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I am just in love with Bechloe at the moment and the idea of Emily as their lovechild. Due to the many fake twitter account pictures with them as a family, I wrote this instead of sleeping. Hope you guys like a lot of fluff, because that's what it is! Leave a review, and maybe I'll do more oneshots depending on the attention this gets. The details on the former Bella's history and such, corresponds to the story I previously wrote, "One Bella Wedding." Enjoy!

"Holy shit, Chlo...are you sure you are going into labor? It could be the Brandon Hicks thing or, or...she isn't due for another two days. Are you sure, I mean…" Beca rambled, pacing the floor, running her hands through her hair. Chloe, her dyed red hair gone long ago from her college days that was replaced with her natural blonde hair, stood irritably at the front door. She understood Beca would be panicking, she always did when concerning Chloe or the baby living inside of her. Chloe understood it was because it was out of Beca's league despite the birthing and parenting classes. Beca wasn't the one pregnant, and she had no control over anything whatsoever. What Beca didn't understand was the amount of pain the blonde was experiencing and that going to the hospital was an absolute necessity if she didn't want her daughter to be born in the entryway of their home.

"Bec...we have everything we need. We packed in advance in case this would happen. But we need to hurry, or else…" Chloe tried to explain calmly to her wife of two years, before she experienced another contraction. The blonde took a deep breath and tried to keep the tears in check. She didn't need the both of them to be freaking out.

Beca, snapped out of her panic, rushed to Chloe's side and grabbed her hand.

"I am so sorry baby...let's get to the hospital. Just keep doing the weird breathing exercises and sit in the car. I'll throw the luggage in the car." Beca whispered, as she gave her wife a little push to the door as she grabbed the luggage that already sat by the front door. Once both women were settled into the car with their seatbelts on, Beca found her wife's eyes on her. The brunette looked at her. Beca was sure a flash of pure panic would be on Chloe's face, because you know, a baby was going to come out of her anytime soon. But instead, she was met with one of Chloe's smiles. And while Chloe had many types of smiles, this one was excitement. Like, the kind before you go on a roller coaster. The nervous knots caught up in your stomach, but can't help but bounce your leg in anticipation. Or when they were at the World's all those years ago, and while they had a chance at losing it all for future Bellas to come, the joy and wonder of performing always lingered.

"Are you ready?" Beca asked.

"Are you?"

Beca bit in her lip nervously. It was obvious Chloe was the one who wanted to start a family. Beca was sure Chloe would be a good mom. She was so compassionate, patient, and kind to everyone, even when that said person didn't deserve it. But Beca? She barely could take of herself, how would she take care of another human being? Babies had never interested her like they had Chloe. The number of babies placed in her lap had nearly scared the former DJ stiff, and almost always, the babies would cry when given to her. It's like they could smell the uncertainty and fear Beca had. What if their daughter did the same? What if…

"I am scared." Beca admitted quietly. She hated to act weak, especially in front of Chloe. It's not like she could turn around and say she didn't want a baby. They were going to the hospital right now to have her for Christ's sake. Chloe reached her hand out to touch Beca's.

"Babe, I am scared too."

"You are?" Beca asked as she raised a questioning brow.

"Of course! Being a mother is different than babysitting Becs...it's going to be hard and scary for the rest of our lives but...remember when we sang Titanium that one night, and we felt her kick like crazy?" Beca nodded and smiled a little. She had placed her hand on Chloe's stomach, after Chloe had literally screamed for Beca. The small brunette raced to her side in sheer panic, sure that their newly discovered little girl was going to be born prematurely and in the mother's bed. Instead she was instructed to touch Chloe's stomach. Beca obeyed irritably, this a regular occurrence and was mad her wife had screamed for her for this. All anger was pushed aside once Chloe placed her hand right next to Beca's, and started singing Titanium as she looked at her stomach excitedly. Then Beca knew what the big deal was. A kick. She looked up at Chloe quickly, her eyes wide with wonder. Chloe smiled and continued to sing, motioning for Beca to join her. Once in harmony, more kicks followed in a faster motion. That was the moment it really felt real for the mothers. Knowing that she was coming. That she wasn't just "the thing living inside of Chloe." It was a human being, their baby, that was already letting her mother's know she heard them and loved them.

"Just imagine what she will be like when she is here. She already loves us, and...we already love her." Chloe managed to squeak out, squeezing Beca's hand against another contraction. Beca laughed silently to herself. Leave it to Chloe to make other people feel better when she was going to have a fucking baby within a matter of hours. Beca had to push her insecurities out of the way. Chloe needed her and so did this baby. Whether Beca was ready for her or not.

Beca squeezed Chloe's hand back and offered a smile.

"Let's go have us a baby."

"Beca? What the hell, it is three in the morning here...what do you want?" Aubrey's tired-yet annoyed voice shrilled through the phone. Beca rolled her eyes. They had been at the hospital for the last three hours, and Chloe had insisted-okay, rather threatened, that she would call everyone that was supposed to be here for the baby's delivery. Beca had already called the Beales, who informed the brunette that they wouldn't make it in time for her birth, but were already getting ready to switch to an earlier flight. This was Beca's fourth attempt to call to Aubrey, and the obviously angry blonde had finally answered.

"Chloe's gone in labor. She wanted me to tell you." Beca answered through her teeth. She understood Aubrey's irritability, but Jesus, Beca was tired too. And she was only being consistent with Aubrey being present or in the loop because of Chloe. Only for Chloe.

"Of course your kid would come early. Honestly, we were going to start driving to L.A. around 5, but no. She has to come now...Why in the hell are you not with her?!"

"So I could call you asshole. And...she kicked me out." Beca muttered under her breath, but somehow Aubrey had heard her. She heard the blonde let out a snort.

"Well put her on the phone. Don't talk, just hold her hand. Surely you have been with Chloe on her period. Talking just makes it work."

Beca sighed but complied, letting herself take Aubrey's advice for once. She strolled into the room, where she was met with a stern glare from her wife before Beca held up the phone defensively. Chloe took the phone and pressed a smile on her face.

"Hey Bree...it's okay...I understand. You and Stacie? You don't have to come now, I just wanted you to know. Wish you could be here too...No, you don't need to stay on the phone, Beca will keep me company….she is my wife Aubrey, of course she will annoy me...love you too Bree, tell Stacie I love her too...see you soon." Chloe hung up the phone and handed it back to Beca. A pause of silence.

"Stacie coming with Aubrey?" Beca finally asked, keeping her eyes away from Chloe.

"Yeah...she slept over I guess."

"I wish they would just be a couple already. They obviously have toners for each other." Beca smirked, meeting Chloe's eyes. Chloe smiled slightly and chuckled.

"She insisted they were just planning to drive together and stayed over for convenience. But...They are totally screwing each other." Chloe winked and Beca laughed. If she could just keep Chloe laughing, maybe she wouldn't be dead or kicked out for her daughter's birth.

"Did the doctor's say how much longer?" Beca asked, as she now stroked her wife's hand with her thumb. Chloe scooted over a little to make room for the small brunette, and pushed Beca's arm to go over her shoulder.

"I don't know. I need to be at ten centimeters, and I am only at four." Chloe whined, followed by a wince as she gripped tightly onto Beca's hand. Beca sucked in a breath at the sudden pain in her hand.

"You are doing great babe. You got this. I am not leaving your side."

It took another four hours for Chloe to be fully dilated and that's when Beca got really scared. No longer was Chloe being angry, but she was in agony. The blonde couldn't help but let out her cries as the doctor told her to push. Beca wasn't good with people when they were scared or were crying, and seeing her wife in so much pain and looking at her for guidance, was horrible. All she could do was keep repeating that Chloe was doing awesome and wipe off the sweat on her forehead. At some point, Aubrey and Chloe's mom were calling and put on speaker phone on Chloe's phone and Beca's phone, giving words of encouragement. And just like that, it was all over. Emily was born.

Chloe flung her blonde hair out of her face peeked up anxiously at the nurses wrapping up her daughter. Beca stood absolutely still, looking and feeling a little overwhelmed. The nurse flashed the new mother's a small smile before laying the small baby on Chloe's chest. Chloe was already blubbering like a baby, matching the cries and whimpers that were coming from Emily, as she softly peppered the baby with kisses. Beca couldn't do anything but watch. The rush of it all and seeing their baby on her wife's chest, nearly broke her. She just couldn't tell in which way yet. The time between the infant and the woman who just birthed her, was sacred and Beca knew they needed their moment. Once Emily was whisked away by the nurse for her bath and necessary baby things, Chloe's touch sent Beca back into reality.

"Good job Chlo. You did amazing." Beca finally said, giving her wife a well earned kiss.

"Thanks….God, wasn't she beautiful? Oh God, Beca go with her. Take some pictures. Quickly!" Chloe shrilled, and Beca scurried off to where the nurses and doctor was. She snapped the pictures of the nurses bathing her getting her foot prints for the birth certificate, and weighing her.

"A healthy 7.8 pound baby Mrs. Beale-Mitchell." Beca smiled, already feeling pride for her kid. She had been born just minutes ago, and she was already proud of how much her baby weighed. Crazy.

Once they were done with the newborn, she had been wrapped in the traditional pink blanket and beanie. Beca had already had made her way back to Chloe, showing her the photo's she had taken when the nurse came back with Emily. Chloe extended her arms out excitedly, and cradled the small newborn. Emily's crying had ceased, her little nose the only thing that was twitching. It was hard to make out of her features, other than the traditional newborn appearances; stubby nose, round face, pink lips, and the little amount of brown hair on her head. But it didn't matter. She was theirs. And she was beautiful.

"Mama loves you so much baby Emily...we have been waiting for you for so long. You have so many people who already love you. Grandma and Grandpa, that's Mommy's parents. They don't live together, but you will like Shelia too. And my parents, Nonny and Poppy. They are so excited to meet you, and they will spoil you rotten. Both your real uncle and aunt can't be here to meet you, but they will in a couple of months. But all your AcaAunts will be here within a day or so. You are the first girl child inside the Bellas, and they are going to love you." Chle cooed, as she brushed her fingers across the sleeping baby's cheek. Beca's heart swelled at Chloe's "conversation" with Emily. She could add a new smile in her book of "Chloe's smiles." The mother's love smile.

"And this woman, right here." Chloe paused, only letting her eyes leave Emily for Beca for a split second, continued. "Is your Mommy. I am sorry she is a little quiet now, but she isn't so sure about babies yet. I know you are going to change her mind though. She didn't get to experience you living in her, so she didn't get to bond with you as much as I got to. Just you be you, and you will have her wrapped around your finger."

It had been a couple of hours and Chloe had already breastfed Emily. Beca was still quite, highly interested and content with watching her daughter and her wife interact. It had to be the cutest thing in the world.

Chloe had fallen asleep, and that gave Beca time to hold her daughter for the first time, Chloe being a bit of a hog. Emily slept for awhile when Chloe fell asleep, but Beca could see her squirm in her hospital crib, her eye's trying to open against the lights. Beca gave a courageous sigh before cradling her daughter in her arms. Instantly satisfied with being held, Emily quieted but continued to make little a "oh" shape with her mouth. In addition with her ears that stuck out a little, the infant reminded the music producer of a cute little monkey.

"Hey little Monkey. I am your other mom, Mommy." Beca introduced awkwardly, only gaining a stare from Emily's dark eyes. But the more she stared, the more Beca noticed the little things about Emily. The way her nose wrinkled when she heard Beca's voice. The way her little arms moved aimlessly when unwrapped from her burrito. The way she even seemed to make little monkey sounds when she shaped her mouth like one.

And just like that, Beca's nerves were non existent. It was just her and her baby girl. Her baby girl that would spend the rest of her life with her. The one would needed her more than anything now. It was weird. Beca never believed in love at first. Not even with Chloe. She believed very much in infatuation at first sight. And she definitely felt like that the moment her and Chloe's eyes met. It was only after years of friendship and getting to really know the former redhead to know she loved her. But , looking at Emily, I mean really looking at her, Beca could feel the rush of emotions pumping into her brain and heart. She knew if someone walked in here and threatened to kill her kid, Beca would protect the infant at whatever cost. If that wasn't love, she didn't understand it then. That isn't something you feel with someone else you just met. Sniffling back the sudden tears, she stroked the infant's face with her index finger, absorbing everything about her. Coming from the woman who claimed all newborn babies looked like potatoes when they were first born, Beca would argue with anyone that her child was the most beautiful and the best in the world. She leaned down to kiss the girl's stubby nose.

"I love you Em."

"Heeeyyyy what's up Shawshank! And Ginger-but-not-ginger-anymore!" Fat Amy exclaimed, bringing in a shit ton of balloons into the room, followed by the rest of the Bellas. Beca shushed her harshly, not wanting Emily's eardrums to be blown out by Fat Amy's excessive loudness. Amy rolled her eyes, but obeyed as the rest of the Bella's hushed their conversation as well. Aubrey and Stacie had arrived late the night of Emily's birth, and had their turns with playing with the newborn. Currently, Chloe was breastfeeding, while Beca hovered protectively over her girls. They shuffled over to Aubrey and Stacie, exchanging hugs and whispers while giving Chloe some private time, not wanting to stare at her while she was feeding Emily. It had taken one day for all the Bellas to be in one place. Just one.

"What middle name did you go with?" Jessica asked, confident with sitting next to Chloe while she continued to feed the newborn. They had become pretty good friends over the years, considering they shared a room once in the Bella House.

"Isabella." Chloe's answered, as she fixed her gown and adjusted Emily to her shoulder to burp her.

"I am sure Chloe just wanted Em to have "Bella" in her name." Beca teased, and gained an eye roll from her wife.

"When are your parents coming? Or have they come yet?" Ashley asked next, as she was braided Lily's hair on the couch.

"My parent's are coming tomorrow at some point. Beca's are coming in a week. They were busy with work and didn't wanna clash when mine were here, so." Chloe answered as she handed Emily ever to Jessica.

While the Bella's talked, all the girls got a chance to hold Emily and say some choice words. She was the first child to be born within the group, only a few Bellas married, so they didn't have much advice to offer. But it was a very big deal when your old Captain and Co-Captain had their first child, and a girl at that.

It was when Amy held her that the realization hit any of the former Bellas. She raised the baby in the air, (somewhat carefully), both mother's reaching out their hands in panic that the excitable blonde might drop her.

"She is the first girl born among our group, and this shorty must be praised as such." She announced as she sputtered lines of the opening from the Lion King, gaining chuckles from the Bellas, and Emily scrunching her face in annoyance at the loud noise. She brought the infant down, (much to the mother's happiness) and motioned for Lily towards her. Lily, being the odd one she was and still was, brought an object over to Fat Amy, extending the object on one knee like a servant to a king. All the Bella's were smiling like mad, while the mother's eyed each other suspiciously. They watched carefully as the bigger blonde switched off the hospital beanie for a new one. Once she gave Emily back to Beca, did the mother's read the print labeled across the black beanie: AcaChild. Fat Amy smiled proudly, while the mother's couldn't help but laugh. With two a capella mothers, it was inevitable their daughter to be one of them. They only hoped, though they would support anything Emily would choose to pursue in, to love and appreciate music like they had. And maybe continue the tradition and become a Bella. Fat Amy raised her water bottle in the air as a toast.

"It is done. Welcome to the family AcaChild."