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Title: Got To Have You

Author: Miyuki Hamasaki

Chapter 2


Mimi continued to walk but began to slow down. Mimi stopped and pushed her hair out of her face that was beyond messy with streaks of mascara. She sighed when she realized how tired and restless she felt and looked around for a bench.

'I.. Do.. Not.. CARE!!' Mimi tried to convince herself as the thought of Matt and Sora enjoying pizza crossed her mind. For all she knew right now, they could be walking around and talking or just be in some park, like her, except enjoying the stars and view. More ideas flowed into her mind when she spotted a bench near-by.

She walked towards the bench and dropped like a sack of potatoes when she felt a drop. Mimi looked up and was welcomed by more drops of rain. She felt tears pushing through but she refused to let them out and closed her eyes.

'Great! Let's finish today with some rain!' Mimi kept her eyes closed and rested her head on the back of the bench until it began to pour.

"Godammit, can't anything go my way today?!?!?!?!?!?!" Mimi yelled at no one in particular. She began to sob as the rain began to run down her face.

"Why does my life have to be so friggingly screwed?" She whispered between sobs. She lifted her muddy feet and rested them on the bench as she hugged her knees tightly, hiding her face from the world. She continued to cry until the rain softened a little. Now everything in sight was blurry and unclear, exactly like her mind.

Small memories floated around in her mind as she wondered and how it came to be so complicated. Mimi knew that once, long ago, Matt had been interested in her, vice versa. Mimi smiled at the memories when she began to remember why and how she had fallen in love with Matt.


"You know what Mimi?" Matt chuckled on the other side of the phone.

"What?" Mimi smiled, sitting down on her pink bed.

"We're minutes away from 2003!" Matt yelled, sounding excited.

"I know Matt," Mimi giggled. "Or else I wouldn't be on the phone with you at this hour."

"What? You wouldn't? Why not? Not even for your bestest friend ever?" Mimi could hear the fake disappointment in his voice.

"Nope." Mimi faked seriousness. "Not even for you, my bestest friend ever unless I plan on dying at such a young age which definitely will not happen because I'm too beautiful to die!"

"You are beautiful." Mimi searched for some kind of joke in his voice but was unsuccessful.

'Does he really think I'm beautiful?' Mimi blushed, awfully glad that he couldn't see her.

"I hate my eyes though." Mimi said, looking in the mirror to see if she was red at all.

"What? Why?" Matt asked, sounding very confused.

"Mmmm... They're sort of, unique," Mimi said as she at her reflection and widened her eyes to see them closer. "You know, they're different."

"They are." Matt mumbled. Mimi fumed for a second. Was he insulting her? She was about to reply when Matt added, "That's why I like them." Mimi stayed quiet for a while. He wasn't insulting. He was complimenting her.

"Hello?" Matt said after a few seconds of recovery for Mimi.

"Hey." Mimi smiled to herself, suddenly feeling happy.

"We're five minutes away from 2003! Yeah!" Matt cheered.

"Yeah, it's kind of scary now that I think about it."

"Nah," Matt huffed. "I think it's exciting!" Mimi giggled at the enthusiasm in his voice. Mimi stopped giggling as silence took over. They stayed silent for a while until Matt broke it.

"Guess what Mimi," Matt said, his voice barely a whisper. "I'm looking out my window."

"Um, cool." Mimi replied, not knowing what else to say. Another moment of silence passed by.

"And guess what else," Matt whispered again. "I see stars and.."

"And?" Mimi waited for his reply.

"And they look a lot like you." Matt replied simply. Mimi stood stunned, wondering what to say next. "Mm.. Actually, I think I can see your eyes!"

"What?" Mimi asked involuntarily, surprised by his comment, or whatever that was.

"Hm-mm, definitely."

"What? No way!" Mimi blushed, feeling all the blood rush to her face. She walked over to her window. "Nope, definitely not."

"Why not?" Matt asked.

"Because there are no stars up in the sky today." Mimi tilted her head and pushed the pink curtain out of the way. "Nope, definitely not!"

"There are too stars up there!" Mimi could hear Matt pushed through some junk. "See? Those stars up there look so much like your eyes!" Mimi heard a laugh from Matt. "They look so much like your beautiful eyes." Matt added quietly. Mimi was left speechless... again. Why did he keep adding comments that made her look like the Sun?

"10..." Matt began. "9..."

"Huh?" Mimi was surprised by the sudden sound of his voice.

"Countdown!" Mimi was pretty sure that Matt was grinning right now. "7... 6... 5... 4..."

"3..." Mimi joined in.

"2... 1..." Mimi smiled. "YAY!! IT'S 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She heard Matt drop the phone and scream. She giggled to herself, wondering what was so special about 2003.

"Yeah Mimi! It's 2003!" Matt picked up the phone, sounding breathless.

"What were you doing Matt, running around your room?" Mimi joked.

"Nope, I was running around the house!" Matt said, trying to catch his breath.

"You loser," Mimi teased. "You ran around your house?"

"Yup!" Matt said proudly. "I think I should get going now, my dad wants to make some phone calls to people to say Happy New Year."

"Okay, my parents want to do the same." Mimi said, walking over to her door. "Oh yeah, Happy New Year Matt."

"Yup, you too." Matt replied. "Cya later!"

"Bye Matt!" Mimi smiled.

"Love ya," Mimi blushed, again when Matt said that, even though she knew he didn't mean it. They had this old joke along them and then it somehow became a habit of saying 'Love ya' before parting.

"I love you too Matt." Mimi joked, though inside, she really meant it.

"Oh yeah Mimi?" Matt added. "I am not a loser!!"

"You are too!" Mimi said playfully. "Cya around, loser!" Mimi giggled and hung up before Matt could reply. Mimi sighed quietly as she jumped on her bed and buried her face in her pillow. She whispered a few words to herself before she fell asleep.

"I love you Matt..."

*End of Flashback*


Mimi smiled, remember how happy she was back then. Back then, she was pretty sure she had a chance with Matt. But then the picture of Matt and Sora blushing madly entered her mind and she was soon dragged back into reality. Mimi sighed, glad that she had finally calmed down. Maybe she could think this over in a better manner. And maybe once she did, things wouldn't seem so complicated. Maybe.

Mimi dropped her legs onto the ground lifelessly and heard a slight click when they hit the ground.

'Probably my high heels,' Mimi thought, her eyes half closed. 'My high heels. Why did I wear these anyway? These are so uncomfortable.' Mimi stopped for a second, everything in her head rolling. 'I wore these.. Because I thought Matt would like them.' Mimi shut her eyes tight. Why did she do all this? Did Matt even notice this? Probably not. Now that Mimi thought it over, everything began to get less complicated. Yes, everything seemed so clear now. Mimi had obviously built herself around Matt, her whole life revolving around him. Why did she do this? Mimi put her hands on her forehead, feeling... clear. Very clear. Maybe it was time to talk to Matt. Maybe. Face to face? Phone? Face to face. Yup. She was going to go talk to him. Say it in his face. And maybe things will come to her once she's rejected.

Just maybe.


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