I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL. (if only I did….)

Do you ever think of me when you lie ?

Lie down in your bed, your bed of lies.

Its funny isn't it ? how we now almost never talk to each other eventho we were practically inseparable when were little kids. Well, maybe because you're busy looking at her. Lucy. Lucy Heartfillia. I wouldn't blame you though . I mean, even her name has a nice roll to it, with her sun kissed blond hair, hourglass figure, thunderstorms eyes. She's magical in her own way.

Its just that, it hurts knowing i was somehow 'replaced'. I was secretly happy when mira said you were miserable when I 'died'. But looking at you know, happy as you could ever be, talking about all your amazing adventures with lucy. I start to wonder if what we had even lingers at the back of your head anymore.

I remember when we found happy's egg and we took care of it like we were a couple, all of the guild members said that I was soon bound to marry you. Funny how life works cause now I'm just here alone in my house as I feel my heart break piece by piece without you comforting me. Funny…right ?

I thought if I spend more time with you, go on missions with you, you would remember the thing we used to have when we were little. That if I would gaze into your eyes that old spark would rekindle, but I guessed wrong, cause now all I see is a black stare. Its like you don't even care anymore. They said you have a heart of gold but Im staring to doubt it because it hurts natsu. When you lie to me and say I'm just as important, I know its not true, who are you even trying to fool ?

What we had ? what we shared ? does all of that mean nothing to you anymore natsu ? And when the tears roll down my face its like you don't even notice em, but I know you do. Its just that Lucy's laughter is more important than little ol' Lisanna am I right ? They say you don't know what you got until its gone, and its true. If only I confessed to you a little sooner, you would be mine right ? or would your heart still linger off to Lucy ?

Does she know all of our secret hideouts ? does she know the promises we made ? hahaha, who am I kidding, of course she does. You know everything about her, and she knows everything about you. You sleep on the same bed with her goddamnit. But you know what natsu ? im still not over you. Stupid right ? eventho I know how much you love Lucy with all you heart, I still can't help but love you. Just tell me how can I move on when your fingerprints are still on me heart and your voice still resonates down to my toes and when I dream, I dream so hard I still feel your ghostly lips on mine when I wake up and everytime my mind wanders, it goes directly to you.

Let me ask you something natsu, do you ever think of me when you're with her ? do you ever dream about me when your sleeping with her ? well I do. But I know better than to look in your eyes, because, you will never be mine. Lucy Heartfillia is everything Lissana Straus couldn't be, and most importantly, she has your heart. And that is something I can't do even if I had a million lives.