Chapter One:

Author's note: Set during season one when Slade and Oliver are attempting to take the airstrip and he rings Laurel.

"Hello," Laurel says.

"Laurel, it's me Oliver. I don't have a lot of time, but I'm on an island called Lian Yu. It is filled with mercenaries that are trying to kill my friends and me. You have to send someone to save us. Please. I'm sorry about Sara, but please help us," Oliver was cut off by Slade.

'They could be monitoring the calls," Slade explained.

"It doesn't matter, I got through. If this doesn't go right Laurel will send help. I know she will." Oliver told him with a hopeful smile.

And indeed it went wrong. Oliver had ran back to get Yao Fei and was captured. Which left Slade to have to go save him. And somehow they ended up with Yao Fei's daughter, Shado as well. Slade could only hope that the kid was right and help was coming. It may be their only chance at making it out alive.

At Oliver's insistence they moved out of the Fuselage and to a cave that was on top of a hill. It was the perfect vantage point for the whole island. And they waited for a plane or a boat to come save them.

Two weeks later and they were beginning to give up hope. They still trained everyday and Oliver was getting better in that respect, but as every day passed he got more depressed. He was meant to be on watch but was currently staring at his photo of Laurel when Fyer's men ambushed them. They were being led downhill when Oliver noticed a boat, he quickly made a head movement that Slade noticed and followed the kid's motions to notice the boat himself. It was the first boat he had seen and it was heading for Lian Yu. Hope surged through him, and then doubt. Even if it was their rescue boat there was a good chance Fyers was going to kill them before they even made shore.

They were tied to stakes in the middle of camp. Yao Fei was shot in front of them after Fyer's telling him he had outlived his purpose. Soldiers tore Slade's and Oliver's tops off and then began beating them with sticks. Both Slade and Oliver stood silently as they took the beating, Slade due to his training and the fact that he had been beaten like this many times while Fyer's captive and Oliver due to the fact that his short time on the Island had built his pain tolerance up so high that he was able to take the pain quietly.

Their hope was for nothing though, as the men who burst into Fyer's camp were not a rescue party. They all had automatic guns and quickly began disarming and tying everyone up. One soldier tried to speak only to be killed before he got the first word out, Fyers and the others didn't try to talk after that. They left Oliver, Slade and Shado where they were. Then Anthony Ivo and Sara walked into the clearing, causing Oliver to gape.

"Sara, you're alive?" Oliver asked amazed.

"You know him Sara?" Ivo asked.

"He was on the boat with me," Sara replied, looking at Oliver incredulously as well.

"How did you end up like this?" Ivo said gesturing to the fact that he was tied up and his back full of welts from the beating.

"I washed up here and the whole place was full of mercenaries that assumed me and my friends were spies. They wouldn't believe us and they keep trying to torture the information out of us." Oliver made up hastily, "Slade and Shado were staff on my father's boat. They washed up with me."

Ivo seemed to consider this and then looked at Sara with a raised eyebrow looking for confirmation.

"I remember Slade was in charge of ropes and stuff on the main deck, I don't remember seeing Shado but she could have been the new cook Oliver told me about." Sara said lying also; desperately hoping this didn't blow up in their faces.

"Yes, I was the new cook, though I wish now I didn't take the job," Shado said with a small sad smile. She was a very believable actor.

"Untie them," Ivo ordered. They were quickly let down and gave thanks.

"I rang Laurel using one of their phones. She's going to rescue us, we can go home Sara." Oliver told her.

"Boss, I found it," a solider said walking fast towards Ivo with a crate. He opened it and looked closely a smile growing on his face.

"This is it," Ivo told Sara. "You have helped me a lot Sara, but now I have this I am going home. You can come with me or stay here and wait for rescue, I do not mind." Ivo was in a very good mood now he had the Mirakiru. "I will be taking them though, I have more than enough room for them."

"For what?" Slade questioned.

"I experiment," was all Ivo said. Slade looked at Shado and Oliver who both shrugged. They were in no position to argue. It would be three unarmed against almost 30 armed soldiers.

"Of course, there is nothing else you need on the Island?" Slade asked.

"Why?" Ivo questioned.

"Well if that crate is it, we can go through the camp and make use of the tents until we are rescued. It will be much more comfortable than the cave we were hiding in before." Shado explained.

"Of course, take what you want from the camp, our boat is fully equipped. If that is it, we will be leaving now, Sara are you coming?" Ivo asked.

"I'm going to stay here, thank you for saving me though and keeping me alive." Sara said. Ivo nodded and gestured to his men. They left with the tied up soldiers, leaving Slade, Oliver, Shado and Sara in the middle of the campground alone.