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A year had passed since the party and the drama of it all finally seemed to settle down. Emily figured dealing with her frantic mothers and the grounding was going to be the worst of it all, but the rumors at school were constant. Nobody knew the actual story, but the high schoolers still had a lot to gossip about, especially since it involved Jackson Bentley. It took a lot of restraint for Beca not to stomp right to the school and have him suspended or kill the bastard but that would have had Emily involved at the scene, and she would be suspended as well. Chloe and Beca settled on talking with his parents, informing them that he was at said party and was in possession of date rape drugs. That was enough to get the Senior pulled out of school, and sent to military school. It made Beca's heart leap with justice that his parents were mortified with their son's actions, and had him removed from the school without suspension or a fight against the Beale-Mitchell family.

Just a few weeks of summer had passed after graduation before young Emily was smiling as she packed in her purple and worn-out suitcase she had been using since she was twelve. Her and her mothers were heading to Atlanta once again, as they did every summer, yet this trip had a different a exciting twist. They were finally going to Barden University.

Sure, they had gone there before to watch the Bellas perform a few times when Emily was younger. How could they not? Her mothers were Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale, top bitches of the very respected Bellas, even if they had brought down their title once or twice all those years ago. But this visit was directed for Emily. After signing up and working hard for scholarships her Senior year, Barden was always her top choice. She wanted to be a Bella more than anything, it being at the top of all her dream boards. And now she was accepted; this going to be the last trip where she would be going home with her mothers.

But the now eighteen year old was determined to pry away from her last name, and away from mentioning who her mothers while she was attending. This was her time to embrace living the life that her moms and aca-aunts went on and on about. Her time to be a Bella and embrace her music, and make something out of herself someday. And the young-adult was determined to be able to do it on her own; without the aid of her legacy mothers.

"Is that the last suitcase, babe?" Chloe asked, as she entered the near bare room. Emily smiled as she zipped it up and extended the handle. "All set."

But the blonde's eyes weren't on Emily anymore. They drifted across the bare room, only leaving her daughter's queen sized bed; the new single bed already provided at the college.

"I remember when you were tiny, and your crib was right here." Chloe pointed to the other side of the room, closer to the window. "It was ocean-themed, though I changed it multiple times; it drove your mom crazy...it's gone through so many stages, and now...it's lifeless." Chloe continued, her words starting to weaken, tears bubbling in her eyes.

Emily strode to her mother, before resting her chin on Chloe's shoulder. Something she often did when she was a little girl.

"Mama...please, don't cry again...I'm just going off to college." Emily said. Chloe reached her arms up as she twisted herself to get a good look at her daughter and touch her face. She had grown up so much and was so beautiful. It was crazy how time flew by, seeming like it was just yesterday Beca drove her to the hospital to give birth. That Emily first began to walk. Went to school. Started dating, while Chloe had to hold Beca back from scarring the boys for life in case they hurt her daughter.

"I know...you are just going to be so far…." Chloe sniffled, as she caressed her thumb against Emily's cheek.

"It's the only way to be a Bella, Mama. And it has an excellent music program."

"Baby, we don't expect you to become a Bella just because we were. You are special just as you are, you don't have to prove anything to us."

"That's not…" Emily sighs, before gathering her thoughts. "This is what I want Mama. You and mom and the rest of the girls may have influenced my choice, but not because I felt pressured, but because you made it sound so amazing. I want that. To perform with my fellow sisters with music I know and love. I know I could contribute my own ideas, just like Mom did. Become as dedicated and whole hearted like you. I feel like this is my first step to make something out of myself, have my music be heard and criticized and improved."

Chloe's eyes did not dry up, but a proud smile graced upon her face as she adjusted herself so she could hold her baby face to face, and kiss her forehead.

"When did you get so big and smart? I know you are going to do great things Em...and I'm not just saying that because I am your mom. Your music inspires and you are such an amazing girl. I just wish I didn't have to let you go." Emily started getting emotional now, surprised at the amount of confidence and pride that was held in her eldest mother's voice.

"You ready, Em? We need to get going if we want to be on time. Driving is going to take a lot longer and we need to be their for orientation." Beca said as she peeked through the door to see mother and daughter in each other's arms. Emily smiled and nodded as she pressed a final kiss on Chloe's cheek before grabbing her bag to head to the van.

Of course she had fears that she won't be good enough for the Bellas, or maybe music wasn't what she was supposed to do in her life lingered in the back of her mind. Who doesn't experience that? But even if none of the other girls, professors or bosses didn't believe in her, Emily knew she always had her mothers on her side.

The car ride of course consisted of bickering, driving through the night and wrong exits, but other memories were happy. Singing along to the classics on the radio, that of course consisted of some of Beca's produced music. Of course they played some of the Beale-Mitchell Bella generation music ; which was played the majority of the time throughout the trip.

They managed to make it into Georgia the night before Emily was scheduled to start school, so they checked out a hotel to catch up on some lost sleep from driving. Emily was too excited and nervous to sleep really however, and by eleven, the trio got their rental car to drive to Barden University. Once they arrived, the Beale-Mitchell mothers helped Emily with her luggage and asked for directions to where her dorm was, Beca even smirking at the memory of the excitable blonde who welcomed her. Later followed by some of her best friends and her wife.

Luckily Emily's roommate wasn't there yet, which gave the trio time to unpack Emily's comforter and such.

"Well...I think that is all you need from us kid...unless you want to go out to lunch first? Or we could show you around the place, spy on the old Bella house…." Beca rambled.

"The orientation starts in an hour Mom, but thanks. I think I am going to set my room up a bit more and then tour around the activities fair." Emily said a bit awkwardly, knowing that goodbyes were coming and some tears would follow suit.

Chloe of course was the first to break the silence as she grabbed her daughter and pulled her into a tight hug. "Don't be afraid to call, baby. We are going to miss you like crazy...but it is your time to soar and show them what Emily can do….make friends, study hard for your classes, and have fun Emily. I love you so so so much baby girl." Chloe ended, tears already dripping down her face as she moved to hold onto the young adult's face and caress it with her thumbs.

"I love you too Mama. I am going to miss you too." Emily managed to stutter, her own tears starting to cloud her head, but she held them down. She needed to be strong. Beca awkwardly walked over to Emily once Chloe was pried off.

"Well...have fun kiddo. Give em hell, but...don't forget to open yourself to things that you think you would never do….they might surprise you." Beca smiled slightly before she too embraced her daughter, Emily having to lean down to reach her mother's shoulder. The hug was shorter, but just as meaningful as Chloe's. "I love you, Monkey."

"I love you too Mom."

Once the mother's had left Emily began to focus her sudden broken heart on unpacking the rest of her stuff, before the real tears began to set in. She didn't even bother to hide or hold them back. Little did she know, Beca managed to not shed a tear until they entered the rental car. But one look from Chloe had the brunette sniffling, and into the former redheads arms.

"She is going to okay, right Chlo?" Beca asked, her navy blue eyes sparkling up at her wife. Chloe pushed back Beca's hair to try and comfort her, though the blonde had started tearing up as well again.

"She is going to be alright. If she is anything like you, she will become a legend in Bella history."

Beca smirked and managed a smile. "Only if someone in the shower pushes her."

Once Emily had regained her composure and mind, she set up her room and officially met her roommate. When the two learned they were sharing a room, they found and began talking over Facebook. Emily's roommate was named Teresa, who sported a short hairstyle, with piercing green eyes. They had luckily clicked, both enjoying musical theater, which is what Teresa was majoring in.

The two girls made their way down to the activities fair after Emily had helped her new roommate and her parents set up her half of the room.

"I heard that the Bella table was all the way near the end of the fair. I'll meet you back at the front in about fifteen minutes?" Emily nodded with a little smile before she took a deep breath. This was really happening.

Her dark eyes wandered at the strange club booths, and even heard what sounded like a male a capella group. She followed the voices, before a familiar light-curly haired boy caught her eyes.


And sure enough, he landed his eyes on Emily and followed suit with a nervous and crooked smile.

"Hey Emily! You a new student?" He asked, dismissing himself from his group.

"Yeah! I had no idea you went here!" The two had managed to be friends after the whole incident at the party, and even went to prom together for Benji's Senior year. Maybe they had crushed on each other a little, but neither pursued it. Emily was still a bit resistant to dating ever since Jackson, and Benji respected that. Besides, he was graduating and they would probably have broken up anyways.

"You are a Treble?" Emily asked, noting the recognizable symbol on his red jacket. He smiled proudly. "Sure am. Ever since freshmen year. You looking for the Bella table?" Benji asked, and Emily nodded.

"It's right over there. You are lucky they have openings this year. A bunch of their girls just graduated. Hey Em, once you are done with everything today, you want…or do you want...or...I can show you around campus. If you want to that is?" Benji asked nervously, and though Emily already knew the campus inside and out from the visits they made the majority of her summers, she smiled and agreed. She liked spending time with Benji, she always had.

"Great! I'll uh...see you later then?"

"Yeah, I'll text you when I'm ready." Emily smiled tenderly as they exchanged a hug before she started over to the Bella table. She wrung her hands nervously, and kept her head down until she got to the table. Her eyes wandered up to notice a strange sight. Two older girls sat behind the booth, one redhead and one blonde. It was almost too surreal, her Mom's rendition on the first time she met her Mama and her aunt Aubrey seemed to flash before her eyes.

"Hi...are you interested in being a part of the Bellas?" The redhead finally asked, knocking Emily out of her daze. "Oh yyeah. Sorry." Emily said hurriedly as she scribbled her name on the official looking clipboard. The redhead smiled at the freshmen, noting her nervousness.

"I'm Cora, and this is Claire. You like a capella…." Cora asked as she managed to look at the name on the clipboard. "Emily?"

"Oh yeah. I've always wanted to be a Bella ever since I was little. It's on top of all my dream boards." Emily gussed, feeling her blush on her face. She knew she was being a bit dorky but she was relieved at the acknowledgement the leaders of the group was giving her.

"What qualifies you to be a Bella?" The blonde sneered, gaining a glare from Cora.

"Oh...well, I was in choir all throughout high school, did my school musicals, and have been taking dance lessons…" Emily stammered, trying to impress the blonde, but was only met with a smirk.

"And that sudden makes you okay for the Bellas?" Much like Aubrey, Claire resembled the military style and "blonde bitch" type. But they had traditions to uphold, their title was very highly respected, and she only wanted only the best girls for her group. Emily only heard stories like this about Aubrey, but never experienced them. Her aunt Aubrey was always sweet and nice around her growing up.

The moment Claire was about to dismiss the new freshmen from her attention, Emily blurted out what she knew would impress the leader. The only way to get her attention and some respect, though she didn't want to resort to it.

"But I am a Legacy!...well my moms...they were Bellas. Beale-Mitchell? Chloe Beale and Beca Mitchell are my moms."

"Your mothers are Chloe Beale and Beca Mitchell?" Cora exclaimed, as Claire drifted her eyes back to Emily. The blonde quickly looked at the sign up sheet and noted the signature. Of course Claire was educated in only the top bitches of a capella, and knew the Mitchells had a daughter named Emily. Beca Mitchell had created the Bella sound for crying out loud and Chloe Beale had choreographed all the numbers. Maybe this Emily girl was worth looking into.

"I also write my own music…" Emily added, wanting to lean off her mother's. She didn't want to get in just because of who her moms were. She wanted to get in because she was good enough to get in.

"Really? Claire, she could really help us! Give us that spice again. The Bellas haven't had an original song performed since her mothers performed at the Worlds." Cora beamed, her shiny blue eyes gleaming at Emily. Emily couldn't help but think of her mother as a redhead, Cora having the same ora and bubbly attitude as Chloe. She couldn't wait to tell her moms about this encounter.

Claire squinted her eyes at Emily once more before handing her a flyer. "We will see you at auditions then Legacy. Don't think I am giving you a free pass because of who your parents are though. I expect one song placed at my table the day of auditions." Emily beamed.

"Oh, yes ma'am! I mean, I will, I can't wait! Thank you so much!"

She knew she was going to be okay after all.

So, that's all folks! Thank you guys for everything with the reviews and follows and just following with the journey! Like Beca Mitchell once said, "I love you, you awesome nerds."