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Senseless 01

~ ~ ~

Dark entered the museum and waited in silence. He seemed to be alone but it was too quiet. Much too quiet. Silently he moved across the room, his eyes fixed on the necklace he wanted to steal.

Soft footsteps approached in his back. The thief whirled around. There he was. His blue-haired nemesis, his enemy, his....love. Dark fought against his hormones avoiding a transformation by a hair's breadth.

"Hiwatari-kun! What are you doing here?"

Satoshi frowned and forced a smile on his lips. "I've been waiting für you, Dark!"

"Really?" The thief answered the smile and step by step he went nearer to the other boy.

Something blinked in the moonlight and Dark jumped back as Hiwatari tried to catch his wrist with his handcuffs. The handcuffs clicked softly but caught only air instead of the thief.

"Hey! That's not nice, Hiwatari!" Dark pouted.

"As if I care!" Hiwatari pounced at him but the thief got out of the way. Both stared at each other and then Dark acted on a sudden impulse and now he pounced at his surprised hunter. Hiwatari hit the ground and found himself pinned under a annoyingly smiling Dark.

"I can't stand it anymore! You're so cute!" Dark pressed his lips against Hiwataris, forced his tongue inside the boys mouth, ravishing the wet heat mercilessly.

Impossible. It couldn't be. Satoshi felt himself responding to the pleasure the thief caused him to feel. He wanted to push Dark away but this feeling was so nice... for once in his life he felt wanted.

Suddenly he was free.

Dark jerked back panic flashing across his face. "I'm sorry, Satoshi!"

Satoshi blinked confused. He lifted his hand and touched Darks cheek in astohishment. The thief's body shimmered and within seconds he transformed into an embarressed Daisuke. The boy lept to his feet and ran, leaving a stunned Satoshi behind.


Satoshi couldn't believe it. Dark had kissed him and for a single moment he allowed himself to like it. A sudden feeling of shame flashed through his mind.

It had to be a mistake. Yes. A terrible mistake. Dark would never kiss him! What a ridiculous idea! The thought alone made Satoshi shiver. -Dark didn't love me! It must have been my imagination!-

=But he kissed you and then he transformed!=

Satoshi groaned and hid his face in his hands. Why had it to be Dark? Why couldn't it be someone else? Why couldn't it be someone...

=Are you falling for him, little pet? Don't be stupid. He only tried to distract you.=

-Shut up. I ‚know' that he doesn't love me.-

=But you hope he would?=

-NO! It's not Dark I want...- Satoshi fell silent but he already said to much. Krad's furious presence made him tremble.

=Oh, really? Who are you dreaming of? This innocent Niwa? This ever smiling red-head?= The demon sneered in his mind, hate and disgust dripping through every word.

-That's none of your business!- Satoshi swallowed hard. He knew Krad was nearly exploding but to his astonishment he said nothing more and vanished.

"Satoshi?" A hand touched his shoulder and as he looked up his eyes met with Niwas. Shit. He had forgotten he was in school and not at home.

"Daisuke?" Satoshi bit down on his bottom lip as he felt himself responding to Niwas presence. When he changed into Krad right now...

"Hiwatari-kun! The teacher is waiting for you!"

Satoshi shrugged. "Leave me alone, Niwa-san!"

"You have to come to class, Hiwatari! The teacher send me out....!" Daisuke never finished his sentence. Satoshi jumped up, his hands tugged on the collar of Daisukes shirt, pulling the other boy close.

Daisuke's eyes widened in shock. For an instant he thought Satoshi was up to kiss him but the other boy only stared. Brown eyes met blue ones then Satoshi released Daisuke's shirt and turned around, pushing the smaller boy out of his way.


Satoshi felt himself change. He broke into a run and jumped over the edge of the roof.

"SATOSHI!" Daisuke cried out in panic. Before he could move Krad lept into the air his wings reflecting the sun.

Daisuke stared at him in utter shock. He touched his lips with his fingers and watched his friend leave.


He didn't feel well. Actually he felt really sick.

Daisuke laid on his bed. His eyes were closed but he felt as if the room were moving. Dark loved Satoshi but Satoshi loved him...

Why had it to be this way? Daisuke felt hot tears running down his cheeks. His heart felt as if it were torn in pieces.

A sharp knock on the window startled him. He looked up and it gave him quite a turn. Krad?

The demon waited two seconds. When Daisuke didn't move he opened the window and entered the room.

"We have to talk!"


"Close your mouth! You look like an idiot!" Krad lowered himself on Daisukes bed and crossed his legs.

Daisuke gulped. His hormones danced around in his body and he knew it was only a question of time before he revealed his greatest secret to the other.

"I will never give Satoshi up! He's mine!"

"I....I....don't.....!" Daisuke smacked himself mentally for being such an idiot. He straitened himself up. "I don't love Satoshi! I love someone else!"

Krad sneered. "Nice! You know he hears every word you say?"

"I know but I only tell the truth! I like Satoshi, he is my friend but I do not love him!" Daisuke decided to put his cards on the table. "I love you, Krad!"


Now it was Krads turn to stare at his opposite with his mouth half open. There was a blinding flash of light and Dark stood there, grinning.

"See? It's true. He loves you and wether I yell at him or try to convince him of his stupidity it's futile!"


Dark leaned forward. Krads eyes were blank. The thief frowned.

"HEY!" He shouted into Krads ear and the demon screamed surprised.

"Baka! I nearly died on a heart attack!"

"That's not my fault!"

"He loves me?"

"Yes, he is totally nuts!"

Krad smiled sadly. He reached out and touched Darks cheek with his fingertips. "Too sad that I do not love him in return!" Then he changed into Satoshi.

~ ~ ~