heavy load 12 tons; Power Feats: Countering Punch, Shockwave, Super-Breath, Thunderclap) (12 pp)

Base Attack: +10
Base Defense: +7

Abilities 14 + Skills 14 (56 ranks) + Feats 13 + Powers 153 + Combat 34 + Saves 12 - Drawbacks 0 = Total 240

Trade-Offs: Up to -2 Atk/+2 Max DC, -2 Def/+2 Max Tough

Accident (social; she's still learning about the outside world)
Enemy (Alpha-Centurion)
Enemy (Omega, Lord of the Terminus; less for her actions than for the legacy she carries)
Enemy (Superior)
Fame (only apparent heir to the Centurion legacy)
Secret (identity)
Secret (Superior's half-sister)
Temper (being treated like a kid by people younger than her)

Centuria is a slender girl who looks about age sixteen. She has short black hair and bright blue eyes, and her figure-hugging blue and white costume is clearly modeled after that of the late Centurion.

In her guise as Callie Troy, Kal-Zor wears a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, a blonde wig that goes down to the middle of her back, and loose and purposely unflattering clothing.

Centuria is a confident paragon of heroism, always ready to help out, and a pillar of confidence for her teammates. She's also more than a little flirtatious and often uses her stunning good looks to her advantage. She's working on her taunts, but she hasn't quite gotten the hang of them yet. She holds herself to a higher standard most of the time, but all bets are off when dealing with the truly despicable.

Callie Troy is a shy and introverted teenager who typifies the word "wallflower." She's constantly reading something - magazines, science fiction novels, the Bible, history books - and it doesn't really matter to her what. Most of her peers think she's pretty weird.

The real Kal-Zor is somewhere in between the two personalities she puts on for the world. While lively and energetic, she's also a little fearful of making a social faux pas, due to the very different culture she grew up in; that, along with a deliberate contrast to help conceal her secret identity, helped define the personality she uses when in the guise of Callie Troy. Her civilian identity's habit of constantly reading stems from her very real driving curiousity about the outside world. Kal-Zor's greatest fear, however, is that she will somehow fail to live up to the legacy she is carrying.

Kal-Zor's story began in World War II. When members of the German Thule Society came to Ultima Thule and were turned away, Kal-Zed left Ultima Thule to pursue his ambition. Although the Ultimans washed their hands of Kal-Zed, his mother, Kal-Zin, followed him, seeking to return him to the fold. With Centurion's blessing, she donned the guise of the original Centuria and sought out her son on the battlefields of World War II.

With the fall of Hitler's Third Reich, Kal-Zin felt that Kal-Zed would surely return to his people, having worked through this phase, but she was wrong. Her son agreed to meet with her and ambushed her. Although her injuries were not fatal - and by extension, given her Ultiman heritage, not serious - the wounds to her heart would never heal. For a time, Kal-Zin grew despondent, giving up the identity of Centuria but refusing to return to Ultima Thule. The rarity of births among the Ultimans only magnified the failure she perceived in herself over her son's actions. It was during this time that Steven Troy, a green American soldier whose life she saved during the war, paid her back for saving his life. He helped her get through the grief and guilt, supporting her emotionally, and eventually, they fell in love and married. When Kal-Zin finally returned to her home in Ultima Thule, Steven went with her. There, they had a daughter, Kal-Zor (whom Steven affectionately called "Callie"), who grew up hearing from her parents tales of the outside world... and her brother.

When Omega attacked Freedom City in 1993, Kal-Zor - fueled by a combination of curiousity and an adolescent's sense of invulnerability - left Ultima Thule without permission to join the fight, adopting the costume and identity her mother used in World War II. When she arrived in Freedom City, Centurion greeted her warmly and accepted her help, sending her to help evacuate the civilians and fight off Omega's drones while he faced the Lord of Entropy himself. Since then, Kal-Zor has remained in the outside world, struggling to uphold the legacy she suddenly found herself bearing.